Saturday, August 16, 2003

Why does it always seem that the good people are the ones who are constantly tested and challenged by circumstances. This week, the PLATA family was burned out of their rented ANGELINO HEIGHTS home when the house next door caught fire and the flames spread to theirs. Fortunately, none of the PLATAS were hurt but everything they owned was destroyed in the fire. This is not the first time tragedy has struck this family of six. The PLATA'S oldest son, VICTOR HUGO OROZCO was killed by a single bullet to the face allegedly fired by "SMOKY" OCHOA in 1997. LIL PEE WEE was allegedly driving the car with SMOKY riding shotgun when OROZCO was shot. VICTOR was 21 at the time of his murder, had just fathered a child and was working three jobs to keep the families going.

PEE WEE is currently in COUNTY JAIL awaiting trial on VICTOR'S murder and the murder of ALLEN DOWNEY, a low level drug dealer. The real tragedy is that OROZCO was never involved in gangs and was using the pay phone on the 6600 block of FIGUEROA when he was shot. He was calling his brother-in-law to ask for a ride home because the people he was with couldn't drive him.

The PLATA family is incredibly tight and religious and we're certain they'll weather through this as they did the killing of VICTOR. They probably see this as a test of their faith. We wish we are as strong as these good people.

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