Thursday, July 26, 2007

For those interested, Armstrong and Getty will have me on the air in about 15 minutes. Sorry for the late notice but that's life in the big city. I've been told they podcast so you can catch it online.

At 12:40 Pacific time, WCCO in Minneapolis on The Jack Rice Show. I think they live stream and podcast as well.

More to come.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

As you can imagine, getting a book off the launch pad isn't something you can do on a part time basis. I've been going flat out for the three weeks and haven't had a minute to post.

The book is hitting the stores as we speak while reviewers and media people have gotten early copies. For the most part, the response has been positive. More on that later on. The take from Publisher's Weekly, however, was generally negative and they took one quote the wrong way. I quoted DA Manzella saying, "We know exactly the kind of families that produce criminals. I'd like to go in there and take them out. But we can't do that." What the DA meant was TAKE THEM OUT OF THOSE FAMILIES. Not "take them out" as in terminate them. The intent was clear to everybody that read and edited the manuscript but apparently, you have to spell things out to some people. The point the DA was making was that public policy will not allow kids to be yanked out of environments that we know will produce unhealthy attitudes or destructive behaviors. It was very clear from the context of that entire paragraph exactly what the DA meant. The sentence prior to that stated, "the ultimate road block to a gang is a stable family." Some people read into things that which they choose to read.

On another topic, be on the lookout for radio appearances. I just got a schedule of potential interviews and I'm waiting for confirmation. If there's any interest in posting up a schedule of interviews, let's hear about it.