Thursday, January 11, 2007

When covering the topic of race violence, I don't use a bias filter. If it happens, or there's some news item related to it like the city's new "weighted matrix" gang strategy I'll talk about it. But as we all know, the race-biased violence in this city has, for the most part gone in one direction. When the three Hispanic civilians were machine gunned on Central by three male blacks, I talked about that too. The reason I haven't posted more on it is because that case is going nowhere. No good wits, no suspects and no progress. There have been a handful of puzzling homicides of Hispanics in remote parts of the County that may be race related but, like the Central homicides, no strong wits and no suspects. They look hinky to me and they may go that way if the investigations ever bear fruit. But at this point, there's no way I could legitimately call them race related because nobody knows. So I'm waiting until there's something to talk about.

Bear in mind it took almost a year before Northeast had any reliable information on the Wilson killing. And I waited two years before I had enough info to characterize that as a race murder. There's no doubt, even without the shooters in custody that the Central Ave. killings were race-motivated. It's the only way it figures right now.

So does the race thing work both ways? It sure does. And when anything happens on either side of the color line, you'll hear about it without the spin. Just as an aside, there was a time when the Bounty Hunter Crips had Hispanic members and XVIII had Black members. The 18th broomed all the blacks and Bounty Hunters threw out all the Hispanics. Believe it or not, there was such a thing as Hispanic Bloods [I erroneously said Crips, thanks for the correction] and Black Surenos. Can you picture anything like that now? Unthinkable. I'll post something about that whole thing sometime soon.

On the other topic of comments, I don't care what opinions you hold, just don't be stupid or offensive about it. I disagree with a number of comments but I run them because they're articulate and they don't get down in the gutter. The basic rule is, if it adds something to the dialogue, even if it's extreme, I'm okay with it. A foul rant, adds nothing.


Anonymous said...

I just got palabra today that a camarada from the SGV was in the IE visiting his ruca minding his own, when 5 changos came by, talked shit to him then proceeded to give him an ass-wupping, now the fellas are going down there to handle negocios, they dont know where the changos were from or anything about them so now when the homies go down there they "hit anything black" and that I beleive is how alot of the pedo gets started. So here we go again.

Anonymous said...

The bounty hunters were pirus, bloods not crips.

Anonymous said...

True you make a mistake, but back in the late 80's there was a lot of Hispanic Crips in East Coast Crips. I went to school with them. It all start due to Hispanic families moving into South Central in the late 70's and early 80's. Just like there is Southside Crip and Southside.

StillNoScript said...

And, the Black guys were probably there to hit 'anything Mexican', for retaliation over something that happened to them. Now, when the shoe's on the other foot, isn't it easier to see that that excuse is the go to crutch for anyone looking for a fight? I really do believe that in a simpler time the homeboys from SGV would charge their homie's ass whipping to the street life, and just wait for those Blacks to show their faces again, as opposed to going out and hitting innocents. But, I could be wrong. Bet you I'm right in some cases, though.

Anonymous said...

don quixote said...

Congratulations Wally, your blog is definitely back to the standards you initially set before all the net bangers and sabotuers tried to ruin it.
And the energy you are putting down in regards to the "racially motivated" killings in LA area are a good thing for all, although I think the perception of many due to publicity and the press, is that it is only a Brown on Black phenomenum. There must be fairness and equal responsibility for these crimes against innocent people or it could really blow up into a negative reaction by the Mexican American community.
We could witness a "circle the wagons" we as a community are being unfairly singled out for blame in the interest of appeasing the Black Community".
There has been plenty of blame to go around and the problems that exist between the Black and Brown communities should be dicussed in an honest and frank manner.
One question I have to the black community is "why is it that almost all the different ethnic groups that exist in LA have had problems with Black People and have developed a great dislike and distrust of Blacks?
I have my opinion of why, due to experience and I'm sure most others do also and it's not one's skin color. I have had good friends who are Black but they all grew up around Chicanos and related and developed an understanding and respect which was mutual. But the Black Community and there attitudes and actions towards other peoples I think is a negative, self centered and racially motivated one generally.
I think the actions by the Pasadena Police in regards to the year long (but not publicized) attacks on poor working Mexicans (called by these Mayates "POM" or punch on Mexicans) is very telling and biased towards the Black Community at the expense of Mexicans. What was the motivation for not warning the community at large? Political expediency? Fear of retaliation? Mexicans are powerless and expendeble?
The point blank killing of 3 year old Kaitlyn Avila by Black P Stones, why hasn't this been prosecuted as a racially motivated crime? LE says it was not racial but gang related! Come on, the little girl and her family were targeted because they are Mexicans everyone knows this.
By the way the word is, even by Pinta CO's, that this killing is the catalyst for much of the attacks by Southsiders on Blacks in the joints now. ANd as our old friend TJ Jailer used to say, the Mero HOmies are using this incident to consolidate power and control.
In conclusion I would just say that if racially motivated crimes are to be discussed and perps prosecuted then we must be very careful (and honest) to apply justice equally or the shit will really hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

El Gringo (Non Compos Mentis)insists there was a Ford plant in the San Fernando Valley?
Please do name the streets it was supposedly on?
LA's Past Auto Plants
In 1914, Ford Motor Company opened Southern California's earliest auto assembly plant in Los Angeles to assemble Model T Fords. In 1930, Ford moved its manufacturing to a plant on Terminal Island and produced 1.5 million vehicles there before closing the plant in 1959. Many employees from the closed plant transferred to the Ford plant in Pico Rivera.

JIM said...

I have two questions, entirely out of genuine interest and not meant to critique my esteemed "pal".

