Friday, July 30, 2004

The mainstream press just "discovered" that the COLONIA CHIQUES in Oxnard has been using Dallas Cowboys shirts as identifiers. Part of the Oxnard gang injunction passed last month stipulated that CC members are prohibited from wearing the Dallas shirts and hats. The homies surgically delete the W from the logo, which would then read CO BOYS. The story was in the Daily News and LA Times and ABC TV news had an item on it this afternoon.

Since this is our beat, we couldn't let the story go without comment. As far back as Sleepy Lagoon days, neighborhoods have used cultural icons as identifiers. Back then, there was a neighborhood that called itself the P-38s and used the twin-fuselage fighter as its logo. In more recent times, Avenues has used the LA Dodgers cap with the simple L over A design to represent LOS AVENIDAS. And the West Boulevard Crips have used the WARNER BROTHERS WB shield logo for years. Same goes for the Fresno Bulldogs with the Fresno football team shirts. Just thought you'd like to know.