Friday, March 02, 2007

Jill Leovy, the LA Times crime reporter and homicide blogger, made what has to be one of the oddest observations I've ever read in our hometown paper of record. Her claim is that racial animosity is not driving the homicide rate up to any significant degree. Leovy made a calculation based on homicides in four LAPD Divisions - Shootin' Newton, Southwest, Southeast and 77th. The murders in those Divisions totaled 236. Of that number "just 22" were between Blacks and Latinos as either shooter or victim. That represents roughly 10% of the total. The other 90% involved shooters and victims of the same race or ethnic group. In her opinion, that small percentage really doesn't amount to a huge problem.

While no one would want to accuse the LA Times of cherry picking facts, a more accurate barometer would have included not only other LAPD Divisions such as Northeast, West Valley and Mission but also other towns in the greater LA area like Pomona, Colton, San Bernardino, and Riverside. An even finer tuning of the data would also include not just homicides, but hundreds of assaults, intimidation and what the Penal Code calls terrorist threats. A close look at the court documents in the Avenues Federal trial would reveal that there were dozens of assaults and/or threats against Blacks in Northeast but they only resulted in two homicides -- Wilson and Bowser. There was a third homicide, that of Anthony Prudhomme, but that one is still hanging and waiting for more evidence to be developed.

The attitude of the Times on this hometown issue stands in stark contrast to its attitude during the James Byrd truck dragging death in Jasper, Texas. The Times ran a handful of stories on the Northeast killings, but only after the Federal filing. The original homicides and the Superior Court cases that ensued were almost totally ignored by the Times. It only became a story when the US Attorney entered the scene.

Compare this to the 56 stories that the Times ran on the Jame Byrd homicide. The paper covered the initial homicide, the investigation, the trial and then the verdicts. That coverage was fleshed out by a number of Op-Eds and columns. Those 56 stories in the Wally files don't include the articles that ran in the Times calling for more hate crime laws in the wake of the Byrd homicide and the issue that it became in the 2000 presidential election. If those were included, the stories would run into at least 100. In re-reading some of those pieces that ran in the Times, I never came across one that said the Byrd homicide was "marginal" as Leovy states of the LA homicides. Statistically, of course, the Byrd case was far more marginal than the LA race killings. That was an isolated murder committed out of personal racial animosity, not part of a pattern of assault and intimidation sponsored and mandated by an organized criminal enterprise. Once Byrd's killers went away, they didn't have a group of associates to continue their work.

Strange are the ways of the Times. In the case of James Byrd, one racial homicide is apparently one too many. In the case of the LA race homicides, 22 is apparently not enough.


Anonymous said...

I will post an article already posted before which may shed more light about why we have all have a different attitude when the new "KKK" are minorities.

Poverty is a poor excuse for violence

Before the victories of the civil rights movement, the murders of black people during the most intense redneck reigns throughout the South were committed by those once called "poor white trash." These were the people who became homicidally enraged at the idea of a black man acting as if he was a free person.
What is now so appalling is that while the street gangs that presently terrorize black communities across the nation do so with astonishing levels of murder and mayhem, they are so often defined by supposedly empathetic liberals as victims of race and class.

No such glib hogwash was spewed when the murderers were white and the resultant corpses were black. No one ever explained that the lower-class rednecks who were presenting themselves under peaked sheets while burning crosses, setting homes afire, bombing homes, offices and churches or murdering and mutilating their black victims, did so because they were feeling inferior to the white upper class of the South.

When the killers were white, the issues were justice and injustice, not social status or income. If there were actual justice, as we often heard during those violent Southern years of the civil rights movement, the killers would be punished for their crimes and black people would be able to walk the streets with the safety that should be the right of every citizen of this country.

But when the street gangs emerged with unprecedented fury 30 years ago in Los Angeles, we began to see something quite unusual. The opinions of those who had been so ice cold when it came to Southern racists either became quiet or looked for ways of explaining away the corpse after corpse after corpse left perforated by shotgun blasts and automatic weapons. Some were gang bangers, some were innocent bystanders, some were children caught in the crossfire.

In my travels to many cities during the past 30 years, I have noticed a distinct difference between the perception of these knuckleheads by those within striking distance of their anarchist wrath and those who live far from the mean streets on which so much violence takes place. Those oppressed by crime do not have the kind of inordinate sympathy for these killers that the bleeding hearts do. They want them controlled, incarcerated or removed from the world.

Is that because lower-class black people do not understand the nuances of racism and cannot comprehend the overwhelming power of the self-hatred that drives these young men who only want comradeship and the feeling of importance? Even if they must get that feeling of importance by terrorizing their communities?

But that is not the problem. Lower-class black people may not know statistics, but they do know that the overwhelming majority of black people who are not economically fortunate do not murder, rape and brutalize other people.

The monsters among us are always a decided minority, even within a minority, somewhere just above 1%. That is the hardest and most enduring fact, but the one that those who put all blame at the feet of "the system" never want to hear. They prefer to think of black people and Hispanics as wind-up toys who can make no decisions of their own.

That is part of the burden and the tragedy of our time

StillNoScript said...

Wally wrote: "Her claim is that racial animosity is not driving the homicide rate up to any significant degree."

Wally then writes:

"That (the James Byrd murder) was an isolated murder committed out of personal racial animosity, not part of a pattern of assault and intimidation sponsored and mandated by an organized criminal enterprise."

While attempting to indict the L.A. Times, you make their case in the same breath. Oops.

The Mexican Mafia, as Tijuana Jailer pointed out probably a 100 or so times, was never a racist organization that hated Blacks because they were Black. They were threatened by the possibility of Blacks controlling their drug trade.

While there has always been animosity between Blacks and Mexicans in L.A., as both groups likely needed someone to hate after getting their asses kicked on a regular basis by Whites in the LAPD, the murders between Blacks and Latinos didn't start until almost a decade ago.

Why wouldn't there be as much animosity between Blacks and Browns in the late '80s, when gang related murders were going through the roof? It sure as hell wasn't because the police had control.

How many trips did those Lawless Avenues take to Compton in the late '80s to exterminate products of what N called the 'mayate experiment'?

Never mind the mountains of documentation by both gang experts and bangers themselves that Black and Mexican gangs south of the 10 freeway, from the Jungles to Long Beach, co-existed in the same respective turfs with little animosity, until The Mexican Mafia came forth with other ideas in the early '90s.

Kudos to the LA Times for focusing on the big picture, and not presenting this problem as a Black vs. Brown war, as some of the smaller southland rags are doing to make a name for themselves and increase circulation, which is not only unethical from a journalistic standpoint due to it leaving out so much more significant events that are likely more the cause of this violence, but is also certain to incite more animosity between Black and Brown.

Let's bust the people who are bringing the drugs into this country, Wally, so we can use the tax dollars being spent to enforce the drug laws, on the lowest levels, toward education and job training, where we can then get rid of half of the police forces in respective American cities because they'll have living wage opportunities in the private sector, suited for unskilled, spoiled, middle class brats with a grudge against minorities.

