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The first documented gang in Los Angeles dates back to 1909 according to the people who keep track of these things. I'm not betting the farm on this, but I'm guessing the first gang intervention program followed not too long after that. So here we are almost 100 years later and the city is just now getting around to "defining" just what gang intervention is supposed to be about. According to a piece in the Daily News, the mayor and city councilman Tony Cardenas have figured out that "some prevention programs have been getting money under the banner of intervention when those programs don't actually intervene in gang activity." Cardenas has declined to identify those programs. Stop the presses!

You'd think that after dealing with these issues for - let's be generous and say only 50 years - there would have been some kind of manual or maybe even some typed up notes laying around in an office somewhere that spelled out this kind of stuff before handing out money. Clearly, the implication here is that the givers weren't exactly sure what the receivers would do with the money.

According to Bernard Parks, deciding which programs deserve city dollars is, ". . . a major step forward for the City of Los Angeles." There was no indication in the Daily News story that Parks uttered these words with anything other than a straight face. These guys are supposed to be the smart ones. The leaders with a firm hand on the big wheel steering the ship of the city. The major step here would have been to actually solve the problem, not figuring out that money was being pounded down various rat holes. Meanwhile, back on the moons of Jupiter, Janice Hahn is busy trying to stick her hands deeper into your pocket. She's trying to hit every LA homeowner with an additional $40 per year parcel tax to fund intervention programs.

So let's see, with no definition in hand of what a gang intervention program should be, and Laura Chick sorting through the paperwork to figure out why the millions they're spending aren't doing any good and Connie Rice putting her head in her hands muttering "You've wasted every nickel of it so far," Ms. Hahn is merrily putting the cart before the horse. Memo to Janice. Wise stewardship of other people's money behooves you to intelligently use the money you already have before you ask for more. This is like telling your boss, "I know I'm never on time and I'm always screwing up and you're losing business on account of me. But if you give me a raise, I'll do better. This time I mean it." Nobody ever achieved success by rewarding failure.


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Feds arrest Mexican Mafia member in Baja California

A reputed leader of the Mexican Mafia was arrested in Mexico and faces a court appearance today in Riverside County, authorities said.
Tony Gonzales Rodriguez Jr., 37, was taken into custody in Baja California and was turned over to the FBI on Saturday, said Laura Eimiller of the FBI.

Rodriguez allegedly is a high ranking member of the Mexican Mafia in the Coachella Valley in Riverside County, Eimiller said. He is scheduled to make an appearance in U.S. District Court in Riverside today, Eimiller said.

Rodriguez was arrested for federal crimes including distribution and possession of narcotics, Eimiller said.

Barf in the Hat said...

See Wally, that truly is progress and the power of the Web when this Tony Gonzales Rodriquez character can be wanted on my blog and captured over on your's..All in the span of hours. Krispy Kremes all around.. This is a banner day for the FBI and all the citizens who helped to bring this alleged Emero to justice.

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Surenos have to be the most ignorant group of people.I say this because of the large amount of knuckle heads that are convicted daily. Its like the EME purposely wants all these young southsiders to get locked up. These young adults are getting 20,30,40,50 years like if its a walk in the park for them.When are all these surenos going to learn to value there freedom and there lives.What good is it to have so much love for your varrio, been so down for your hood if your never going to see it sitting in a cell somewhere in Florence, Colorado. I have so much anger towards all these Emeros misguiding our young today. We as strong minded hispanics, latinos, chicanos, Mexicans need to stand up for our young weak minded surenos for they know no better. We need to introduce them to positive roll models and steer them away from the Rudy "Cheyenne" Cadena", Joe Morgans, Robert "Robot" Salas,Benjamin "Topo" Peters, Reuben "Night Owl" Castro, Frank "Chino" Macias Madriaga, and the Alex "PEE Wee" Aguirre's that have corrupted so many of our young adults. what kind of future will our race have if let our young think its ok to go to prison for life so that a group of men that are already doing life in prison can get a some kind of thrill knowing that they call the shots....

This guy really does have a point.

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Another mexican criminal hiding in Mexico what a shock!!! Not really, we already know we have too many damn many mexican criminals in the U.S.

Feds arrest Mexican Mafia member in Baja California.

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Wally, whenever I read or hear about an EME member or associate sent on a mission to off their best friend, or when I hear about an idiot like this coward from Los Nietos beating a 5-year old, I can't help but come to the conclusion that the EME is cutting it's own throat. Some members and associates are not going to accept the sould-wrenching task of snuffing their best friend or an innocent bystander; therefore they are being "forced" into debriefing and in turn they are going to take down several other members and associates and weaken it's structure and loyalty. Now how retarded is that? Are they out to cut their own throat or that of their enemies? No wonder the EME, as Brian Harris puts it, is in a state of chaos. I would think that there are better ways for the EME to handle it's business without forcing it's members or associates to debrief because they refuse to carry out an order that strips them of their remaining humanity and sense of self-worth. The EME and other prison gangs need to understand that it takes much bigger nuts to debrief and go up against an entire prison gang than it does to snuff out your best friend or an innocent bystander they deem expandable. Until these so-called "shotcallers" get this fact thru their skulls, they will contintue to slit their own throats, much to the delight of law-enforcement and law-abiding citizens who just want to raise a family. You say what Wally?

