Monday, October 19, 2009

The USDOJ is releasing a three-page document that will clear up all the problems local governments are facing with the med pot clinics. The net result will be even more confusion and lack of specificity on exactly what constitutes legal and illegal production, transportation, distribution, possession, sales and use.

And where there's confusion, there will be profit.

Nobody seems to be able to articulate a clear policy that addresses the glaring holes that let illegal operators move their product through the "legal" outlets.

It's clear that local, state and federal governments do not want to be in the pot business. They don't even want to be in the pot regulation business for the simple reason that pot regulation will in all probability suck them right into the heart of the business. It's a case of being a little bit pregnant. In a business fraught with all the financial, criminal and political landmines of a recreational drug, the politicians see all too clearly the possibility of stepping on a five hundred pounder.

There's only two ways this can go. One is to completely legalize pot and remove all penalties for production, transport, sales etc. The other is to have the government license a few giant agri-businesses to grow enough pot to satisfy demand and regulate the hell out of it all the way to the end user.

Neither of those options are likely. And the middle course which is now being pursued isn't making anyone happy. Except some high volume smugglers, that is. This is going to get a lot more entertaining before it's all over. And the money will continue to flow into criminal orgs until somebody comes up with a brilliant idea.