Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The poisonous thug culture seems to have no boundaries. The LA Times reported today that some campers at Prado Regional Park in Chino got into a boozed up argument over loud music or something and then started popping rounds. Some reports say they shot at each other. Others say they shot into the air. The shooters on both sides of the argument turned out to be off-duty LA County Sheriff's Deputies.

If this story is true - and at this point, there's no reason to believe it isn't - these two assbites should be immediately fired and stripped of all pension and health benefits. There's absolutely no excuse for a cop to fire his weapon under those circumstances. Firing into the air? Idiotic and goes against the policies of every department in the country. Firing at a target you can' identify when there's no immediate deadly threat to innocent life? Ditto.

This is outrageous and if it were a couple of civilians engaged in this event, they'd be in jail right now. These two cops should be there instead of paid leave. Cops should not be allowed to act like thugs and they aren't given any extra-judicial power to act like asses and get away with it.

One more thing. Baca should resign immediately. He clearly does not have his head in the game and he's letting thugs with badges into a department that should know better run around in a county that deserves better. From elected officials more preoccupied with their private parts, pensions and back room deals to thug cops acting like they ARE the law, the citizens of this County, State and Country are not being well served at all. Time to clean house.


Anonymous said...

What no fellow LE want to comment on their comrades behavior? The code of silence?
If only one would have been a sheriff, headlines would have read, " Off duty officer pulls handgun on unruly camper, after physically threatened." This happens often but hardly ever makes headlines.
This is a case of the 3000 Boys vs The Jump Out Boys. Remember this guys? If not here is a link http://articles.latimes.com/2012/apr/20/local/la-me-sheriff-clique-20120420
I know gangs need to be suppressed using force or different tactics, and LE needs to play dirty at times. So, lets just not act surprised by these incidents when we know the behavior of many LE officers, especially LA County sheriffs. These officers probably believed that if Chino PD arrived they would concoct a story and get the other arrested.
Just stirring the pot, trying to help awaken the more prolific bloggers that need to return to this blog.

Anonymous said...

dang wally, first you get the Eme angry with you, and now the juras...your asking to get stuck between a rock and hard place

Anonymous said...

Another example of how cops are assholes, lockem up! Disgraceful bastards

RobThomas said...

"these two assbites"

Wow, Tony. Easy there. These are two sheriffs you're talking about. Sure this all wasn't some big misunderstanding? Next you're going to start calling cops that act like gangsters "scumbags", "beyond rehabilitation". Just keep it tame at "assbites", you know, something you would call a sibling or a lifetime friend for spilling beer on your rug...till we get all the facts...