7:29 PM

jethro said...

Yes I agree surenos cholos are by far the dumbest group of people to ever exist in our country. Young men are willing to spend the majority of their life in a rat hole for shooting an enemy they do not even know. The cholos are stupid enough to think they defend a barrio in which the own nothing and may have grown up in the projects.

The old cholos actually beleive their is some type of honor to defend a bunch of other stupid losers.

Just look at the recent killing of a baby in Westlake you have a few cholos being indicted for protecting other losers by intimidating witnesses. And they will all end up locked up for most of their lives.

I see why the old cholo fools here on Wally's blog tell me the sureno cholos are so much smarter than the mayates. Oh yes it is so smart to throw away you life for a another piece of trash just like youself.

Basura taking care of Basura, poetic justice indeed.

don quixote said...

Wally, I think the key to keeping the kids from getting involved in the gang life is "prevention".
Intervention is important and works but there is always a very real danger of the funds ending up in the wrong pockets. There should absolutely be a strong and vigilant "gang czar" who would act as a clearinghouse for funds and programs and who is going to be responsible for moneys spent.
But, prevention at a young age is the real answer and if moneys are spent on first class boys and girls clubs, after school programs, summer camps and a constant open until midnight place where youngsters can hang out in safety, with adults who are positive role models who keep these youngsters active and busy with excursions and sports and real education then many lives can be salvaged and spared much grief.
It does work but it takes money and time.
With all the prisons built, number one rating in the world for prison population, the punitive draconian sentences served up, we still have gangs spreading all over the country.
Unless we as a society are willing to be interested in prevention and intervene in the gang phenomena, then as the old saying goes "The chickens will come home to roost"

Rutger's Poing Guard said...

Nobody's going to prevent anyone from joining a gang as long as there's poverty.

I know a lot of law and order types hate to hear that, because it flies right in the face of their rationale for going out there and "getting the evil" off of the streets. It makes them think, what if the average gang banger or dope dealer, that's only harmed other gang bangers and dope dealers, really isn't evil? Take away the poverty, and what is their market?

We could legalize drugs and the war on drugs would end really fast. But I dont' think gangs would. Or inner city crime. They'd just go right back to their pre '80s capers; Robbing white people. And, as they did again in the '90s when the cocaine supply was cut short (shortly after Iran Contra, but we won't draw any connections...). America, meet the car jack. And get a big rear view window and stay away from fast food places on the west side.

Arrest all the gang members you will. Build all the jails. Build nice and fancy ones, like the ones they show on MSNBC. Get the most professional acting correction officers to do the p.r. and t.v. interviews. You know, the guy with the glasses and mustache, graying hair, who looks like he could have just as easily been an accountant at the department of General Services. Build 'em, hook 'em, book 'em, till there's a prison on every hill. Won't do a lick of good. Won't even slow down the numbers.

You have to think about what poverty is. It's a contrast between the rich and the poor. It's not necessarily not having money, or a roof, or food. One could easily say that right now the poorest person in Compton has a lot more than an average person in El Salvador. But the wealthiest set the bar. The more they have, the less others have, then the more the haves FEAR the have nots. Then the more security the haves feel they need to have against the HAVE NOTS. Then comes a fear of sending their kids to schools with the have nots. Then comes private schools, with less funding going to public schools. Then comes less opportunities for the have nots.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? So, it takes a bad parent to create a gang member. What created the bad parent? Their parents. What created them? Their parents. Keep going back, and somewhere you're going to find a Mexican peasant shining shoes for the Spanish army, while the army has their way with his wife, and some of his daughters, or, likely, A SLAVE. Unless anyone wants to point to a time when blacks or latinos owned the majority of this country and controlled most of the government.

I know. What about the white gang members? (all 5% of them which make up for the rate of gang murderers in LA). Shit, since when did rich white people take care of their poor? Well, the confederacy did. After that, they'd have to wait for Reagan and Goldwater. Today, rich whites only help out the poor whites by keeping the blacks away from them.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeh.

Poverty = Inner City Violence.

Historically, this is inrefutable.

BTW, I think we need cops, and I appreciate what they do. I just think it's unfortunate that they're wasting so much well intended energy on merely protecting the haves from the have nots, and so few of them have the courage to speak out about it.

That's all. Good evening, Wallistas. And, welcome back, Wally.

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don quixote said...

Hey Wally I understand and respect your "conservative" political views but wouldn't you say that all our efforts at trying to get the country back on track so we can deal with issues like crime, gangs, politics, ect; are constantly getting subverted by our current administrations idiocy in policy and personel?

If this latest idiot from the Bush Admin was just a rarity it would be bad enough, but these kind of boneheads seem to permeate the Executive Dept.
It's disheartening for people who are trying to help our country and it's citizens (of all colors!) when the people at the top show their true colors. WHite!

The Huffington Post
Voting Rights Chief Apologizes for Comments about Minorities
Paul Kiel, TPMmuckraker - October 29, 2007

Voting rights section chief John Tanner has apologized for saying earlier this month that “minorities don’t become elderly the way white people do: They die first.”

