Tuesday, July 15, 2003

We mentioned in the recent past that GILBERT SALDANA, the AVENUES gangster who allegedly shot and killed KENNY WILSON, would be in court on JULY 7 for jury selection and the start of proceedings. As we know, the wheels of justice grind at the pace of glaciers. There's been another delay. Right now it looks like there's going to be a pre-trial conference on August 4 and a tentative start date of September 22 for trial. Of course, it's subject to change. Apparently, there's been trouble finding a witness and some other stuff we can't talk about.

This is pure speculation, but if the Federal case begins to gather up some momentum, SALDANA may never make to Superior Court in this case. He may end up going directly to Federal Court where we hope he lands in front of the no-nonsense Judge Ronald Lew.