1. I thought, that the inclusion of "Southern Soldiers" into your book's original title was sound on several fronts, but I amicably chided you on your decision to have dropped it, and instead go it alone with the ~MM~ Mexican Mafia.
What were your reasons, or whims, on deciding this??

2. "Wally Fay", why did you choose the name Wally Fay? Is there any connection here to the Wally Fay character in the Joan Crawford vehicle "Mildred Pierce" of many years past? We are curious Wally, be a sport and tell. Bunch of us old time vatos here in SanFer, Borrego Valley, "Sylmar Ranch" and Kansas are dyin' to know (^:
Felice año nuevo to all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Cost of gang violence in L.A.: $2 billion a year
LA Daily News
Article Last Updated:01/12/2007 01:50:45 PM PST
Soaring gang violence in Los Angeles is costing taxpayers and victims more than $2 billion a year as it spreads into formerly safe middle-class neighborhoods like those in the San Fernando Valley, a new report released today concludes.

The report also harshly criticizes the city's historical piecemealing of gang-prevention and intervention programs, noting that the number of gangs has risen unhindered over the past quarter-century to 700 with 40,000 members.

And it says the enormity of the "crisis" now calls for a comprehensive, regional solution coordinated by a gang czar overseeing a single entity that has the political clout to cut through red tape and influence services.

"There is a gang crisis and a macro-strategy is needed in the face of it," said civil rights attorney Connie Rice, author of the final phase of the $400,000 study commissioned by an ad hoc city council committee.

Rice said local leaders must give the gang crisis the kind of attention national leaders gave the rebuilding of Europe after World War II.

"In short, Los Angeles needs a Marshall Plan to end gang violence," she said.

The report contends the city's dismal record is the result of a myopic focus on "tiny programs" that have lacked accountability and have addressed just a fraction of the gang problem.

"The city must get documented results for current monies spent and generate new resources by ending unnecessary and costly city practices," the report said.

A recent upsurge in gang homicide and violence in the San Fernando Valley underscores the growing gang influence in the region.

Statistics show gang-related crime spiked about 40 percent in the Valley and 14 percent citywide last year.


They charge $400,000 to tell us what we already know, and then come up with more of the same bullshit solutions.If these are the same people that proposed that "top10 gang list" we should demand a refund. Like I said before, a list like that will never work. It will just turn into the best gang recruitment tool ever invented. And every gang will try to outdo each other just to get on that list. Think about it. If one of the requirements to get on the list is to have at least 3 racial murders attributed to a gang, well then what you will have is gangs out there shooting for that mark. Gangs that are not actively in any inter-racial war will go out and start one.

These people are crazy, they really want to cut the little funding that gang prevention programs get and focus on gang supression. What they should do is give that money to any program that showed any good stats in their study. I can't believe they get paid to think this shit up, que gachos.

Anonymous said...

What is the saying "the more things change the more they stay the same".

Am I the only one here who rode the "segregation" school bus back in the old days. I remember when our buses would come under attack from rocks and bottles hurled by the white boys. And the only time Blacks and Mexicans "got along" in school was during the race riots. We needed them like they needed us, if we did not want to take a serious beating. I think the only time I talked to any Blacks in High-School was to form our defense strategy.

Black and Brown vs. Whites was not a Supreme court case.

We had some wild riots back then, the only difference back in the old days we did not have guns like the kids do today.

Mad Mexican

Anonymous said...

Two of the issues surrounding the issue of Operation Mindcrime (aka hate crimes legislation) is the issue of enforcement and reporting. There appears to be a tacit hierarchy when such charges are to be applied. At the top of the victicrat hierarchy are the GLTs and the blacks. Following this are the Hispanics, Asians and Whites. On the offender side, the GLTs and blacks seem to enjoy the greatest degree of protection of not being charged with hate crimes. The other issue is one of reporting. The Media is far more willing to publicize the cases in which GLTs and blacks are victims and to sink the stories when they are perpetrators. While we are seeing some incremental change in these policies, there still remains much work to be done if the process (both from the enforcement and the publication sides) is to be considered adequate. The latest bit of nonsense comes from Washington DC:

"Police said a group of African American boys targeted a random person in the hate crime Dec. 19 in the Mount Vernon area. Authorities refused to specify the victim's race or ethnicity."

"The incident unfolded as a 12-year-old boy was walking with 15 to 20 friends on Ladson Lane and told them a made-up story about being assaulted by a group of people of a certain race, Fairfax police Officer Camille Neville said. The boys decided to retaliate against the first person of that race whom they could find, she said."

Was the victim Hispanic, Asian or White? Why is this considered to be the equivalent of classified information? If one looks, one can find a plethora of stories from the South and the East in which blacks have targeted Hispanics for criminal activity... Yet we see nothing in the main stream media about this.

Anonymous said...

To Wally who said.....................
"Where Hayden parts company with rational thinkers is his claim that the spread of violent street gangs is a result of the failure of the radical movements of the 1960s, the Viet Nam war, poverty, the triumph of neo-conservatism, crooked cops who actually want to increase gang violence to justify paramilitary measures and, that catch-all bugaboo entree of the month at the Anarchist all-you-can-eat buffet -- globalization."

What is really funny/ironic is that most of your readers seem to believe what you so cleverly parodied in the article.

Que Locuras

Gava Joe said...

Being Anglo I do'nt know what "que locuras" means but I must take offense to Senor Anon's blanket reference to "most" of Wally's readers believing anything in any form of unison. This group of commenters is the most diverse bunch I've run across in some time. It IS a shame that there are'nt more African Americans attempting to articulate the topics and maybe lend some insight into their stance. Their exclusion lends an overview to the gang dynamic, that being that most individuals will migrate to where they feel comfortable.. What a shame! Ha!