Saturday, March 01, 2003

In our previous posting we also said we didn't know who McGhee's prosecutor would be. We still don't know. But we're told it's someone in Major Crimes and not Hard Core as we thought it might be. We'll find out this week if they formally file on McGhee. The DA's name is on the complaint and that's public information. Whoever it is, he or she will will be under the bright white light of media attention. This is a career maker. Or breaker.

In related matters, look for a connection between Toonerville Rifa (McGhee's gang) and two other gangs, Rascals (Latinos) and Pinoy Real (Filipino). Apparently Rascals and PRs have made an alliance as a "strength in numbers" policy. They fear the constant predations and attacks from Toonerville. Characters in Pinoy Real and Rascals will apparently figure prominently in the McGhee case. As usual, more to come.

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