Thursday, July 08, 2004

If you accept the definition of a gang as two or more indivduals who conspire to commit crimes for the benefit of a group, then KEN LAY, ANDY FASTOW and the rest of their crimies at ENRON qualify as gangsters. Yeah, I know, a posting about ENRON looks like it may be far afield from the main topic of INTHEHAT, but in reality, it's not. LAY and his scumbag homies probably robbed more money in a week than every gang in LA combined does in a year. While it made me feel good to see LAY cuffed up and doing the perp walk for the cameras, it would have made me feel even better if a couple of bluesuits cut loose on him with MAGLITE flashlights.

And did you notice all that polish and sophistication blow away the second LAY faced the cameras? He started squealing like a 12-year-old-girl at a Britney concert. FASTOW did it and LAY didn't know what was going on and he was just this innocent CEO who was betrayed by his homie. Sounds like any other neighborhood rata trying to lay off blame on somebody else. You can put them in suits and give them a gold pen instead of a GLOCK, but a criminal is still a criminal. MR. LAY, meet DIABLO your new cellmate. You'll be his bitch for the next fifteen years. And don't bother calling for the stafa because they're going to a union meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Wally, enjoy your columns , you usually are right on but this so called crack down get tough attitude by the Feds is probably a pr show in a election year. Let's see how things play out after the election and the smoke screen isn't necessary to protect the Haliburton's, Bechtel"s, marriotts, etc from any more public scrutiny. The whole "corporate mafia" clique will probably skate with a slap on the wrist at most. These scumbags rob, pillage, ruin untold number of lives with impunity while some lowdown tecato gets 20 to life for robbing a 7-11. Why not the death penalty for guys like "Kenny Baby"Lay he certainly has caused more damage to more peoples lives than some street thug is able to.
Keep it comming !