StillNoScript said...

Stanley GROUCH writes:

"they are so often defined by supposedly empathetic liberals as victims of race and class."

No, Stanley, this is how they are defined by Blacks, as well. Show me a poll where the majority of Blacks, in the ghetto, don't believe that race and class have more to do with what gangs have become then Black people just being bad.

If Stanley can speak for poor Blacks today, he should at least listen to them.

Stanley, Larry Elder, and Bill Cosby continue their nationwide tour; Pleasing one closet bigoted white audience at a time.

Anonymous said...

SNS said..."
Let's bust the people who are bringing the drugs into this country"

SNS I thought you were going to Cudahy to have some carnitas and a Tecate with the mexican drug importers. Now you want to bust them, you better hope your new mexican friends do not read this. Or you might be wearing a columbian neck tie after enjoying your Tecate.

By the way do you watch Oliver North on the cable news channels?

I was talking to a few young gang-wanna bees 15-17 yr. old. We got on the subject of blacks. I am always amazed how these pendejos believe everything the older homies tell them. Now blacks are the newest enemies just because the older homies told them sold. Of course they do not know shit about the history of blacks and latinos in Los Angeles. Some were recent immigrants from Honduras and Mexico and know even less about the different races in the U.S.

It seems these young pendejos are brain-washed or something, I am always amazed how young men will play follow the leader so well. This is something I really want to understand. I don’t remember being this stupid when I was there age, I was able to form my own thoughts and opinions.

So I asked them why they hate norte-putos so much. I asked them how, “can you hate something or someone you know nothing about”. It was pretty funny watching the expressions on their face. The only thing they could come up with that the norte-putos did not respect them.

Some did not even know where the norte-putos were from. I guess they could not figure out Norte referred to north California.

Anonymous said...

SNS said:

"While attempting to indict the L.A. Times, you make their case in the same breath. Oops."

Hey SNS, I think you do have a script. You're reading off the liberal script. I don't see where Wally made the LA Slimes' case, you see everything thru your liberal/democrat prism. Wally is right, the racial animosity between Latinos and blacks in Los Angeles is much more serious than that of the Byrd killing. The Byrd killing was an isolated and individual act of racial hatred, but the killing in Los Angeles contitnues. Get real, get off your liberal script...

Anonymous said...

I watched the HBO special "Bastards of the Party", directed by former gang member Cle "Bone" Sloan. And it was pretty good history of LAPD and black relations from the past. I thought it was funny that a middle aged white guy was a main source of the story.

But even after all of that history and reasons for gangs and drugs in south central Cle "Bone" Sloan had a few profound words at the end.

He said not to expect the politicians, police or anybody from the outside to stop all the gang violence today.

He said it needs to start with gang members themselves by not giving their kids gang names and NOT teaching their kids all the hatred from the past and carrying it on to the future, and that blacks need to think of each other as brothers and not a nig*** from another gang. Because when you view someone else as a nig*** or less than a human it is easy to kill them.

Anonymous said...

You are right SNS, there wasn't that much animosity before. But the war inside has been going on for along while now and has now spilled to the streets. It's bad but not as bad as it can get if gangs really wanted to kick it off. Gangsters aren't as stupid as many here paint them to be. A racial war between gangs serves no purpose. Barrios that do not share borders or turf with black gangs have no reason to involve themselves in inter-racial conflict.

Reports that sensationalize these battles will only end up inflaming passions on both sides. And that could eventually lead to a war that no one wants.

Anonymous said...

The L.A. riots were the catalyst for a lot of the racial animosities we see today between black and brown in southern calfornia. That is my personal opinion.

Why is it that such things were not common in the 80's and before as pointed out above? I am not saying these things did not happen then, or that racial tensions never existed, but nowhere near the level now.

According to one newspaper article I read a long time ago, they interviewed some higher up in the EME. He was saying that the EME was particularly incensed that black gangsters were being shown on t.v. viciously assaulting innocent latino civilians. Latinos were being dragged from bus stops, beaten, and stripped of their clothes. The worst offenders were the 8 trey I believe. Here was this world stage were both black and brown could show everyone the fury of police brutality and negligence in their ghettos. Yet instead of a show of unity in the streets to protest the verdict of the four police officers, black gangsters were beating latinos.

Fueling that smouldering resentment and by the veteranos, right after the riots the world news media fixated on the peace treaty between bloods and crips. There has always been some form of jealousy on the part of the veteranos that the black gangs were the ones always getting attention in the news media, as if they were the only powerful gang force in L.A. The beating of latinos, the lack of attention paid to latino gangs, these things were the catalysts.

Little wonder then that a scant year after the riots, in 1993 the EME decided to consolidate all southern california latino gangs and power, and take over the drug trade from black gangs. Who can forget that meeting in elysian park, an obvious show of force and intimidation, and ominous beginning signs of what has been happening today.

All these hate crimes have been happening post L.A. riots.

Anonymous said...

SV VBS said.........
"Reports that sensationalize these battles will only end up inflaming passions on both sides. And that could eventually lead to a war that no one wants."

I think the LAPD have wanted to see gang wars for a long time. The LAPD wants gang violence between black and Latinos. That way they can ask for more money and more police. They want an excuse to return to the days of Chief Parker and Chief Gates when the police were the thugs. The LAPD is just waiting to return LA into a police state and do some Mexican cultural and black cultural genocide.

Remember when Mayor V was an ACLU attorney, and now he is friends with Chief Bratton and also wants to hire more police. Now Chief Bratton and Mayor V are also involved in the conspiracy. You know just about everybody in the barrios and ghettos of Los Angeles are against hiring more police. All you have to do is ask anybody in Los Angels, we all want to give love and jobs to our gang members we do not to put one more gang member in jail. What we need in Los Angeles is a massive trillion dollar “hug a thug” program.

Politicians like Rocky D also want to see gang wars so he can hire more prosecutors and get a bigger department of prosecutors and earn a bigger salary. Have you noticed how Rocky D always has very expensive suits during his press conferences? He also wants to run for state district attorney after he builds up a large prosecutor’s office in LA. The judges in Los Angeles are also involved in this conspiracy and also want gang wars. The want to make sure they have plenty of jobs for themselves and cronies lawyers. When the judges get tired of working on the bench they go to work for the sneaky lawyers of large corporate law firms.

Sheriff Baca also wants more gang wars and put more gang members in jail so he can ask for more sheriff deputies and jail money. The CDC and corrections officers union also want more gang members in jail and bigger pay checks. The private jail corporations are also involved in this conspiracy of locking up gang members.

And after the city of Los Angeles is like a police state and thousands of gang members are in jail. The large construction corporations (Halliburton) will move into Los Angels and start the process of gentrification by building new houses which only white people will want to buy. Remember the Manifest destiny of the white 1890s. Halliburton will build stucco tract homes in earth tone colors without bars on the windows which we all know no Mexican or black will want to own. They well get rid of those bright colored Mercados with bars on the window and will build giant Wal-Mart super-centers everywhere. The Mexicans and blacks will not be able to buy their favorite food and beverages, furthering the cultural genocide of minorities.

