Thursday, June 23, 2005

We haven't seen this level of LE activity in ten years. First we had the big SANA bust in the OC. Following quickly on the heels of that, we've now got a RICO case on the VINELAND BOYZ. US ATTORNEY DEBRA YANG has clearly been a busy lady and the TASK FORCE has been working at what the military calls a high operational tempo.

Just before dawn on June 21, 1300 Federal and local cops brought the big fist down on 36 Vineland soldados and shot callers in North Hollywood, Sun Valley, Simi and the Antelope Valley. Most of them were arrested in their underwear or PJs.

VINELAND last made a big noise in 2003 when one of their soldiers, DAVID GARCIA, killed BURBANK police officer MATT PAVELKA. Garcia escaped to Mexico where hundreds of other suspected murderers and criminals have found a safe haven and protection under Mexico's vile judicial system. Mexico won't surrender fugitives if they face a death sentence or even LWOP in US courts.

Garcia wasn't as lucky as the rest. For reasons I still don't understand, Mexico gave up Garcia. I posted something after his arrest wondering aloud if Garcia's return was the beginning of a new Mexican policy. Apparently not. It looks like Garcia's give-up was one of those non-recurring phenomenons. Since Garcia is also named in this recent RICO indictment, chances are he'll get yanked from County and taken into Federal custody.

It doesn't take much imagination to figure out why VINELAND was targeted by the TASK FORCE. After Officer Pavelka's murder, that neighborhood got an awful lot of LE "attention." Something Vineland resented. Instead of taking their lumps and laying low, the BOYZ went on the offensive and even declared open season on LE. Bad move. A loser move. Especially since TASK FORCE headquarters is right there in the SF Valley. Vineland is in the TF's back yard.

So here we are 18 months later and VINELAND is practically no more. When you murder cops and then openly challenge them, you're just begging for it. What would have been shorter County or State time for low level beefs is now longer Federal time someplace far, far away. The Feds have the manpower and money to sustain the long-term surveilance and investigation that local cops can only dream about. Local cops clock out at the end of their shifts. Not because they want to or they're lazy. It's just impossible to get enough bodies assigned and overtime pay approved. It's a mundane matter of city budgets. The Federal Task Force on the other hand never sleeps. It's also a lot easier for the FBI to get wiretap authority than local LE. Plus they've got better security and relocation programs for CIs. All of which adds up to bad news for anyone who gets in their crosshairs. VINELAND found that out the hard way.


Anonymous said...

seems chief bratton's on a mission.

Anonymous said...

Why wait 2 yrs for this? only 32 arrests and 900 arresting them???
is the budget or a bill coming up?
what a waste of taxpayers $$. Watch only a few cases will stick....Same old Shizznit diff "gang"

StillNoScript said...

I'm still waiting for FoxNews to report this as a "terrorist" bust.

Seriously, this is interesting. Similar to what's happening in Pomona, no? They killed the CHP officer, now the coppers are on them like flies on shit.

Could this fundementally stupid trend of violence against police officers be a sign of the vets from these various neighborhoods not schooling the youngsters properly, due to them being in prison, strung out, or dead?

This is an interesting story. Sounds like it's just the beginning of huge crackdowns to come by law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah one at a time like the biker clubs..very complicated situations no doubt. revenge naa more to it than just a few dead leos.

Anonymous said...

