Monday, December 13, 2004

On December 9, 2004, ANDY FURILLO, staff writer at the SACRAMENTO BEE went a little off his usual NORCAL beat and came up with a terrific article about the Eme and its connection to the ARELLANO FELIX drug cartel with a SAN DIEGO dateline. An easy search should bring you to the SAC BEE website and you can read it for yourself. The story adds a big chunk of information to the diligent student's database.

While the story has a lot of threads (a crooked but so far unconvicted CDC prison guard, an aborted prison escape, a barber shop that was a essentially an EME "war room," a planned hit on a San Diego cop etc.) the most enlightening was a hard connection between the brothers and the AF cartel.

If you follow local drug and homicide trials, invariably, there's always some kind of connection between SOUTHERN SOLDIERS and narco dealers south of the border. Local LE has always suspected that deals were being made at a level way above the average street dealer's pay grade. Furillo's story confirms that theory.

Furillo's story echoes a relationship between the brothers and Mexican drug cartels that goes back to the 1970s. At the time, the biggest Mexican supplier and business associate of the Eme was a guy by the name of CHUY ARAUJO. He lived and operated in Mexico and packaged up big loads for delivery to the US. The brothers also sent him parolees or fugitives so they could decompress with some R&R in sunny Mexico. Araujo's main contact was none other than JOE "COCOLISO" MORGAN. He was also called PEGLEG, but never to his face.

ARUAJO and MORGAN were eventually taken out of circulation, but obviously, the connections were reactivated and have flourished. We're probably only becoming aware of the very tip of that iceberg.


Anonymous said...

Wally, now you are getting down to the nitty-gritty. Your account on the Arujo/Morgan association is right on! Also the part of many parolees being "taken care of when they went PAL. At that time it was almost impossible to get them back to the USA. (Our group did, but I won't bore you with the details.) Do you have anything on the infamous "Shoe War"? The more I read from your articles, I believe you to be an ex-cop with a good source...such as "Mundo." tio moco

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your input. I certainly did not intend to offend you. Maybe it was just the Texan coming out of me. Mea culpa. As to the "Shoe War" I have attempted to retrieve info from several so called sources such as the media, ex-cons etc. with no results. As to any info in books, I have not found any that specifies the dates in question or names of those
participants, other than "Robot" "Pieface" and Padilla. Any books that you could name would be greatly appreciated. tio

OGSgt. said...

it is a sad indictiment to hear that a congressperson will be introducing legislation to have juveniles committed to federal prison.

Anonymous said...

This is a gentleman who has had some exposure to the brothers and I do believe I know who you are but out of respect for your prvacy I won't say publicly. If you are who I think I would love to interview you for my website. I will say this, you couldn't be Mundo, Sailorboy nor Ernie as you have more on the ball than all three of them combined.

Anonymous said...

I just read Robert Gratton's book re La Nuestra Familia. As you may know, Gratton was debriefed by State and Federal justice departments. He had a few paragrahphs on the so-called shoe incident regarding the birth of the NF. I would appreciate your opinion as to the acutal story of this shoe incident. As an old Soldedad State "guard", you definately have the real deal when it comes to "OG" history.