Saturday, July 01, 2006

After years of neglecting this story, on June 29th and July 4 the LA Times finally woke up and smelled the gunpowder rising up out of Kenny Wilson's homicide. As many of you know, I've been following this caper since it happened in 1999. Many of you also know about my failed efforts in getting this case, and similar cases in Pomona, Compton, SB, SM, SD and San Pedro out to the public. I've been pitching this story to all the usual LA media suspects and got zero takers. The closest I got to seeing the piece in print was when it was basically given to a staffer at the LA Weekly after two years of repeated attempts to that very staffer to get the Weekly to run it. I guess they don't teach ethics in J school. Note to Laurie Ochoa at the LA Weekly, Google Gilbert Saldana and Merced Cambero and see who pops up first with the earliest mention. My blog, or your paper?

And then just today, the July 4 LA Times article shows up on the Drudge Report. It's now going national. Let's see how wrong they get this story and what kind of feeding frenzy, if any, this story kicks off. For starters, the LA Times stated that Kenny Wilson was going to his apartment the night he was killed. He wasn't. Wilson lived in the IE and was in HP visiting friends. For those keeping score at home, there are a few more errors, but let's have fun seeing where they go with it.