The only thing I have not figured out is once the gentrification and cultural genocide process is complete and mostly honest hard working rich Anglos live in Los Angeles what are the police, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, sheriffs going to be doing.

The Other SNS

Anonymous said...

SV VBS said…………
“Gangsters aren't as stupid as many here paint them to be. A racial war between gangs serves no purpose.”

Well I am confused some people here like Don Culo tell me that the poor kids in LA have the worst schools and get the worst education in the country. Now others are telling they are smart and will not fight among each other because it will serve no purpose. And Wally tells me they ARE killing each other on the streets of L.A. But the Los Angeles times tells me they are not really killing each other and all is peaceful among them. I am so confused, I read about murders between the races in the same Los Angeles homicide report blog that also tells me it does not really happen.

Was the Avenues gang killing and intimidation of blacks another lie by the LAPD in order to lock up more innocent gang members? Were the shooting and intimidation of blacks by 204th st gang but yet another LAPD lie and the Cheryl Green murder only a rare aberration?

If gang members are so smart why did Vineland Boys (VBS) kill a 16year old girl who was not really an informant? If gang members are so smart why aren’t they all in college?

But wait again, gang members run drug trafficking businesses that import and distribute millions of dollars of drugs. Convicted gang members know how to use the court of appeals better that just about anyone. And gang members can corrupt small town politics like Cudahy.

Really Confused

Anonymous said...

Region: Northeast SLO: Al Polehonki Start_Date: 9/17/2006 End_Date: 10/14/2006

Assaults: 3 Robberies: 5 Homicides: 0 Sex_Crimes: 1 Burglaries: 8 Car_Burglaries: 15 GTA: 15

Narrative: Focus Area: On the evening of October 7th, 2006 40vehicles in the Silver Lake and Franklin Hills areas had their windows smashed. The suspects are velieved to be several make and female suspects driving a maroon van. The male suspects are described as having shaved heads. Total vehicle damage was estimated at $18,900.00 Any information can be forwarded to Northeast Detectives Hinton or Tagle at (213)847 4264. The following are year to date statistics for Northeast Division: Violent Crime is down 12% Property Crime is down 16% SIGNIFICANT ARREST: On September 10th, 2006 at approximately 7:00 p.m. Officers Mcdowell serial number 26746 and Lapinsky serial number 37588 were working in uniform and assigned to Northeast Patrol. The officers responded to a radio call of "Burglary Suspect There Now" on Gilroy Street. Upon their arrival they observed a male that matched the description climbing over a metal fence. The officers detained the ale and met with the business owner who said that he went outside after hearing loud banging noises. At that point he observed that the front metal gate had baan bent open and that the suspect was now on his property. The suspect was arrested for 664/459 of the California Penal Code, Attempt Burglary. The officers are commended for their observation skills and attention to duty. For additional statistical information and up coming events please check the official web site of the Los Angeles Police Department at

Anonymous said...

Mother: border policy to blame for son's death
Article Last Updated: 03/02/2007 10:40:31 PM PST

POMONA - Shortly after her son's killer pleaded guilty Friday to his cold-blooded murder, the mother of sheriff's Deputy David March denounced the U.S. government's failure to control the nation's borders.

"And I think our politicians in Washington should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this country to come to a situation where these killers are able to come in and ruin the lives of Americans.

"And it's happening every day ... The real people that were accountable for this crime live in the White House. And I'm really sorry to say that."

Barbara March spoke out after Jorge Arroyo Garcia, 30, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the April 29, 2002, slaying. Two counts of attempted murder were dismissed in a plea deal with prosecutors, and he was immediately sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Garcia - a gang member and career criminal - had been deported to Mexico four times before he shot March at point-blank range during a traffic stop alongside a freeway in Irwindale. He fled to his native country and was extradited back to the United States only after a protracted legal battle.

Tired of being anonymous said...

Now readings this blog I have read mostly bullshit from a supposed Veterano from a no name hood, a white boy/Mexican that spend a little jail time, a supposed gangster from some weak ass neighborhood in punk ass sun valley, and an annoying little white boy from Northern California or nor cal as you white boys call it. I’m a Mexican that lives in Compton, and I mean MEXICAN because that word chicano is word I think is used to separate us, so fuck that word, it should of died with the 70s. My mom is from Tierra Calient Michoacan, my dad is from Tierra Caliente, Guerrero. If you don’t know what that means then you probably won’t get this.

Now in all honestly the great majority Mexicans despise cholos, I mean truly hate them. Why you may ask? Because most REAL Mexicans REAL Raza, not watered down chicanos, think of those cholos as low life, good for nothing, and useless humans that do nothing but embarrass and bring a bad name to the Raza. Right or wrong that is what most Mexicans think of cholos, which is why they are called cholos. AND YOU SOCALLED CHOLOS IN THIS BLOG KNOW THAT IS TRUE. So don’t try and fool this Los Angeles native ass Mexican that it is not. The idea of it being the fault of the government does not cross the mind of any of these REAL Mexicans, and if it did they would see it for what it is, BULLSHIT. As you should know real Mexicans that know what having a truly fucked government is, and can’t seem to understand why a child born in this country can turn out to be such a fuck up, and I just know you heard Mexicans say that before, that is of course if guys really are Mexi.. ops I mean chicanos.

When the Rampart scandal hit and CRASH went to shit, what did the law abiding in Rampart think? They wanted CRASH back, they were very upset that the city got rid of the group in the first plade. Why is that? Because the cops were not bothering anyone that was not a gang members. You know cops that like the ones at CRASH, or the ones that work the real hardcore neighborhoods like my Compton and South Central, those cops won’t even waste their fucking time arresting people if they find a little bit of drugs on you. Shit I have ridden around with no license, no insurance, no registration, and about a dime of weed got pulled over, got my car searched. Since they didn’t find any weapons they let me go on my marry way, with the homies weed. Now that they know I’m not from a gang they don’t bother me at all. Hell I don’t know anyone in Compton that got even a ticket for having a personal supply of weed, unless they gang members or on parole.

So no SNS the police tactics used in the real ghettos of Compton, Watts, South Central, and surrounding areas are far from fascist. In fact having all those gangs around here cops pretty much ignore all petty shit like drug possession. Unless of course you are gang member, which of course the cops will use those drugs to “keep you off the streets for a day”. With the cops almost exclusively concentrated on cops they pretty much leave everybody else alone. Which makes your square ass law abiding citizen happy and pot heads happy.

BUT LET ME MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR TO CRY BABY CHOLOS. Most people like that fact the police are giving cholos a hard time period, ESPECIALLY THE MEXICANS. Somebody dare to tell me different? You cry baby ass cholos know this. I know you can try and bullshit your why out of known simple fact to out of towners, but not his native of Los Angeles.

