Friday, January 26, 2007

It looks like Rocky D. meant it. Today's LA Times carries a story about Rocky D. and the LAPD shutting down one of Drew Street's many dope retail and wholesale outlets. For years that particular street was a 24/7 open air drug bazaar. It's also a street that was a center of gravity for Avenues and a thorn in the side of Northeast. The station is just a few blocks away. The king of Drew Street was sentenced on several murder charges last year along with some of his Avenues associates in Superior Court and all the carnales that graduated from AVES are in custody. One of the laws of physics, however, is that nature abhors a vacuum. One irony is that while Avenues takes the PR hit, a lot of the slinging on Drew wasn't even done by Avenues members. Most were BBs and some were pure independents operating under the umbrella. Looks like Rocky is bucking for a cape and a utility belt.


Anonymous said...

One of the most well-publicized prosecutions by Delgadillo's office was that of entertainer Paul Reubens, more commonly known as Pee Wee Herman, for possession of child pornography. Delgadillo's office dropped the case after Rubens agreed to pay a $100 fine and serve three years of probation. Go Rocky. Godzilla next?

Anonymous said...

"Delgadillo said the house was once home to a ``shot-caller'' of the gang, and claimed that drugs were sold and murder plans hatched there. He said prosecutors plan to seize possession of the home from its current owners, who he alleges are fronting for the gang."

No doubt that DelGadillo is flexing his power. But I have to question why he would wait until now to take the house. What I mean is that the house might have been used for the things that he states at one time. But if it was no longer used in such a way, why take it now. Rocky D. said that it was ONCE home to a "shot-caller",and if that person is the same one that Wally called the "king of drew st.". Well that would make it more than a year since that person was even at that house. And if that vato was renting how could the owners of the house lose out because of the tenants crime? From the details released so far, I would think that Rocky D. and his TOUGH project are on shakey grounds. Alrato.

don quixote said...

Looks like Rocky jumped the gun, or took the bull by the horns, or could even be described as coming down on the Drew St. homies, in a non sexual yet premature manner.
Plan was supposed to be, a united front, run by a "Gang Czar" after all the pertinent agencies were on the same page.
Rocky, stole the spotlight and orchestrated this photo op, and get tough on gangs rehearsal like some Philharmonic orchestra maestro.
His new personally scripted program "Project Tough" aka "Taking out urban gang headquartes" and his appearance for the TV press in his "pinstriped Italian custom made suit" was a spectacle to behold.
CHief Bratton who was there also with a large contingent of LAPD officers looked downright embarrased, as did the other cops who could be seen snickering in the distance. I'm sure Bratton must have been coerced into this BS show and he will surely be called on the carpet by Tony V Mr Mayor for participating in this grandstanding by Rocky.
The Drew St location, as described correctly by Wally is an old old location to score drugs and is not really an Aves stronghold but more like a "Home Depot" for drug purchase's. It's mostly old fucked up Apts that Mexicans, mainly Paisa's inhabit and is not a "headquarters" of the Aves.
20 years ago I had some of my employees who lived there and one time while there to pick up a worker I witnessed the futility of an LAPD cop who rolled up quietly on a bunch of Homies who were standing in front of an Apt slanging dope. The cop was spotted and as he sped up to these vatos there was a unified raising of hands by a dozen of these vendors, followed by a giant white cloud that appeared in the air above thier collective heads. Before the poor cop could get out of his car they all swallowed thier now empty plastic baggies. The cop just got back in his patrol car and split.
If the gang problem is ever going to be addressed in a serious manner there will have to be a united effort with emphasis on intervention, better schools, jobs ect; backed by some serious lana. As the great boxing Champion Muhammed ALi said "You kill the body first and the head dies"
Politics and Press conferences and Photo OPs by opportunists like Rocky aint going to solve shit except help get him elected to higher office.

Anonymous said...

As DQ keenly described the scene,

"Chief Bratton who was there with a large contingent of LAPD officers looked downright embarrased, as did the other cops who could be seen snickering in the distance. I'm sure Bratton must have been coerced into this BS show and he will surely be called on the carpet by Tony V Mr Mayor for participating in this grandstanding by Rocky"

This big dope/klutz has put the cart before the horse and and was ablaze in front of those microphones in a state of cheerful stupidity... rock on Rocky.

wet shoes said...

Rocky wants uniforms?

How aboutz an old school-soda jerk uniform just for you! Like one in a Norman Rockwell painting... you know, with a sharply creased paper hat on top to crown all that common sense.

Anonymous said...

Wally said......
"Most were BBs and some were pure independents operating under the umbrella."

What are BBs ?

Anonymous said...

And the Clowncil wants more tax money?!?! The CDC is overflowing. The County and local jails are overflowing. This problem is bigger than the city, county or state.

Anonymous said...

I will let the criminals and ex-criminals keep guessing as to which federal agency I work for. Could it be the CIA, FBI, DEA, NSA, or maybe ICE. And here is another of my useless posts.

I have to correct another post who said it was probably an apartment building which was seized by Rocky D. It was a house on the 3300 block of Drew Street between Estara and Weldon streets. There was a picture provide in the Los Angeles times print copy. The house is the second or third house from the corner of Estara Street.

I am always amazed how people want to always blame gangs on everybody but themselves. The area around Drew Street is not in the middle of south central Los Angeles. Drew Street is the worst street in the area for sure. But just at the end of the block at Weldon street you see nice houses with Nissan Maximas and Toyota Camarys in the drive way. There is a park at the end of Chapman Ave which of course is full of the local gang graffiti.

If you drive just a few blocks away you see many well maintained single family homes. If you want to see what the neighborhood looks like use

I am sure most of the gang activity is concentrated on Drew Ave. and around this area. If you drive just a couple of blocks towards the hills where the mortuary is, you see a mix of different races living there. You know some people will always be ghetto and some will always be lazy crack-heads no matter how much money you put in their hands. The big problem is stupid parents usually raise stupid kids and a kid with gangster parents well what do you expect. The real solution to poverty and gangs is an IQ test for any future parents.

Provides satellite images plan view only

Provides satellite images plan view, topography and geography information. By the way we have really high resolution satellite images which only the feds can look at. I have my eye on you.

White Bread

Anonymous said...

White Bread I for one don't think that you should be banned cause I don't believe in censorship. But you can't keep coming off like a rude prick. We understand that you have a xenophobia problem as well as a superiority complex. But I believe that even you can be rehabilitated. Puro pedo my white brother don't take it the heart.

Check this out White Bread, what ever agency you do work for will have their work cut out for them this year. So get that satellite ready cause I have read that the coast guard is scaling back on their drug enforcement duties. And that this year has been a very good year on the drug production side. So it would seem that there is going to be a record amount of dope on US streets all year long. I wish you the best of luck. Alrato.

Andy said...

White Bread:

Yes...pixilated rooftop views are very insightful as to the nature of the neighborhood. You have a similarly blurry socioeconomic analysis.

Heaven forbid we contradict...FDA?...agents such as yourself, but "stupid parents" is less than an oversimplified view of how slums and crime emerge, particularly in immigrant populations. It's a downright stupid thing to say.

In the Jewish ghettos of the last century, were they all dumb parents? The Irish slums?

Or is it more like: institutional racism, immigrant discrimination, language barriers, cultural differcences, drug abuse, cycles of domestic abuse, some of the worst schools in the country, and a totally fucked-up judicial system have conspired with abject poverty to create a situation where parenting is a next-to-impossible task?

Do we continue to lock up yet another generation? Is sending them into the hands of the EME in the prison system doing our society any favors? Or are we guaranteeing years and years and years of this crap?

Your judgemental tone and patronizing attitude make you white bread, not your race. I would recommend IQ tests for anonymous internet authors.

Wonder Bread

Pass The Asprin said...

White Bread say,
I will let the criminals and ex-criminals keep guessing as to which federal agency I work for. Could it be the CIA, FBI, DEA, NSA, ICE, State Police, State Troopers, Militia, Rangers or the Highway Patrol?

I'm gonna take a big fat guess and say, U-N-E-M-P-L-O-Y-E-D.

Conchita said...

Just an FYI.
It is debatable whether IQ tests really measure intelligence, or whatever it is we mean by “intelligence” — psychologists have been divided for years. IQ tests do not take into account aspects such as creativity, artistic or musical talent — a child can most certainly be “gifted” without having a high IQ. Nor do IQ tests take into account qualities such as leadership which will have a huge impact on the child's life, and they cannot be taken as any kind of indicator of success in future life. It is dubious as to whether IQ scores have any real value of their own outside the educational system. IQ test results can be very unreliable. The IQ of an individual is not innate or fixed. The IQ can change significantly — either decrease or increase — due largely to environmental factors. It is not fixed at any time. Statistics show that the IQ of children is related to their environment. Lastly, it is dubious as to whether IQ tests actually test any kind of innate intelligence.

Conchita said...

Carnivore is an FBI computer program for monitoring US emails. Echelon is a NSA program for checking world wide communications on phones, radio, emails, faxes, satellite etc. Magic Lantern is an FBI computer virus program that can see what you type. The Patriot Act allows for the spying on Americans in America without judicial permission. Everything you do from driving your car from point A to point B to paying your electricity bill can be monitored, recorded and analyzed.

Anonymous said...

"Always amazed" said,
I will let the criminals and ex-criminals keep guessing as to which federal agency I work for. Could it be the CIA, FBI, DEA, NSA, or maybe ICE.

I really enjoy a good mystery that keeps me guessing the whole time. This ees going to bee great mr. marbles, because eet ees ovious you have them all.
"on dee edge of my seat" (^:

Anonymous said...

BB's are like birdshot or small ball bearings that you can shoot out of certain pump action or air pistols and rifles, the cops in Tijuana can also use them with there slingshots. A BB will take your eye out, so be careful.

In the California prison system there are different disruptive groups e.g. Sureños, Norteños, Bloods, Crips, Peckerwoods, and Paisas. Until about the mid 80's the Paisas were just your regular ol (no disrespect inteneded) wetbacks and braceros who would normally side with the Sureños in any racial pedo with the changos or the whiteboys. In the hole the Paisas who chose to would do the morninng routine (exercise) with the Sureños. After the great influx of lowrider/cholo paisas started coming into the prison system, and now were not only talking about Paisas from Mexico but there was a gang of non english speaking Raza from El Salvador (cerrotes) Nicaragua (nicas) Honduras (catratchos)and every other country in Central America, they started forming there own clicks, most of them avoided trouble and just wanted to do there time and get out, but some of them seen the movie Scarface one too many times and aspired to be gangsters, them few formed there own clica and from there emerged "The Border Brothers" hence the initials that Wally wrote about "BB's". In the beginning the majority of BB's ran with Sureños but after awhile they went on there own I havent been in the system for 8 years but from what I hear the BB's smoetimes have pedo with the Homies (Sureños)I beleive the CDC has labeled them a disruptive group also.

That is only my point of view if anyone has a different take on this write on in.

El Montero

Conchita said...

White Bread:
I will let the criminals and ex-criminals keep guessing as to which federal agency I work for...

A disgruntled Postal Worker here! everybody duck including Superman!
I'm telling you Wally, this guy reminds us of the Danny Kaye character - Walter Mitty, in the 1947 classic "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" in which that hero is always dreaming of a better life and a greater self-esteem only this time Wonder Bread reprises that role as a self-loathing postal clerk trying to sell half-baked ideas and theories using the higher esteemed and vaulted platform of a "secret agent". Oh please... and as our own Mr. S would have undoubtedly have said... "PURO CUENTO - PURO X3".

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rocky is bucking for a cape and a utility belt.
You must mean a Little Red Riding Hood Cape and a Kotex belt?
On Aug. 16, 2005 this cunt and Mayor Villaraigosa announced the ban imposed on Big Hazard.
Big Bob Hazard

Conchita said...

Great reading fella's...$file/9750468.pdf?openelement
Conspiracy and Attempted Murder of Salvador
On July 16, 1991, Peters and Mexican Mafia member Rene
“Boxer” Enriquez attacked with premeditation and deliberation
Salvador “Mon” Buenrostro, another Mexican Mafia
member, in the attorney visiting room at the Los Angeles
County Jail. Although stabbed twenty-six times, Buenrostro
survived the attack.
E. Castro testified that he was incarcerated in the Los
Angeles County Jail at the time of the attack, and that Peters
told him Buenrostro was on the Mexican Mafia’s hit list
because Buenrostro had politicked against deceased member
Joe Morgan. To prearrange for the attack, Prado, a Mexican
Mafia associate, manipulated the justice system by causing
Buenrostro to be subpoenaed to the Los Angles County Jail
from another institution, allegedly to testify in Prado’s
upcoming trial, and placed a “hold” on Peters to prevent
Peters from being transferred to another jail. At Peters’s
request, Prado made a shank (prison knife) and gave it to
Peters to use in the attack. Likewise, E. Castro made a knife
and provided it to Enriquez. Enriquez then arranged for jail
authorities to call himself, Peters, and Buenrostro to the attorney
visiting room simultaneously. Once there, Peters and
Enriquez attacked Buenrostro while Enriquez shouted “kill
The indictment charged the conspiracy and attempted murder
of Buenrostro as a racketeering act underlying the substantive
RICO charge, and the jury found the crimes proven
as to Peters.

don quixote said...

Further thoughts concerning Rocky "the wackoon" Delgadillo's personal campaign against gangs and crime and it's possible implications for all of us citizens.
The reactionary and not well thought out, get tough, lock em up, "we'll all get more votes pandering to peoples emotions (many times with good reason), and besides the prison building industry lobbyist's (including the prison guards union), will reward us handsomely,", politics as usual policy's by our so called leaders has almost hit a dead end.

