Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's nice to know you've been missed. Despite my absence, the hits to the site continue to go up. This is puzzling and weird and it may prove that a blogger doesn't need to post a lot to keep people coming back. But unlike most blogs, this one is more than opinions and rants. It started out with the intention of providing the kind of information you weren't getting from "legit" media. And you all keep coming back for more, even if I'm not there to provide it. This tells me there's a desire for this kind of info. The question is, why won't the big media fill that yawning hole?

For instance, the LA DA's office just got a conviction on the last of eight Avenues homies in a case that has been dragging through the courts since 2001. This is the biggest Eme murder conspiracy case ever filed by the DA's office in its entire history and there hasn't been one word written about it. There have been bigger Federal cases against the Emeros but nothing this big in the state system. I can understand the big national media overlooking it, but what's the local media's excuse.? The LA Times did a huge investigative story on crooked Las Vegas politicians and judges. The paper will apparently go out of state to dig up stories but won't walk across First Street from the Times office to the CCB to cover something of local importance. Does the Times care more about Vegas than LA? You be the judge.

I'll cover some of the more interesting aspects of this case next week after the penalty phase. Stay tuned.

On another subject, I just finished reading Robert Morrill's self-published book, "The Mexican Mafia -- The Story" and I wish I could say it was a great book. It's an okay book, good for some fact mining and background information. The problem is that Morrill isn't a writer. And he's a worst typist. The book is riddled with typos, run-ons, bad punctuation and some whoppers. For instance, when he meant to say "for all intents and purposes" he says "for all intensive purposes." He uses "perspective" for "respective," and is guilty of numerous grammatical sins. Just bad. Frankly, Mundo Mendoza's book is way better written and more literate in every respect. But there's so little written about the Eme that you're missing out if you don't buy Moco Morrill's book. The stuff on the Monterey Park PD Task Force is worth the price of admission. If you're an obsessive completist like I am, you need to know this stuff.

And in case you missed it, the US Attorney unsealed an indictment in San Diego against Raul Leon and 35 others in a giant Eme RICO case. It was the culmination of a 21-month investigation into Eme operations in SD. The FBI called the operation "In The Hat." Those whacky Feds.

More later. Actually sooner than later.