Sunday, February 23, 2003

One more bad guy went down a few weeks ago when Francisco Martinez, aka Pancho Villa, was sentenced to life in prison plus sixty years. In addition, 22 other Lil Cycos were also convicted of various charges on the same RICO case. We hope that this will finally make Father Boyle and Celeste Fremon stop perpetuating the myth that RICO statutes don't work against street gangs because these gangs are "disorganized." If we've heard it once, we heard a million times from them. Will someone please tell Boyle and Fremon to cease and desist their completely unsupported assertions?

Martinez requested of Judge Lew that he be allowed to join his friends in prison. We wonder why. Could it be that people like Martinez continue to wield power, collect money and order hits from his cell? Oh, no. That's not possible according to Father Boyle. He continues to insist that La Eme has little influence outside prison walls. We'll soon be presenting on this Blog a list of the recently deceased who were greenlighted from prison. But these facts will probably never get in the way of Father Boyle's opinions. See our arguments against Boyle's misinformed assertions at the very bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Why are you picking on Father Boyle?..Say 20 Hail Mary's, 20 Our Fathers,Then ask Jesus to forgive you-"again"..With Gods Love, Los Angeles Resident..