A State of Calif budget and finance study group inacted to figure a way out of the fiscal mess the state is in due to the total failure our penal and judicial policies has stated that California is in a "tailspin" that is in danger of bankrupting the whole state. (La TImes article 1/25/07.
The Federal Govt has mandated that the Calif Corrections Dept. fix the deplorable and draconian conditions in thier institutions,including overcrowding (somewhere between 200 and 300,000 inmates incarcerated in facilities that will only hold 100,000.
The Federal Gov't has given the state of Calif till June 07 to correct the situation or some kind of shit will hit the fan.

Read today in another LA TImes article that one solution they are trying is to sell Prisoners on the idea of transfering to another out of State institution. One of there brilliant sales tools is a "video" they show to con's extolling the virtues and the "good life" one can expect in other joints out of state. You know the routine, like going to one of those "Time Share" sales scams, supposedly showing one man cells with 100 TV channels and all races playing ping pong with one another in brotherhood.
Problem is out of a quarter million cons they only got 600 volunteers so far.
In a very odd and curious joint effort the Mero Shotcallers are warning the troops that anyone raising a hand to move to greener pastures will be put in the hat.
And at the same time the CCPOA (Calif. Correctional Peace Officers Ass.) is lobbying and politicing like motherfuckers against moving any prisoners out of state.
Strange bedfellows huh!

don quixote said...

Talking recently with a family member who is a Sureno stongarm in the joint, which is most of the time.
He keeps me up on the politics coming down from the Big Homies and informs me that the Border Brothers/Paisas got there own car in the pintas of Califas but are under the umbrella of the Mero Mero's. If one of the Southsiders or BB are attacked the reglas are that they got each others backs.

SanFer said...

Hillary Rodham Clinton will almost certainly win the democratic presidential nomination and could very well win the national election if she chooses our Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa to run on the ticket as VP. Farfetched? Don't think so. I would certainly vote for them, otherwise I am supporting Bill Richardson. What say you?

Anonymous said...

any1 know how much time the king (G) of drew st. got?..

Anonymous said...

Border Brothers run their own program but they side with sureños on just about everything. Sure sometimes pedo breaks off between the two but it has diminished alot in last few years. All pleitos with BBs are quickly resolved and end before they get too serious. BBs back Sureños almost to the point that they seem like Sureños too. They have all the same pleitos and they hate busters and changos just as much. Both are locked down when anything involving either of the two jumps off. Central Americans ride in the OTHERS car, the BBs don't claim them. The Central Americans that belong to barrios claim Sureños. The crazy thing is that many paisa barrios have busted out all over up north. And all of them claim Sureños. Busters are getting their asses kicked all over their former turf by these barrios. They have lost control of many of their towns.

This has been my take on it. Alrato.

Anonymous said...

Wow I have so many admirers I feel like a celebrity on Oscar night.

I will address a few of the ridiculous comments about me. I actually know the area surrounding Drew Street (Glassell Park and Glendale) and drove around yesterday to see Drew Street up close and personal. I was telling people to use Google earth because not everyone who reads Wally’s blog can go see the area for themselves. I was giving you an easy means to get a general idea about the surrounding area. I was making a point about the surrounding area not being a really poor area where people are starving for food or jobs. Some people will be losers, lazy, crack-head, gangsters, or criminals no matter where they live. And just putting more money into their hands will NOT change them.

And to the stupid people who misquoted me about I.Q test comment. I will reiterate my point. Let us say one kid is born into a family of two college professors. Do you think the chances are pretty good that the kid will go to college?

Now if a mother without a high school diploma has 5 kids with 3 different fathers, do you think the 5 kids will be all going to college.

Most well educated parents have fewer kids and are better able to take care of them. For those of you who get out of the ghetto, if you know a female who has a college degree and a good career she is usually not in a big hurry to get married and have kids. A woman with a good job might just say what do I need a man for. And yes there may be a few kids who grow up to be Mayor despite the odds being against him not this is not the norm.

And the government can not fix every problem child in our society. The parents have to take primary responsibility for their children, I can imagine how every Black and Mexican would start screaming if the government takes away their kids and tells them they are lousy parents and role models for their kids. So until parents start taking primary responsibility for their kids we will be having these discussions about poverty and gangs. I have yet to see or hear any large group of people take responsibility for their actions and I am not talking about Mexicans. We as a society like to blame others for our problems, just like Mel Gibson blames the alcohol for racist comments about Jews.

I guess many of Wally’s reader believe in the “Twinkie” defense.

I have to go to my night manger job over at Taco Bell, Jesus, Pedro and Maria are waiting for me.

White Bread
(They love me, they really, really love me)

Anonymous said...

To Conchita,

You should add another acronym to your vocabulary; RFID. We might even start implanting them into babies born in the ghetto.,1283,45851,00.html

White Bread

StillNoScript said...

Chicanos getting hyphy in the bay....including Surenos.

What Is It! (No...Really...Que Es?) -- San Jose Chicanos Get Hyphy

New America Media, Commentary, David Madrid, Posted: Aug 25, 2006

Editor's Note: "Hyphy" -- an energetic style of hip-hop endemic to the San Francisco Bay Area -- has made its way south to San Jose, where it is changing the style of a generation of young Chicanos, and even creating regional unity. David Madrid is on the staff of Silicon Valley De-Bug.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--A new generation of young Chicanos are into hyphy music and souped up muscle cars, not their neighborhood and family traditions of lowriders and oldies.

I was walking through the gates of the Santa Clara county fair grounds to the Street Low magazine car show recently, and was surprised to see the contrast of new and old Chicano identities that made up the massive crowds.

The meshing of the two cultures was as blunt as the car show flyer that had booked two headline musical acts, the Bay's own "Keak Da Sneak" with his hyphy hit "That's my Word" and the Latin soul of "Malo" with their timeless cruising classic "Sauvecito."

The hyphy movement is changing not just car shows, but the Chicano identity of San Jose itself.

Hyphy is a style of energetic hip-hop music that's regional to the Bay Area. But its more then just a genre of music to the youngsters of Northern California -- it's a way of life, and a unifying movement to put the Bay Area hip-hop scene on the map. For those who haven't heard hyphy, it's party music with a thug twist. The lyrics promote dancing, drug use and all out craziness. You can catch homies all over town sporting long T-shirt's and grills while sagging their jeans as they dance in the streets "ghost ridin' the whip." This style and mentality is rapidly spreading throughout California and nationwide, with the help of the late Mac Dre, E-40, and Keak Da Sneak, whose rap music introduced this Bayed-out phenomenon to a whole new generation.

This hyphy movement and way of life does not belong to any particular ethnicity or people -- it's not a black or brown thing, it's a straight-up Bay thing. Although originating out of Oakland and Vallejo, hyphy has grown throughout San Jose within the last few years. Its not just about clothes and music, its about representing your town and showing Bay love. And that Nor Cal unity made it possible for this multi-cultural hip hop style to manifest in primarily Mexican and Chicano communities here that had for generations maintained a distinct cultural fashion and style. As a result, San Jose may even be more culturally connected to the rest of the Bay Area then ever before.

Being part of the Bay is somewhat new for San Jose. Although geographically San Jose is considered the southern part of the Bay, it has always seemed to be disconnected from San Francisco and Oakland. The South Bay, Central Coast and Central Valley have always been defined by their stronger Mexican and Chicano histories. Chicano identities shaped the South Bay culture, from the apricot fields to modern day low-riding. That is why even today, young Chicanos in San Jose have some of the same interests and fashions that their elders have. In what other culture could you find a 16-year-old boy listening to the same music that his grandfather did when he was a kid?

But with the arrival of hyphy, some Chicano youth are stepping away from their traditional identity.

Mrs. Allen, staff person at Fischer Junior High, a predominantly Latino school on the East Side, says that hyphy is quickly becoming the most prominent way young people are representing themselves. "Before, it was easy to know who's who by the way they dressed, but now different kinds of groups all got a bit of hyphy." Even the gangsters have caught on. Both Surenos and Nortenos, she says, are suited in hyphy gear -- hanging up their Cortez's for Jordans.

Because of this, a lot of folks in San Jose say that the hyphy movement is a welcome alternative for the Chicano community, because it is a different identity than the one taken up by so many of our youth -- gang-banging. Of course, the hyphy mentality is still that of a thug, and one of being rowdy and partying with drugs. But it could still be an alternative to killing each other over gang conflict.

Some here are still critical of the whole phenomenon. Joey Martinez, a young home boy from East San Jose, is not alone when he says, "That hyphy sh-- got a lot of homies out here acting like they're black, that's not who we are." He and others embrace their Chicano heritage and feel that hyphy has no place in the authentic San Jose Chicano lifestyle. Joey says that hyphy is merely a fad anyhow, and adds, "Real homeboys don't sag."

Like it or not, the hyphy movement is here in San Jose. Who decides to get on the yellow bus is up to them.

Andy said...

Pardon my ignorance: Meros?

Wonder Bread

Anonymous said...

Andy said……………………..
“Or is it more like: institutional racism, immigrant discrimination, language barriers, cultural differences, drug abuse, cycles of domestic abuse, some of the worst schools in the country, and a totally fucked-up judicial system have conspired with abject poverty to create a situation where parenting is a next-to-impossible task? “

I agree we need to provide these kids living in “abject poverty” a laptop computer and DSL internet connection to learn computer skills needed in today’s modern workplace. We need to provide them good schools so they can learn web-design and find a good job in today’s internet world.
See how the above kid has used his computer skills to express his Mexican Pride with the nice picture. (Oh wait it’s a gang web-site). Is this the cultural differences Andy is talking about?

I see how the kids in these pictures must be living in “abject poverty” only a few of them have a beer in their hands. And only one of them bought himself a really cool Zoot Suit. Hey some of them are posing with guns, I guess they are going hunting for food later.

Let us take up a collection for Stomper so he may pose with some bigger guns. Poor Stomper has no cash for a 50 caliber machine gun. Don’t you just want to give him a big hug; he looks like he needs a hug. I know he has suffered from abuse, abject poverty and poor schools.

Hey even girls living in “abject poverty” in the impoverished city of Hillsboro, Oregon want to be in gangs. I bet she will be a great mother for her kids someday.

I think this guy must be praying to the gang gods!!! He went to some bad schools but at least he learned his Roman Numerals. I wonder why they love the number XVIII (18) and XIII (13).

Hug a Thug
(It will make us all feel better)

don quixote said...

Wonder Bread asks, (wonder bread,isn't that only white bread?)
"Pardon my ignorance: Meros?"

The use of "Mero" or Mero Homie, or Mero Mero, or sometimes referred to as the Mero Chingons here refers to the Big Carnals, the big shotcallers, the supreme Brothers in charge. Mero is a spanish word or term which can mean, the authentic, the real, the true, could be used like "El Mero diablo" (the real devil) or like "Este vato es su mero mero amante" (that guy is her one and only lover or main squeeze)
It can also be as "almost" such as "ya mero llegan" (they are almost here)
Many many times in the construction industry, mero wil be used as a question to another worker such as "que pasa mano? Ya mero?" The other guy will answer "Ya casi!" or maybe "Ya estas" in other words the first asks "almost done bro?" and the reply is "almost!" or "there it is, done" \
Something more explanatory to the Wallista's might be an example like "who is this hater whitebread or white is right?" and the reply would be "ni modo mano, el es el Mero Pendejo aqui con nosotros"

White Bread raises a good point though when he says that the Drew St. area still has a lot of nice single family homes with good people there.
Many good neighborhoods everywhere have been fucked up by the powers that be and there practice of allowing zoning changes which allow shitty, ugly, multi story stucco box Apartments to be built in neighborhoods of single family homes.
THese Apartments after a couple of years turn into shitholes that are run by Real estate management companys or absetee landlords who don't spend a penny fixing anything unless there forced to.
They end up usually going "section 8" and are filled with transient welfare people who have no roots or concern about the place they live.
This practice of City or County politicians taking a kickback from some "developer" and then allowing zoning changes, permitting these shitholes to be built have fucked up more neighborhoods than all the gangs put together.
Take a look at certain areas a few years after these "apts" are built.
ANaheim, and a lot of Orange County, The SF and SG valleys.ect;
I can recall after the LA earthquake of 92 when these damaged apts were abandoned en mass after the owners, Management Co's, ect; collected the insurance money and just walked away from it all. Shit there were miles of Apts in and around Sepulveda and Roscoe in the SF Valley where "squatters" moved into these apts and looted and sold crack and drugs, and dirty leg tramps were selling pussy, all out in the sunshine with no law at all.
As far as I'm concerned it never will come back and the neighborhood will continue to descend into a cesspool

Anonymous said...

Orale Homies, I think Don Q. might be hura. What choo think ?

He always be posting all kinds of shit here and has lot of tiempo libre. He post mucho mas que otro homies. Tu sabes hura always be in our buisness que no. prompz to this website esta perona yo tambien rifo.

Wacha what you say, hura in our business.

Wallista Tribune said...

Jan 19 2007 at 07:40PM
Lagos - Nigerian police have arrested a cow that killed a bus driver who was urinating on a highway, a police spokesperson said on Thursday.

The horned African cow, which was wandering stray in the Ojo district of Nigeria's biggest city Lagos, also injured several bystanders after killing the man.

