Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I can't verify how much of this is true but the Monterey Herald ran a story on May 31 about a SUR vs NORTE brawl at a LAKE SAN ANTONIO campground in MONTEREY COUNTY. From the sketchy reporting, apparently a group of NORTENOS were camping when they were invaded by a large group of southsiders. A fight broke out involving some 50 people. A 17-year-old who claimed Southside was arrested for ADW and 4 others were arrested on outstanding warrants. Unknown affiliation on those four.

Nortes were wearing red and tatted up with XIV and NSC (NORTH SIDE CASTROVILLE). SURs flew blue. At least that's what the paper said.

Although no one was shot, LE found a bunch of spent shell casings on the grounds.

What's interesting is that Salinas officers from the county's JOINT GANG TASK FORCE, according to the news story, "were working in the area at the time." Coincidence? We think not. I think what that really means is that the TASK FORCE coppers had the whole area under surveillance at the time the fight broke out. Which might also mean video tapes of the event exist somewhere. And that might mean more arrests may come down once the TASK FORCE has the chance to view the tapes and make positive IDs. Just speculation, of course, but highly probable. Monterey Sheriff's just got a multi million dollar Federal grant for the task force and it seems likely surveillance gear would be high on the shopping list.

I haven't been able to verify any of this yet. So if anybody out there knows what's what, I'm sure we'd all like to hear about it. But please keep the comments on an appropriately elevated level. We're not here to throw fat on the fire.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it was a stakeout, but its pretty normal for Gang Units to come out in Force whenever theres large gathering of folks. I've seen it numerous times at County Fairs, Car Shows, Large Parks or Street Festivals. Anytime they expect large numbers of people in "Gang" activity areas, they will beef up their presence and its also a good time for them to check for parole Violaters and that are breaking gang injunctions. You will always see them with their mug books. In this case, they were correct in beefing up their patrols. That area is known for its problems and it was a holiday weekend so it was going to be even more crowded. Joker

Anonymous said...

It was memorial weekend, and up north going to the lakes and campgrounds to barbeque, swim, and hang out is a big thing to do. I'm sure the owners of the camp called police after they noticed over 50 "gangmembers" with tattoos because they were scared of something going down. Plus a group of 50 homies at a campsite is not a good place for any enemies to stroll thru.

Anonymous said...

If like being made aware of brawls between gangs, check the ccpoa website. Click the Assaults link and it has a run down of assaults occuring in the CYA and CDC. They mostly post assaults on guards but if a riot occurs they may also report it. You may be surprised to find out even allies fued amongst themselves.

Anonymous said...

thats what they want,action,here in hollenbeck they come punking everybody,write any one down as gangmembers,but then the shit hits the fan,they aint around,they get here after turning rocks over and
acting like the bystanders did it,
with these federal grants,it just giving them more reason to be bullies,what happen to the good old policing,now they hire any clown,they exzaggerate,instigate,cops form their own clicks,beat on people for nothing,but when it comes to crunch time,they just sit and watch
and when the smokes clear,OH WATCH OUT,cause THEY THE LAW,and they got to make it look good,so you know,
As for those nortenos OUCH! that had to hurt,camping and getting rushed,DAM!....These SOUTH SIDERS are good,instead of jailtime
LE should give them SURENOS an option,AFGANISTAN!!!maybe they'll find BINLADEN<---(187).

Anonymous said...

Are those pom poms heavy to carry around all the time.

StillNoScript said...

To Anonymous....who said that Law Enforcement should give gang members the option of military or jail...(You know, you guys can just choose the 'other' identity option in the comment window and put in a fake name, so it'll be easier to address you! You'll still be anonymous.
Afterall, It's not like my real name is "Script". lol)

Anyhow..on CNN's Holenbeck program, a White Fence gang member named, "Kiki", did in fact say that the military is the only answer for hard core gang members. He's trying to enlist himself.

I don't know If I agree with it. I still believe in rehabilitation, education, and job training. But, considering the problems that armed forces are having with recruitment right now, it's something to be considered; Especially for first time offenders; And in the event their victims survived whatever assult was inflicted. I don't know if it would go over too well for the families of murder victims if the assailant was given a free ticket out of jail; Even if it was to serve in the armed forces.