The apology went out to a number of attendees of the National Latino Congreso, where Tanner made the remarks. You can see one of them, to the president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, here. The letter is dated Friday, October 26, a week after Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) publicly called for Tanner to be fired based on those remarks.

In the letter, Tanner does not recant his analysis that voter ID laws actually discriminate against whites, but does apologize that his “explanation of the data came across in a hurtful way.” Others who worked in the Justice Department, of course, including Toby Moore, a former redistricting expert in the section who will testifying alongside Tanner tomorrow, disagreed with more than his tone.

Exorcise the Bush Malditos before it's too late!

Anonymous said...

Surenos are supposed to be united under one flag... BLUE FLAG. So why is it that they are allowed to assault each other? I"ll tell you why," THe Emeros don't give a fuck about any sureno." The more people they have commiting crimes, the more people they'll have in jail to control. Why is it against the EME rules to politic against each other? They dont want anyone to shed light on there scumbag behavior.I know for a fact that the Nuestra Familia has tried to have the same kind of control over Northern Cali street as the Eme does over the south but policies are in place that do not allow any RED ON RED violence against each other. Norteno Street gangs mantelity towards the NF on the street is that they are going to be pushed around by people that are clearly out numbered by most street gangs. i thinks surenos should do the same.

Anonymous said...

don quixote said...

And we wonder why youngsters are confused and end up in gangs and using drugs.
What a disapointment OC Sheriff Carona is, he really shined during the murder and rape crime investigation of little Samantha Runyon. He supposedly was being groomed as a candidate for the Republican Party's Governor or Senate run.
Are there any leaders left in the country that aren't greedy, crooked, perverts?
Wheres the Trumans or Roosevelts to lead us out of this nightmare of corrupt and weak political leaders?


Federal corruption charges against Orange County sheriff
By The Associated Press
Article Launched: 10/30/2007 05:11:43 PM PDT

A federal indictment unsealed Tuesday charging Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona with conspiracy, mail fraud and witness tampering, and implicating his wife Debra, alleged mistress Debra Victoria Hoffman and former assistant sheriffs Donald Haidl and George Jaramillo, claims:
— All five conspired to get Carona elected in 1998 so he could then use his position to enrich himself and his cohorts. Together, Carona and others took more than $350,000 in illegal contributions.

— In 1998, businessman Haidl solicited donations to Carona's campaign from others and then reimbursed the donors to hide the money trail.

— Haidl paid for a Lake Tahoe vacation for Carona, Jaramillo, himself and their spouses after Carona was elected.

— In 1999, Carona appointed Haidl an assistant sheriff for reserves and made Haidl's family, friends and business associates reserve deputies.

— In 2001, Haidl gave Carona a boat and boat trailer valued at more than $5,000, and use of his yacht and private plane.

— Haidl paid Carona $1,000 a month in cash for a "get out of jail free card" for friends and family members and full access to sheriff's department resources.

— Haidl appointed Carona and Jaramillo to the board of directors of a company owned by Haidl's uncle.

— Carona asked Jaramillo to lobby the county district attorney to charge Haidl's son, Gregory, as a juvenile instead of as an adult when the
teenager was arrested in connection with a 2002 gang rape.
—In 2003, Gregory Haidl received preferential treatment from the Sheriff's Department with Carona's consent after being arrested on a drug charge.

— Between March 2004 and August 2007, Carona met with the elder Haidl, and, in a tape-recorded conversation, persuaded and attempted to persuade Haidl "from testifying truthfully" before members of a grand jury.

$1,000. a month for a "get out of jail free card"?
How many of these cards are out there? I'll guess a couple of thousand.

Anonymous said...,1,5951036.story?coll=la-headlines-california

U.S. indicts 18 more suspected gang members

The federal crackdown on the Florencia 13 gang continues. So far, 102 indictments have been handed down.

Another 18 suspected members of the Florencia 13 street gang have been arrested and charged with racketeering, conspiracy and illegal weapons possession, the U.S. attorney's office announced Tuesday.

The arrests are connected to two indictments unsealed Tuesday, charging 41 suspected members of the Latino gang and street dealers they allegedly used to distribute drugs, authorities said.

In addition to those arrested Tuesday, 10 others who were indicted were already in custody, according to the U.S. attorney's office. The remaining 13 people charged in the Tuesday indictments are still at large.

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don quixote said...
And we wonder why youngsters are confused and end up in gangs and using drugs....


I'm sure that is the first thing on a young cholo's mind. I am sure all 40,000 cholos in Los Angeles knew that the sheriff of Orange County would someday be indicted and were so confused and joined gangs instead.

Don Q., your words are so brillant I wish you were our gang czar. You know exactly why kids join gangs.

Anonymous said...

The biggest idiots are the LA County supervisor and the City of LA politicians.
The biggest cry baby bible preaching thief is sitting on the panel to decide what is a credible intervention program and was is not. You need to kick that vato off the panel....matter in fact - kick off those that believe his BS. Actually, there are two clowns that are manipulating the tax payers and politicians. :)