"The cow went mad, ran into a bus driver and knocked him down. Efforts to revive him were fruitless," said Lagos police spokesman Olubode Ojajuni.

Some people suggested the animal be shot, but the district police officer ordered it to be taken alive.

"You know what it will take to arrest a mad cow?" one newspaper quoted a policeman as saying. "We applied ingenuity and arrested the cow, which is now being detained at the station," he said without going into details.

Ojajuni said police were seeking the cow's owner to press charges for failing to keep it under control.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous vato wonders:

Orale Homies, I think Don Q. might be hura. What choo think ?

That's a big 10-4..

Gava Joe said...

You know it's fitting that the Lagos Nigerian police force would take a killer cow into custody and hold it for further interrogation. That bus driver was obviously breaking the law by pissing on the hiway, and the other innocents injured by the angry bovine were just "collateral damage".. This whole action is indicative of the misguided focus of police here, there, and everywhere. Incidently, there's been mention of "abject poverty" on this board, and Lagos puts anything LA can supply to shame. Their population is 50% HIV positive, and infant mortality is through the roof.. But I digress and ask this simple question: Are the Lagos cops grilling T-bones as we speak? And will all the jerky and slim jims that "horned African cow" can be fabricated into be freely distributed to the starving populace? I doubt it..

Anonymous said...

For those who want to read other opinions beside SNS, Gava and Don Q. on the race relations in LA and the influence of EME.

I enjoyed a comment about the irony of how heroin addicts locked up for life (EME) can control the lives of free people on the street. I guess a sucker is born every minute in L.A.

Tortillas de Maize

Anonymous said...

For those who want to read other opinions beside SNS, Gava and Don Q. on the race relations in LA and the influence of EME.

I enjoyed a comment about the irony of how heroin addicts locked up for life (EME) can control the lives of free people on the street. I guess a sucker is born every minute in L.A.

Tortillas de Maize

don quixote said...

Gava Joe wants to know "will the horned african cow meat, after being processed into jerky and slim jims, be shared with the population?"
Holy slim jim Joe! It's a popular belief among the Africans that it was the distribution of massive amounts of free jerky and slim jims in UNESCO care packages many years ago that started the AIDS epidemic that has decimated Africa and other third world populations.
Just read the ingredients on the packaging and it'll make anyone wonder if it's just a wife's tale or not.
Also just think about the devious and insidious names given to these products, given the tribal African idolatry of anything with a "sexual conotation".
"Jerky" !!!
uhhh long round meaty "Slim Jims"!
makes one wonder!

Anonymous said...

(^: A masterpiece Sir Devon (^:

Jim said...

I accede to your brilliant observations Joe. Obtaining information from that bovine will be tricky indeed as the cow would not otherwise willingly disclose. However a reminder to the concerned and distressed Wallista's out there, that the purpose of an interrogation is not necessarily to force a confession, but rather to develop - playing on the assassin's character, sufficient rapport as to prompt the 1,200 Lb. bully to disclose information valuable to these interrogators. Although a well-conducted interrogation will not usually involve torture, there are multiple possible options/methods of interrogation available to the Lagos police department including deception, increasing suggestibility thru moderate sleep deprivation and/or exposure to constant white noise and using GABAergic drugs such as sodium amytal... and also the big one Joe. Yes... using mind-altering drugs on the cow.

Marty with the short pants said...

That Lagos story about the Nigerian police and the arrested cow was truly spectacular. Wow! These stories of the men whose training, skill, and courage, have enforced and preserved their national laws, whenever they have been broken, or when the welfare of its citizens have been in danger are special to me as a concerned and involved citizen. In their day to day job of enforcing the law, these proud and noble men and women have come to know many types of lawbreakers but maintain their ground ever vigilant and resilient. They may be the called the State Police, State Troopers, Militia, Rangers, Highway Patrol, or the Lagos Police Department, but these duly authorized organizations, always swing into action in harms way without thought to self. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

"Hillary Rodham Clinton will almost certainly win the democratic presidential nomination and could very well win the national election if she chooses our Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa to run on the ticket as VP. Farfetched? Don't think so. I would certainly vote for them, otherwise I am supporting Bill Richardson. What say you?"

I say, can we leave the political pontificating out of this blog site. Political opinions are like a-holes, so let's stick to the subject matter at hand. Thanks...

StillNoScript said...

Tortillas de Maze, you point out our take on race relations being stale and yet all you have to spice things up is a take by Hispanic Pundit that the EME is really just collecting taxes to support their heroin addictions? Uhm, I dunno..We had that at like... day one? That theory has been presented, debated, and banged every which way like a 2 dollar whore on this blog. We've all pretty much come to the conclusion that some EME members are indeed using the taxes to support their drug habits, but a sufficient amount of that money must certainly be going to bigger causes (like buying more drugs for sale and paying off some 'good guy's to look the other way..), otherwise EME wouldn't be where it is.

So, you and Hispanic Pundit should make sure that either of you aren't one of those suckers born every minute, that you speak of.

StillNoScript said...

If the majority of EME members on the outside were heroin addicts, the EME would be finished. I don't know if you know any heroin addicts, but being organized, being a control freak and being aggressively business oriented aren't exactly side effects of that drug, as these are behavioral traits required of a criminal enterprise to stay above water. If anything, Heroin brings out the opposite effects, which result in what could only be described as weakness in the criminal underworld. And, if EME were that weak, with a vast majority of the powers that be plopped onto a couch and watching the Discovery Channel all day, higher than kites, there's no doubt that an EME adversary with large numbers (pick Maravilla) would themselves start to organize various gangs around the east side that only, to paraphrase Wally, 'grudgingly' kicked up to EME anyways.

EME is in power because most of it's representatives on the streets are, at least in comparison to other underworld organizations in Southern California, sharp, organized, mobilized, and violent. EME's activities simply are not the work of heroin addicts.

Anonymous said...

Tortillas de maize said....I enjoyed a comment about the irony of how heroin addicts locked up for life (EME) can control the lives of free people on the street. I guess a sucker is born every minute in L.A.

Tortillas you obviously have no idea how things really work. The blog that you refer us to has the basic details of what is happening,but the vato doesn't know the details. For that you should hang around here and learn something. Pay attention to what is posted by the people that you mention, and you might learn a thing or two. I for one respect Gava Joe,DQ,and SNS, they have a very good understanding on the subject matter that this blog is about.

SNS your post about that Hyphy movement was interesting, but not surprising. What I mean is that busters have always been different. They try to ride and act like us but they are always a step behind. That hyphy shit will most likely stay regional. And even if it were to start catching out here with the mayateros I have a feeling that it would die real quick. The lyrics are supposed to promote dancing, drug use and all out craziness. That to me sounds like a ticket to jail and a good ass kicking if he don't straighten up real quick. That Hyphy shit sounds a lot like that dirty south shit. It seems that they even dress the same, shit they even wear grills. What else would you expect from busters? There's mayateros out here but they don't go as far as wearing grills. I know that the article says that Surenos UP THERE are getting into it too, but I'm sure that they drop it just as fast when they get locked up. Just my take. Alrato.

Anonymous said...

Another blog about gangs, check out this article and read very carefully.

La Sombra Negra

Anonymous said...

SV VBS and anyone else,

I was reading your info on the B.B's and the way I read it is that a lot of the B.B's are guys who claim Sur from places like Salinas, San Jose etc. and are "gangsters" per say. I was always under the impression that they were more the cowboy types, the regular workers who liked their drugs and what not and ended up in jail.

On that note a friend of mine who does personal training did a job at one of the deseret prisons down San Diego area, training guards on excerise routines etc. and he got to talking to one of the C.O's and the C.O said the B.B's were the up and coming group at least in their prison.


¡Ask a Mexican! said...

I catch the bus every morning in Taco Town. One of your people approached me the other day and, after explaining that he was “a little buzzed,” welcomed me to the neighborhood and pointed to his dilapidated shack across from the bus stop. He was really nice, but are Mexicans usually drunk by eight in the morning? I thought you guys slept till noon.
White breads ghost

Dear White Bread: You got your stereotypes wrong. Taco Town isn’t where Mexicans live but a funny Saturday Night Live skit that depicts my mother’s traditional 4,000-calorie Mexican breakfast. Mexicans usually aren’t drunk by eight in la mañana — if your friend was buzzing, he must’ve not slurped up the morning bowl of menudo that allows Mexicans to mitigate their natural pedo state. And the only Mexicans I know who sleep until noon are college students exhausted from studying and working to pay tuition while their gabacho peers puked away Daddy’s allowance.


The Black Shadow said...
Black inmates outlive counterparts outside prison...
State prison inmates, particularly blacks, are living longer on average than people on the outside, the government said Sunday.

Inmates in state prisons are dying at an average yearly rate of 250 per 100,000, according to the latest figures reported to the Justice Department by state prison officials. By comparison, the overall population of people between age 15 and 64 is dying at a rate of 308 a year.

For black inmates, the rate was 57 percent lower than among the overall black population - 206 versus 484. But white and Hispanic prisoners both had death rates slightly above their counterparts in the overall population.

It’s likely Tookie wouldn’t have lived as long as he did if he hadn’t been incarcerated. It is probably much safer to be a gang leader on death row than to be one on the streets of Los Angeles. In LA, executions happen much quicker than they do in the state prison system. Even if you shoot people and then brag about the sounds your victims make when dying like Tookie did you are pretty much assured several decades of appeals and celebrity endorsements from people like Mike Farrell.
Black inmates outlive people outside prison
Monday, January 22, 2007Associated Press
Washington - State prison inmates, particularly blacks, are living longer on average than people on the outside, the government said Sunday.

Inmates in state prisons are dying at an average yearly rate of 250 per 100,000, according to the latest figures reported to the Justice Department by state prison officials. By comparison, the overall population of people between age 15 and 64 is dying at a rate of 308 a year.

For black inmates, the rate was 57 percent lower than among the overall black population - 206 versus 484. But white and Hispanic prisoners both had death rates slightly above their counterparts in the overall population.
The Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics said 12,129 state prisoners died between 2001 through 2004.

Eight percent were murdered or killed themselves, 2 percent died of alcohol, drugs or accidental injuries, and 1 percent of the deaths could not be explained, the report said.

The rest of the deaths - 89 percent - were due to medical reasons. Of those, two-thirds of inmates had the medical problem they died of before they were admitted to prison.

Medical problems that were most common among both men and women in state prisons were heart disease, lung and liver cancer, liver diseases and AIDS.

But the death rate among men was 72 percent higher than among women. Nearly one-quarter of the women who died had breast, ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer.

Anonymous said...

Andy said……………………..
“institutional racism, immigrant discrimination, language barriers, CULTURAL DIFFERENCES, drug abuse, cycles of domestic abuse, some of the worst schools in the country, and a totally fucked-up judicial system have conspired with abject poverty to create a situation where parenting is a next-to-impossible task? “

I decide I needed to find out why so many young vatos want to pop a cap on our young Gs. I decided to use the internet and get some cultural education about my brown brothers. I looked up “Brown Pride” on the internet and see what it means to Mexican people.

On this web-site I found brown pride is about the South (Sur) - 13 and about the North (Norte) -14. The page is called dedications but they be hollern at each other scarpa hoes and buster hoes.

This page has a picture of young vatos putting up their gang signs. I see the number 13, I guess it has something to do with Brown Pride. I have to do more research.

Another Brown Pride web page with young vatos they also crazy about the number 13, 14 and 18. Why are the young vatos crazy and those numbers?

Another web-site about Brown Pride and the Sur-13 on a Mexican Flag.

You know what, I think I see what brown pride is about. I think many young vatos are proud to be in Mexican gangs. I think the web-site below has the best lowdown about what Mexicans and Brown Pride be about. No wonder so many Mexican young vatos be bangin.

Black Pride

Anonymous said...

Wow I must be getting famous or should I say infamous. I even had Gustavo Arellano take a shot a me and I thought only Don Q. and a few of Wally’s readers hated me. If you don’t know who Gustavo is, check him out at and I recognize his name but have never actually posted on his blog.

But I must clarify a few things first, I guess a few others have taken my name of White Bread and started posting under similar names like Wonder Bread and etc. I am not sure if I should be flattered or seek legal recourse for copyright infringement.

So I read Gustavo’s latest blog and I found this question asked of Gustavo
“Dear Mexican: I’m a 60-year-old Chicano and proud. Why do young Chicanos keep imitating blacks? They dress like blacks, talk like blacks, listen to black music, and hang with blacks. Aren’t they proud of their own culture? Why don’t they embrace Hispanic ways and learn about Hispanic history? Say It Loud! I'm Brown and I'm Proud”
You MUST read his answer I believe he is talking about many of Wally’s regular readers. It is very noteworthy considering the recent posts about the shooting of 14 year old Cheryl Green in the Harbor Gateway area by 204th Street gang members.

I think I have a few questions of my own for Gustavo.
“Why are so many Mexicans vandalizing property and spay painting graffiti on everything in sight. I live in an upper middle class suburban neighborhood and I know when a Mexican has come to visit our neighborhood because they leave gang graffiti behind” Even the mothers get into the act.

“Why do so many “poor” Mexicans have money to buys guns and spray paint, I drive by the same building every day, on the way to work in downtown Los Angles. The L.A. city workers are painting over graffiti every week on the same building. I think the city will run out of money before the “poor” gang members do. I will write you, and let you know who has the largest paint budget”

“Do Mexicans also write graffiti on the walls of the bathroom when they are at home? The bathrooms of every restaurant around Los Angeles always have lots of graffiti on the bathroom walls. Do Mexicans always carry a Sharpie marker in their pockets “

White Bread
(Gustavo Arellano’s ghost)

StillNoScript said...