The youngsters dont know what it is to be real gangsters,they think that shooting at police will give them stripes,LE is always locking up the VETS,and theres no one to school these kids,they don't think,back in the mid 80's,the VETS would tell you to respect the police and don't attract their attention,just go with the flow,many VETS were on good terms with some COPS,cops would go tell the VETS to tell their youngsters,to chill out or the heat was gonna be on,in turn the older homies would put pressure on the lil homies,then the streets would be quite etc.,atleast for a while,then you'd get a lil visit when the shit would pop off again,but some times the shit was so bad that homies didn't care THEN! the cops would come around and put the heat,but there was a
sense of respect,atleast to a certain degree,but those times are gone,now you got lil knuckleheads with no direction,ready to bust a cap,and thats when it gets all fucked up,you see,im not saying that being from a varrio is right,but just like history has showed us,sweep on the older vatos,and you'll end up with lil vatos that don't fully understand the laws of the streets,there's no structure,and i mean in a way of showing lil homies not to rob old ladies,to watch out for kids and innocent people before they shoot,to make sure that before they pull that trigger that that kid isn't a gangmember,to put those big ass guns away,i heard of some fool that shot a fully auto,with a big ass clip and didn't even hit his target cause he couldn't handle it,so where did those bullets land?you get my drift,he would of did more damage to his enemies with a slingshot,the gun was bigger than him,but his varrio didn't have any older vatos,they all got parole violations,for little things,but maybe if his older homies where out they could of told his lil ass to be cool!!and don't try to bust a rambo,maybe they should have PAROLE and PROBATION officers give these older cats some slack,if they keep there lil homies in check,who's knows,it won't stop the banging and bullshit,but maybe slow it down,
And what about our youth,wheres the prevention,the cops nor the feds invest in that,they should try to mentor atleast,create programs to reach these kids before they start getting in trouble,reach them at a young age,
that's where you'll make a difference,cause all they do is supress,but they don't prevent.

Anonymous said...

And with these crooked cops making little shit into a big ol thing,even taggers think that their are superior,the cops need to chill out and respect our communities,when they come in they treat everyone like shit,they decide who's a banger or not,i know plenty of bangers that got in
due to the fact of police harrassement,and brutallity,they figure that they are put as gangsters by the cops on those little FI cards,they might as well be gangsters,so they join,with that kind of attitude from cops,all they do is give more recruits to the streets,and that's not good for anybody.

Anonymous said...

Check it out people this SATURDAY at 9PM on the cable channel FOX NEWS CHANNELL,
there is gonna be a show about GANGS and TERRORISM,saying that gangs are smuggling in terrorist,among other things,so everybody watch as these right wing yahoos,are gonna tell us that our VARRIOS support terrorist,can you beleive this CRAP!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what happened. Supposedly someone said that some terrorist was in Central America. Then soemone else said that the Maras are very evil down there so they might work with the terrorist, and that my friends is how this bullshit rumor started. The reason this rumor around, that even the FBI said that there is not one piece of evidence linking the two, is because they want to make it an issue on immigration. Put it like this, people that are anti-immigration are using this rumor to scare people and I guess you can figure out way. My parents came in this country illegaly too, citizens now though, so I guess I take this stuff a little personal.

Really if you ever go to a conservative forum and look at the dumb rumors they are spreading you will see my point. Like when one guy said that Islam is rapidly growing in Mexico. Almost every retard in the forum was quick to believe the guy.

You would think if they were really worried about terrorism they would concentrate in the Canadian border since that is were the terrorist came through last time. Why did they go through that border? Because it is a lot bigger and a lot less guarded. Not to say that they needed to sneak in anyway.

I really don't care if they are anti-immgration or not, but the thing that upsets me is that they spread rumors to scare people. The funny about those idiots is that they think that the Maras are a new gang that has been imported to the US. Those retards have no idea that the Mara Salvatrucha started in the US. For real those people need to get a clue.

StillNoScript said...

I was telling some idiot on a political forum the other day that MS-13 is an AMERICAN GANG based in Los Angeles, when this dumbass gave me the old, "Good, if the minutemen will keep scumbags like this out of the country..."

I was like, "Dude, they're citizens. They're allready IN THE COUNTRY!"

My thinking is that if there were any MS-13 members that snuck terrorists across the boarder, and that's a huge IF, (Cause I'm certainly not taking Newt Gingrich's word for it) is that they were fooled by the Al Qaueda members, and probably downright lied to, because I just can't understand why MS-13 would want to risk this? As I understand it, they make a fair share of money in drugs.

