Thursday, February 20, 2003

The legendary Midnight Special bookstore on the Promenade is packing up its Little Red Books and relocating to an as yet undisclosed location. No doubt we'll soon hear they're the victims of a CIA plot cooked up by Ashcroft and Bush the elder. While I hate to see any bookstore go Tango Uniform, in the case of MS, I'm toasting with Martinis and a big smelly cigar. MS was the number one purveyor of anti-Americanism in Santa Monica (except for Tom Hayden's house) and it's good to see the Stalin and Mao apologists decamp for other digs. In anticipation of the move, there's a huge clearance sale. Che Guevara mouse pads are 50% off. Noam Chomsky portraits on black velvet at an amazing 70% off already discounted prices. Folks, they're redistributing them away. Act now because supplies are limited. Customers will be served strictly in the order of their level of oppression.

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