How can the Norte be trying to ride and act like the Sur yet adopting Black culture at the same time? Can't have it both ways.

It would probably be more accurate to say that the Norte rode and acted like the Sur (albeit a step behind), until about the mid 1990s, where then the Norte established itself an identity of it's own, an East Bay/Blaxican identity. They don't just act Black. If you notice, the style of the Norteno today is akin to the East Bay style of Blacks, as Nortenos in the East Bay probably with the exception of Decoto (Union City..predominantly Mexican area up until 20 years San Jose) always did take part in this culture. Goes back to the '60s, Latino activists like the Brown Berets chapter in the in the East Bay were strong allies with the Panthers.

And, this east Bay style has spread as far as Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno (regardless of them no longer claiming Norte), and elsewhere throughout the traditional Norte region. These young vatos aren't getting 'crunk', or mimicking East Coast hip hoppers. Their style is an East Bay style, and in the east bay itself, from Oakland to Hayward all the way out to Concord, Pittsburg and Antioch, Nortenos always have been that way, even before the hyphy movement.

While, in places like San Jose and Fresno, Nortenos did traditionally act more cholo style as they are only a few generations removed from when a great number of people from these areas that went into the system claimed '13', and showed their allegiance to the EME..before the so called 'shoe wars'.

All this aside, even in places where Nortenos have traditionally had a strong tie with Blacks, a lot of their slang and even the namesake of their varrios is still of the Calo tongue.

No doubt, the cholo style was invented in L.A. But I think even in the old days the Norte had it's own style. Wasn't lowriding invented up here? Oh shit, I smell another debate coming.

Anonymous said...

Is Los Angeles really that bad?
I guess the person who asks that question has never been to Los Angeles. I like reading all the different answers.

What did Randy Newman sing " I love L.A. " I guess he was never there.

Ex L.A.'er

Anonymous said...


peckerhead errrrr wood said...

Panne Blanco dice:

Do Mexicans always carry a Sharpie marker in their pockets? “

Answer: Yes. But only 50% of them still have ink. It's a cultural thing dating back to the pre-ticonderoga times..

Panne also asks:

“Why do so many “poor” Mexicans have money to buys guns and spray paint, I drive by the same building every day, on the way to work in downtown Los Angles. The L.A. city workers are painting over graffiti every week on the same building. I think the city will run out of money before the “poor” gang members do.

Answer: Well this gets into the wicked web of LA politics and misguided law enforcement.. Years back the mayor in his white wisdom instigated a "buy back" program for many of the illegal firearms on the street. Soon it was discovered that the profits on the trade-off of $140. Air Jordan's versus the junk hardware, the beat up Russian .380s and Bulgarian 9mms that the authorities were receiving in trade was non-existant. None of the law enforcement personnel wanted this junk and another slightly crooked "public service" scheme was scrapped due to lack of profit.. At the same time Wal-Mart had a huge surplus of spray paint and for a lg tax write-off, donated a huge supply to the City of LA for any use they deemed fit, so the program gave cases of free paint in trade for the junk gats..
There is an upside to what you may see as a catch-22, that being that those city crews doing the re-furbish work are enjoying real job security. Move over Walter Mitty..

Anonymous said...

White Bread,
Are you sure it's gang graffiti or just taggers? Not saying you don't know the difference but your average "citizen" doesn't know the difference. And believe it or not a lot of taggers are your middle to upper middle class white boys, Asian's etc. Tagging isn't really a "Mexican" thing that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Lowriding started up north? Are you smoking crack, haha! If you look back at car culture you'll see that the white boys and Mexican's of So. Cal were doing the lowrider thing way way back when and the blacks came along with it a bit later. The white boys had their "customs" which were pretty damn low but a different style as well as their hot rods and the Mexican's had their style of lowriders. But you'd be hard pressed to find something anywhere that say's lowriders and custom car culture started up North. Places like Bellflower, Whittier, East Los, O.C have the car culture as much as part of the fabric as gangs and surfers i.e So. Cal.

I posted a question for you but it didn't go up so I'll try again. I was wondering if you have heard of a Norte rapper called "Woody" (I believe it was), he's some white boy all Norte gangster. I found him on myspace via some Norteno site and I was surprised at how many white boy noreteno's there where. Also I noticed some Norteno's are total blaxican while others were for sure more cholo. Back in the 80's in the Salinas Valley they were for sure cholo, there was no black thing back then.


Anonymous said...

StillNoScript said...
How can the Norte be trying to ride and act like the Sur yet adopting Black culture at the same time? Can't have it both ways.

Exactly my point SNS, now you see how confused busters are. The fools don't know what direction they want to go. They wear Pancho Villa and Aztec tatoos but act like Chaca Zulu? No wonder the bullfrogs don't want to ride with them anymore.

To tell you the truth their style reminds me a lot of the Tejano stlye. Tejanos act just about the same way. They wear their clothes like mayates and they wear those fucked up grills on their teeth. Shit they even pose for pictures the same way(looking up to the sky). But you should know better than to say that THEY came up with Lowriding. I will admit that they have contributed a lot to lowriding in general but they didn't start it. The vatos despite all of their faults are Mexican and they do have their share of that artistic gene.

OC the BB question is pretty straight forward but it can get a little confusing. Many vatos up north that claim SUR are paisas but they are Sureños none the less. If it wasn't that they claimed SUR those vatos would be Border Brothers. BBs are paisas that are down for their shit and are used to doing time. Some of them might claim a barrio in Mexico and some are just rudy cowboys that like that gangster shit. They are responsible for keeping paisas in line. What that CO said is true in that the number of BBs in prison keeps rising all the time. But their future and the SouthSides seems to be more interwined than ever. Maybe it's because of the many paisas that claim a barrio and/or the relationships that many have with our BorderBrothers, who knows? Maybe it's just that we have the same intrests.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wally,

This is an interesting blog you have here. The comments are a pretty good representation of why we will always have our gang problems in Los Angeles. I will toss in my two centavitos.

The police are harassing us and why am I responsible for any of the gang problems. I just teach my kids to a proud of their barrio and raza (i.e. pass on the gang culture). Why can’t the government solve the damn gang problem we need more money and jobs. Pass me another Budweiser me and the kids are watching the Scarface DVD again.

I can’t believe the stories my kids tell about what happened in school and on the way home. My kids were offered crack in school, watched 15 gang members beat up on one kid. And on the way home he got harassed and was scared by gang members. Why do my kids have to go to these schools in Los Angeles? I wish there was something I could do or I had the money to move. My kids are never going to learn under these conditions.

I need to get a job with the Irvine or Tustin Police department. Why would I want to work in a city where there are so many gang members with guns who are ready to shoot? And if we ever have to shoot anybody or get into a fight everybody will scream police brutality. They need to work with us for a few months to know what we have to do everyday.

I just had lunch with the developers of the new 1.6 billion dollar Staples Center it is going to bring additional tax revenues to us. I will probably get the developers backing in my next campaign. I need to have lunch with them on a regular basis I really like the steaks at the Palms restaurant.

Damn can you believe all the news stories about those Mexicans in Los Angeles? I am glad we don’t have to live around those people. I see them on the news they are always shooting or robbing somebody. Los Angeles is the gang capital of the country and has the worst schools, I hope I don’t have any of them move into our neighborhood and bring their problems to us.

And that is how the story goes. I hope those mothers can get enough money to move their kids far away from Los Angeles before their kids become the next generation of gang members.

La Verdad

StillNoScript said...


The Bulldogs not 'riding' with the Norte has nothing to do with Black or Latino culture. From the little I know, it had more to do with F-14 refusing to whack a big time Bulldog per the orders of the NF, an event that took place almost 20 years ago, when the only Nortenos that were remotely acting Black were, again, in the East Bay.

I don't know when's the last time you've been to Fresno, but turn to any hip hop station there. All East Bay rap, all day. Keak da Sneek, E 40, E A Ski, Federation, all day long. With lil Bulldogs calling in all day and requesting even more of it. There has to be a reason that, to this day, Fresno doesn't claim 14; But Nortenos acting Black sure as hell isn't it.

I'll take, "Control of the illegal drug market", for $200, Alex.

And, that would go for the whole continuous gang problem in California, including both the Black and Latino violence in L.A., and the Norte/Sur beef.

I said it.

OC, N, and countless others have made interesting points on the 'differences' and 'dis-likes' between certain ethnic groups, but I stand by my belief that despite 'people just not liking each other and that just being the way it is', that the drug trade keeps this wheel turning.

I wasn't ever sure that the Lowriding culture started in San Jose, so excuse me if I hinted toward that. I do know that San Jose and Salinas had a lot to do with the whole culture blowing up into what it was, though.

So, OC, you and I both know that I've said things before that would indicate me smoking crack more so than the claim that lowriding started in El Norte. There's a LOT of people that believe it did, many neutral Califas Chicanos. But, whatever. I have no problem with it starting in L.A. Afterall, I love L.A. It's the city that's going to make me rich.

*roll sound, Randy Newman

StillNoScript said...


Don't know much about Woody or his music. I think he's from Antioch, which is on the outer border of the Bay Area (beyond Antioch, it's all cow shit). Antioch is one of those towns that's half Mexican and half White, and where most of the White kids hang with the Mexicans. You'd have to ask somebody with more expertise than me what kind of Nortenos Antioch produces, but as you could see from the websites you visited Woody seems to get a lot of respect from the well known Norteno bases like Salas and Stockton.

I'm from Sacramento, which is about 50 miles and a million light years from Antioch. The part of Sacramento I grew up in was half Mexican half White as well, and like Woody, this gringo was down with the Brown (culturally and politically, not in the gang sense, where I hold no allegiance...), which also by default put me down with the Blacks and the poor- to -working class Whites. Have to be honest, I'm proud to be from up here, while at the same time I have no problem with Los Angeles other than the racism between it's two most influentual minorities. But I don't mock L.A., that's for sure. Wonder if that respect will ever be mutual?

Anonymous said...

think this guy must be praying to the gang gods!!! He went to some bad schools but at least he learned his Roman Numerals. I wonder why they love the number XVIII (18) and XIII (13).

Hug a Thug
(It will make us all feel better)



Young Veterano said...

SNS said...

No doubt, the cholo style was invented in L.A. But I think even in the old days the Norte had it's own style. Wasn't lowriding invented up here? Oh shit, I smell another debate coming.


I remember reading a story years ago, I believe it was in Lowrider Magazine that explained lowriding actually started in Mexico before they even had cars.The young vatos would fix up these chariots ( think cowboy days wagons ) and cruise the local main strip to impress all the available rucas with their custom chariots.The idea is still the same we just evolved into lowrider bikes and cars.

Anonymous said...

To Black Pride,

Those were some interesting links about Brown Pride (Mexican Gangs).

I thought it was funny when some mexicans say gangs are caused by
1) Language barriers
2) Worst schools in the country
3) Cultural differences
4) Abject poverty

But I guess they have enough education to create web pages about their gang.
Have enough money to buy computers and guns and pose on the internet.
Have enough money to buy a web-site and pay an ISP for internet service.
And speak and write enough english to tell us about their gang and gang bang on the internet.

Thanks Black Pride, now I have a little more understanding about the Mexican culture. Now I am going to the bathroom to puke. The Mexicans are spreading their culture (gangs) to the Midwest as well. I think this why Oprah went to Africa to spend her money on kids there.

Sick of this Shit

SanFer said...

Wallace, Mayor Sam posted this tidbit on his blog today.

Villaraigosas Headed for Splitsville?
We don't know if its true or not but blogger Luke Ford states that all is not happy in Getty House. In fact Ford claims that the mayor's wife, Connie Villaraigosa no longer lives in the mayor's mansion. Ford alleges the Villaraigosas haven't been seen together in public in nearly 10 months and the Mayor is no longer wearing his wedding ring. In fact, Ford says that an unnamed journalist makes the claim the Mayor is allegedly dating a member of his staff. Inquiring minds want to know.

some comments were...

-"Marriage on the rocks as mayor refuses to break off love affair with self."

-He's dating Joe Ramallo

SanFer said...

More on our Mayor

Mr. Ford also say's regarding AV
..."If this was New York, you’d have numerous newspapers and reporters -chasing this Villaraigosa-marriage story."

-The L.A. media are provincial and protective in these type of stories. The L.A. Times similarly squashed reporting on Mayor Tom Bradley’s extra-marital affair with a white woman. (Reference: Dennis McDougal’s book on The L.A. Times)

-I heard one theory that The L.A. Times has decided its future is with Hispanic readers and thus the one-sided coverage it gives of L.A.’s first Latino mayor.

-The newspaper is reluctant to write anything negative about Latino leaders.

Anonymous said...

To the mexican haterz, my homies are poud to be mexicans and why yoo hatin on jente. Don’t be disprecting our raza. We are Aztec warreors and will keep on keeping on. Saludos a mi jente Don Q, SNS, SVBS and Gava keep it real. I got your back homies, even the busters.

Go bill richardsen for prezident we need a mexican to run the shit, he will make us bettr and stongeer. We is smarter then all otherr jente.

old skool

Anonymous said...


don quixote said...