And what would Al Qaueda gain by making their identities known to the MS-13 members? Why not just pass themselves off as Mexicans with rich relatives; And here's the cash, homies, now get us across. Which is probably precisesly what happened...again, IF ANYTHING EVEN DID happen. FoxNews is a little bit funny with their sources. My guess is that Mark Furhman will a contributer to the show. And I'm not joking, he's a frequent contributer to FoxNews. Nuff f**ing said!

Anonymous said...

You guys are far out. The older homies will teach the lil homies not shoot at cops. Then we have the cops as being crooked and bad. The lil homies have a right to defend themselves. Just kiddin.
I don't think the answer is letting the big homies out so they can teach the youngsters how to sell drugs succesfully by not robbing old ladies, shooting at cops, or using fully auto's thus making the hood hot. The drug dealing is just as bad. And where the fuck are lil homies fathers? Why the big homies raising them and not their own kids. The problem isn't some lone kid shooting a cop for stripes. The problem occured long before he joined the gang.

Sancha said...

I think a lot of the young problems stem from the same thing, regardless of whether you're a straight citizen, or li'l homie...and I hate to sound like my dad, but there's no respect by ANY children today for the ways that came before them. My own kids aren't bangers, but they've got mouths on them that I never had when I was young. And while single parenting has been around for ages, it's still hard as hell doing it alone, and working full-time. Overall, we're a completely different generation that had respect for our older folks, and for whatever reason, we've failed to commmand that same respect from those following in our footsteps.

KILLA KALI said...

Theres no role models fathers or big homies left, theyre locked up 3 strikes your out or strung out! And the disrespect is from no disipline,no cultural education and pride,alot of drugs on the street,and a disgusting filthy media with too much garbage influencing the young minds in a sick perverted violent way!
Many greedy,religious,racist and political people out there pulling the strings fo sure.
The media is a powerful tool with an agenda no doubt.

StillNoScript said...

I don't think anyone was really insisting that we just open the prison gates and let everyone back into the neighborhoods so they can school the youngsters, etc.

As far as parenting goes; It's not like middle class white families are writing the book on good parenting, either. Remember, we're living in the age of Paris Hilton.

The way to deal with gangs is the way they were dealt with in the 1990s, to single out the hard core of the hard core, and rehabilitate the rest into society. The only way you can do that is with a steady, middle class job market that's attainable to those in the inner city. We had that in the 1990s, and gang violence went down.

Haven't we remembered that the Darryl Gates approach failed? If 1992 proved anything, it was that law enforcement, BY ITSELF, will do NOTHING to supress the gang culture.

Taking a proverbial 'war' to the gangs just throws gas on the fire. Just like Ice Cube sais in his song, "Summer Vacation", you've got to deal with the gang members, "By hand".

The definition of INSANITY is to try the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

And make no mistake..the [street gangs = Al Qaueda] strategy is the same old, narrow minded BULLSHIT, just on a GRANDER SCALE.

old timer said...

big homies as role models? Chale-to continue the pinche cycle. That's no way to deal with this problem. LE and community working together is th ebest solution-the trust needs to be built first, on both sides.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is saying that older homies should be role models,but should take the responsability of showing the lil vatos to maintain
their bullshit within guidelines,not to make it bad for innocent people all around,older homies have more influence on the lil vatos then the parents,cops are quick to lay down the law on the shot callers,but the real shot callers for the kids should be their parents,wheres the law there?
parents can't or maybe won't put the lil vatos in check,but maybe the older vatos will,police punks everybody anyways,and lil kids feel violated by the law,and start a life of crime,so they can't do so much beyond arrestting after the fact or on pure assumations

Anonymous said...

