Monday, October 18, 2004

Posting will be suspended until October 28. We're going out of town on a combined fact-finding mission and holiday. There won't be a chance to post. But for those of you out there who keep an eye out for stories and regularly contribute, keep sending those emails. We'll catch up when back in town.

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Anonymous said...

Wally, again, you made the mistake about "Conejo's" book, "Blood In, Blood Out."
This book has nothing to do with the movie of the same name. How do I know, because I was a technical advisor on the film. I also spent 14 days telling the original version to Ross Thomas who was suppose to be the screen writer. This is before they got an ex-con out of New Mexico, (supposedly a member of the New Mexican Sindicate.) I agree that if one is to buy into the Blood In Blood Out doctrine, then those "preachers" from Victory Outreach would be dead. Could it be that there is something out there a foot that "we" do not have the real story as yet? Tio Moco