Re: where the lowriding phenom started, just some historical info from this old vato.
growing up in and around the east side of LA, I as a very small kid can remember the low riders that my Jefe's old homeboys had, (we didn't have a car till 55 or 56, 37 chevy) These old veteranos had thier original chevy lowrides from the WW2 sleepy lagoon era with the frenched lights, Phaeton chopped tops, side pipes ect; very nice.
And I can recall some of the Dagos in Lincoln Hts who had a car club called the "Phantoms" (Cathedral High School?) and they were sporting low low 49, 50,Mercs with the chopped tops, low in back with thier placks hanging to the street,also very nice!
I think it is a known historical fact the the LA area was the cradle of all the car craze's going back to the speedways and dirt tracks, the lowriders, the hotrodders and drag strips, the woody and chevy nomad surf wagons and even the drive in cruiser hangouts and the sport car races in the US. LA was and is the car capital of the world and it seems everything emanated from here.

As far as lowriders from up north? Just my experience again, as far back as my parents time when they were kids and even in the 50's when I was a kid, many Chicano familys would pack everyone up, in the summers when school was out,and head up north to the "pisca" ( picking fruit) and we would camp out or live in a little farmer provided house. We would go to Planada to pick peaches or around Gilroy or Morgan Hill and pick plum prunes ect.
It was a lot of fun and we would make a couple of bucks too.
I remember those days fondly, but one thing I recall clearly was the way the people in San Jose or Fresno or any of those central valley areas lived and how different their culture was from us from LA.
They were more country in a traditional Mexican way, they were light years ahead of us in farm and country type knowledge. We even as kids were way ahead in the "street smart" city hustling existence. Those people were great and I really used to enjoy those times but it was like being in a foriegn country. We spoke almost totally in English or Spanglish, they spoke almost totally in Spanish, we dressed, talked, danced, listned to different music, ect;. The country cousins dressed like the rural white kids in jeans and boots, they listened to a more mainstream US radio music, not oldies black oriented rythym and blues like us from LA.
And the cars they had were like "hot rods", like what we used to call front down road sniffers not low riders. These country cousins from up north would be shocked at the stories we told them about gangs and the shit that went on in LA. Once in while one of them would visit us on the LA eastside and would be scared and nervous like a fish out of water. At the same time we kids were ignorant of the farm lifestyle they knew.
I laugh when recalling once when myself and a couple of brothers were walking across a field in Morgan Hill Ca, and a young yearling calf chased us all accross the fields and we jumped over a barbedwire fence tearing our clothes in a desparate escape from this vicious steer.
One of the Chicano kids from there watched us and laughed like hell at us.
We asked what the hell was so funny and he says "watch me, and he goes into the field and confronts a bunch of steers, then he picked up a couple of rocks and threw them at the steers and yelled "get the fuck out of the way pinchi's huevones!!" when those cows ran like hell we thought that little vato was the greatest.
Curious though that in those days we were influenced (and vice versa) by the Blacks in LA, music at least, and up north they were more influence by the Gavachos in thier culture.
Times change

Anonymous said...

Villaraigosa has gained a reputation as a national leader in the Democratic party. He has been featured on the cover of Newsweek with the accompanying headline, "Latino Power", has been featured in Time as one of the country's 25 most influential Latinos. Villaraigosa makes frequent trips to both Sacramento and Washington DC and makes appearances on national news programming and at events of prominence, such as the White House Correspondents Dinner. Villaraigosa delivered the Democratic Party's Spanish-language response to President George W. Bush's 2006 State of the Union address from his mayoral residence, The Getty House. Villaraigosa is the first mayor since Tom Bradley who has opted to live in The Getty House; both Mayors Riordan and Hahn chose to stay in their own homes, Riordan in his mansion in Brentwood, and Hahn in his single-family house in San Pedro.

At UCLA, Villaraigosa was a leader of the group MEChA. Some, such as John and Ken of KFI, derisively refer to him as Mayor Reconquista because of that and because of his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

After UCLA, Villaraigosa attended the People's College of Law (PCL), an unaccredited "community-run law school" in Los Angeles. Despite four attempts, Villaraigosa has not passed the California Bar Exam, and thus remains unlicensed to practice law. After PCL, he became a field representative/organizer with the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), where he made inroads with individuals that would help him make his move into politics, such as James M. Wood and Miguel Contreras, both deceased former Executive Treasurers of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. Villaraigosa was also President of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Federation of Government Employees.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has known for years about his cheating yet the media protected him just like they do the gay actors. If there's one thing the Latino culture is against its men who cheat on their wives. He wouldn't have been elected if the truth came out and Latinos would not have voted for him. If a man is unfaithful to his wife, then he going to unfaithful with everything and everyone. AV has been only faithful to the unions, to the governor, to the city of Los Angeles only when it suits him. AV has a track record with having affairs while married. The man has no character, no morals, and no credibility. How anyone can stand by the side of this jerk and support him is beyond me.

Anonymous said...


I thought that the beef that bullfrogs have with busters came from YA. I don't know much about there beef, all I can say is that when I was last doing time they were still together. But they still wear that 14, they just don't ride with the NF.

You are right though, bullfrogs do like that shitty music along with all of that other rap shit. They just don't act like mayates as much. But unlike the busters who don't even want to speak Spanish, bullfrogs will listen to corridos and other Mexican music. What's funny is that bullfrogs make all kinds of concessions to the SUR just to be able to hit the yard. Maybe it's because of that that they stay away from being mayateros like their ex-homies.

The lowriding culture has nothing to do with gangs. It is independent of that. The fact is that whenever gangs take over the lowrider scene it falls apart. When car clubs back in the day started acting like gangs it almost killed the scene. For sure Lowriding started in LA but busters caught on really quick. And the vatos have made many great contributions to lowriding through out it's history.

Keep at SNS from what I see you are pretty much up to date on shit and your script I'm sure will turn out fine. Just be careful and keep it true. Alrato.

Anonymous said...


One man’s gentrification is another man’s ghetto-azation. Run middle class run the Mexicans are coming. Anyone one lives around Los Angeles already knows this. But some estupidos think people leave L.A. for upscale houses and jobs in the suburbs.,0,708324.story?coll=la-opinion-center

Why is L.A.'s middle class leaving?

Joel Kotkin asserts today, in an essay in the L.A. Times, that "Working and middle-class families are moving out — and failing to move in — because they cannot afford a house here."

He does not, however, cite any kind of survey of people who have fled the city about their reasons for doing so. Rather, he notes merely that: i) middle class people cannot afford to buy homes here; and ii) middle class people are leaving. Therefore, he concludes, the former caused the latter: middle class people are leaving L.A. because they cannot afford to buy a home here.

This "reasoning" is what we in the logic trade call a "cum hoc ergo propter hoc" fallacy. Simply stated: just because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean one caused the other. Just because L.A.'s middle class cannot afford to buy a house here does not mean that's why they're leaving.

Consider another explanation for the massive flight of American citizens from L.A. and California, from a person with one foot out the door:

As a result of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens having swarmed into Los Angeles -- maybe 1 million? -- it is no longer a nice place to live. On the contrary, increased population density, perpetually gridlocked traffic, abysmal schools, hundreds of murders annually, and a third-world ambience have transformed L.A. into a terrible place to live.

Nor is there any hope of improvement, because entrenched career politicians at the local, state and national level will clearly do nothing to stop the problem. Increased population density and decreased interest rates, moreover, have driven the price of real estate sky-high.

So if you're an American citizen who's owned real esate in L.A. for over six years, you have two choices: stay here and watch the city deteriorate even more, or "cash out" for a premium and move somewhere nice.

When I, for one, flee this city, it won't be because I can't afford to live here, it will be because I can't stand to live here.

White Bread - Or Maybe Mayor Sam ???

(aka police, fed, and etc responsibe for every anti-gang post ever made here) lol

Charteusse Pride said...

There is some dispute about whether Lowriding surfaced first in Los Angeles or New Mexico, which has a thriving lowrider culture, but there is no doubt that the cars were developed by people defiantly confronting racial oppression.

Anonymous said...

Every great president has had affairs, its one of the benefits of having power. Shit the ones who don't have affairs should be kicked out of office. One exception is rudolph guliani cause his wife was sick when he did it...thats gacho!

SNS...there's no mutual respect! these scraps keep saying they got your back even as they call you a buster (that aint respect).

remember the hoover crips and how they were all big and respected look at them ...the sureno wave isn't unstoppable...the tide of public opinion in the gang world can change real quick. Most of these scraps are paisas anyways (WHATS REALLY FUELING THEIR SPREAD, IT ISNT LA GANGSTERS RELOCATING, ITS FUCKING WANNABE PAISAS), they can be won over and side with nortenos in some prisons. The sur and Paisas aren't as intertwined as these vatos would have you believe. Sometimes they dig off in the scraps.

don quixote said...

What a bunch of bullshit about Tony V and his supposed "maritial Problems". I for one don't give a rats ass about anyones maritial problems or sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, ethnic or racial composition, when it comes to there professions or personal lifes. Are they doing there job? Are their personal choices affecting there performance? No, well then who gives a fuck! Is my mailman or the post office worker cheating on thier wifes? I don't give a shit just get me my mail on time!
ANd the last poster sounds like one of our recent "mr. multiple personality" instigators who is as transparent as he is a lightweight.
The only thing I would recommend to TOny V if it is true he's a pussy hound is "don't fuck around with a mistress or side pussy that can be expensive and cost you big money and embarrasment. Get yourself the most expensive, fine looking call girl you can afford. If you got to pay her a grand to get laid do it, you get it out of your system, no fuss no muss, and in the end it's way cheaper than a divorce.
Just a little free advice from dq.

Anonymous said...

Used to be you had to be chicano to claim Sureno or Norteno.





Huang Chen said...

Adultery is fornication no matter how you cut the ax. Animals cannot commit adultery because they do not marry per say in the animal kindom. They have shack up honeys but Darwinian law is cheap in the animal kingdom. Can a leper change change his spots? Well niether can a leopard. Heavily hormoned men like Bill "on your knees" clinton, AV, and Jimmy "let us pray together" Swaggart would do wise in wearing those new adult hot pant briefs called Depends, to gaurd against spontaneous ejaculation from reaching pant fabric. That is what we advise customers here at Ling's Cleaner.

Anonymous said...

I picked up many paisas from home depot they were really good at slanging dirt into wheelbarrows. But they wanted me to provide them lunch as well. I told them next time I pick you up for slanging dirt you better bring your burritos and tamales.

Those paisas help me make lots of money doing expensive stone driveways and patios for the rich and famous.

Anonymous said...

More M News:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Governor

We need more money for recreational facilities in the hot desert. Rocky D. wants to send you lots and lots of new bald visitors. Rocky wants to get as tough as the low lifes thugs of Los Angeles.,1,5738380.story?coll=la-headlines-california

Lets’ lock them up Sherrif Arpaio style and save money on jails -

AA - Arpaio Advocate

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles gangs have their own free trade agreement with central america.

NAFPA - NORTH ATLANTIC FREE PELON AGREEMENT,1,6282590.story?coll=la-commun-los_angeles_metro

Anonymous said...

Do you want a room with view, ping pong tables, 96 cable channels.

Convicts do not want vacations to other recreation sites.

How about a transfer back to the mexico jails where many came from.,1,2052595.story?coll=la-editions-valley

Anonymous said...

Great post about your times up north. While not quite as old as you, a lot of that sounds so true, in my case I was from the small hick town, worked the summers in the fields and yes a lot of the Mexicans there dressed in what we would call "hick" clothes, like a American cowboy even years after what the time period your talking about, by then they were probably the kids or grand kids of the kids you mention. To this day a lot of the kids of every color in places like the Salinas Valley trip out on L.A they think it's this crazy place. It amazed me as a kid when we'd come down here for a vaction, everything was so big and fast. Like I've mentioned before back in the early to mid 80's the Norteno's in the Salinas Valley were all very cholo and listened to oldies at that time. There were even some guys I knew who claimed SUR back then, but it was nothing like it is now.

I do remember one day in our math class that all of us who fucked around were in this one Norteno I knew real well tells these two paisas to "shut the fuck up and speak English" when they were speaking Spanish. That shit tripped me out, I remember it to this day. Now I guess it doesn't surprise me that much.


White Is Right said...

don quixote said...
Re: where the lowriding phenom started, just some historical info from this old vato.

Well there you have it.God has spoken so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

What's funny is that bullfrogs make all kinds of concessions to the SUR just to be able to hit the yard.

That's exactly why we don't kick it anymore.Bullfrogs are just wanna be scraps that claim 14.You don't see Nortenos trying to rub shoulders with the scraps

Anonymous said...

The links below have some pretty good information on Avenues gang and the now infamous Drew Street (crack alley). To all my brown brothers who love to read gang history and maybe learn gangs are not always about being poor.

“FBI agent Jerry Fradella tells of the meetings a clique of Avenues held off and on with some 50 members at the Montecito Heights Recreation Center to talk about the blacks in the neighborhood and how they had to get rid of them. “ Maybe we need to build more recreation centers.

“The death of 3-year-old Stephanie Kuhen in 1995 catapulted the gang into national headlines. Kuhen and five other family members were returning from a birthday party on September 17 when they made a wrong turn down a dead-end alley dubbed “Avenue of the Assassins” on Isabel Street in Cypress Park. “

“When the elder Aguirre went off to prison in early 1995, control of the Avenues fell to his 14-year-old brother, “Little Pee Wee” Aguirre. It was not easy for many of the hardcore gangsters to take orders from the 5-foot-4 shot-caller. Testimony from the spring trial showed how the elder Aguirre, through a network inside and outside of prison, continued to direct the powerful drug-distribution network.”