How dare they do a show like that?I'm fukn mad!did you see that punk that was supposely from MS,that fukn dropout made a fukn ass of him self,how bout that graffitti on the wall behind NEWT,what a lame ass prop,does white or right wing people really think that show was informative?are we suppose to believe that AL QUEDA or any other terrorist is gonna need drug money,thats chump change compared to the oil pumped doe their probably sitting on,USAMA OR OSAMA whatever that fukn fag is named has all the money he needs,plus their are countless of business's in corporate AMERICA that maybe even fund them,who knows but c'mon!!!!
using the gangs in conjunction with terrorist is bullshit!!!There is not one shred of evidence to support that,some jerk off said that it's best to act on information before it really happens,WELL let's see bout....IRAQ!!!!IDIOT!!gangs may be dealing with terrorist NEWT said,Ahhhhh,well what gang,the one in the white house?i don't know!!but we all know
a certain family...well...that..ah hem!!knows the BIN LADENS!!.....UM no gang member sneaked any terrorist that i know of,but i know some one....that....sneaked off the BIN LADENS right after the TERROR ATTACKS!!! in a plane that....THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA gave permission for flight,when the rest of the countries airports where grounded!!
NEWT should of made a special about that,but no!! let's throw the blame on the poor,and forget that BUSH n BIN LADENS have shaken hands....NOW WHO'S connected to who?I may be wrong or just talking out of my ass! let me know.

Anonymous said...

FOX NEWS is probably feeling gangsta!!!!but fuck them,their info is so wack,I think their footage of gangsters was a little out dated,you know theres a little old man that walks his dog everyday,and he always tells me about what a bad ass he was back in the day,he was the baddest cholo around,we always laugh when he walks away,that man could sure bullshit,but after that FOX report i believe him!that sure looked him
up against the cop car!!thanks FOX NEWS,that video footage that you guys used from the stone age,it made me look at that old man in different way,he does tell the truth!!!...OH SHIT!!!...HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!!he mentioned someting about him hanging around in a cave,and some suit,and......NO! could he really be?.....BATMAN!!!!

StillNoScript said...

I warned you guys not to watch that garbage, and read the transcript instead. It's impossible not to get pissed off at it. It's pure smut.

The only shread of truth linking Al Qaueda to any Sureno gang member or EME affiliate is that there may have been some MS members who snuck Al Qaueda members across the border...WITHOUT KNOWING THEY WERE AL QAUDEA.

They were fooled. Just like our entire country was fooled.

If were going to condemn every street gang by linking them to an international terrorist organization just because some MS members, eager to make a quick g, screwed up and let some Al Qaueda members in; Al Qaueda members DISGUISED as being latinos, I'm certain; Then we might as well arrest George H.W. Bush; And then dig Ronald Reagan out of his grave and arrest him too; Being that they were fooled by Al Qaueda too.

Reagan and Bush put Bin Ladin into power during the Cold War. But I guess Newt Gingrich is going to save that story for another program.

- StillNo

StillNoScript said...

Here's Wally's blog from March 29th, 2004, on the topic of rather or not street gang members qualify as terrorists:

Monday, March 29, 2004

I got a very interesting email yesterday from a regular reader. He mentioned the young Palestinian boy with the explosive vest who was stopped by Israeli checkpoint troopers. The reader made a comparison between HAMAS using easily-controlled kids to do their bidding and our own local gangsters who do the same.

He wondered if we couldn’t apply the term “terrorist” to our home-grown gangsters since they seem to employ the same tactics as terrorist groups. At least when it comes to manipulating impressionable young people to do dirty deeds.

That’s a tough one. Agreed, some of the tactics are the same. Like the PLO, and others, gangs intimidate and victimize their neighbors and everyone in the neighborhoods they claim. That’s a chronic problem when law enforcement comes knocking for eyewitnesses to a crime. Nobody sees or knows anything.

