Friday, February 21, 2003

Toonerville Rifa gangster Tim Mcghee was flown into Van Nuys airport yesterday afternoon after his extradition proceeding from Bullhead City. McGhee was on the US Marshall's 15 most wanted criminals for having committed or ordered 12 murders in the Atwater Village area where Toonerville operates. He was escorted back by Detective Scott Masterson, LAPD Fugitive Warrant unit. You won't read this in any other LA media but McGhee has a connection to the Mexican Mafia and will likely be received like a visiting monarch by the Eme shot callers when he hits County jail. The IO on the McGhee killings is said to be Northeast detective Andrew Teague who is also the IO in another very large case ready to go to trial in Superior Court. McGhee has been described as a compulsive killer who gets a real charge out of shooting people. Especially the unarmed and the innocent.

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