Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yeah, you can say we're back on the air after a long absence. Back channel queries have asked what the hell we've been up to. Simple. Working on the next book. And a documentary. And a film project. And a few other things that frankly have made us personae non grata among law enforcement, local and state prosecutors and numerous politicians. Apparently, the mainstream media doesn't ask the sort of questions this blog asks. The do-nothing, say-nothing press gets access. We get shown the door.

Since last posting regularly, it's become more and more apparent that the mainstream press is nothing more than a lap dog and enabler of powerful financial, political and social entities whose goals seem to be to keep citizens uninformed and pliable. The less you know, the less likely you are to get thoroughly pissed off.

You'll notice a long post on Medical Marijuana. We're currently working on a project that is trying to get to the heart of some uncomfortable realities about the Med Pot phenomenon. Can't say anything definitive until it's all done, but it appears that Med Pot laws and regulations have holes in them big enough to drive 18-wheelers full of pot through.

Our intellectual superiors in politics and law enforcement have created a chaotic situation that simultaneously slams "legitimate" low level users into jail and lets millionaire pot shop owners and growers slide through like snakes slicked up on STP. Laws seem to be enforced in a capricious and biased manner. Bad guys are allowed to be be bad until they are no longer useful. Then they get hammered with a huge indictment in a blatant grandstand play to make the good guys look like heroes.

More on this topic to come.

Thanks to all for the warm welcome back.


Anonymous said...

these weed rants are boring and don't strike me as what people come here for...they wanna hear about gangsters...on that note, CDCR just put out a list of all the Eme in CA, with pictures. that's what your readers want to see and hear about...the Aves must hate you something terrible, after your book, they had a huge spotlight on them

Wally said...

The weeds "rant" has a purpose and a direct bearing on what's happening now and will likely happen in the future. The politicians in California have given the Cartels and multi-million dollar domestic growers thousands of legal retail outlets all over the state. That crap has yet to hit the fan. Stand by for it.

Mystery said...

I have recently discovered your blog and am just amazed at the level of abstract reasoning in your intelligence. I have pondered many ideas and theories about the truths of our society; philosophy, politics, and psychology were my major interests. I am glad to say that I was gifted with the ability to think outside the box. If you'd like to discuss any issues or need a second thought, let me know and I'll send you an e-mail or any other way to chat. Anyways, back to the blogpost...

I have always been against the mainstream media, or any type of media that I would not consider a valid source. The influence it has on the public is astounding; a lot of folks don't understand that you should never believe what you hear until you research it yourself (which would be hard if your not "in the know"). The amount of censorship and power that the government and institutions hold over the media is tremendous. I always try to teach my friends about what's called the "ulterior motive". In the end, it's all a form of information control, as well as propaganda and advertisement.

Medical Marijuana. Nothing is definitive with this phenomenon. There are so many financial loopholes, judicial laws, jurisdictions, and interested/invested parties or organizations that conflict with other. This makes it a constant battleground for domination of this lucrative business. First off, the battle is between the federal laws concerning marijuana (being a scheduled 1 drug) and the state laws trying to circumvent those policies on this drug. As a medical patient, SB 420 allows you to grow up to 6 mature plants, or carry up to 8 ounces of weed. That is the MINIMUM amount for the whole state of California. However, federal law states that it is illegal to possess, manufacture, or sell any type of scheduled 1 substances. In reality, I have hardly seen any low level users go to jail (Terminator decriminalized marijuana before he left office), which leaves the problem in the growers and collectives. I agree, I find the selection of DEA/FBI raids quite arbitrary and capricious, but there has to be an ulterior motive behind those raids. I'm thinking they are trying to get to the next step up the chain: growers. State law permits collectives to operate solely on the fact that the cultivation is done on the premise, and also as long as it runs on a non-profit basis. The DEA recently won a case for the re-classification of marijuana as a scheduled 1 drug, solely because they said that it wasn't following FDA procedures (DEA and FDA are the only ones that can regulate the list for controlled substances). I'm speculating that they want to keep marijuana illegal federally so that the cartels still have a reason to keep bringing in marijuana across the border. The "war on drugs" ain't cheap, brother. That's more money on the line, and one can only assume that it goes to a specific group of people.

Who do you mean by the bad guys and good guys? I wonder I wonder.