So in a way, you could say that gangs use terror to further their goals. But so do the Italian Mafia and every other criminal organization. Terror is the currency of criminals. But my sense is that the term “TERRORIST” should be reserved exclusively for islamo-fascists and other groups who have an agenda far more ambitious than the aims of street gangs. Street gangs don’t want to bring down a government. In fact, they like this one just fine the way it is. Under most other justice systems, there’s no such thing as a jury trial, free lawyers, sentencing guidelines or appeals for murder convictions. Even a drug conviction can get you executed in Red China and many parts of the Middle East. Here, the County sends a car to your house to bring you to the treatment center if you can't get a ride.

Like liquor and antibiotics, the term TERRORIST should be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. Throwing it around too loosely dilutes the impact to the point that it becomes meaningless.

posted by Wally | 2:52 PM

StillNoScript said...

"Street gangs don’t want to bring down a government."

-Wally..Mar. 29, '04

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I COULDN'T OF SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RetiredJoker said...

Here somes interesting reading for you all in regards to the NF leadership and some changes at the top.
Heres a excerpt from it. Sounds like the person working for the U.S. Attorneys Office has no clue.

"One worry is that the gang will spread within the federal system. In a Sacramento hearing last week, the state's Board of Prison Terms grilled prosecutors about that possibility.

Anjali Chanturvedi, chief of the organized crime unit at the U.S. attorney's office in San Francisco, said the gang's opportunities for spreading into the federal system are limited.

"The Nuestra Familia is a Northern California-based gang. They don't have a base on the streets, as far as I know," she said.

Chanturvedi argued that in Colorado's federal supermax prison, for example, Nuestra Familia leaders would be hard-pressed to find a support base.

"I would respectfully disagree with the U.S. attorney," said Al Valdez, an Orange County district attorney's investigator who has led gang training for the federal Bureau of Prisons. In the same Colorado facility, he said, kingpin Larry Hoover of the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples set up one "board" to oversee the gang's street operations and another to handle activities in the prisons.

The Nuestra Familia is more efficient and better organized than other gangs, Valdez said."

For the whole article, go to this link...

Anonymous said...

TO: Retired Joker

FROM: 5/29/05-6/4/05 Wally's Page:

(( Hey, cheer up. It's not as bad as it sounds. Once upon a time, the California Department of Corrections made an attempt at placing the emphasis on "rehabilitation" first, punishment second. Guess what happened? Prison gangs were born, they were nourished as they flourished, and hardcore convicts (a small percentage of the convict population, I might add) decided to exploit this "chink" in the CDC armor. Guards, prison employees and fellow convicts were murdered at an unprecedented rate and then the CDC decided to revert to punishment first, rehabilitation second.
The "bad apples" in the CDC have always existed in similar ratios as, say dirty cops on the streets. When you have the human element factor, there is no way we will have a perfect system. So the bad guards will always exist and when they are exposed (not always an easy task with the way cops and guards and gang members tend to employ the "old buddy" system and "code of silence") they are eradicated from their positions of authority.
Let's take a look at the real culprits: the cons themselves. The hell hole they live is the hell hole they create and the peer pressure is indeed enormous.
As long as a SMALL PERCENTAGE of individuals call the shots in the 'hood and make life miserable for the majority of good people in the Hispanic and Black communities, a similar SMALL PERCENTAGE of prison gang members are doing the same in the California prison system and is now spreading it's Gospel to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
According to exerpts I read from Mundo's manuscript, and talking to fellow law enforcement people who worked the PGTF (Prison Gang Task Force) the EME itself in 1976 through 1978 began an odyssey to the Federal Prison System that today, with the AB at their side, permeates the entire federal prison system "like a cancer" (quote from Mundo).
During a dry spell in which Joe Morgan, "Robot" Salas and Mundo awaited the heroin re-supply from Mexican drug boss Jesus "Chuy" Araujo, these guys actively discussed pulling bank robberies to generate quick cash AND, should they be arrested, they "knew" they would go to the feds where they were not known and could circulate freely, recruit without hindrance and control their prison settings with little or no detection from the prison authorities. Yes, Samantha, they actually discussed this amongst themselves !!!!
Here is the lineup of bank robberies pulled by EME between 1976 and 1978): Martin "Kato" Vargas and Manuel "Tati" Torres accompanied by Daniel "D.C." Cavanaugh (AB)in Fresno; Adolph "Champ" Reynoso and William "Puppet" McKinley (AB) hit a Thousand Oaks bank; John "Bob Steele" Quinones pulled a string of bank robberies in the southland;
Phillip "Black" Segura, Donald "Stoney" Galaz, Marcello "Gabby" Baeza, William "Willie Bobo" Gouveia, Robert "Black Bobby" Ramirez, Paul "Huero Tres" Portillo, Daniel "Choco" Montellano, and many more hit So Cal banks. All, except for maybe two of the above mentioned, were subsequently arrested, charged and convicted of bank robbery, introduced into the federal prison system and joined other imprisoned EME and AB brothers in that system. Many of the above are doing "all day" (life and then some).
Despite Mundo's warnings ("house them all in one facility and you will not allow the cancer to get a foothold)which the PGTF passed on to the feds, they chose to scatter them throughout their system.
Call them naive, ignorant or blatantly stupid, their response to us was covered in one statement: "We have the REAL Mafia here".
They never understood that the EME, if they excelled in one thing it was controlling an incarcerated setting like no other group before them or since, and making life miserable for the MAJORITY of inmates.
So, yes, while the "bad apples" in the CDC do indeed exist (and should be dealt with severely since they should maintain a higher standard), it is the convict who ultimately decides if his pigpen is to be a comfortable environment or a filty sty.
I share your disgust with the bad guards but I can tell you that it is not as prevalent as one may think. Don't let the bad guys distract from the nightmare these real "bad asses" are perpetuating.