But for non-violent offenders, and even violent offenders who's victims didn't suffer lifelong injuries or death; It's something the military may consider.

It may either be that, or a draft; Where WE ALL GO!

Anonymous said...

If normal well adjusted people in the service can become murderers, thieves, and abusers of others under the stress of war, think of the situations we'll have when hardcore gangsters are given heavy artillery and access to another countires riches. It has international incident written all over it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a truly ignorant remark. Obivously you have never been in the military or have you been on the streets. Military service will add stucture, discipline and respect for chain of command. The so called "unstable gangbangers" you refer to, would never make it through basic training. There have beeb hundreds of young gangbangers that have been given military time as an alternative to jail time for lesser crimes and for the most part have been successful. There are the exceptions to the norm just like everything else such as the "Norteno" Marine who killed a cop up north.

mmmm, come to think of it, this site never reported it. Then again this site is biased to Southern California but hopefully that will change in the future. Joker

RetiredJoker said...

Wow, that was a truly ignorant remark. Obivously you have never been in the military or have you been on the streets. Military service will add stucture, discipline and respect for chain of command. The so called "unstable gangbangers" you refer to, would never make it through basic training. There have beeb hundreds of young gangbangers that have been given military time as an alternative to jail time for lesser crimes and for the most part have been successful. There are the exceptions to the norm just like everything else such as the "Norteno" Marine who killed a cop up north.

mmmm, come to think of it, this site never reported it. Then again this site is biased to Southern California but hopefully that will change in the future. Joker

StillNoScript said...

Anonymous... who doesnt' like the idea of enlisting gang members:

We're allready there. Look at the recent scandals in the military over torture; And I've read that more gruesome photos of prisoner abuse are on the verge of being released.

We just have to take more consideration of this in boot camp. If we're going to have a volunteer military, part of the payoff is that most people who enslist are from the street; They are enlisting as a way out. Many of them are drug dealers, some are even killers that have never been brought to justice. (Don't know of any PERSONALLY, just generalizing)

We have to emphasize in the training the importance of diplomacy, and that's where we're struggling and that's whats leading to the international incidents, like Abu Grahib (sp?)

With an extremely shorthanded military, and a special skill draft inevitably around the corner(doctors, technicians, etc.), I can't see where our military won't consider gang members, even incarcerated, who haven't killed or inflicted life long injuries on anyone as possible recruits.

It's that or a draft, which would be inevitable if we go into Iran. Their army is a lot bigger than Saddahm's Iraq army. Iran WILL REALLY be the next Vietnam; And the armed forces will start really laxing some of their recruiting restrictions in order to avoid a draft, which will be dagger to the chest of the Republican Party.

Hillary Clinton might as well start planning her innaguration now if there's a military draft in Bush's second term.

StillNoScript said...


I'm from Sacramento and remember the incident with the Marine in Modesto shooting the cop.

It was really unfortunate. The press never really went into why he did it; Or what lead to him doing such a thing. They just labeled him as a villian......which is what will happen when someone kills a cop.

If you have more information, let me know. I'm interested in that story and what happened in that marine's life up to the point he snapped. This is local to me, as I have a close friend who lives in Modesto.

As far as this blog not reporting it; In it's opening blog, it only claims to be about gangs and politics in the L.A. area. I know that they report some incidents througout California, but it's usually when the incident is related to L.A.

Someone in Nortnern Cali needs to start a blog similar to this dealing with Norteno gangs. I only wish I had the knowledge and references to do it myself. I'm just an observer.

But if you have the knowledge and resources to do it, go for it! I'd hit it up everyday.

RetiredJoker said...

Click on the link that I posted and it gives you some insight to what the marine was feeling. Some say it was a suicide because he didn't want to go back to Iraq, but I think he was just high and acting crazy.
I would start a blog, but I'm not that deep into the game anymore nor do I have any inside connections or associations with Law Enforcement. Most blogs deteriorate into a "Shout Out" and "Puto Mark" web blog. This is one of the few that is pretty informative albeit from a L.A. viewpoint, but the Bay and Northern California have some of the same politics, Street level and Prison level topics also. Perhaps not as rampant but its still there. Do you know of any possible contributors besides me???? LOL

Anonymous said...

