Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Based on past experience, you'd think that the administration and teaching staff at UC Berkeley would be blowing a gasket right about now. Two of their campus cops, both females, profiled the hell out of Philip Garrido and his two daughters when Garrido walked in to organize a lecture he wanted to inflict on the campus.

The two cops said that the girls appeared "robotic" and Garrido "didn't settle right with me." The two cops have obviously never taken a sensitivity class or been taught that being "judgmental" is anathema in a Progressive society. They were being cops. And they should be applauded for using gut instincts to ferret out a sick pervert.

Across academia, professors teach their captive audiences that profiling, especially when it comes to Middle Eastern terrorists, "doesn't work." They know this as an article of faith, the same way that Medeival "scholars" knew that witches float when you put them in water.

You'll notice that cops don't rush out to find the nearest Race, Class and Gender professor when they need to debrief a Sammy Gravano. The reason is that tenured professors live in the surreal world where no one can ever know anything with certitude. Their world is so complex and nuanced that they can back themselves into an epistemological corner, paralyzed to the point of moral and physical atrophy.

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