Friday, February 21, 2003

In one of the most disgraceful episodes in L.A. city history, the forces of the Left and the anti-American one-worlders have prevailed upon the city council to pass a resolution against going to war with Iraq. The effort was led by Eric Garcetti, the son of a disgraced ex-District Attorney Gil Garcetti. Garcetti will be remembered as the man who supervised the amateurish prosecution of double murderer O.J. Simpson, a slam-dunk prosecution that should have gone like clockwork. The son seems to be following the same muddle-headed path. An heir to the destructive ideologues that for the last forty years have eviscerated one of the greatest school systems in the country, emasculated one of the nation's most respected police agencies, and have allowed generations of criminals to prosper and multiply, Garcetti proudly crowed that grandmothers, mothers and children were united in a great cause of stopping a war. City councils do not make foreign policy. So this was an entirely futile exercise that occupied two entire days of council time. Mr. Garcetti should be personally held liable for frittering away the time of our public servants. Mr. Garcetti morally preens himself with these empty symbolic victories while the city he serves burns like Rome. Mr. Garcetti's constituents should immediately recall this tiresome fool.

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