Oh an just a little surprise to you all. I don’t dislike gang members. I was giving you guys some truth to make up all the bullshit. Me growing up in Compton I have friends who are gangs members and they fucking know most people don’t like them. They know your average citizen want cops to police them more. Even though in reality they only kill and victimize each other for the most part. The era that gang members were in to robbing and abusing civilians where the late 70s early 90s, in Compton anyways. But at least they understand that is part of being a gangster. Which is why I really questions the credibility of some of these clowns in this blogs. The only time I have heard gangster cry about is this blog, that is what causes me to think that this blog is full of wanna bes.

ANYBODY THAT LIVES IN LOS ANGELES KNOWS WHAT I AM SAYING IS TRUE. I mean the real Los Angeles, mot that little areas in the hills those white people hide in.

Anonymous said...

You're the only wanna-be round here, ese.........You come with all this down vato shit, and end your comment with how the era of gangs picking on cicilians is mostly over, that cholos only kill cholos? Bullshit, just like your tired-assed rants...

Anonymous said...

A stupid cholo said...
"You're the only wanna-be round here, ese.........You come with all this down vato shit, and end your comment with how the era of gangs picking on cicilians is mostly over, that cholos only kill cholos? Bullshit, just like your tired-assed rants... "

How come when stupid cholos like Don Q. who also posts as big betty, Marty with the wet pantalones and on and on and keeps repeating the same tired shit they are not considered rants. That estupido has been repeating the same bullshit for months and those are really tired-assed rants...

But now when a few mexicans and whites come on here to criticize you stupid cholos, now our posts are considered rants.

This gabacho was curious what "cholo" meant so I looked it up on the internet

The word CHOLO is a mixed breed DOG, one of a very bad look

Cholos (término usado para definir "vida baja" utilizado por la juventud de los barrios Chicanos para describir el estilo o la gente asociada con apariencia de las pandillas locales).

From the Gabacho
Who also hates cholos just like the REAL Mexicans. Que Viva the REAL Mexicans.

don quixote said...

Good post Wally but I think, based on personal experience growing up in LA, that a lot of the racial animosity we now see between the Black and Mexican Americans is not new or unique to LA.
Throughout the history of this country you have had rivalries and animosity between the ethnic groups who represent the lower working classes of urban areas.
The Irish against the Italians, the Italians against the Puerto Ricans and Blacks, the rednecks against the Blacks, or Mexicans, and on and on.
The Chicano vs Black pedo in LA is just another in the latest power struggle battles by the urban dwellers. Only now it's deadlier because of the existence of large organized gangs who have access to a lot of firepower.
Until the "powers that be" decide to spend some money and get serious about the growing influence of gangs it will be more of the same only deadlier and more widespread.
Gee nice to hear that a new high school was finally built on the Eastside, what was it, 70 years since the last high school was constructed? In the meantime we had billions spent on Jails and prison construction, and new police stations.
Yea society's priority's are right there for all to see clearly, but we have the "apologist's" and lackey's to explain to us the confusing rationale behind these "priority's".
As the "token Mexican" or Anonymous, or White is Right or the other "mouthpieces" of the right wing power structure will tell us, "it's our own fault we are in this mess, the cholo parents are to blame for all the gangs cause it's a hereditary condition and has nothing to do with poverty, shitty educational systems, and a penal system starving for more chow to feed it's huge and growing systemic prison industrial complex.
I was in El Paso recently and read in the El Paso Times that a Black Guy at a house party went off and snatched up a young 19 year old Chicano who had the nerve to blow cigarette smoke in his direction. The Mayate stabbed the youngster a number of times and then stood behind him and cut his throat from ear to ear while yelling "Crips Thug life!"
The dude was arrested later but the El Paso Times is saying that the racial pedo is going off there too.
It will probably get uglier before anything except the old "lock em up" proponents will admit there might be something more than that Mexicans vs Blacks and gangs are responsible.
PS hey "tired of being anon" "token Mexican", I only post up as don quixote so put down the Prozac.

Anonymous said...

"He said not to expect the politicians, police or anybody from the outside to stop all the gang violence today.

He said it needs to start with gang members themselves by not giving their kids gang names and NOT teaching their kids all the hatred from the past and carrying it on to the future, and that blacks need to think of each other as brothers and not a nig*** from another gang. Because when you view someone else as a nig*** or less than a human it is easy to kill them."

Sloan is absolutely right, the gang culture is just an extension of our own culture of ignorance as Mexicans and blacks. If only some of the people on this blog would understand this little fact, rather than blame their shortcomings on our capitalist system. Our system is not perfect, I agree, but it hasn't turned me into an ignorant gang member. How 'bout you???

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gabacho, your anger seems to cloud your judgment. You defend a guy who says that he rides around in his car with a dime bag of weed, no license and insurance. But come down on a guy like DQ who has only stated facts that can help keep our youth away from the gang life that he has lived. Who has it backwards here?

Look carnal, you may not agree with our take on politics but our interest in keeping kids out of gangs is probably stronger than yours. We have been through that madness and we have all made it clear that we don't want anymore of OUR RAZA to involve themselves in gangs. You have never come up with any kind of statement or idea that will help. All you do is criticize. You don't care if it's a youngster that can still be pulled away from the madness, you will still criticize him. Come to think of it you only see cholos as equal to you when they are dead. Take that young girl who's death you constantly throw at me. She would have been criticized by you for being a cholita if you had met her in life. Same could be said about those two other guys that were killed, they were cholos too you know. So get off your self-righteous pedestal and try to help out and not divide.

Anonymous said...

L.A. long ignored Harbor Gateway. Now a Latino gang calls the shots.

Excellent article by Sam Quinones about Harbor Gateway’s history and how 204th street gang has had black residents living in their fear for many years. And the article does a good job of looking at the intimidation and killings by the new KKK against blacks in the area. Not every LA reporter shares the same opinion about racial violence by gangs.,0,5714315.story?page=1&coll=la-home-local

By Sam Quinones, Times Staff Writer
March 4, 2007

Since the 14-year-old was shot to death in December in the forgotten strip of Los Angeles known as Harbor Gateway, she has become a symbol of the region's gang and racial strife.

Yet long before the mayor, police chief and FBI director showed up to decry the violence, the tiny neighborhood lived with it.

For more than a decade, many say, the neighborhood Latino gang — called 204th Street — had been attacking blacks. African Americans had taken to warily surveying their streets for Latinos, and few dared go north of 206th Street, which the gang had set as a boundary for blacks. ...........................................................................................................

Anonymous said...

The L.A. Times has an interesting article today, it pretty much tells it like it is, that the Mexican Mafia is orchestrating these racial attacks:,0,5714315.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Anonymous said...

That Don Q. talks so much bullshit I feel compelled to correct that estupido.

