Friday, October 01, 2004

LAPD chief Bill Bratton is no longer a civilian. After studying and training for months, the Chief passed his P.O.S.T. tests and is now a sworn California peace officer and no longer needs his self-issued civilian permit to carry a concealed weapon. Lest you might think they bent the rules or made the tests easy to given Bratton his certification, former Chief Willie Williams never did pass the P.O.S.T. Williams tried four times and failed. LA cops no longer need to feel funny about saluting a civilian.

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Anonymous said...

Please. Mr. Ego will always be a civilian, and the entire POST thing was just a formality. Why did he have to study for months? He's been a "cop" for most of his adult life. Besides, POST tests are a joke. As for Willie from Philly, that's no comparison. City politicians brought him to LA. Willy certainly pulled one over on the City officials! Good for him. Oh, and if cops feel funny about saluting a civilian, they should get used to it: They work for the police commission, the mayor, and the citizens. BTW, police officers are civilians.