Thursday, February 15, 2007

It appears the LAPD is making good on its promise to bring down the hammer. Last week Chief Bratton and the Mayor released its list of the top eleven gangs targeted for suppression and a list of Most Wanted fugitives. Yesterday, they put teeth into the initiative by scooping up 110 suspects in the San Fernando Valley and arresting 64 of them on various charges. According to the Daily News, there's a 50-member Task Force roaming the Valley and that's the entity responsible for these arrests.

Careful readers of the gang initiative will realize that the gangs they swooped in on yesterday - notably Blythe and Van Nuys - are NOT on the list of top eleven gangs. So what's the story?

If history is any indicator, the people scooped up yesterday are the easy fish. The point is to get these guys off the street and in front of investigators who will probably press them for information. Out of any population of recently arrested, you will invariably bag a few who are looking at a second or maybe even a third strike. Those are the folks more likely to give up a little information in exchange for certain considerations.

That information of itself isn't all that useful. But what it does is provide enough probable cause for a judge to agree to wiretaps and other forms of surveillance to go after the shot callers and multi-jurisdictional operators. Keep in mind that the Valley Task Force includes Federal agents. The Federales have a lower threshold than local judges for obtaining wiretap orders. Not to mention more money for assigning bodies and using better gear.

The track record for this type of Federal and local cooperation is spectacularly good. Diligent students will recall the three big RICO cases of the mid and late 1990s that started precisely with this scenario. Sweeps of the low hanging fruit that yielded intel followed by surveillance and ultimately followed by Federal indictments.

Just to round things out, another sweep took place further east in Chino Hills, Fontana, Bassett, West Valinda, Pomona and West Covina. The sweep netted six arrestees, dope, guns and over $30K in cash. Coincidence? You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Chicano thinking ahead!

A Chicano named Rodríguez went to his doctor to determine the source of his sickness. The doctor, after a lengthy examination, sighed and looked Rodríguez in the eye and said," I've got some bad news for you. You have cancer, and it's very bad. You'd best put your affairs in order."
Rodríguez was shocked and saddened. But, being of
solid character, he managed to compose himself and walk from the doctor's office into the waiting room. To his son who had been waiting. Rodríguez said, "Well son, we Chicanos celebrate when
things are good, and we celebrate when things don't go so well. In this case, things aren't so well. I have cancer. Let's head for the bar and have a few beers."
After 3 or 4 beers, the two were feeling a little less somber. There were some laughs and more beers. They were eventually
approached by some of Rodríguez' old friends who asked what the two were celebrating.
Rodríguez told them that Chicanos celebrate the good and the bad. He
went on to tell them that they were drinking to his impending
end. He told his friends, "I have been diagnosed with AIDS."
His son's eyebrows raised and he opened his mouth, but Rodríguez raised his finger and the frown on his face stifled what his son had planned to say.
The friends gave Rodríguez their condolences, and they had a couple
more beers.
After his friends left, Rodríguez' son leaned over and whispered his
confusion. "Dad, I thought you said that you were dying from cancer? You just told your friends that you were dying from AIDS!"

Rodríguez said, "I don't want any of them sleeping with your mother
after I'm gone."


Anonymous said...

LA isn't the gangbanging capitol of the world. Baghdad and Nuevo Laredo make LA seem like a quiet farming village.

Timmy Big Hands said...

I'll give give Nuevo Laredo. But fewer Americans are killed in Iraq every year than are killed her in L.A. County.

Anonymous said...

Anti-gang unit arrests 64 suspects
Dangerous neighborhoods in NoHo, Van Nuys targeted
Article Last Updated: 02/14/2007 10:09:23 PM PST

Less than a week after Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declared an all-out assault on the city's most violent gangs, police from a newly formed task force have arrested 64 people in some of the San Fernando Valley's most dangerous neighborhoods.
Officers from the 50-member violent-crime task force have stopped about 110 suspects over the past five days in the Valley, arresting 64 on charges ranging from narcotics and weapons possession to auto theft.

Don Q. you better rush over to provide bail money to your friends in the San Fernando Valley. I am sure most of these arrested gang members were more victims of the Manifest Destiny territorial expansionism by Anglo/Whites. And Wally believes some of the arrested innocent victims, may be sentenced under California three-strikes sentencing laws. And we all know how they were probably just stealing a pizza for food as you so eloquently stated in previous posts against three-strikes sentencing laws. Go Mayor V!!

