Monday, February 07, 2005

Can you smell lawsuit? We can.

Early Sunday morning, an LAPD patrol unit tried to make a traffic stop on a car theft suspect. The person at the wheel ran a red light and refused to stop. He eventually crashed and his crimey in the passenger seat beat feet. The crimey was caught without incident. The driver, however, threw the 1990 Toyota Camry into reverse and smacked into the patrol unit.

At that point, the unnamed bluesuit fired ten rounds into the car and killed the driver, who turned out to be a 13 year old male black.

Get the $2,500 a night suite at the Loew's Santa Monica ready because Jesse's coming to town.

We don't want to sound cold-blooded about this, but aiming a car at a cop is the first thing they tell you not to do in undergraduate FELON 101. Ageleno's witness something like one car pursuit per week on the local news. And if there's anything to learn from these pursuits is that cops are happy to chase you all day and night until you either crash or run out of gas. They provide car chase suspects with multi-jurisdictional helicopter escorts, plenty of media play on the news and they'll even block on-ramps and intersections to give the suspect vehicle plenty of room to maneuver. They draw the line, however, at having guns pointed at them or being rammed by the suspect vehicle. They'll let you run away at 100 mph if you want to without interference. But aim your car at a cop at even 5 mph, and that's assault with a deadly weapon. Out come the guns and there goes your life.

This incident was probably the kid's first car theft caper. And unfortunately, it was his last. Somebody should have schooled him.

The aftermath, of course, is anybody's guess. Lawsuit for sure. Disciplinary action for the cop? Maybe. More headaches for Chief Bratton? Definitely. Riot? Probably not.

In an unrelated story, somebody fired 20 rounds at the 77th LAPD station. No injuries. Maybe an omen of things to come.

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