Thursday, September 22, 2005

An exchange between TJ Jailer and a commenter at the bottom of the comments section in a previous had me smacking my head. I mentioned the number of reasons dropouts debrief. They were; 1) you want to work off a case, 2) you broke the rules and went in the hat, and 3) politics puts you in the hat. The head smacking was becasue I failed to mention another reason -- the change of heart. As TJ correctly pointed out, Mundo was not working off a case, he was in up status with the brothers and there weren't any weird politics brewing against him. It was purely a matter of turning his back on the life and deciding to go the other way. He's not alone in this course of action. There have been others. By failing to mention that last reason in the post, I was guilty of being incomplete. And I hate when I do that. I just want to set straight my thoughts on that issue.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

For those of you who don't dig all the way into the comments sections, here's something you're missing. The long-awaited book by Mundo Mendoza is finally available.

The name is, or should be, familiar to a lot of you. Mundo was among the first of the big dropouts. While he wasn't there at the very beginning of the Eme in 1957, he was real close. He came to know and operated with the top echelon of the brotherhood and not only knows where all the skeletons are buried, he was responsible for putting some of them there. If the CD is anything like the original I read, it doesn't pull punches or cops out on anything.

I've seen earlier, hard-copy versions of the book and I can't understand why he never found a publisher. If Monster Cody Scott got his book published, the reluctance to publish this superior memoir is a mystery. But thanks to the new media and the internet we no longer need publishers to act as the filters for information. The days of the gatekeepers are numbered.

For anyone interested in the subject, your library is not complete without a copy of this book. If you're law enforcement, a prosecutor, an educator, journalist, crime reporter, policy maker, researcher, an interested observer or somebody still in the mix and wondering why your world looks the way it does, this CD book is essential reading.

The book is being sold through this website.

If you click there now, however, there's no mention of it yet but it will be up on that site sometime this week.

In the meantime, you can send an email to this address and put in your order.

And just in case this sounds like I'm shilling for this project, my financial interest in this is precisely zero. Unless somebody decides to throw me a freebie, I'm paying full retail for my copy.

I'd like to hear some feedback after you read it and digest that mountain of information contained on the CD.