And on a related subject last night channel 11 KTTV/Fox news ran a special story about prosecutors assigned to Markham Middle school in Watts going after gang recruiters on campus. And getting more parents involved in watching out for gangs on Campus. Go Rocky D.!! - a related link

Si Se Puede, Si Se Puede, Si Se Puede, Si Se Puede

El Vigilante said...

Six suspected gang members arrested in regional sweep
By Alison Hewitt, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 02/15/2007 12:00:00 AM PST

Early morning police raids in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties on Wednesday netted suspected gang members, firearms and thousands in cash, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies said. The sweep - which took place at 16 locations in Bassett, Chino Hills, Fontana, Pomona, West Valinda and county land bordering West Covina - is part of an ongoing gang-suppression effort in response to recent murders and shootings in the Valinda Corridor, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies said.

The search warrants targeted members of the Bassett Street gang and the West Side Pomona gang. Six suspects were arrested on a variety of misdemeanor and felony charges, deputies said.

"We were actually pretty happy with what we recovered," Operation Safe Streets Sgt. Sal Munoz said. In addition to the arrests, deputies found several handguns, a rifle, a small amount of narcotics and an "undetermined sum" of money. "It's still being counted, but it's well over $30,000", Sgt Munoz said.
Sgt Sal Munoz of the Los Angeles Sheriff Station in the City of Industry is the head of Operation Safe Streets. I wonder if he is part of the government conspiracy against locking up Mexican gang members in Los Angeles County. What shoo think Don Q.?
“Sgt. Sal Munoz, a cop known among his department as one of the toughest veteran detectives, leads the Pico Rivera/Norwalk Sheriff's Stations Gang Enforcement Team.”
Orale, Sgt. Sal Munoz buen trabajo mi compadre.

El Vigilante

ex-Hollywood Liberal said...

LA City has 40,000 gang members and 4.3 million residents. Iraq has 200,000 insurgents and 26 million residents. Iraq's insurgency citizen/insurgent ratio is 800/1 - LA's ration is 103/1. LA's insurgency is eight times as bad, the difference being that our gangs don't have SAM's or explosives, YET.

I worked Operation Hammer in the 1980s - a dog and pony show only. Bangers will lay low until the show is over, the way rats hide during the day.

As long as LA's politicians think they know more than cops about how to handle gangs, gangs will flourish. The ONLY difference is that LA's Democrat politicians will extort more cash from taxpayers to perpetuate their protection racket.

Anonymous said...

To ex-hollywod liberal,

I am laughing so hard because another ex-cop is here on Wally's blog. I can hear Don Q. and SVBS and a few other criminal sympathizers having a panic attack.

Get ready to be blamed for arresting so many innocent gang members who are a product of the goverment and police violating their right to gang bang in the streets of Los Angeles.

Here in Wally's blog all prisoners in California jails are the result of crooked cops who use clever lines like "Stephen King ain't got nothing on me". (lol). And plant false evidence (guns) on so many gang members who are as pure as the white driven snow.

Let the good times roll!!!!

LA Most Corrupt Cop

StillNoScript said...

ex-Hollywood Liberal said...

LA City has 40,000 gang members and 4.3 million residents. Iraq has 200,000 insurgents and 26 million residents. Iraq's insurgency citizen/insurgent ratio is 800/1 - LA's ration is 103/1.

Well, there's a strong case for us to stay in Iraq...

LA's insurgency is eight times as bad, the difference being that our gangs don't have SAM's or explosives, YET.

And, of course, you wouldn't be concerned at all as to how they get such weapons, and from who, would you?

As long as LA's politicians think they know more than cops about how to handle gangs, gangs will flourish.

Of course, as gangs were kept under control on Chief Gates' watch...

The ONLY difference is that LA's Democrat politicians will extort more cash from taxpayers to perpetuate their protection racket.

Anything to keep Republicans out of power. God Speed to those Dems. We remember the late '80s, a time when conservatives controlled most of the policy regarding gang enforcement. Some results...only L.A. turning into a 3rd world country.

We already gave you fascists your crack at it, and even 15 years later, we're not ready to again. Move back to the South.

Anonymous said...

ex-hollywood said............Iraq's insurgency citizen/insurgent ratio is 800/1 - LA's ration is 103/1. LA's insurgency is eight times as bad, the difference being that our gangs don't have SAM's or explosives, YET.

