Saturday, March 01, 2003

In our previous posting we also said we didn't know who McGhee's prosecutor would be. We still don't know. But we're told it's someone in Major Crimes and not Hard Core as we thought it might be. We'll find out this week if they formally file on McGhee. The DA's name is on the complaint and that's public information. Whoever it is, he or she will will be under the bright white light of media attention. This is a career maker. Or breaker.

In related matters, look for a connection between Toonerville Rifa (McGhee's gang) and two other gangs, Rascals (Latinos) and Pinoy Real (Filipino). Apparently Rascals and PRs have made an alliance as a "strength in numbers" policy. They fear the constant predations and attacks from Toonerville. Characters in Pinoy Real and Rascals will apparently figure prominently in the McGhee case. As usual, more to come.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

As it turned out, I was able to attend Marco Milla's sentencing today. But as is usual in a case like this, the sentencing was continued. Next date is April 3. The judge is Fred Wapner. The defense apparently will ask for another trial and Milla will probably get it. If not that, then at least an appeal. Meanwhile, the courtroom was empty of media except for me. Amazing that the LA Times, the Daily News and the Weekly will completely ignore this one the way they did Kenny Wilson's murder.

As long as I'm on the subject, today is the day that the last of the big LA media have turned down my story on Kenny Wilson and Robert Hightower. In order of refusal we have the Weekly, the LA Times, the Daily News, Fox 11 News, CBS 2 news and now Los Angeles Magazine. Kit Rachlis' assistant told me to I should go shop it somewhere else. Next stop, the out of town outlets.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Tomorrow, Wally or myself will be in Dept. 114 on the 11th floor of the CCB to witness the sentencing of Marco Milla. If you've been paying attention to the race homicides being committed by Latinos against Blacks, you no doubt know that Milla was convicted of the racially motivated murder of Robert Hightower. Mr. Hightower was 19 when Milla executed him on sept. 29, 2001. This is the second racial homicide the LA media has failed to report. The first was Kenny Wilson. We wonder how many blacks will have their lives terminated before the media wakes up and starts reporting these race killings?

Monday, February 24, 2003

Chief Bratton stated today that detectives account for 20% of LAPD staff, but they only rack up about 2% of arrests. He wants to see more hook ups and less time drinking coffee at your desks and reading the paper. That is what all you detectives do, isn't it?

We know that's not the case. But we want to hear from you. In The Hat wants to know what you think of the Chief's latest mandate. As always, confidentiality is a sacred trust. Send rockets to
It was brought to our attention that we neglected to mention the work of the Metropolitan Task Force on Violent Crime when we posted the item about the RICO conviction of PANCHO VILLA and the CLCs. Our editorial face is red. The Task Force, deep in their unmarked Fortress of Solitude, has been doing amazing crime fighting work for almost ten years now -- and without much acknowledgement or recognition. Not that they want any, but we who know better, should have mentioned them and the work they did in delivering the CLCs to justice. Someday, the full story of the Task Force will be told and the people in the trenches, not to mention the stake out cars, the stay backs and the ones who do stuff we must not reveal will be fully and justly lionized for their work. Until then, keep at it. This town owes you.
We reported yesterday that LAPD and DA brass are considering cutting a deal with an unidentified convicted felon in exchange for his testimony against alleged multiple murderer Timothy Joseph McGhee, the Toonerville Ripper. What we've recently learned is that the prosecuting DA is apparently in favor of making a deal, while the brass at both agencies express concern. The concern revolves around this person's credibility in court. They figure that a jury will not accept the word of known gangbanger and convicted criminal to help convict an even worse gangbanger and alleged murderer. We understand that the prosecuting DA is confident in his abilities to convince a jury. We don't yet know who this DA is, but we'll run it here as soon as we find out. It's either somebody in Hard Core Gangs or Major Crimes. Anyone with further word on this, you know who to call --

Sunday, February 23, 2003

One more bad guy went down a few weeks ago when Francisco Martinez, aka Pancho Villa, was sentenced to life in prison plus sixty years. In addition, 22 other Lil Cycos were also convicted of various charges on the same RICO case. We hope that this will finally make Father Boyle and Celeste Fremon stop perpetuating the myth that RICO statutes don't work against street gangs because these gangs are "disorganized." If we've heard it once, we heard a million times from them. Will someone please tell Boyle and Fremon to cease and desist their completely unsupported assertions?

Martinez requested of Judge Lew that he be allowed to join his friends in prison. We wonder why. Could it be that people like Martinez continue to wield power, collect money and order hits from his cell? Oh, no. That's not possible according to Father Boyle. He continues to insist that La Eme has little influence outside prison walls. We'll soon be presenting on this Blog a list of the recently deceased who were greenlighted from prison. But these facts will probably never get in the way of Father Boyle's opinions. See our arguments against Boyle's misinformed assertions at the very bottom.

We've had our eye on Gilbert Saldana (dob 7/8/78) for quite some time. He's managed to elude justice on more than one occasion but this time it looks like he ran out of luck. No pun intended. He's currently in County awaiting trial on a murder count and a robbery count. Bail is set at a hefty $2,085,000. Prosecutor on this one is David Gelfound, energetic and competent and likely to get Saldana convicted. Mike Russo (APD) is defending and he's equally capable. It should be an interesting battle. Saldana is an Avenues member and when we first became aware of him, he was implicated in the racial murder of the unfortunate Kenny Wilson on Avenue 52 in 1999. The reason they killed Wilson? Simple. He was black. And they didn't want blacks in their neighborhood. This was proven in court. Saldana managed to slide on that one but one of the co-shooters in that caper, Jose (Clever) Delacruz will spend the rest of his life in jail for the Wilson homicide. As always, Saldana and all defendants are innocent of all charges until proven guilty.

This case reminds us that the LA media has yet to write or utter one word about the racial execution of Kenny Wilson. Wilson was ambushed and killed by the aforementioned Saldana and Delacruz, and they were joined in the shooting by (deleted) (currently serving 27 years for a quadruple ADW in an unrelated case) and Merced (Shadow) Cambero, still not in custody and flitting back and forth between Avenues territory and Mexico.

In the near future, we plan to post a full account of the Wilson homicide, which to us was every bit as brutal, hateful and deserving of media attention as the Jame Byrd case in Texas. Kudos to John Allen Ramseyer on successfully prosecuting Delacruz on murder and race crime allegations. This story should have been Page One material in the Times. But the paper never heard of it. Even after we told them about it. It is always baffling to us the stories the Times and the Weekly pick to cover and the ones they address with such thunderous silence.