Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I reported previously that the PLATA family had been burned out of their house in ANGELINO HEIGHTS a few weeks ago. Their son, VICTOR OROZCO, was killed by a single bullet in the face in 1999 while he was standing at a pay phone on FIGUEROA and 67th. The alleged shooter was ANTHONY "SMOKEY" OCHOA from the AVENUES gang and a prospective member of JIMMY "DRAC" MAXSON'S crew. OCHOA commited suicide sometime after the shooting. For those of you keeping track of all this, you'll recall that RICHIE "LIL PEE WEE" AGUIRRE was driving the car that OCHOA was riding in when OCHOA allegedly shot OROZCO. RICHIE is currently in custody awaiting trial on the OROZCO murder charge as well as the murder of drug dealer ALLEN DOWNEY.

We're happy to report that the PLATAS have found a new apartment. Thanks to the help from the RED CROSS, their extended family and members of their church, the PLATAS are getting back on their feet. The DAD has been forced to stop working due to a severe back injury but their remarkable spirit is keeping them optimistic and cheerful.

As always, the accused are innocent of charges until proven guilty.

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