Saturday, July 03, 2004

Okay. I got rid of the time share condo/guard tower image and I think I like this better. It will stay this way at least through the 4th of July weekend. I'm running out of time. There are beers to drink and grilled meat to eat.


Anonymous said...

what do you know about the crime activity of a small but committed gang in L.A. called the INTRUDERS WS 35STREET GANG?

Anonymous said...

I recall sometime back that you wrote about having a hard time getting into a prison to interview. We (2 of us) both ex-cops were denied access . I had been in all the 12 prisons back in 1972. This included the 11 male prisons and the 1 female prison at frontera. The reason given to me was that in running my name in the screen, I came back a #4, whatever that means. They said that they would have to do a hand search to tell me why I could not enter. Being the gentleman that I am, I told the Lieutenant to stick it up his ass. I had more time on the shitter than he had worked at corrections.