A military insurgency the same as a street gang? What the fuck are you smoking? Cop, ex-cop, what ever, what you state is beyond stupid. Contrary to what that other jura says I personally don't give a shit how many gangmembers get busted. Getting busted is just part of the game. Some will live with that and the lames will crack and snitch. Like Wally said that's what the juras are looking for. It's a pretty good strategy employed by juras. It should however bring up at least a few questions from any careful observer. Like, why didn't the people taken in on this operation get busted before, since they were already wanted and had warrants on them? Why do cops wait for the cameras lights to be on to do their jobs? What took place out there in the SGV and the IE, I think were just similar raids that just happen to catch a few people with some stuff on them. I don't think that either raid had anything to do with one another other than being the same operation.

It seems to me LA politicians on both sides extort money on that protection racket that you mention. And it seems that all police dept make out pretty good. Your budget always seems to go up but the results seem to always get worse. We always need more cops and more money for their budget, that's what Chief Bratton keeps pitching to the public isn't it? It's the same with every Law Enforcement agency in the country. But the fact is that violent crime all over the US has been going down for the last 15 years. LA is not an exception. Gang homicides have been going down for about 5 years in a row and down more than half since the all time high in 92'. There is still a lot that can be done, but my belief is that we can get the best results on the prevention and education side. Rob gangs of recruits and the gangs will eventually die out. Just my take. Alrato.

Anonymous said...

“I also agree that good parenting is very important. But you also have to consider the environment that a kid lives in. For example, a kid growing up in Santa Clarita will never face the same amount of obstacles as a kid that grows up in Sun Valley………………………”


Of course I agree with you that it does a make a difference where a kid grows up and increases the probability of being in gangs. But one of the points I keep trying to make is there are gangs all over Southern California and the U.S. which are not in the worst or poorest neighborhoods.

I will again use the example of the Avenues gang, as I previously stated if you go to Drew Street you will see ghetto/run down apartments on Drew Street but most of the surrounding area is a bunch of pretty well maintained single family homes with newer cars in the driveway. The Avenues gang territory of northeast Los Angeles is not like the worst/poorest areas of Watts. There are many middle class neighborhoods in Glassel Park and Highland Park and the people in this area are not living in abject poverty as was mentioned by someone here. But the kids living here are still in gangs so poverty and lack of opportunities are not the only indicators or reason for gangs.

I personally think we first need to make many arrests to control the immediate problem of gangs then work on solutions so gangs do not continue to grow. This is obviously a very difficult task and requires the efforts of many people with many skills and one hell of a dedication. And somehow we need to get more adult parents involved in their kid’s upbringing.

The gang mentality is also a growing recent cultural problem where young kids seem to think gangs are a cool thing. You just need to look at the music and movies which kids are exposed to. Now you hear kids use words like “keep it gangsta” as if that is something good. And I know that if I say this seems to be a bigger problem among Latinos I will be label a xenophobe and Mexican hater, but Los Angeles is know as the gang capital of the world. And many gangs which started here in Los Angels are spreading like a cancer to many other areas of the country which never had gang problems before. I know people are going to write me and tell me about gangs from other parts of the country and that there are asian, white, black and other gangs. But if you live in the L.A. area like I do, what you see most is Latino gangs. (Don Q. I ready for you next jab at me)

If you search the internet for the words “Brown Pride” you mostly find web-sites which are gang web-sites. (You learn many things here in Wally’s blog) I just wonder how many Latino kids confuse brown pride with being in a gang. I also know that if your parents are in a gang their kids are more likely to be in a gang themselves. Just as if your father is Donald Trump you are more likely to attend the most elite business school and then be the next V.P. in the trump empire.

I have to commend Mayor V. for his recent efforts on the gang problems, he has managed to put a big spotlight on the problem of gangs and the News media has finally noticed and now you see every news station in the Los Angles area doing stories on the subject. Even our State senator has a gang initiative she is working on.

I found this blog from reading Ariana Huffington’s blog and the L.A. weekly blog. I just wish we could get every kid in L.A. on the internet to visit sites like Wally’s blog and participate in these discussions. But they are probably checking out porn sites, gang banging on the net, downloading gangster rap, and hooking up with other horny teenagers on the internet. And they are not leaning about the abuses of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, as StillNoScript mentioned in a previous post. Most people in the country don’t know even know what Abu Ghraib is much less some kid in a gang. But everybody knows about Anna Nicole Smith, you gotta love our news programs.

