Friday, August 29, 2003

WALLY thought he was done with the AGUIRREs for the week, but sometimes you can't seem to get away from them. On AUG. 27, WALLY was doing his usual snooping and schmoozing in the CRIMINAL COURTS BUILDING when his PALM PILOT alerted him that he had something scheduled. It turned out to be RICHARD AGUIRRE'S SENTENCING. So WALLY ankled it over to JUDGE MAUREEN DUFFY-LEWIS' court room and got there just in time.

MR. AGUIRRE'S private defense counsel LETITIA AGUIRRE (no relation) informed judge DUFFY-LEWIS that there had been two recent deaths in the AGUIRRE family. One was MR. AGUIRRE'S son BENNY. The other was the matriarch of the family RUTH AGUIRRE, RICHARD and CHEECH'S mother. Both died of complications due to diabetes. She was scheduled for burial on his sentencing day so JUDGE DUFFY-LEWIS granted the request. ADA DAVID GELFOUND did not object to a continuance until next week. The new date is SEPT. 4.

The last time that WALLY saw MR. AGUIRRE was on one of LIL PEE WEE'S court dates. At that time, he looked hearty and vigorous. His beard had a few traces of white but it was still mostly dark and he was tanned and fit. At his sentencing, MR. AGUIRRE 's beard was completely white, he was pale and he walked like a tired old man. Even DAVID GELFOUND noted how rapidly RICHARD AGUIRRE had aged.

And it's no wonder. His oldest son is doing life without parole in MARION FEDERAL PENITENTIARY. Another has just died. His youngest is looking at a double murder case and will probably get a long sentence is state prison. His mother just died and brother CHEECH is a sad homeless drug addict. WALLY would love to have a little heart to heart with MR. AGUIRRE to see what's going on in that head and heart.

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