Saturday, September 11, 2010

She says "insurgency." He says "not so fast, Mrs. Secretary." Our last post articulated Hillary Clinton's position on the MEXTEL (our term for Mexican Drug Cartel) violence. She correctly called it an insurgency. Naturally, any accurate statement made with regard to anything in Mexico is met with a blowtorch of backlash and "how dare you?" posturing from the ruling kleptocracy in charge of the mess.

It's no surprise that the President forced Mrs. Clinton to walk back her assertion. He's notoriously reluctanct to criticize any foreign power not matter how barbarous, medieval or oppressive. Stoning women and hanging gays in the Middle East elicits at most a tepid response. Most of the time, there's no response at all.

What Mrs. Clinton meant, she now claims, is that the level of violence in Mexico resembles the same level as the Colombian cartel insurgency. Okay. Thanks for the clarification. But we know what she still believes.

On the other hand, when it comes to criticizing the U.S., he's right there at the head of the line. Or cheerleading from the sidelines. In his eyes, and Calderon's, Arizona cops asking a speeder for a driver's license is clearly on a level with the Sturmabteilung dragging people out of their beds and throwing them into Nazi dungeons. And when cops enforce the laws of the land, it's obvious they must be punished by the Justice Department.

Let's get real clear about this. When car bombs are detonated in front of police stations and news agencies to prevent them doing their jobs, it's an insurgency. When newspeople, street cops, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, elected officials and social activists are kidnapped, tortured and executed, it's an insurgency. When an 18-truck convoy complete with helicopter air cover shows up at the gates of a Mexican penitentiary and forces the cops to give up 57 cartel convicts, it's an insurgency. When 72 innocent men, women and children are lined up and shot to death for committing the unpardonable sin of not having enough extortion money on them, and nobody seems to know who did it, and no one seems to care, it's an insurgency. When MEXTELS make deals with Middle East terrorists to equip and train cartel operators in the fine art of insurgency, it's a freaking INSURGENCY.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Today's LA TIMES delivers the earth shattering news that the criminal situation in Mexico is an "insurgency." This term comes from the lips of none other than the woman with her finger on the pulse of world affairs - Hilary Clinton. She finally came around to that startling conclusion almost four years after those words were uttered by this blog. I said as much on at least a half dozen radio interviews in the past two years.

The evidence has been there for anyone to see. An insugency is an attempt by an organized group to destroy civil authority. The cartels have been at that game for years. It could not have been more evident. Naturally, I, and those who agreed with me, were branded the usual assortment of epithets. "Racist" being the go-to term for daring to call something what it actually is. You have to wonder if Hilary is now going to be branded a racist as well.