El Don Pendejo said ……………illustrious "token mexican" spokesman, who brings tears to our old eye's with his thrilling stories of yester-year and the self made, no help from Tio Sam, story of success beginning in Mexico (very poor of course!) on to Texas and LAPD or some other LE related jale. Gee whiz what a unique history. Why is it that so many Texas Mexicans (except for El Paso and San Antonio) have the same old "line? "I did it why can't you?" They did it, usually using the Gov't and other public resources, public schools, playgrounds, library's, hospitals, etc; etc;, then almost always joining the military and really getting the "I wanna be a gringo" brainwash treatment, then looking for a gringa wife, (or a Chicana who dies her hair blonde, then joining some police dept. or other gov't jale,(Socialism in denial!) and then boasting about how tough they had it, how they made it by themselves, and why can't the rest of you dumb Mexicans do it on your own!

This typical Mexican said……………….
I never said I was a spokesman for the Mexicans you are the one who claims to be the spokesman for any cholo who fucked up his life and blames it on everybody else. Most Mexicans who come here to the U.S. are very poor. Why do you think they come here? A rich Mexican is not going to come here as a mojado, no seas tan pendejo. I am from San Antonio, if you were from San Antonio, Texas in the 60’s you would know we did not many playgrounds so we played along the banks of the San Antonio River and in empty fields. Texas did not have a welfare system like California so we ate our burritos in school we brought from home (no free school lunch). And no food stamps either. I never saw a hospital in the time I lived in Texas and much less in Mexico. I was born at home and not in a hospital as were many Mexicans. And I did not join the military either. My wife and kids are Mexican with dark black hair, well my hair is mostly gray now. So as usual you are wrong on all counts and are full of bull-shit.

El Don Pendejo said ……………
Mr. Police Spokesman aka Mad Mexican, Tired of being anonomous,et al ad naseum, who seems to think all the gang problems we have are due to "Cholo Parents" and some sort of "hereditarial Pachucoism" that is genetic in nature, funny they always really hate the word "Chicano", seems to think no Cholos or gangs exist in Mexico, and is your typical right wing republican Mexican American with all it's weird physcological ramifications.

This typical Mexican said……………….
There is more than one Mexican here telling their opinions estupido, I’m not the Mexican from Compton that is another Mexican. I happen to be a Democrat but not a cry baby like you who blames the government for all the fuck ups in life. Do you know most Mexicans are not cholos who are in jail? But if my mother was a stupid cholo I would probably be another cholo like you. I do NOT believe in "hereditarial Pachucoism" that is genetic in nature, but you pendejos teach this shit to your kids at any early age then blame the government, But there may "cultural Pachucoism", if you keep teaching this cholo bull-shit to our kids. Don Q. how stupid can you be?

El Don Pendejo said ……………
Hey "Anonomous" or whatever your flavor of the day, the gang problem is due to a large variety of problems including poverty, Gov't neglect, racism, cultural exploitation, poor education, drug use,a selective and punitive justice system, and above all ignorance and denial by a Society that is being consumed by the growing gang problem in many areas not only Los Angeles. Hiding ones head in the sand, or denial and or belief in some simple minded solution (it's the Chola Mother's fault!) will only insure that gangs will continue to spread throughout the country and world (including Mexico) as has been occuring for the past 50 years.

This typical Mexican said……………….
There is more than one Mexican here telling you their opinions estupido, I know that is hard for your drug altered brain to comprender. There is poverty, racism and classism in every country. Mexico has government neglect, poor education, classism and the cholos in Mexico came from Los Angeles to learn that shit. My brothers and I have never been in prison in the U.S. “selective” justice system. If you really want to see a selective justice system, then go to Mexico. Are you telling me I have just been lucky and not “randomly selected” for prison? One of the main reason Latino gangs are spreading to other states is because kids from Los Angeles move all over the country and take the gang bull-shit to other places as well. In case you have not noticed there are gangs in many middle class neighborhoods and not every gang member is a poor neglected or abused kid. You sound like the mayates who you probably talked about, who always blame the MAN for everything wrong they did.

And yes Bush is a fucked president and most politicians are helped into office by large special interests groups, but that is not an excuse to be a cholo and fuck-up in life.

I will leave you with the words of a famous Mexcian spokesman and writer
Cantinflas - ese pendejó es mas siego que mi burro siego

Anonymous said...

SV VBS said .........
"Look carnal, you may not agree with our take on politics but our interest in keeping kids out of gangs is probably stronger than yours. We have been through that madness and we have all made it clear that we don't want anymore of OUR RAZA to involve themselves in gangs."

Do you think YOU are setting a good example for your own kids when you can NOT get yourself to quit claiming to be proud of being a VBS gang member? And you say you still respect, support and love VBS gang members who killed a young girl. And now you feel compassion for.

If cholos REALLY want to stop further gang madness they should start with themselves and their own family. How is that for an idea to stop some gang madness? Who can have more control about the future of gangs but the gang members themselves.

People get tired of Don Q. constant “we mexicans are victims attitude”. You can not blame everything in life on political shit that happened back in the 60's and 70's. I have not heard many solutions from Don Culo either. He just insults any whites who post on here.

And he also insults Mexicans when they do not share is cholo view points. What the fuck does talking about a Mexican’s wife being white have to do about any political views? Or is that a solution to gang violence, maybe gringa wives cause gangs? I'm sure that culo will tell us about that next.

Anonymous said...


don quixote said...

I feel like a movie star now due to all the obsessive behavior "mr. token mexican" is showing me.
He sure has the aura of a tired pissed off retired Chicano cop with his posting up the same caca over and over, if Wally moves to another topic this wacko will post up again the same tired old mantra.

"The LA gang problem has nothing to do with shitty schools, poverty,(when I was a kid in Texas we lived in a shoe!)rascism, oh no! it's Cholo parents who name the kids "Lil Sniper", and "Sad girl".

"Token Mexican" now claims all the gang problems in other parts of the country and Mexico are due to creeping Pachucoism from LA gangs who sneak into town and somehow just turn nice kids into Cholos overnight like the evil aliens in
the old "Invasion of the Body Snatchers film of the 50's.

Has nothing to do with poverty, shitty schools, boredom, drugs, being bombarded with violence on TV, video games, movies,
no parents being at home cause they are working thier asses off trying to survive.
Oh no! it's the Cholo Parents that are the reason, especially the mothers who iron the kids khakis and shine the "french toes"!

He reminds me of those Chicano jura's that the LAPD would recruit out of the military (usually from Texas). Most of the raza who grew up in the LA varrios know what I'm talking about.
Those little, hung up, butch haircut, Mexican cops who would try to "out white" their taller Anglo partners and show them how to handle Mexicans, usually in a chickenshit, and even more racist way, all the while trying like hell to impress and fit in with the white cops, who would usually distain them anyway.
The "token Mexican" reveals his hangups and self loathing with every silly post up of another "LAPD online" crime report involving young Chicano's or his other stereo-typical anti raza statements condemning Mexican Americans as "no accounts", but supposedly the jente from Mexico untainted and superior.
According to "Token Mexican" The only gangs in Mexico are again due to the magical LA gangs casting a spell on these young Mexicans, (probably some chola mothers involved too!)
Hey "Token Mexican" youse guys were lucky to live in Texas in a shoe! When I was a kid all 11 of us lived in a cardboard box under the No Broadway bridge and all we had to eat was the pidgeons and toads we could catch.
You said you never saw a hospital, shit youse were lucky we never saw a doctor unless it was a witch doctor selling pulque.
We were worser!

