Tuesday, December 14, 2004

In response to the previous post on long-ago ties between the brothers and Mexican cartels, I got this email from an anonymous reader. This isn't the first of its kind so maybe it's time to reiterate what this blog is all about. Here's the email with some snipping.

"Your account on the Arujo/Morgan association is right on! Also the part of many parolees being "taken care of when they went PAL. At that time it was almost impossible to get them back to the USA. [Snipped] Do you have anything on the infamous "Shoe War"? The more I read from your articles, I believe you to be an ex-cop with a good source...such as 'Mundo.' -- Tio Moco."

To paraphrase RICHARD NIXON, "I am not a cop." Never was and they'd never have me even if I wanted to.

Yeah, I do have really good sources in and out of law enforcement. But the most important tool is doing the homework. Every scrap of information I've come across in the past decade is stored in a way that I can cross-reference it and retrieve it. You'd be amazed at the stuff you can find in public records archives and through Freedom of Information requests if you know what you're looking for. There's no mystery in putting together information even if you have to wade through heavily redacted documents. All you need is enough information to ask the right guy the right questions. Nobody volunteers anything. But they will respond honestly (most of the time) if you ask a direct question about a specific incident. In time, little bits of info start falling in place and you've got a decent picture to look at. Just plain work, some luck and informed guessing.

As to "Machine Gun Mundo," I only wish I could get a tape recorder in front of the guy. Also Chuco, Enriquez, Gratton, and all the other CIs who have debriefed or are currently debriefing. Having a chat with them would be like grabbing the keys to Fort Knox.

As to the "shoe war," there's not much mystery left in that event. It's been documented in books and court documents, verified by interviews with LE who either ran debriefs or have direct knowledge of debriefs and it's even covered on some web sites. Be alert, however, because a lot of the stuff on line is misleading or flat wrong. But even the wrong info can sometimes lead to the right conclusion. I'll take a shot at it for those who may not be familiar with the shoe incident. Look for it soon.

So Tio, I hope that answers your question. If you have more or want to share some insight, you know where to email. Always happy to hear from interested parties and I'm always ready to be set straight if I get it wrong.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. It was rumored that Salas was given a "Hot shot." Also he was "raised" to a member with "Pie Face" in 1964, this was 7 years after "Huero" and 12 others founded the eMe.

Anonymous said...

Why was "Robot" cremated before an autopsy was performed? Why is there no obit on his death? Joe Morgan was cremated, however, there was quite an article in the newspaper about his past.

brat said...

this is very hard 4 me right now because my uncle robert ment the world 2 me and I was and always will be his Princess, his Brat and his niece. i ask that u dont speculate on who, what, when, where and how! until we could meet and then u will have the opprotunity to really get to know a wounderfull loving but real as can be MAN. with all do respect His Niece sherry

Anonymous said...

These people start spreading rumors that are not true.So if you dont know for sure keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell the author
of this web site why are you
writing about this type of subject.
all you are doing is gloryifing
the gang life stlye. you are posting alot of info about people that commited terrible crimes for there
neigborhoods or a higher power,
and all that does is make people
who are in that organization say
" oh that's my homeboy who did that
work" well that's the message I am getting from your site maybe i'm wrong maybe i'm right i just want to know what you think ,and the other people think out there.