Saturday, April 16, 2011


Every so often we get exchanges in the COMMENTS section that deserve a more prominent place on this blog. In the past, we've had priceless info from Tijuana Jailer and several others and I gave them the big platform. This is another one of those bits of info that cries out for a prominent place. The following is a response from Pepsi Man - don't ask, I don't know who he is - but he knows his stuff. The message is more important than the messenger so I accept it as a gift. 

In response to Anonymous' question as to whether there has been intercepted NF/EME communication.

Yes in recent years it was discovered that the EME upper echelon approached the NF during the 2000 peace talks at the Bay. Members from all factions of the big organizations, EME/AB/BGF/NLR were encouraged by the CDCR at Pelican Bay SHU to walk freely among the SHU units to discuss the possibility of reducing prison violence in California prisons. NF was also offed to participate and bring 3 members of their organization to the table to participate in the peace talks and walk-abouts but the NF hierarchy refused. They (NF) claimed that they were currently under indictment in the "Operation Black Widow" case. But then so were EME members and they still participated. 

Each organization gave assurances that no violence would occur during this process and all efforts were undertaken to involve the NF but proved futile. They refused. 

One good result from the interaction between NF/EME was the establishment of the "Door Policy" at the Bay and Corcoran state prisons. CDCR staff had a penchant for popping the wrong doors during yard releases, showers, etc. of rival members and forcing an altercation. The result was Surenos/Nortenos, Carnales from both sides engaging in battle on the tiers. Many got shot or received additional sentences as a result of these "arranged confrontations". The leadership of both organizations agreed that; "if the doors were to open nobody was obligated to engage in battle unless they were challenged or threatened". It was called; "The Door Policy". It held and still holds the current policy at the Bay but unfortunately as of 3/4/11. communication was intercepted in Corcoran state prison that indicates that Surenos? Nortenos-NF/EME are engaged in open conflicts within the SHU with orders to attack each other even if "cuffed up" during escorts while under escort if anyone feels threatened or the need to. So it would appear that the door policy established in 2000 is finally starting to dissolve at least in Corcoran. 

It does prove one thing though.. That the NF/EME has worked in unison in the recent past and can accomplish goals to reduce the violence if both feel that it benefits their respective organizations.


Pepsi Man.