On another note I see that another of those hung up Texas Mexicans, "Alberto Gonazles" aka mini me is on the hot seat before Congress trying to explain why he fired 8 Federal Prosecutors (all Republican's too!) some got the ax while in the middle of prosecuting Corporate Corruption cases, some are political friends of the Bush/Cheney mafia.

Where's the RICO charges against these gangsters.

Anonymous said...

White Supremacist Gang Gains Clout
By GILLIAN FLACCUS, Associated Press Writer
6 hours ago

BUENA PARK, Calif. - The white supremacist gang Public Enemy No. 1 began two decades ago as a group of teenage punk-rock fans from upper-middle class bedroom communities in Southern California.

Now, the violent gang that deals in drugs, guns and identity theft is gaining clout across the West after forging an alliance with the notorious Aryan Brotherhood, authorities say.

Police say the gang has compiled a "hit list" targeting five officers and a gang prosecutor _ a sign of just how brazen Public Enemy has become.

"They make police officers very, very nervous," said Cpl. Nate Booth, a gang detective with the Buena Park Police Department in Orange County.

Law enforcement officials trace the gang's rise to shifts in the power structure inside prisons.

The Aryan Brotherhood has long been the dominant white supremacist gang behind bars, with the Nazi Low Riders acting as its foot soldiers on the outside for drug dealing and identity theft.

In 2000, officials reclassified the Low Riders as a prison-based gang and began sending its members to solitary confinement as soon as they were imprisoned.

The crackdown hurt the gang's ability to interact with the Aryan Brotherhood, which turned to Public Enemy, authorities say. The alliance was cemented in 2005 when Donald Reed "Popeye" Mazza, an alleged leader of Public Enemy, was inducted into the Aryan Brotherhood.

The pact has increased Public Enemy's wealth and recruiting power, said Steve Slaten, a special agent for the California Department of Corrections.

In the past three years, its ranks have doubled to at least 400, but authorities suspect there could be hundreds of other members operating under the radar. They said heavy recruiting is taking place throughout California and Arizona, and members have been picked up by police in Nevada and Idaho.

"They move around. We find them everywhere," said Lowell Smith of the Orange County Probation Department.

The gang traces its roots to the punk rock subculture in Long Beach in the 1980s. It soon shifted its base to nearby Orange County and in the 1990s began recruiting what police call "bored latchkey kids" _ white teenagers from upper-middle class neighborhoods.

Public Enemy is now involved in identity theft. Booth said the gang has gone from swiping personal information from mailboxes and trash to stealing entire credit profiles with the help of girlfriends and wives who take jobs at banks, mortgage companies and even state motor vehicle departments.

Money from those operations is used to fuel its methamphetamine business, he said.

Two months ago, police agencies in Orange County arrested 67 suspected members after learning about the hit list against officers in Anaheim, Buena Park and Costa Mesa. Those arrested in the raid were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of illegal weapons and identity theft, among other things. Police have not released their names or further details because the investigation is continuing.

Booth recalled another case in which a member of the gang fired dozens of rounds at police from a car driven by his girlfriend during a high-speed freeway pursuit. After being arrested, the man was taken to an emergency room, where he grabbed a scalpel and tried to slash a deputy before cutting himself, Booth said.

Authorities worry that Public Enemy is using stolen credit information to learn the home addresses of police and their families. Some officers have gone to court to have addresses removed from those records, Booth said.

White Is Right said...

Don Culo said...
As the "token Mexican" or Anonymous, or White is Right or the other "mouthpieces" of the right wing power structure will tell us, "it's our own fault we are in this mess,

I haven't commented here in over a week.Why are you trying to drag me into your problems?Give it a rest old man.It sounds like everone is getting tired of your crying.

Anonymous said...

"One of the main reason Latino gangs are spreading to other states is because kids from Los Angeles move all over the country and take the gang bull-shit to other places as well."

What you say is some what true, but it is not only LA gangs and not always Latinos. Black, White, and Asian gang membership is on the rise. I believe that instead of showing us how ignorant you are to this gang phenomenon every time that you post. You should instead ask yourself these simple questions, "What is it that makes gangs so appealing to so many young people?" And "How can we as a society stop this phenomenon from getting worse?"

Some people seem to think that stricter law enforcement and longer sentences are the answer. But that has been a failing strategy for many years now. The new strategy of using the federal system to sentence and hold LA gang members is also backfiring. Instead of controlling the problem this strategy is nationalizing it. Thanks to this strategy I believe that the SUR will take over the Federal penitentiary system soon.

The only way to stop this phenomenon is to rob it of its recruits. In order to accomplish that our society has to straighten out its priorities. How can a society be so willing to spend so much money on the incarceration of its young. And yet be so unwilling to spend half as much for its children's schooling?

We need programs that will help at risk kids stay away from gangs, and offer help to youngsters that are already involved. The last time that I was traveling up north I heard of a program in East Palo Alto in which San Quintin inmates were going to be talking to young gangsters. A scared straight type of approach. I believe that this type of program can work on many youngsters.

The one thing that I know that does not work is the constant blaming of parents. Something that you always seem to do. Contrary to what you believe most gangsters didn't have gangsters parents. And most parents really aren't aware of what to do when their kid involves themselves in gangs. What can a parent do when it comes to this situation? Should they punish them and have their kid rebel even more? Should they ask to put their kid in some kind of probation and have the kid hate them for it? It's a very difficult situation to be in don't you think? Maybe you can cut parents some slack for now on.

As you know I'm from the San Fernando Valley so you can guess that I have always had a lot of contact with white people. And I can tell you that they have the same types of problems. Maybe their kids don't join or form gangs as often, but they sure do use a shit load of drugs. Having a kid involved in drugs is as hard on a parent as having a kid in gangs is.

Hopefully our society will wake up and seriously look into this situation. When we stop passing reactionary laws that take advantage of the peoples fears and only contribute to the problem. And start to implementing prevention programs, only then will we see an improvement. That's just my take.

I will repeat it one more time, I have volunteered my time in trying to help keep kids away from the madness. So I'm very sincere in the fact that I want to keep kids away from gangs. You are right however in stating that I still have love and respect for my friends. It's hard to explain this allegiance so I wont even try. But the fact that I still claim my barrio shouldn't blind you. I'm not out there in the calles banging or doing any thing that breaks the law. If I had I would have been caught up in those RICO indictments. I know from some of my friends that are doing time on those charges that the Feds also had me under surveillance. As for my kids, well all I can say is that I'm doing my best. Having been through the madness has helped me keep them away from it. My son as I have said before will be going off to Collage soon, so I guess that I can pat myself on the back que~no?

Anonymous said...

To my my fellow hatsters,

Here is a story about the cops using "myspace" to go after gangsters here in San Diego.


