Sunday, February 23, 2003

We've had our eye on Gilbert Saldana (dob 7/8/78) for quite some time. He's managed to elude justice on more than one occasion but this time it looks like he ran out of luck. No pun intended. He's currently in County awaiting trial on a murder count and a robbery count. Bail is set at a hefty $2,085,000. Prosecutor on this one is David Gelfound, energetic and competent and likely to get Saldana convicted. Mike Russo (APD) is defending and he's equally capable. It should be an interesting battle. Saldana is an Avenues member and when we first became aware of him, he was implicated in the racial murder of the unfortunate Kenny Wilson on Avenue 52 in 1999. The reason they killed Wilson? Simple. He was black. And they didn't want blacks in their neighborhood. This was proven in court. Saldana managed to slide on that one but one of the co-shooters in that caper, Jose (Clever) Delacruz will spend the rest of his life in jail for the Wilson homicide. As always, Saldana and all defendants are innocent of all charges until proven guilty.

This case reminds us that the LA media has yet to write or utter one word about the racial execution of Kenny Wilson. Wilson was ambushed and killed by the aforementioned Saldana and Delacruz, and they were joined in the shooting by (deleted) (currently serving 27 years for a quadruple ADW in an unrelated case) and Merced (Shadow) Cambero, still not in custody and flitting back and forth between Avenues territory and Mexico.

In the near future, we plan to post a full account of the Wilson homicide, which to us was every bit as brutal, hateful and deserving of media attention as the Jame Byrd case in Texas. Kudos to John Allen Ramseyer on successfully prosecuting Delacruz on murder and race crime allegations. This story should have been Page One material in the Times. But the paper never heard of it. Even after we told them about it. It is always baffling to us the stories the Times and the Weekly pick to cover and the ones they address with such thunderous silence.