White Bread

don quixote said...

Ai mi espanto!!
At the end of Wally’s last topic Mr. White is Right warned me ” be afraid , very afraid all you ex felons”, and then, “run Don Q run the Migra is coming”.

This Mexican ain’t going to get caught by no Migra’s but I figure I better warn all the Raza about this dire threat made by our “great white oracle” White is Right “, his appearance could be a harbinger of a biblical prophesy , along with the “four horsemen of the apocolypse”, “pestilence, war, famine, death, now “la migra” !!
I figured that I’d be better off getting caught by the migra instead of the jura as an ex felon, (shit I need a vacation, I’d tell them I was from Acapulco and get a free trip?) so I took off my “Stacy Adams” shoes, and my “Zoot suit” and quickly put on my newly retreaded “Huaraches” and a dirty “LA Dodger” hat and planned a route for my escape, and also where I could warn the most Mexicans about the “la migra” getting us.

I was thinking I could be like a Chicano “Paul Revere” who ran through the town warning “the British are coming, the British are coming!!”
I could be remembered as “Don Quixote” who warned the Raza “the migra are coming, the migra are coming!!
But wait!, why would I need to run from the migra? Shit with that noise, I was born right here in LA at the Queen of Angels Hospital and grew up here all my life!!
Call me paranoid, but why take chances! White is Right could be a “Rinche’s de Texas” (Texas Ranger) real Mexican haters and don’t give a shit what side of the frontera your from. I better run!
I decided my best bet is south and east due to the huge Mexican population there that I could both warn and blend into, (Sorry Jim and SV VBS out in the SF Valley I know theres a million Mexicans there and I hope youse vatos make it, also props to SGV, OC, “OC half breed” your only half safe!, and all the other areas where there are millions of Mexicans,) I have to go where I’ll do the most good.
So off I go running down No. Figueroa like one those Tarahumara Indio’s who run for days and hundreds of miles in there huaraches, drinking nothing but beer, and maybe smoking a little Mota, tu sabes for the trip.
As I was running down Fig. I started to sing to warn the raza , (since I didn’t have a bell like Paul Revere), as loud as I could and in a high falsetto, “If I had a hammmer if I had a bell, I’d ring out a warrning, all over this world, I’d ring out for justice, I’d ring out for freedom”, just then a bunch of little vato loco’s at the Highland Park Playground started throwing rocks and shit at me and yelling “shut the fuck up you crazy motherfucker!!
After passing these ungrateful little Chicano Falso’s and checking my head for lumps, I continued running and yelling and then turned on Ave 19 to No. Broadway, Lincoln Hts, my old neighborhood, my chancla’s were smoking but feeling good yelling “Ai viene la migra” run for your lives!! Nothing but curious stares and shaking heads from all the raza there just going about their business. Hmmm!
Running along the side of the LA River and the old railroad yards, Elysian Park on the other side, there at No. Broadway the “Downey Playground” where I became a gangster from East Side Clover when I was 12 years old, proud that day like a high school graduation even though I ended up with a bloody nose, a shiner, and took six stiches over my eyebrow from the bottom of a “Florsheim”. The old neighborhood, close to where LA began as a small Mexican Pueblo, the familiar smells of the concrete, toads and pidgeons, moss, the railroad tracks, and the smell of rotting fruit from the alleys,.
, so I continued up No Broadway yelling out a warning but the Mexicans there hardly paid attention, past Lincoln High School, yea the first of the 60’s schools to walk out on the shitty and prejudiced education given to Chicanos in those days. And that’s where I first laid eyes on my “Querida “ 15 years old, with those dimples on that pretty brown face, and the rosey cheeks, shy beautiful smile. She’s still beautiful to me all these years later and I’m lucky to see her pretty face every morning when I wake up.
I run faster up No. Broadway as too many ghosts are chasing my ass in Lincoln Hts.

Up Over the hill to Soto St. yelling out the warning “the migra is coming” and all the Mexicans just going about the business of living, nobody listening to me! Past Hazard Park, down Soto St past Wabash St. past Brooklyn Ave (oops Cesar Chavez) past 4th St. then a left on Whittier Blvd, nothing but Mexicans everywhere, yelling at the top of my lungs “the migra , corre corre!
Blank stares and shaking of heads from the masses of Mexicans who just keep working.

