Thursday, November 11, 2004

California has the reputation of being the nation's windsock. Trends, both good and bad, start here and before you can say "De donde eres?" tribesman in the Kalahari are wearing Nikes and doing the robot. So it's no surprise when towns a lot closer to LA start seeing some of our street culture.

Case in point is two towns in Idaho -- Caldwell and Nampa. Over the past few years, LE in these towns has seen something totally alien to that part of world -- drive bys, gang homicides, placasos and inked up pelons.

According to the local jura, the shooters and scooters are a combination of homegrown talent and a few shot callers imported from So Cal and other parts of the Southwest.

The bangers are replicating the same dynamic we see here in California. In Nampa, for instance, the homies have split the town into North and South. The North side flies the Catorce (14) flag while the south side, naturally, marshals up under the magic number of 13. Some of the sets claim 18th Street while others call themselves TINY TOONS and LOMAS. North side sports a red rag while Surenos go with blue.

But breaking with SOCAL tradition, the sets have an open enrollment program. You'll find hispanics, whites, blacks and some native americans in the same set. This is something most So Cal neighborhoods would find unacceptable.

Although there are a handful of validated brothers in the Idaho prison system and on the street, street dealers have yet to feel the sting of taxation and tribute. But that may change since LE has recently come in contact recently with some freshly arrived Texas Syndicate and Eme shot callers.

Idaho LE has yet to create its version of the CALGANGS database, so there's no state wide estimate on the number of homies, but Nampa PD has gang cards on 482 individuals who they claim are active. Which is quite a number in a town with 70,000 residents.

The serious students in the audience probably already know that the NUESTRA FAMILIA's bank was, and may still be, located in Boise, Idaho. That bank account was controlled by Cuete Rubalcaba, a member of the Mesa and supremo NF shot caller.

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Anonymous said...

That leaves 69,518 That are not pendejos.and are trying to make a living, and not worrying about "De Donde Eres?" More like "Donde Vas?"..Sorry Bro but all that banging shit is old and is really for pendejos that can't get a job..people dying over red and blue rags, fucking up the streets with graffitti,worrying about your kids getting to school to learn without being shot at,not to mention Vavosos bringing down our culture as hard-working sad,To all the Hard Vatos..GET A JOB!!! I hear there's a really big future in banging but try hard work it might be just as good and the pay is better..and not as much overhead, you know bullets,guns and a lowrider can get pretty pricey..