Thursday, September 09, 2010

Today's LA TIMES delivers the earth shattering news that the criminal situation in Mexico is an "insurgency." This term comes from the lips of none other than the woman with her finger on the pulse of world affairs - Hilary Clinton. She finally came around to that startling conclusion almost four years after those words were uttered by this blog. I said as much on at least a half dozen radio interviews in the past two years.

The evidence has been there for anyone to see. An insugency is an attempt by an organized group to destroy civil authority. The cartels have been at that game for years. It could not have been more evident. Naturally, I, and those who agreed with me, were branded the usual assortment of epithets. "Racist" being the go-to term for daring to call something what it actually is. You have to wonder if Hilary is now going to be branded a racist as well.

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