As I ran past “Calvary Cemetery “ I started to wax nostalgic thinking about all my relatives and friends whose bones reside there. My Grandmother, who was the matriarch of the family and like a mother to me, she came out to LA as a young girl and then became a widow with two young kids in the middle of the Depression, never let them down, raising them and other orphaned cousins, they never felt poor even though they were. There was no welfare in those days.
My Grandfather, who came to LA like a lot of Mexicans still do. He had a lot of dreams and aspirations for a better life but was killed in a car wreck near McArthur Park, 31 years old.
My great Grandmother, I still remember her, dedicated to her family, illiterate, never spoke a word of English except ‘Songanabichi”! Her mother was born in Mexico but what became New Mexico Territory. Her tombstone inside Calvary reads “Querida Madre y Abuela”, glad she’s dead and in peace or “la migra” would be chasing her ass down too!

I was striding now, but none of the raza listened to my warnings, “the migra’s coming pendejos!” More bemused looks of wonder at me in my smoking huaraches and dirty hat running down Whittier Blvd and singing the song heard at a million East LA wedding party’s, “Pasaran mas que mil anos, y muchos mas, Sabor a Mi”, hiiijole dancing slow and close, with a beautiful Chicana! Running past Kern St where I met a long ago lover at a house party. Teenage crush! Dancing like one in the dark, “Jesse Belvin” singing “now I’m not king on a throne ohohoho, no treasures do I own own, Beware I’m out to get you, you better beware” I thought I heard someone behind me, could it be the migra!
No it was just the Sheriffs out looking for gangsters, they looked at me but kept rolling down Whittier Blvd. (glad they didn’t run a check on me, it might of got ugly!),
At the corner of Whittier and Atlantic I had a decision to make. Do I continue east on Whittier to warn the raza in Montebello, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Whittier, Norwalk, La Mirada, Artesia, Hawaiian Gardens, Shit load of Mexicans needed warning.

No, I decided to turn south on Atlantic and warn the Raza in Bandini, Cudahy, Bell, Maywood, Bell Gardens, South Gate, Huntington Park, Lynwood, Long Beach, ect;
So off I go picking up speed down Atlantic slapping the sidewalk and keeping time gritandole !! the migra is coming, hide your culo’s de voladas”, Nada, from none of the Mexicans, just smiles and looks of curiosity.
As I was running down through South Gate my huaraches had a blowout so I stopped to fix them, a couple of Chicano’s who were working in a tire shop (llanteria S A LOCO) invited me to share a cahuama (40 oz) with them and smoke a little yerba for the road.
Typical raza in that besides sharing what little they had they offered to retread my huaraches! I thanked them and they asked me what my viaje (trip) was about, so I told them that I had been warned the migra was out to get us by a “very reliable source” on “Wally’s In The Hat blog”,which all the raza reads religiously.
The vato’s just laughed like hell and told me “no te preoccupies mano” la migra or the jura don’t mess with us serio! It’s just publicity and show, there’s way too many of us now and we do all the work and support all the hueros with our labor and taxes. Fuck em, now head on home, calmado ese!
I still didn’t feel safe so I thanked them and headed off across Firestone Blvd, to Pacific and up through Lynwood and into Huntington Park. My voice was thrashed by now so I couldn’t yell much, but I started to feel safe with the raza all around me in the millions, I knew all about the LA gang problems and sure enough I saw lots of Cholito’s and Lowriders but I never got messed with, guess I didn’t fit the profile. Only respectful and hard working families all hustling and scuffling making a living in LA.
Hmmm I started to feel downright Mexican! Fuck the migra! They can take me to Mexico if they want, I’ll be surrounded by Mexicans there too!
I, feeling muy Mexicano, starting singing the old Mexicano song “Cancion Mixteca” a paean to Mexico sung by a homesick Mexicano,
“O tierra del sol, que lejos estoy de suelo donde nacido,
quisiera llorar, quisiera morir de sentimiento!!
Running again up to Soto St. then seeing the downtown skyscrapers, smelling the smells and seeing the familiar streets, the same distinct noises in LA, across to Mission Rd. back into Lincoln Hts, the familiar houses where long ago friends and relatives lived, I caught the Gold Line train back up through Highland Park and home.
I had a moment of clarity, I’m a Mexican but I’m as American as 4th of July too, this is my home and home to Mexicans since before the Pilgrims, I’m not from the country of Mexico I’m from LA so fuck “la migra” and any other rascists that want some.
We are here to stay! Viva la Raza, Viva la Huelga, wait till May 1st , Viva Los Obreros de todo mundo!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

...fuck your figures...them fools in Baghdad bang way harder than you lazy tecatos in LA...They even do it without having to be high on paint or chiva

Anonymous said...