Pan Blanco (white bread, pita bread, fed, hura, , arroz con pollo)

alice van nuys said...

Now why are these young men graffiti spraying our woffer dogs?
Gang members jailed for violating injunction
Three members of a Van Nuys street gang could spend up to two years in jail for violating a court injunction that prohibits them from congregating in public or trespassing in a designated "safe" area.

The prosecution of the gang members is part of an effort by law enforcement to quell a surge of violence in the San Fernando Valley and citywide.

City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo held a news conference Tuesday, in which he described how he used sentencing enhancements in prosecuting the trio from the Blythe Street gang. He also said he's urging Sheriff Lee Baca to revise policy to ensure that convicted gang members serve their full sentencing in the overcrowded county jail.

"We are attempting to send a message to gangsters that we are going to seek the maximum when you violate these injunctions," Delgadillo said.

"We hope they get the message that their activities in these neighborhoods will not be tolerated and we will seek the maximum penalty whenever possible."

The city obtained an injunction in 2000 against roughly 400 members of the Blythe Street gang, which prohibits members from congregating in public, loitering in designated zones or committing crimes.

In one of the recent cases, Omar Maya, 21, and Luis Mendez, 18, were arrested while sitting together in a car parked in a safe zone. Police also confiscated beer, graffiti tools and a drug pipe.
Maya was sentenced to 725 days in jail and 36 months' probation for the injunction violation. Mendez was sentenced to 270 days in jail, 36 months' probation and six months in a gang-intervention program.

In a separate case, Juan Herrera, 22, was sentenced to 695 days in jail for congregating with gang members in front of an apartment building on Blythe Street. He must complete a 16-month prison sentence for car theft before serving the jail sentence.

Deputy District Attorney Jodi Galvin said Herrera and his cohorts intimidated residents.

"They blatantly violated the law because their attitude is that it's their turf," Galvin said. "They want to intimidate the residents, they graffiti everything - you can see they graffiti dogs, walls, fences, poles - and they want the residents there to believe they control the turf.

"But they don't. The residents do."

Woooo Woooo said...

El diablo negrito said..
"Those paisas help me make lots of money doing expensive stone driveways and patios for the rich and famous"

This same guy who use to say brag about driving his million dollar BMW tocar wash and titilate mexican car was attendants with flashy 2$ dollar tips because he so rich an' famous.

This also same black dude who is so incredibly retarded when he use to post "I am very smart! smarter than mexicans and smarter than asians and smarter than whitey, I am zipping by my college courses at warp speed, and I don't attend community collage nor a lack collage, no, I attend special private college with computers in restrooms an lush green lawns".

He den end big bla-bla-bla with bigger promise and fantastic biblical prophecy dat he become giant big new Bill Gates an the next polyglot-talented handsome good-looking entrepreneur. This big idiot use to call himself El Kopy Kat and V.

Anonymous said...

woooooo woooooooooo said ...............a bunch of stupid shit.

I really know that Rocky D. is really posting here to see if he get some ideas on how to take care of business against the crazy cholos.

El Kopy Kat, V. N13, SV-VBS, El Chispirito, Cantiflas, Pan Blanco,SNS, Marty Sin Pantalones, OC Half Breed, Don Q., Sanfer, Gava

SNS will solve the InTheHat Conspiracy/Mystery.

Confucius say, said...

Pesky White Is Right correctly pointed out our very own don quixote, as stating where the lowriding phenom started, and then quipped with

"Well there you have it.God has spoken so it must be true"

Well not quite son,
There is only one God, and thou shall not have any other Gods aside from Me.
However, Mr. DQ does have talent on loan from God. The human brain contains more than 100 billion neurons, DQ has well over 900 billion, perhaps he will loan you some.

Anonymous said...

To Don Q,,1,6675549.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

I was reading you posts and link about the crisis in California prisons. Well I did a search on the internet and found that the total U.S. Prison Population tops 2 Million prisoners.

I also looked at the total U.S. population which is 300 million people and the California population is 40 million people. In other words California has 13.3% of the total population.

If we take the total 2 million prisoners and multiply by 13.3% we get 260,000.
In other words, if California gets its equal share of prisoners we would have 260,000 prisoners in our state.

But the state of California has only 172,000 prisoners locked up. In other words California has 8.6% of the 2 million U.S. prisoners. That is less than our 13.3% fair share of the 2 million total prisoners.

Maybe California has not built enough prisons to keep up the population explosion in California during the 80’s and 90’s?

Someone else please verify my prisoner numbers and prove me wrong or right.

Mr. Math.

GEORGE W. said...

Someone else please verify my prisoner numbers and prove me wrong or right.

Mr. Math.


Anonymous said...

Wally, can you put up some tips on how to pick up girls? I am tired of reading about burritos and avenues and white bread.

Anonymous said...

Confucius say, said...
The human brain contains more than 100 billion neurons, DQ has well over 900 billion, perhaps he will loan you some.

And the average mexican gang banger in Los Angeles has 2 neurons after all the crack they smoke.

Confucius say, said...

Schmuck face say..
"And the average mexican gang banger in Los Angeles has 2 neurons after all the crack they smoke".

Neither DQ nor I live in Los Angeles... our deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family. You are a great American and contribution to your country.

Anonymous said...

Here are some real stats for all of those intrested.

May 2006 - Statistics From the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics

Justice Expenditure and Employment in the United States, 2003
prison statistics

In 2003 the United States spent a record $185 billion for police protection, corrections, and judicial and legal activities. Expenditures for operating the Nation's justice system increased from almost $36 billion in 1982 to over $185 billion in 2003, an increase of 418%.
prison statistics

Trends in spending by level of government Between 1982 and 2003, per capita expenditure, including Federal, State, and local governments across justice functions, increased from $158 to $638, over 300%. During the same time period:
prison statistics

Corrections expenditures increased 423%, from $40 to $209 per U.S. resident.
prison statistics

Judicial and legal expenditures increased 321%, from $34 to $143.
prison statistics

Police protection expenditures increased 241%, from $84 to $286. Since 1982 total direct expenditures increased more than five-fold from nearly $36 billion to over $185 billion, a 418% increase. The average annual increase between 1982 and 2003 was nearly 8%.
prison statistics

Overall, police spending represented 45% of the Nation's total justice expenditure, and corrections accounted for the second largest portion, 33%.
prison statistics

Police protection is primarily a local responsibility; accordingly, local governments spent 69% of the total police protection expenditure in the country in 2003.
prison statistics

Corrections is primarily a State responsibility; as such State governments accounted for 61% of the Nation's corrections expenditure.

From 1977 to 2003 total State and local expenditure for all functions increased 567%:
prison statistics

Police protection -- 545%
prison statistics

Corrections -- 1,173%
prison statistics

Judicial and legal -- 1,974%

Other government functions also increased during the same period:
prison statistics

Education -- 505%
prison statistics

Hospitals and health care -- 572%
prison statistics

Interest on debt -- 577%
prison statistics

Public welfare 766%

(Justice Expenditure and Employment Extracts, compiled from the U.S. Census Bureau's Annual Government Finance Survey and Annual Survey of Public Employment)
prison statistics

Expenditures of State government
prison statistics

In 2003 total justice system expenditure of State governments increased from $34 billion in 1992 to over $66 billion in 2003 -- a 94% increase.
prison statistics

Total per capita justice expenditure of all State governments was $227.
prison statistics

Alaska spent the most on justice functions at $621 per U.S. resident, followed by Delaware ($478) and Connecticut ($372). Mississippi and Nevada spent the least per capita for all justice functions at $150 and $147, respectively.
prison statistics

The total number of State and Federal inmates grew from 403,000 in 1982 to over 1.4 million in 2003.
prison statistics

The number of local jail inmates more than tripled from approximately 207,000 in 1982 to over 691,000 in 2003.
prison statistics

Adults on probation increased from over 1.4 million to about 4.1 million persons.
prison statistics

Overall, corrections employment more than doubled from nearly 300,000 to over 748,000 during this same period.

(Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 2003 (table 6.1.2004)

Prison Stats On June 30, 2003
prison statistics

2,078,570 prisoners were held in Federal or State prisons or in local jails -- the total increased 2.9% from midyear 2002, less than the average annual growth of 3.7% since yearend 1995.
prison statistics

There were an estimated 715 prison inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents -- up from 703 at yearend 1995.
prison statistics

The number of women under the jurisdiction of State or Federal prison authorities increased 5.0% from June 30, 2002 to June 30, 2003, reaching 100,102. The number of men rose 2.7%, totaling 1,360,818 at midyear 2003.
prison statistics

At midyear 2003 there were 4,834 black male prisoners per 100,000 black males in the United States in prison or jail, compared to 1,778 Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 681 white male inmates per 100,000 white males.
prison statistics

At midyear 2003 there were 4,834 black male prisoners per 100,000 black males in the United States in prison or jail, compared to 1,778 Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 681 white male inmates per 100,000 white males.
prison statistics

Between 1995 and 2001, the increasing number of violent offenders accounted for 63% of the total growth of the State prison population; 15% of the total growth was attributable to the increasing number of drug offenders.
prison statistics

At midyear 2000, 1,113,035 inmates (94% of all inmates) were held in facilities that reported having a testing policy for hepatitis C.
prison statistics

33% of tests in facilities that tested only targeted groups were positive compared to 27% of those in facilities that conducted broad tests (random basis or all inmates).
prison statistics

The 1,033 facilities that provide hepatitis B vaccinations, 680 (66%) had a policy to vaccinate inmates in high-risk groups.
prison statistics

Between July 1, 2001, and December 31, 2001, the number of inmates under State jurisdiction increased by 15,713.
prison statistics

On December 31, 2001 State prisons were operating between 1% and 16% above capacity, while Federal prisons were operating at 33% above capacity.
prison statistics

At yearend 2000, 49% of State prisoners were serving time for violent offenses, up from 47% in 1995.

Prison Statistics, 1990 - 2000

Certain Information from the Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin
prison statistics

Overall, the United States incarcerated 2,071,686 persons at year end 2000." That's 478 inmates per 100,000 US residents.
prison statistics

California (163,001 inmates), Texas (157,997), and the Federal system 145,416) together held 1 in every 3 prisoners in the Nation.
prison statistics

By the end of 2000, State Prisons were operating between full capacity and 15% above capacity.
prison statistics

Between 1990 and 2000 the number of State correctional facilities increased by 351. States also added over 528,000 beds, an 81% increase.
prison statistics

Since 1990 the number of male inmates has increased by 77%, and the number of female inmates has increased by 108%.
prison statistics

In the year 2000 the Federal inmate population rose by 9.4%. Since 1990, the Federal System has increased by 148%.
prison statistics

Among the more than 1.3 million sentenced inmates (not including those in jail custody) at yearend, an estimated 428,300 were black males between the ages of 20 and 39. This means that 9.7% of all black males between the ages of 25 and 29 were in prisons.
prison statistics

At yearend 2000, 1 in every 143 US residents were incarcerated in State or Federal prisons or a local jail.
prison statistics

The number of women under the jurisdiction of State or Federal prison authorities increased 1.2% in 2000, reaching 91,612 at yearend. The number of men rose 1.3%, totaling 1,290,280 at yearend.
prison statistics

On December 31, 2000, State prisons were operating between full capacity and 15% above capacity, while Federal prisons were operating at 31% above capacity.
prison statistics

At yearend 2000 there were 3,457 sentenced black male inmates per 100,000 black males in the United States, compared to 1,220 sentenced Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 449 white male inmates per 100,000 white males.
prison statistics

Black females were 3 times more likely than Hispanic females and 6 times more likely than white females to be in prison in 2000.
prison statistics

Prisoners sentenced for drug offenses constitute the largest group of Federal inmates (61%).
prison statistics

Federal inmates held for immigration offenses has increased by 488% since 1990. That figure is higher now.
prison statistics

Since 1990 the sentenced inmate population in Texas prisons has grown by 164.3%, at an average annual growth rate of 10.2%. The second highest growth rate in the nation (just behind Idaho).
prison statistics

The number of Texas inmates dropped from 163,190 to 157, 997 in the year 2000; a 3.2% decrease. However, there was a 1.5% increase in the number of inmates held by state prisons nationally, and a 6.6% increase in the number of federal inmates.
prison statistics

However, at 730 inmates per 100,000 residents, Texas claims the third highest incarceration rate among all the 50 states. (just behind Louisiana and the District of Columbia).
prison statistics

60% of all inmates in the nation are incarcerated in Texas, California and the Federal System.
prison statistics

At yearend 2000 there were 59 female inmates per 100,000 women in the United States. In Texas there were 100 female inmates per 100,000.
prison statistics

Overall, Texas has increased its female inmate population by 18.7% in the last decade. But between 1999-2000 it decreased by about 3%.
prison statistics

10.7% of Federal prisoners are in private prisons and jails.
prison statistics

By yearend 2000, Texas had the largest number of inmates housed in private prisons, almost 14,000 inmates. This means that nearly 9% of all Texas inmates are housed in private facilities. This is only slightly higher than the national average (6.3%), and much larger than states such as Oklahoma (30%) and the District of Columbia (32%).
prison statistics

Since 1990 the number of correctional facilities in Texas has increased from 43 to 127 which represents a 211.6% increase in the total capacity of Texas Prisons.
prison statistics

Texas built 84 of the 351 new State prisons built since 1990 in the United States.

prison statistics

Nearly 600,000 inmates are released each year; many of them riddled with disease.
prison statistics

According to the most recent Bureau of Justice Statistics, 24,000 inmates nationwide were HIV positive (in 1996).
prison statistics

