Saturday, February 22, 2003

We've received several emails wondering who we are and why we're doing this. We'll probably have to explain ourselves at some point so here goes. We are LA-based writers and journos who need to let the citizens of LA know what we know. You'll see things on this site that you will not read about in the Times, the LA Weekly or in any other mainstream outlet. Where do we get this info? From you people. You send us stuff. We verify, more or less, and then it goes up. We're only interested in what's going on here in LA with the coppers, the prosecutors, the gangsters and the politicians. If you've got something big that's happening in Milwaukee or New York. We don't care. We're only concerned about LA and the forces that are ripping this city apart.
For you coppers and prosecutors we need to let you know that we are not the LA Times. We don't check with the ACLU to figure out who the bad guys are. Anything forwarded to is totally and completely confidential. Speak freely. The truth will set us all free.

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Anonymous said...

Speak freely, the truth will set us all free..Amen to that..Hope you remember that in the up comming years, once you become a more known and popular blog..We'll see right??...Los Angeles Resident