Thursday, July 24, 2003

Some years ago, RANDY "COWBOY" THERRIEN, a carnal in the EME, was quoted in an FBI wiretap saying, "Religion ain't the back door out of this thing [THE MEXICAN MAFIA]. You pick up a Bible and think you're out, I'm gonna come looking for you." Well, Randy, it looks like you're wrong. In my previous post, I mentioned DONALD GARCIA, ART BLAJOS and KILROY ROYBAL. I calculated how long they've been out of the EME and it's been almost two decades for all of them. That's a long time. Apparently there is a way out. The back door is religion. The brothers used to like to say BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT. It now appears that it's BLOOD IN, BIBLE OUT. So much for the fearsome retaliatory power of the EME. Unless, of course, some other dynamic is at work that we don't know about or can't speculate on. In time, we suppose, all will be revealed.


Anonymous said...

The Dynamic that you dont know or speculate on is called God..Or to be more exact, His Son, Jesus the Christ..Amen..With Love, Los Angeles Resident.

Anonymous said...

It is still blood in blood out. The Blood out is the Blood of Jesus Christ...that is the "Dynamic" at work. Believe it, or not. We see it in the lives of the 3 men you mentioned.