Orale pinché Dón Q, sounds like you got ahold of some of that chronic that the chavalonés be smoking (ay te llevo con un toque) it reminds me of a few times when I ran around like that, but it was PCP and I was butt-naked.

On another note, not only did the placas kill that bato from Hazard, but a few days later the homies from Hazard were having a carwash/junta for their fallen homeboy when some batos from another hood came down and lit them up and took out another Hazard homie.

"Lizarraga in her own way also claimed Hazard as a gang intervention and drug rehab worker. She too allegedly consulted with Olmos on the film"

Allegedly?? c'mon now the lady had a part in the movie.

Anonymous said...

...fuck your figures...them fools in Baghdad ?????

don quixote said...

Thanks GJ I have been accused of smoking "PCP" while on my journey through the east side, but no I can't blame it on PCP, I like you had a couple bad experiences with that awful shit years ago and will never touch it again!
Besides when I get high I like it mellow! Can I get a witness?

White Is Right said...

Don Q

I'm sorry I can't give you an educated response...but for some reason Wally will not post my comments unless I play nice.Unfortunatly you and O.C Half can talk all the smack you want and Wally will post it.
My last comment to you was elligantly worded with no profanity, I did not disrespect you either but Wally still won't post my comments, so I give up say what you will.

don quixote said...

"White is right",
Why don't you take the hint from Wally and be respectful and try to gain something from all the Wallista's? Nobody says you have to agree with everything everyone has to say, but I think Wally's been down that road before with bloggers who just post up shit trying to stir the pot with no argument or valid opinion, just bs.
I'm not speaking for Wally as he's the Majordomo here but I think he's looking for varied opinions and ideas put forward by respectful people who sometimes agree to disagree and not be insulting and arrogant.
Try it sometime maybe it'll feel good.


ex-Hollywood Liberal said...
LA City has 40,000 gang members and 4.3 million residents.
Iraq has 200,000 insurgents and 26 million residents. Iraq's
insurgency citizen/insurgent ratio is 800/1 - LA's ration is
103/1. LA's insurgency is eight times as bad, the difference
being that our gangs don't have SAM's or explosives, YET.

the number of casualties in irak and third world countries is like the double of what cnn and cbs says + the number of murders that the media portraits about L.A. gang warfare probably are exact numbers since U.S.A. is one of the few countries that has organizations demanding and publishing exact numbers
without being threatened with inminent death if they do their job

but if you are an angelino that glorifies crime you can be proud that your city produces hearthless criminals possessing a military attitude that could get noticed when they walk through a crowd in the other extreme of the planet

White Is Right said...

Don Q said...

I'm not speaking for Wally as he's the Majordomo here but I think he's looking for varied opinions and ideas put forward by respectful people who sometimes agree to disagree and not be insulting and arrogant.
Try it sometime maybe it'll feel good.

Don Q ,

you obviosly didn't read the last comment by me that you responded to. I said my response to you DIDN'T involve any profanity or disrespect, and still didn't get posted.But you are a very comical guy.You state that Wally is looking for input from respectful people who are not arrogant or insulting.So where do you fit in?You disrespect anyone on this blog that isn't a Mexican from L.A.
You don't even like your own race up North, or Blacks or Whites.I don't think you like anybody who isn't Don Q.
Is this O.K Wally ?

Anonymous said...


Are the troops gangbanging? no one is calling the troops fools, were talking about shiites and sunnis...damn why do i bother with these pendejos too dumb to have convo with.

Don Culo:
Be a man ese, weren't you the culo always going on about trouser trouts and shit, now your asking for respect on the blog? when you start acting your age, maybe you'll get some. until then you have to settle for fear from the mensos who believe all your war stories.

Anonymous said...

Still no one has responded to the main charge that there is a greenlight on blacks in the areas that the Mexican Mafia control in Southern California. Not just enemies who happen to be black but black civilians too? I still think that it is a trumped up charge to get a new "CRASH" back up and running. There are problems, yes...but does it rise to the level of "ethnic cleansing"?