I don't know if you've been keeping up, Retired Joker, but the "cancer" has already spread.
Adolph "Champ" Reynoso (EME) and Barry "Red Baron" Mills (AB) are already identified as the respective "shot callers" (the press likes to refer to them as the Godfathers) in the federal prison system for these California-spawned prison gangs.
California prison gangs indeed have been notorious for RESPECTING NO BOUNDARIES.
The U.S. Attorney and the federal system in general usually have the reputation for maintaining their collective heads "where the sun don't shine".
We in California understand the bad guy's mentality as one of a different breed altogether.
Maybe you can share some of your wise expertise and advice for Wally's World! Appreciate your post, Retired One.

Tijuana Jailer

RetiredJoker said...

Tijuana Jailer,
Trust me, I know "the cancer" has been spread for quite some time. To the point of where the tumor is inoperable. Containable? Thats relative to where you are and who you are.
I just found it amusing the comments of the so called "experts" in suits. Especially about the remark how the NF has no bearing on the streets and are strictly in Northern California. Where did she get her intel??
I guess they need more guys who know the streets wearing suits but then again, who says they would even want to?
Perhaps we should point the gal to this blog and she can sound more informed!

Anonymous said...

TO: Retired Joker:

Ditto. California's version of the Axis of Evil has already emerged (EME, AB, NF and BGF) along with it's offshoots.
They alone will succeed in keeping the LE community gainfully employed. The degree of damage to other states will largely depend on how seriously outside agencies take heed to our "veteranos".
They just may be able to contain them to some degree in other states. Who knows?

Peace .....


StillNoScript said...

"Like liquor and antibiotics, the term TERRORIST should be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. Throwing it around too loosely dilutes the impact to the point that it becomes meaningless."

- Wally

Anonymous said...