Detectives tapping into MySpace pages
By Kristina Davis
March 5, 2007

When a San Marcos gang member was shot in a drive-by, it didn't take long for threats of retaliation to hit MySpace.

“That fat (expletive), he's gonna get his,” a 15-year-old wrote on the gang's Web site.

“Just wait till Halloween,” another teen replied.

Advertisement The threats didn't go unnoticed by gang detectives, who have begun tapping into the Web site to gain intelligence about what's happening on the streets.
Gang members have embraced the massive online community as a new way to fly their colors, brag about their exploits and talk trash about rival gangs.

“You can find out the nature of the warfare, who is at war with whom, the motive for a crime,” said Deputy District Attorney John Oliphant, who has spent the past decade prosecuting gang crimes. “It's all about rep and bravado.”

MySpace, which has become overwhelmingly popular with teens, provides an easy way to create a personal profile, meet people online and post comments for friends.

Many San Diego County gangs create a MySpace page for their gang, where members can chat in group forums.

For law enforcement officials fishing for information on gang networks, it can be a gold mine.

And for novices, it is a window into the gang lifestyle.

Profiles are decorated with photos of kids posing with guns, drinking alcohol, throwing up gang signs and flashing wads of cash.

Video clips set to rap music show gang fights at clubs and parties.

One Escondido gangster includes a map highlighting the gang's territory on his profile.

Bad-mouthing, often laced with profanities and misspellings, is widespread. The jabs often are aimed at vague gang rivals, such as Bloods versus Crips or Sureños versus Norteños.

It gets especially personal on some Web sites, such as one where a local gang member posted photos of rivals with their faces crossed out. “Rest in piss” is written over one teen's face.

“For years they've done it through graffiti – it was the newspaper of the street,” said Vista gang Detective Joe Ellis. “This is a new way to do it. They put it out there now for the whole world to see.”

Former Escondido gang Detective Luis Rudisell has even seen his own photo posted on MySpace, with a sniper's scope on his head and the caption “(Expletive) Rudisell.”

“It's their way of getting back at us,” said Rudisell, now a gang investigator with the District Attorney's Office.

Some gang investigators, including the San Diego police gang lieutenant, declined to give specifics about how they are using the technology to aid in their investigations.

Other detectives said they pay special attention to any mention of gang violence or threats of retaliation.

The tips may provide a lead in a case or allow law enforcement to prevent further crimes.

Their efforts have been increasingly blocked, however, as more gangsters make their profiles private, meaning that only people they add as “friends” can view their Web pages.

That doesn't keep police out entirely.

In December, detectives filed a search warrant to view the MySpace account of teenager Meki Gaono, who is charged with murder in the killing of an Oceanside police officer.

Gaono's profile is set to private; however, his profile picture of a cartoon gangster dressed in red is visible to all.

The headline at the top of his page is a tribute to Rusty Seau, another documented gang member who was shot and killed by rival gang members last year.

Investigators hoped the correspondence between Gaono and his friends would lead to co-conspirators in the shooting, according to the warrant.

Many veteran gang detectives have learned to read all the online chatter with skepticism.

“A lot of the information we find and have read on MySpace is not really credible,” said sheriff's gang Sgt. Gary Floyd. “There's a lot of boasting going on on those accounts. I don't want to hang my hat on something posted by a gang member on the Internet.”

Many times, the bragging doesn't even come from real gang members, but wannabes trying to impress friends or girls.

District attorney's investigator Rudisell said MySpace is a good tool but should never take the place of gathering intelligence through street contacts.

“Nothing beats good ol' fashioned police work,” he said.

don quixote said...

Beautiful and eloquent post SV VBS, all I can add is a big "right on". The gang problem is a serious and dangerous situation for the whole country, and I use a little humor to make my points, but I try not to diminish the importance of dealing with the enormoous growth of gangsterism and it potential to overwhelm our society, due to not only a simplistic and ethnocentric application of justice, but also the danger of non action in this endeavor to salvage some lives from the locura that is so appealing to many youngsters of all races and ethnicities.
And just because a persons history may include being involved in gangs or doing time shouldn't preclude them from being able to voice an opinion or sharing in the important task at hand to save lives from the dead end street of gangsterism, to the contrary, we as a society better develop a united front with some scientific solutions based on some other philosophy besides the old "lock em up throw away the key" bs cause as you said, that hasn't worked and in fact has helped spread organized crime far a wide.

Gava Joe said...

Congrats on the son's success, SV.I sent one off to college TWICE! Right now he's upstairs bangin away on his computer, jobless and without a care in the world. Go figure.......

That release program for SQ cons to lecture street or at-risk kids has been done for decades. Generally if they do catch the kid's attention and effect a change, it's only temporary and lasts long enough for some elder gang member to tell the kid that the "seasoned convict" was a "debriefer" and was PCed and deserving of no respect.. Sad but true..
Maybe the State should look into re-opening the "dungeons" at SQ, say 10 cells and mandate these kids to "visit" 10 at a time for a week's stay. Show them the essence of the prison experience without the interaction of the yards and the twisted social structure that gen-pop entails. Let the little bamgers deal with their demons on a personal level, shit in one bucket and drink from the other (kind of a simple lesson in priorities), and on the last day give em a "cellie" some Tookie-lookin gorilla who threatens to rape their young asses..
Then without a word, when they start hollerin' for dear life, open the gate and load em on the grey goose. Bus them home and let them out, no lectures, no admonishments..

OK, feel free to rip me a new one for my prototype program. Call me an uninformed gavacho from bumfuck Kansas. It do'nt make a shit to Joe, but realize that what I suggest makes more sense than the kind of soft-soap crap that the State is serving up..

Anonymous said...

I just came back from LA and paid closer attention to poeple than i normally would. What I found surprising was that alot of vatos down there were dressed in all red (California Angels team gear). One vato had a blue pano hanging out of his backpocket even as he wore all red clothes (were they baiting nortenos?). I also seen some vatos dressed in blue kicking it with blacks. In another group of vatos wearing dodgers gear there was a lil black girl whom they obviouslt considered one of their own. This was in the OC near the la county line. I did drive through a neighboorhood near the streets telegraph and Arizona which looked pretty rough. Anyhow, there definetly weren't blacks walking around the neighboorhoods. It was a good trip, i even came up with a win win situation for me and a sureno whom I told i was from up north. (sold him some tix)

StillNoScript said...

"For the most part, the Mexicans in and around Los Angeles were economically and socially closest to the blacks. As soon as we understood English, it was usually the Black English we tried to master. Later in the youth authority camps and prisons, blacks used Mexican slang and the cholo style, Mexicans imitated the Southside swagger and sytle -- although this didn't mean at times we didn't war with one another, such being the state of affairs at the bottom."