More recent study by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (non-profit) put the number with HIV as high as 47,000; 10 times higher than the rate in the general population. That number has gone up.
prison statistics

TB, which is a lung disease, spreads rapidly through the air in enclosed spaces, infects 1 in 4 people in some prisons, compared to less than 1 in 10,000 in the general population.
prison statistics

Hepatitis C: Often lethal liver disease; spread by blood exchange, infects approximately 41% of the inmates just in California prisons alone; compared to less than 2% of the population at large.
prison statistics

Over the last 20 years, the number of prisoners has increased in every state. The nation’s population has grown only by 20%; the number of Americans in local/state/federal lockups has doubled; then doubled again.
prison statistics

U.S. now locks up 2,000,000 people. More than ever before and more than any other country on earth. And the number is still growing.
prison statistics

American spends approximately $100 billion / year on the criminal justice system; up from $12 billion in 1972.
prison statistics

Crime rates have been stable and slightly declining since the 70’s. The massive increase in law enforcement started in the 80’s and wasn’t a result or caused by rising crime; nor did it cause crime to decrease.
prison statistics

It costs $100,000 to build a new prison cell. It costs $200,000 over 25 years to pay interest on the construction debt; and in excess of $22,000 per year/per cell to operate.
prison statistics

The nation has tripled its prison population since 1980; opening the equivalent of 3 or more new 500 bed prisons every week.
prison statistics

Eighty-Four percent of the increase in prison admissions were for non-violent offense. Congress has barred inmates from receiving grants for college and correspondence courses.
prison statistics

Some states ban parolees from certain occupations, including nursing, physical therapy and education. Bruce Western, a sociologist at Princeton University, found that paroled inmates who do manage to land jobs are paid only half as much as people with similar backgrounds who haven’t been imprisoned.
prison statistics

In many states, felony convictions and drug-related offenses render former prisoners ineligible for public assistance or public housing, and Congress recently cut off higher education grants to those with drug records.
prison statistics

The percentage of blacks among resident population and incarcerated population for the state of Missouri: Percentage of state residents for the State of Missouri: 11.2%; blacks as a percentage of incarcerated population: 41.2%. The rate of incarceration in adult correctional and confinement facilities per 100,000 state residents in Missouri: For Whites: 402; Blacks: 2,306. And another figure: The rate of incarceration per 100,000 men between the ages of 18-64 in Missouri: For whites: 1178; Blacks: 7,739.
prison statistics

In the early 70's there were about 200,000 people locked up in the U.S. Today's prison population of over 2 million represents a growth of over 850% in the past 30 years. And that number doesn't include probationers and parolees-when you factor those numbers in, the combined number of people under some form of supervision rises to over 7.2 million.

Information provided by a bulletin distributed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a division of the U.S. Department of Justice. If you would like a full copy of this document, it can be found at the
BJS World Wide Web Internet site:


Confucius say, said...

Hello "white america"
Guess Who's Paying For The Pay Raise At Airport Hotels?

Hint: it's the same person whom Time magazine named person of the year.

Give up?

It's YOU!

The "compromise" solution is, as usual, to soak you, the middle-class taxpayer.

Can you say sokas?
Hello to my homeboys in East Los.

marty with the short pants said...

Thanks SV VBS for the laundry list,
These are astronomer numbers. No one knows what they mean. We need to have a CPA come in and explain what this all means Wally.

Anonymous said...

Rocky Delgadillo loves his lunches, yes rootbeer and ham sandwiches with the little dainty cellophane tooth-picks pricked through the middle, a side of slaw and a little itty bitty dill pickle. Yes after a hard day at City Hall the big dope looks forward to a couple of hours on his Lazy Boy to rest up for the next day. The life of Riley.


Anonymous said...

Confucius say, said...
Neither DQ nor I live in Los Angeles...

I here many people are leaving the Los Angeles area because of the large influx of Mexicans into Los Angeles has caused a large increase in gangs, crime and the ghetto-azation of Los Angeles.

I completely understand why you left your race behind.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Anonymous said...

This is one tough parking meter man,0,1524569.column?page=1&track=mostviewed-homepage

Anonymous said...

speaking of when lowriding started wasent oxnard a big part of early lowriding, also did ent they have the oldest car club or something? just something i heard before!

don quixote said...

Great info SV VBS, and it sure takes the air out of MR Math and his convoluted statistics and bad math.
( gee by the way you might want to check your sources as I think Califas has just over 36 million habitantes not 40)
ANd he doesn't include CYA, County and City jails, the FEDS, and the always invisible "mobile jails" aka "prisoners in transit" (in buses, en route,) which can and usually is in the hundreds if not thousands.
And I think one of the most telling stats is the 84% of incarcerations in recent years that are doing time for non-violent crimes, (undoubtedly drug busts). The prison industrial complex including our own CCPOA,(prison guards) Politicians like ex governor Gray Davis, who was the prison industrial complex's biggest money grubber,and who after accepting dinero from these self perpetuating pimps pushed through and staunchly supported our infamous 3 strikes = life laws where some 2 time loser steals a pizza or a bicycle from a garage, (and commiting a crime when a juvenile counts too!)and gets life.
SOme hype or crack head gets years in the joint at our expense and some real thieves like Gray Davis, and the rest of the prison pimps get over like fat rats at taxpayers cost for incarceration.
When I read that in the last twenty years or so 25 or more joints have been built in Calif but only one Calif State College it tells me that our system of justice and politics have been purchased by the highest bidder.

To respond to "Mr. White is Right" who says that I (dq) don't live in LA and refers to me as GOD?
Hey Homer! I was born and raised in LA all my life and still reside there. Of course I also have other homes in the SOuthwest US and in Baja Califas Mexico.
That is what a poor Chicano can do with a little hard work and intelligence which is what we Mexicans are famous for.
I love LA and all that it has to offer, despite our problems, And I wish you luck with your desire to move out of the area and to maybe someplace like Idaho or Ariz or some other area where you can relate to other right wing rascist nuts.
Just remember though, The Mexicans are coming, the Mexicans are coming to your neighborhood sooner than you think, if not already there.

PS; Please don't call me God as we Mexicans are very religious and feel that taking gods name in vain is sacreligious.
You can though refer to me as "daddy" cause you know the old saying "Mama's baby, Papa's Maybe!" who's your daddy?

StillNoScript said...

Years Black people have been in America:

App. 400

Number of years at least 89% of Blacks were enslaved against their will:

App. 250

Number of years Blacks have been afforded the same civil rights, education and business oppurtunities as Whites:


From that stand point, Blacks aren't doing that bad. Interesting to think where Whites would be in the event they were a minority in any sovereign state faced with the same conditions...

StillNoScript said...

OC Half Breed,

Have you seen "Wassup Rockers"? It's about Chicano skaters in South Central. There's lots of punk songs by Chicano Punk Rock bands in L.A. that play throughout the movie. Watched it the other night. It's on Comcast pay per view...

It was okay. I expected it to be a lot more graphic and disturbing due to it's director, Larry Clarke ("K.I.D.S.", "Bully", etc.), but, for a change, he avoided the strong sex and violent content and kept it at a more suggestive level. A lot easier to watch.. Clark's a weird dude. Lot's of people in tinsel town think he's a pedor-ass. But, he did a good job with this film. A great story. And those guys (all playing themselves) were a riot. They go to Beverly Hills, the girls there jock them, the cops harass them... It gets serious, though. It gets into the gang drama right from the get go, and gets into the Black/Brown drama a little, too. Good film.

Anonymous said...

confucios say said...

Neither DQ nor I live in Los Angeles... our deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family. You are a great American and contribution to your country.

Look Don Q has a speaker for himself now. Confucious, I think Don Q would dissagree.I belive he does live in L.A.
What is yor response Don Q?

Anonymous said...

SV VBS said...

Here are some real stats for all of those intrested.

The percentage of blacks among resident population and incarcerated population for the state of Missouri: Percentage of state residents for the State of Missouri: 11.2%; blacks as a percentage of incarcerated population: 41.2%. The rate of incarceration in adult correctional and confinement facilities per 100,000 state residents in Missouri: For Whites: 402; Blacks: 2,306. And another figure: The rate of incarceration per 100,000 men between the ages of 18-64 in Missouri: For whites: 1178; Blacks: 7,739.
prison statistics

I thought we were talking about Califas.

Anonymous said...

Heres a prison story I ran across.

Smalling killer silent on prison murder charge
By Janet DelTufo, Assistant Editor
Michael Paul Gaston

Convicted killer Michael Paul Gaston, 21, who murdered then 21-year-old Wickenburg resident Bret D. Smalling in a 2004 Morristown incident, is refusing to cooperate with officials regarding last September's brutal murder of his prison cellmate.
As reported in the Oct. 4 issue of The Wickenburg Sun, Gaston, currently housed in the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) Eyman prison complex in Florence, Ariz., was found responsible for the death of 45-year-old William L. Harris. Gaston and Harris had been housed together for less then 90 minutes before the killing took place.
The official report regarding the murder was only released to the public last week, although the victim's death certificate was released about two months after the murder.
Gaston, formerly of Wickenburg, has been officially charged by the Pinal County Attorney's Office on charges of first-degree murder. The county attorney's office decided last week that it will seek the death penalty.
It is not known why Gaston killed Harris, although ADC officials have arrived at a number of possible theories. However, these determinations have been made without the help of Gaston or any other potential witnesses. Gaston has not cooperated with ADC officials and has declined all media interview requests, including one from The Wickenburg Sun.
When interviewed by ADC officials, all Gaston had to say was, “Are we through yet?” And when interviewed by ADC officials, a number of neighboring inmates said they heard nothing, although Harris was brutally murdered and was still moaning when officials entered the cell.
When Harris was discovered, he was laying on his back under a metal stool that was bolted to the floor. A blanket or towel was covering his head. His eyes were swollen, blood was coming from his ears, he had abrasions to the head, he had three puncture wounds to the body, he had been strangled, and a metal object had penetrated his left lung. Authorities noted that Harris' head was “mush.”
It is believed that the metal object was part of a hanging file holder Gaston somehow got his hands on, possibly while on an assignment in a work program that had not been fully approved by appropriate staff members.
As well, controversy exists as to whether Harris should have even been placed with Gaston due to the difference in their custody levels. Harris was serving a three-year sentence on a drug charge and was a repeat drug offender. Gaston is serving 25 years to life for shooting Smalling in the face, leading to his death.
However, the officer who made the decision to move Harris in with Gaston contends that it was not uncommon for him to assign inmates with different custody scores to each other's cells in that particular unit (Special Management II) when other issues were considered such as race, age, size and the fact that neither were sex offenders.
A technical glitch also exists regarding Harris' overall risk level, which was lowered but never fully entered into the system because of a backlog in reference to a complete overhaul of the prison's inmate scoring system. He most likely should have been moved to an entirely different unit.
Adding to the confusion was Harris himself. Before he was moved in with Gaston, he told ADC officers that he did not want to be moved. He said he feared for his life and that other inmates were out to get him.
Harris, who had a history of mental health issues, had in the past told officers and other inmates that he heard voices in his head. One inmate interviewed by ADC officials said it was suggested to Harris by other inmates that he should just commit suicide in order to get out (of prison).
On the day Harris was to be moved in with Gaston, he said he did not want to move. He was then taken to a holding cell where he changed his mind and said he would move. Officers originally thought he did not want to be moved because inmates in the cluster/pod he was being moved to were involved in work programs. Harris did not want to work.
Just before arriving to Gaston's cell, Harris again said he did not want to be moved, but changed his mind and agreed to go. After being introduced to Gaston, the two were said to have given each other a handshake and they were observed talking about 30 minutes later.
However, less then 90 minutes after the initial move, as inmates were being served dinner, Harris was found nearly dead. Gaston was said to be standing next to the cell door emotionless and speechless, and no other person had been in the cell besides Gaston and Harris during that 90-minute period. Soon after authorities arrived, Gaston got on his knees and put his hands behind his head. He was handcuffed without resistance. Harris died shortly thereafter at a medical treatment facility.
Prison officials have suggested a few reasons why Gaston may have murdered Harris. They believe the tension may have started two weeks prior to the murder, when officials say an unprofessional remark was made by a female corrections officer to neighboring inmates regarding the sexual behavior of an inmate housed in a cell next to Harris.
“There's a chomo (child molester/sex offender) in here,” the female officer announced, as she pointed in the general direction of the cells where Harris and the neighboring inmate were housed. “There is an inmate in here who likes guys,” she added. The thought is that inmates may have believed she was pointing at Harris.
A second theory is that there is another inmate with the last name of Harris, who was housed nearby, and is a known sex offender. Officials believe that perhaps there was a case of mistaken identity.
One witness did tell ADC officials that he did not know what happened the afternoon of the murder, but that he did hear yelling from other areas of the prison that a sex offender was killed.
A third theory is that Gaston was trying to gain membership into the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) prison gang, the largest single prison gang in the state of Arizona.
Found among Gaston's things was a letter written to an inmate who is a validated member of the AB gang, introducing himself and saying he wanted to “learn more about the history of his people.” As well, there was another inmate known to associate with the AB, who was housed in a cluster where Gaston wanted to work. Gaston had expressed concern to ADC officials when the work program ended. The names of both these inmates were found in Gaston's address book.
Also, there was a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler that was thought to be in Gaston's handwriting, found on the wall of his cell that said, “Those who want to live, let them fight; and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”
A number of ADC employees have faced disciplinary action, including termination, over the incident. The warden, who stated he was ultimately responsible for all that happened at the prison, is no longer an employee of the Arizona Department of Corrections.
Gaston, who is currently housed in Eyman's Violence Control Unit, is not yet scheduled for court. His case was reassigned to a new judge when the original judge removed himself from the case.
Some of Gaston's weekly prison privileges include: three showers, six hours of recreation time, one non-contact visit for two hours, and one five-minute phone call.