I've heard Cops and CO's jock the Eme and disregard the NF as moot. They belive the NF's days are numbered because the Eme has spread its sphere of influenece far into traditional NF territory. The NF may lose unless it quits trying to beat the EME on the existing manpower of nortenos and the same old ideology its been kicking for the last 40 years. The sureno's have alot more lure for wannabe's because of their image. Nortenos are really in need of a Public Relations makeover. As it stands, the Eme is getting the lions share of money and recruits from anytown usa. It seems like every wannabe varrio that pops up in the midwest wants to claim sur even if they've never been to california. Even upstart varrios in the far north part of the country want to be surenos. The eme seems to think on a grander scale.
what ever happened to the rift in the Eme caused by Tupi and Topo?
How come no one here knows anything about the southside government?

RetiredJoker said...

Is Southern Government the same as the NF's "Northern Structure"? Basically the Structure is where new recruits go and put in work on the streets before "graduating" to the NF.

Anonymous said...

Government is just a figure of speach used when you are talking about organized crime structure. As for the rift in La eMe, that was drag... Tupi never had that much pull. He had a few brothers siding with him, but you know what happened to him in the holding tank in the COunty.
Palm Hall.

Anonymous said...

The cat that said they are calling Barry Byron Mills the Godfather of the AB, I think that TD is the real shot caller, and John S. in the CDC is still the head quartered faction ( faction being a bad discription, but for this use I guess it is OK, as there is only one "AB") Blinky Griffin is still counceled on all matters.

Anonymous said...

TO: StillNoScript said...
("Like liquor and antibiotics, the term TERRORIST should be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. Throwing it around too loosely dilutes the impact to the point that it becomes meaningless.")

If you ask me, I think drug dealers "terrorize" our communities in that the drug-related activity kills sooo many. Drug overdoses, drug rip-offs, armed robberies to support habits and we can go on and on.
Prison gangs "terrorize" our prisons in a manner unique to the prison system; Gangsters "terrorize" our communities in a manner unique to the neighborhoods. The use of the term "terror" was used well before Bin Laden & Company sprung their brand of terror on us.
But I get your drift, No Script.
I agree with you and Wally about "strrrretching" the terrorist label (in today's usage of the term) to the street gang member.
(Hey, my little grandson is a "terrorist" and we do NOT use that term sparingly when he "invades" our tranquil abode!-smile)
Although I think the Fox piece likewise makes this same stretch to gang members in general, a)I think it's a good thing to focus on how terrorists may look to infiltrate our borders and, b)you will probably hear/read more on Wally's site regarding specific incidents that have taken place that Fox News chose not to air. You will read about it from a person much more acquainted with this "ongoing" activity than myself.
Stay tuned, NoScript, because I think you will be stunned.
I think gang members have no stomach for assisting any alien group who would seek to wreak havoc on our shores and on our people but you always have oddballs in all walks of life that are willing (greed being the driving force) to sell out to the enemy.
It's a crazy world we live in.


Tijuana Jailer

StillNoScript said...

TJ Jailer,

We seem to be pretty much agreed on the use of the term, then.

Thanks for the response.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Tupi in the holding tank?

RetiredJoker said...

Does anyone know about the whack job who shot the deputy in Hawaiian Gardens? Was he anyhow connected or was he just a street level wannabe? I can imagine that La Eme would be pretty unhappy to have LE come "crashing" down on their street level business in the area. Then again that poses the question of how much juice does La Eme really have on the streets with low level thugs like this trash and how will he be greeted in prison? Hero or dumbass? We know what the guards will want to do with him, what about the carnals?

Anonymous said...

Topo stabbed Tupi.

Anonymous said...

Did he die?

Anonymous said...

Tupi was transferred over to a federal facility to seperate the two. He wanted to go back to the county jail to retaliate but wasn't allowed to. Thats the last I read about it.

Anonymous said...

Come on, you can't be transfered to a federal facility or any facility outside the juridiction you are sentanced to with out your approvial. It is almost impossable to get it if you want it to boot. He had to of asked that he get transfered. Who would he retaliate aginst. He would of gotten killed in the first week.
Palm Hall

Anonymous said...