You guys can't be serious! The gangmembers who will benefit the most from the military are the wannabes. In which case, they may also benefit from some good job opportunities. The way you guys have it, the poor keep going to war and the Bushes, Cheney's , Rumsfelds kick it and get rich off us. Fuck that! The murderers need to be in prison not Iraq or Iran. If they are killers already and we let them out, what happens when they come back to the US. As for the norteno marine who killed a cop. You don't hear about it because it may reflect poorly on the war. Wake up, The biggest baddest gang is the Rumsfeld boys but I don't hear any of you sending them to war. What a bunch of sellouts!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...who sais we can't be serious about the marines..(Why, why don't you guys just use a fake name in the 'other' section of the window where you choose your blog identity?)

Rather anyone in here supports Bush or not does nothing to change the fact that our military is drastically short handed. And if we go into Iran, which is very likely, forget it. Your talking about, at minimum, a complete backdoor draft...hell, they may even take Vietnam veterans at this point; A special skills draft, where doctors, technicians, and even police will be summonsed to serve; And, yes, a drastic laxing of recruitment restrictions, including letting prison inmates who have not commited a capital crime serve. The only other option is a general draft; Which would kill the high horse the Republican party has been riding on since 9/11.

Those soccer moms across America like Bush, and felt safer with him than John Kerry; That's why Bush won. But part of the deal was that their young would NOT be forced to fight. They want the poor to fight the wars. That's a reality; Not a theory. And it's been that way since the beginning of time.

If Bush calls a general draft; Forget it. Hillary or some other Democrat, not to mention every Dem running for office in the '06 mid-terms will pound that issue till their limp.

Bush promised; NO DRAFT.

So, we're dealing with slim pickins here.

We can wax poetic all we want about how criminals ought to be locked up and gosh by golly wow that's the American way, but we are in the midst of a disaster in the middle east that will get worse before it gets better, and our troops are spread thin. Our military is at a point where they'll take just about anyone.

StillNoScript said...

I should make it clear, lest anyone wonder; That I was against the Iraq war from day one. Iraq never posed a threat to us and the war, in my opinion, was waged for political gain. (And, sadly, worked last November)

I also think Bush had plenty of intelligence before 9/11 and dropped the ball big time. Not saying he did it on purpose, just saying that he ought to be impeached for ignoring such obvious information on Bin Ladin. And, had he had a Democratic congress underneath him, he would be.

What I'm really trying to argue here, since our boys and girls are allready in Iraq and very short handed, is that gang members, who may even be facing incarceration or are currently incarcerated for non-capital crimes, should be able to serve IF THEY WANT TO.

That's all. I'm sorry to bring my political views on to this blog. But to anonymous, who suggested that I or anyone else are blaming Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for sitting back and getting richer while our poor die; I say: YOUR F'N A WELL TOLD THEY ARE!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we all agree the poor are still fighting the wars while the rich get richer. If gang members want to go, thats cool. But to give killers who've already used all their options one more (going to Iraq/Iran) cheapens our military and those who serve volunatarily, not because its life in prison or Iraq. I regretted posting about Bush, Cheney, and Rummy because this is a gang blog and talks on politics have a way of taking over blogs which wasn't my intent.

Anonymous said...

i think there isa no edvince in this rico case so its just a waist of time and a waste if tax payers money but until proven guilty i guess all tax payers got waste there money

Anonymous said...

them stupidass busters got what they deserved. as for them fuckin scraps, they wouldn't do that kinda shit here in FRESNO. busters and scraps are too fuckin scared of us "FRESNO BULLDOGS."

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Anonymous said...

The only Bulldogs recognized within Fresno County is the Fresno State Bulldogs. Who's dese udder rabble?

Anonymous said...

The numbers are just a tad bit blown up ! All I know is that there were off duty SLO PD Sheriffs out there and they dropped the dime as to what was about to happen.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Gang bangers will never be afforded any large scale option to enlist as opposed to a trip to the big show. There may be circumstantial exceptions but rarely.

The U.S. views gangs as non-state actors in a new American insurgency. They're not going to offer military training to the clandestine nation they fear will usurp them.

Real chop. It's in the bible. Look it up.