Luis J. Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

White Is Right said...
“Don Culo said. As the "token Mexican" or Anonymous, or White is Right or the other mouthpieces" of the right wing power structure will tell us, "it's our own fault we are in this mess”
“I haven't commented here in over a week. Why are you trying to drag me into your problems? Give it a rest old man. It sounds like everyone is getting tired of your crying

White is right you get a big amen from me (White Bread) on your comments that old fool. Don Culo is even pissing off the Mexicans who get tired of all his same tired repetitive diatribes. I guess he has a fear and paranoia of the “government”, cops, White people, law abiding Mexicans, and anybody who is not a “victim” of our terrible government. I am sure the “government” put his ass in prison for no reason at all. I am so glad I am white and this unjust government of the U.S. will never put me in prison no matter what laws I break. Thank god the government only arrests the poor innocent mexican gang bangers of L.A.

I think we should rename this blog to something different like
Don Culo’s …….convict constantly crying
Don Culo’s …….insults and bullshit by the convict
Don Culo’s …….rants and raves
Don Culo’s……..diatribe after diatribe after diatribe after diatribe
Don Culo’s …….blurred visions of a victim
Don Culo’s …….crying game

White Bread

(Hoping Wally cuts off Don Culo, because I am sure most readers are getting tired of his stupid insults and rants)

Anonymous said...

"I just came back from LA and paid closer attention to poeple than i normally would. What I found surprising was that alot of vatos down there were dressed in all red (California Angels team gear)."

Here in OC a lot of the hommies were ANGELS gear (especially the one's from Anaheim) as they're the OC team. You gotta remember there's no Norteno's here so wearing red Angels shirts here isn't a big deal. As for the blacks, not sure where you were but there's hardly any blacks in O.C. maybe they didn't get EME letter saying no blacks allowed, haha.

Just read your post, I could come back with one from George Lopez new HBO special where he say's "he hired his grandma all black nurses, cause you know how Mexican's sometimes don't like blacks, I wanted make sure she had all black one's to mess with her". Something along those lines. But he nor his grandmother were gangsters and there was that dislike his grandmother had towards blacks.


Anonymous said...

Don Culero y Pendejo dice………
“He reminds me of those Chicano jura's that the LAPD would recruit out of the military (usually from Texas). Most of the raza who grew up in the LA varrios know what I'm talking about. Those little, hung up, butch haircut, Mexican cops who would try to "out white" their taller Anglo partners and show them how to handle Mexicans, usually in a chickenshit, and even more racist way, all the while trying like hell to impress and fit in with the white cops, who would usually distain them anyway.”

Don Culo reminds me of the stupid cholos who are involved in drug dealing, drive by shootings, witness intimidation, kid recruitment into gangs, and a general fuck up. But when I arrest them they would get into a fight with me and get their ass kicked by us tex-mex cops. And the next day they are screaming about how the tex-mex cops beat him up. Then they expect people to feel sorry for them. Sorry pendejo it ain’t gonna happen. I really enjoyed beating up those stupid cholos who fuck up the lives of my jente everywhere. Que Vivan para siempre los Tex-Mex jura’s.

Tex-Mex Chota
(not Chicano)

Anonymous said...


Don Q said...

Let me give you a typical example of what I am talking about using myself as an example, trying not to appear as bragging or talking shit as it's not something to be proud of, but only to enhance the knowledge of how this "abnormal social system" came about. And I shared this upbringing with many who are now using this background to gain and consolidate even more power.

Lincloln Hts 1955, 10 years old, oldest of 7, Father and Mother 26 years old, 2 bedroom shack,no screens broken windows,open hole in the ground in the back used as a cesspool, old clothes, old shoes,no breakfast, no lunch, no money, no oversight, constant daily humiliations due to poverty and a Darwinian upbringing of survival.
Education mainly consists of elementary school and street education, stealing, scamming, shinning shoes, selling newspapers on the street, begging, salvaging food, rolling drunks,.
10 yrs old and a typical saturday. Get up early check out the neighborhood cloths lines for clothes that fit, steal em, then go to the bushes on the hill and chose which one of the 5 or 10 stolen bikes stashed to use that day, ride to 5 points, go into the Thrifty Drug Store lunch counter, sit where someone left most of the plate of food, eat it, ask for water, when the waitress turns, steal the tips. Go to the bank of phone booths, stuff paper napkins into coin slots,(at the end of the day always a few dimes stuck). Check out the store manager, if he's gone, steal starting at the cash register, you and homeboys go out front, someone pretend to steal change from the retarded newsmans cigar box, when he gives chase someone steal his cigar box and run.
12 or 13 yrs. ganged up already, been in Juvie 3 or 4 times and don't give a fuck, looking for respect from the camaradas and especially the veteranos who share wine, mota, and sometimes even a cotton if someone has a homemade outfit, already a veteran of a thousand street fights that we look forward to. All packing fileros and looking for a chance to use em. Stealing cars, hitting the coin machines, doing street robberies, a thousand hustles being learned and used.
Going to parties in other varrios looking for chingaso's. Best is when we are outnumbered, and still make a stand, getting rat packed and fucked up,sometimes someone is stabbed or kicked senseless, "Kiko got his ear chopped off with a hatchet that Tweedy from Aves hit him with", "Chief hit Magoo from Hazard with a brick and knocked him out cold, then he cut his eyebrows off with a razor, He's a bad motherfucker!", "Did you hear? they found Mando from Diamond dead over on Solano St. hanging over a fence, the vato's from Dogtown did it.
After years of this "education" the cream would rise to the surface and these vatos who had been schooled in the streets, since little kids, and already veterans of countless fights, crimes, scams, dealing, jails, jura's, were carefully observed and as an Alpha Male Wolf takes control of his pack naturally so to do certain Carnals attain thier status and this is based on not just a cold demeanor, willingness to kill coldly without emotion, but intelligence and being skilled in spotting human frailty's, emotional or physical weakness, confusion, or lack of ferociousness in an opponent.

Hopefully some insight from yours trully.

4:22 PM

Anonymous said...
WOW, Don, I just read all that and still don't see what your point is.
The big difference with back then and now is fools get blasted and die. Not some pinche eyebrow being cut off and brick to the head.
fuck all that product of my environment and bad parenting shit.
It takes real balls to try and end the cycle of gang life. Anyone can blame it on the parents or the varrio sucking them in and they have no other options.
Puro pedo! This is america, ese. You have choices everyday. The real hard core men with the big huevos are the ones to try to make it out of the varrio life and provide for themselves and their familia. Graduatinf College is alot tougher than slanging chiva on the calles.

Con Respecto,
White Fence Veterano

4:36 PM

Anonymous said...

So, here is the question for the day.
Is SNS that white boy who was the L.A. historian on "Bastards Of The Party"???????
That white boy sure gave the impression that ALL the problems in the ghetto were to be laid at the feet of the cops and racism.
Sounds just like SNS to me.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself ese.

Anonymous said...

Graduating from college is tougher than slinging stuff..You got to know alot of things, like simply knowing how to read and write..Some people Honestly grew up believing that they have very few options offered to them in life.."We" know there is always choices in life for anyone that will reach out and work hard for them..With Love, Los Angeles Resident.