The dude talking about Tupi and Topo has his story wrong. It happened at MDCLA (federal detention center) in the holding cell while they were waiting to go to court. Not sure exactly who stabbed Tupi, but heared that Huero Shy did the dirty work. After that Tupi was transferred to the county.

Anonymous said...

TOPO stabbed him, Tupi was not in federal custody at the time and had no charges pending so what would he be doing in a federal dention center for people that are awaiting trial?

Anonymous said...

Tupi went into 7500 d row after that and shortly was sent into federal custody.

Anonymous said...

Was that the end of Tupi's apsirations to be the boss?

Anonymous said...

A police officer ANTI-GANG UNIT took my info and put it on a little card,he put me down as a gangmember,i told him that i wasn't
but he continued,then he asked if i was born here,or if i was an illegal alien,i told him that i was a U.S. CITIZEN,then he demanded my social security number,i know it,but i told him i did not know it by heart,because he was already violating my rights by putting me down as a gang member,im in my 30's with no criminal history,and he continues to pass by my house,and even late at night he passes flashing the lights on my house while im asleep,
can anyone tell me if,askiing for my social security number by this officer was legal,and what about the constant late night flashing of the light into my house,there has never been any calls for police to my house,no problems whatsoever,what gives them the right to do this....

Anonymous said...

Hollenbeck resident, write down everything that's happening, and make phone calls to EVERYONE. PD, City, State, ACLU, EVERYBODY.

It's important to write everything down that way you'll be consistent.

Do NOT become hostile toward police officers. Do as they say, and answer their questions only if you wish; Otherwise, STAND MUTE. Do NOT make threats. Don't even say you'll call your lawyer. Stand mute, and when you get home, write down everything as best you can, and be specific about the times they happened.

Then be sure to stay in full contact with every government agency in the jurisdiction, state, county, city, everything. Stay in touch with the ACLU and any organizations that monitor civil rights at the same time.

Remember, Hollenbeck, they EXPECT you to not do anything. Their odds say that you'll just drink this off and learn to roll with it.

Fight back and fight within all legal means! Be smart, and don't let your emotions get the best of you, ESPECIALLY in the presence of a peace officer. It will just set your cause back further.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info,these ANTI-GANG UNITS in HOLLENBECK are ruthless,i respect the POLICE,i know that when my family or friends need help,that they are there to help,without police there would be kaos,i appreciate the risk they take everyday,i myself have friends that are police officers,but these OFFICERS that are suppose to moniter GANGS,are just bullying everybody,they make kids that are at risk actually join gangs,i know plenty of them,
and not only from where i live,but different neighborhoods,and the COPS do it by HUNTING our youth down,like if they where all ANIMALS,and in turn our YOUTH feel victimized,and in turn feel that they are stereotyped anyways,so they join a gang or maybe not even that,but they lose respect for the LAW,crooked and over zealous COPS will come and go,but the LAW is always the LAW,and the LAW is here to stay,so why doesn't the LAW get rid of those OFFICERS,so then the PUBLIC especially our YOUTH can RESPECT the law,if i was to file a complaint,those COPS would for sure give me a hard time,i bet they would find a way to put me in jail,(catch my drift)these COPS know that their captains won't follow through with the punishments,and if they do,they won't show the board all of the alligations,they just write them up on petty things,so these COPS continue to act up.

(it's no joke!)

Anonymous said...

I realize that this post has nothing to do with your post of june 23rd, however. I would like to know if you heard anything about a near fatal accident that has left Ernest "Killroy" Roybal in serious condition? He may not make it.
Wil E. Coyote

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what the police presence was like during the fourth of July in Hollenbeck. I didn't see any police all last night and I live in a bad neighboorhood. With all the fireworks and explosions going off, I thought it would be a good night for people to shoot their rivals. Then I realized I hadn't seen a cop in hours. I pointed this out and everyone looked out for cops but none were to be seen all night. Do they stay in on the 4th?

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Anonymous said...

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