Sunday, July 20, 2003

A few nights ago I was re-reading BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT, the famous how-I-escaped-the-Mexican-Mafia book by ART BLAJOS. I was struck by how little the movie had in common with the book. There are sections of the book where BLAJOS quotes liberally from former drug czar and recovering gambling addict WILLIAM BENNETT and WILLIAM BUCKLEY (yeah that BILL BUCKLEY, the conservatives' spritual leader). Obviously, none of that got in the movie because having EDWARD JAMES OLMOS stop in the middle of a prison rape and start spouting conservative ideology would have made the ticket buyers stay away even more than they did when the movie was released. The movie was a failure on virtually every level. One of these days, someone will make a "real" Mexican Mafia movie.

As coincidence would have it, today I was re-reading the trial testimony of JOHN ANTHONY TORRES, a confidential witness in a FEDERAL RICO case and an EME dropout. He was testifying for the prosecution that the MEXICAN MAFIA is a powerful organization that operates on violence, extortion and drug trafficking. The position of the DEFENSE in this case was that the EME was a figment of the prosecution's imagination and the government had no basis for a RICO case.

Anyway, during his cross examination, TORRES mentions that the brothers in COUNTY JAIL at the time he was voted in were JOE MORGAN, DANIEL GRAJEDA, ART BLAJOS, KILROY ROYBAL, MICHAEL MORENO, MANUAL LUNA, and RICHARD RESENDEZ. TORRES stated that he was "made" in 1979 in LA COUNTY JAIL. It happened on the 1750E ROW – the HIGH POWER row in COUNTY.

For those of you keeping score at home, here was the situation in 1979 in HIGH POWER in COUNTY. BLAJOS and MICHAEL MORENO were both in COUNTY during their murder trial. They were being prosecuted for the killing of NICKY VILLA. They were convicted, but the ruling was eventually overturned on appeal.

RICHARD RESENDEZ aka BABY BOY, aka BABITO, would eventually be killed because he supposedly dissed ROYBAL's wife. According to law enforcement sources, the killer was allegedly DONALD "BIG D" GARCIA. GARCIA was always very close to ROYBAL during their EME days and that relationship continues to this day. ROYBAL, BLAJOS and GARCIA are now all EME dropouts and members of VICTORY OUTREACH. And they're all targeted for death by the BROTHERS. Numerous wire and phone intercepts have confirmed that these three, and others, are "always green." The orders to kill them whenever and wherever the opportunity arises still stands. The question then is, why are these three men still alive?

They preach, they travel, they work on the street to defuse retaliations before they get out of hand. They expose themselves to retaliation almost every day. And yet, no one has ever so much as raised a finger to hurt them. This has law enforcement puzzled and wrily bemused. Law enforcement officials close to these men won't go on the record and speculate on why these men are still alive. Let's just say many cops are amazed at the bullet free zone these three have created around themselves.


Anonymous said...

Exposed to dangers?.People Puzzled?. They're Still Alive?.Almost seems like a Miracle..But, We all know that you have to really believe in Miracles for them to happen, right?..A Los Angeles Resident.

Anonymous said...

I just heard "Big D" speak at one of my classes like an hour ago. Powerful speech. There were open ended questions, I should have asked him why he's still alive haha..

Anonymous said...

I'am not puzzled at why they are still alive. The fact is that Jesus the Son of the living God has kept them alive to not only tell of his Loving and Saving Power, but to show the World that he is in control of everything. Including the Big Homies.

Lost No More said...

Blood in, Blood Out. The Blood of Jesus got the 3 out.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong about Blajos and Moreno being convicted of the Villa murder - they were acquited by a jury that was not allowed to see the evidence the police had gathered - and they had gathered all of it, including pictures of the killers on the way to commit the murder wearing the same clothes identified by the Villa family. (Nick was killed in his home with his family present) The real question is why did the judge exclude the evidence? Some of the jurors cried when told about the evidence they did not get to see. They wanted to go to the newspapers to ask the same question.

Anonymous said...

I truely think its all bull, i lived in tijuana where on the news it broadcast the cartel from mexico went into a rehab. and shot everyone. when i questioned the mother church they hung the phone up. i know for a fact most of the so-called pastors ARE still using herion, and yes there still conected with the inside. the same way they took out Frankie B, it would have happen to them. so cute the bull. there still connected.