Damn that harris dude had nothing but bad luck durring his whole time in the can, I guess it really sucked being him. I hope this changes the mind of some of of our readers whom long to be gangsters and go to the big house, JAIL IS NOT FUN ANYMORE!

El Montero

Anonymous said...

Has the sureno movement leadership changed from chicanos to paisas ? Are the generational surenos being eclipsed by paisas who claim sur yet have no deep roots in Los? I see vatos in northern california who claim LA but only been in the country for 2 years. Is that the new face of the sur?

Wally, TJ, OC, MAD MEX, please give your take on this? Have chicanos become upwardly mobile leaving the barrios to recent immigrants who now represent the la gang barrio life? 18 street is a serious gang. look at the money those columbia lil cycos were generating. niteowl running the hoover and shatto locos from admax is impressive. They are known for being the gang who started taking in immigrants first, (clant rejects) and where are they now? apparently running shit. where's the clant compared to 18? the clant prided themselves on olny having chicanos and wouldnt take paisas. look at 18 and look at clanton14....make your own decisions...i don't live there so i'm trying to read between the lines of what i hear here and elsewhere on the net, also what i see on the streets

Its a good question

Anonymous said...

A Considerable Town Peace Treaty in Harbor Gateway
Derek Thomas, living with racial hatred in Harbor Gateway.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 - 3:00 pm
Derek Thomas stands at the fringes of the press conference, listening. Reporters and TV and radio crews are swarming about South L.A. activist Najee Ali, gang-intervention workers and members of the Brown Berets as they sign a symbolic “peace treaty” between blacks and Latinos in Harbor Gateway, a sliver of a neighborhood that has become synonymous with racial gang violence after the December murder of 14-year-old Cheryl Green, killed in broad daylight on 206th Street just because she was black.

As much as he’d like to, Thomas isn’t buying it. There are no gangbangers from 204th Street present at the treaty signing, which to Thomas and other people just means that the gang accused of killing Green and terrorizing other African-Americans in the neighborhood isn’t going to stop once the media glare goes away.

Tall, caramel-skinned, with clear green eyes, Thomas speaks in the crisp vernacular of the Southside. “We don’t know who they was, if they had any OGs there,” he says. “So we don’t know how serious to take it, cuz otherwise they would’ve showed they face, and we would’ve seen ’em and say, ‘Okay, at least they trying to come to an agreement, and leave all this stuff alone, show they face.’ We didn’t see no faces, so it’s still like, we don’t know what to do.”

It’s hard to come away from Ali’s press conference convinced that “black-brown tensions” in Los Angeles will dissipate any time soon. Ali, standing with Green’s mourning mother, Charlene Lovett, does his passionate best to portray the neighborhood as reborn from tragedy and strife, but tension hangs in the air nevertheless. None of this is new, of course, but the renewed focus on Harbor Gateway has resulted in a creeping sense that the old divisions in the neighborhood are always close to re-erupting. Up the block in front of the run-down Del Amo Market, LAPD cruisers are parked facing south, with officers in dark sunglasses leaning over their open doors. People who appeared to be recent immigrants hover across the street, and a few tough-looking guys, both black and brown, stop by to watch for a bit before moving on.

Does Thomas ever come to this store?

“Not at all,” he says flatly. “Came down here when I was a young boy, and they told me not to come back, and from then I ain’t never come back.”

Thomas wears a blue baseball cap, a long Ecko T-shirt and baggy jeans. Tattoos of East Asian characters are visible on his forearms. A little girl called Paris, whom he identifies as his niece, scampers between his legs.

“I was, like, 12 at the time. The school buses drop us off on 205th and 209th. So I got off on 205th, came to the store. One of the guys was like, ‘What are you doing over here?’ ‘Just going to the store.’ And then he was like, ‘You better get out of here.’... And he pointed to the hill, like, ‘Go home.’ Cuz I lived over there. So I walked home and never came here since then.”

Without prodding, Thomas adds: “Then I turned 13 and I witnessed a killing, from one of them, killing my friend. I was on a bike, up there, on 209th. I was 13, that was eight years ago, exactly eight years ago.”

The reporters crowding around Thomas are momentarily silent, dulled by the cold truth of his words. Thomas’ eyes are steely. There is a fresh scar under his left eye. He tells us he once got in a fistfight with Ernesto Alcarez, one of the 204th Street gang members accused of killing Cheryl Green. Thomas says it happened right on these streets, back when he was 17, during his last year in high school. He says he won.

“One day I came home from school in Hawthorne and got into it with him.”

So you beat him up?



“Because he approached us. There was, like, five of them that approached me and my friends. I mean they was intentionally [trying] to beat us up and do stuff to us. Luckily I got the first hit in and got away. We ran away, and that was it.”

Thomas says Alcarez was spitting hate at him before they scrapped. “He was like, ‘204 Street, I don’t give a fuck about blacks.’ ” He never ran into Alcarez again until he saw the name on TV, when Alcarez was arrested in connection with the Green killing.

Did you ever get down with a gang? I ask.

“Oh, no. Some of my friends, they bang and stuff like that, but I don’t,” Thomas says. “I mean, they might think cuz I got tattoos and stuff, but I’m never down with a gang.”

He says he knew Cheryl, watched her grow up near his mom’s house on 207th Street. His high school was 70 percent Latino, he says. “I had a lot of Latino friends, they played on my basketball team, football team, I had a lot of respect for them. But I know when I get over here, I just gotta watch my back. I was never the racist, you know, I’m mixed — black and white and Indian. They look at me like, ‘It don’t matter you’re mixed, how you dressed, whatever, you’re a target.’”

Less than two days after the signing of the “peace treaty” before all those news cameras, and even after Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, LAPD Chief William Bratton, Sheriff Lee Baca and FBI Director Robert Mueller III appear at that same point to declare a “strategic dismantling” of the 204th Street gang, there is another racial attack in Harbor Gateway. At 2 a.m. on Saturday in front of an apartment building at 225th and Harvard, an African-American father is shot. Witnesses say the gunman was Latino.

Wallista Tribune said...

Arcadio Yniguez was barely a teenager when he crossed the border into the United States in 1913. He came from Nochistian, a town in central Mexico; like thousands of his countrymen, he was fleeing the violence of the Mexican revolution. Family legend later said that he had run horses for Pancho Villa at age 12 and even shared meals with the notorious revolutionary.

As Arcadio made his way north, he worked at odd jobs, tending cattle for a time at the huge King Ranch in Texas. He ended up in Chicago, where he met and married Guadalupe Salazar, another young immigrant from Mexico.

Most of Guadalupe's grandchildren no longer speak Spanish and some have abandoned their parents' religion for more contemporary ones.

"Imagine, they don't pray to La Virgen de Guadalupe anymore," she said.

Some are growing up in mixed neighborhoods like Alhambra, where, to the amazement of those raised in the barrio, they are listening to new-wave music, dating Anglos and drifting away from the community and their culture. But some of their Mexicano cousins, like Leticia, remain close to the culture and others are returning to it.

Their elders complain that "the younger generation doesn't know about what we went through."

"I see a lot of kids in college who feel that they don't owe anything to their community," said Jessica, the former Cesar Chavez campaigner, who has returned to college at 36. "We have a lot more of everything than before -- more legislators, educators, more kids in college -- but something's missing."

Recalling the intensity of the 1960s and the concessions that were won, Ofelia is frustrated by cuts in school funds at a time when Latino students are quickly becoming a majority in city schools.

"I see us backsliding.... After the movement, people thought, 'Now everything's going to be all right,' and they didn't continue working at it. Instead, people became specialized, concentrating on their own field," she said, reflecting on her own experience.

Others complain that upwardly mobile Chicanos have become complacent with their middle-class trappings.

Rudy's son William, now assistant dean of students at Occidental College, said the present generation is living "a life of contrasts.... They seem divided. Many of them are being opportunistic and losing a lot of cultural things. They haven't taken the time to look at their own history and develop the appreciation for what we have.... Some of them do.

"I don't know what is winning out." Still, there is faith in La Raza's endurance.

The family's leading members continue to focus attention on family history and heritage and are determined to pass it on to their children. Reflecting a trend in the community, several have taken to calling themselves Mexicanos, coming full circle with the term that Guadalupe has always used. It is a way of connecting with the past as well as with continuing immigration from Mexico.

Ofelia's son, Ben, expressed it this way:

"The family stories-like the tales we were told in school about George Washington-have given me a strong sense of where I've been, so that I can better understand where I'm going.

"I know about my grandmother's struggle as a Mexican woman in a new country...and about my parents' struggles. And when you put all the pieces together you come up with one thing: the importance of family, of belonging to a group.

"I'm the evolvement of a piece of history.... I think that people who have lived on the same land for generations have a feeling for that land. My ancestors have died and been buried here and they are part of this land. Los Angeles is our home."

Wallista Tribune said...


In the Mexican town of Nochistian, where the family's story began, much remains the same as at the turn of the century, when young Arcadio Yniguez walked its cobblestone streets.

Women wrapped in their rebozos and horsemen in wide-brimmed charro hats still populate this dusty town where stories of hidden treasure are still told and folk healers practice the medical arts of their Indian ancestors.

And young men still wonder, as Arcadio did before he began his turn-of-the-century journey north to Chicago, whether a better life awaits them beyond the surrounding hillsides. The average daily wage in the drought-ridden region is about $2.

Pioneers like Arcadio and the thousands who have followed have spun an intricate web of family ties that bridge two realities and perpetuate the timeless process connecting two countries.

Now, an occasional Los Angeles-style cholo, in khaki pants, white shirt and derby hat, strolls under the Spanish colonial-style arches of the marketplace. Pickup trucks with California license plates share the streets with cattle.

On a recent evening, 22-year-old Alvaro Jimenez, a distant relative of Arcadio Yniguez, paused at the town's central plaza, an oasis in the middle of white-washed adobe homes and a cactus-studded country-side, to ponder the future.

Like most of his relatives and friends who come and go between the two countries, Alvaro is part of the latest generation of immigrants from Nochistian. "It is very rare to find a man in town who hasn't gone to El Norte," he said.

Recently, Alvaro returned home after a year of working in California. Along the way, he visited his uncle, Samuel Yniguez, the tailor, in Los Angeles.

"This time I almost didn't come back," Alvaro said.

But he is still not sure whether he will settle in Mexico or in the United States.

"I have family in both places. To me, it's pretty much the same here or there," he said.

Those who remember the patriarch Arcadio's restless spirit and self-composed manner find a likeness in young Alvaro Jimenez.

Asked what he remembers of his forerunner, Alvaro shrugged.

"I've heard the name, but I don't know much about him. He died some time ago, didn't he?"


A sad commentary Wallace, but one that prevails.

Copyright 1983 The Times Mirror Company
July 24, 1983

Anonymous said...

Magical Urbanism: Latinos Reinvent the US Big City

Sometime during 1996, at the very latest, Latinos surpassed Blacks as the second largest ethno-racial group in New York City. (They long have been the largest census group in the Bronx.) There were no street celebrations in El Barrio or Washington Heights, nor did the mayor hold a press conference from the steps of Gracie Mansion. Indeed, most New Yorkers remain oblivious to this demographic watershed, which was first announced in an academic working paper. [1] Yet it was an epochal event all the same: comparable to the numerical ascendancy of the Irish during the 1870s or the peaking of black migration to New York in the early 1960s.

vito said...

I believe that migration to the U.S., from the most unemotional viewpoint, is a matter of supply and demand. Due to numerous reasons, there is a continuous supply of persons coming to this country (not only from México) looking for a better future. This inflow is met by the demand for labor that these persons are willing to do, for the wages their employers are willing to pay.If these two realities didn't coincide the immigration situation would not exist. Let's always remember that there are many Hispanic families that never crossed the border, but the border crossed them. More than 1.6 million Latinos, the majority of them of Mexican descent, call greater Chicago home. It is the third-largest Latino population and the second-largest Mexican community in the United States.

Anonymous said...

Tall, caramel-skinned, wiff clear green peeps, Thomas speaks in da crisp vernacular o' da Southside. “We don’t know who dey wuz, if dey had any OGs dere,” he says. “So we's don’t know how serious ta take it, cuz otherwise dey would’ve showed dey face, an' we's would’ve seen ’em an' say, ‘Okay, at least dey trying ta come ta an agreement, an' jet all dis here sheeit alone, show dey face.’ We didn’t see nahh faces, so it’s still like, we's don’t know what ta do.”

I cannot understand today's hip hop lingo, maybe I getting old fashioned Wally? Who know, but in my time we call everybody sir and mam, this was in 1922. Anyway I lof your blog even dough I get extremely upset with some of the letters the boys send. Bye.

Anonymous said...

StillNoScript said...
Years Black people have been in America:
App. 400
Number of years at least 89% of Blacks were enslaved against their will:
App. 250
Number of years Blacks have been afforded the same civil rights, education and business oppurtunities as Whites:

There was the old Jim Crow now there is new Jaime Cruz gang-banger

Number of blacks killed by Mexican gangs.
Number of blacks denied their civil liberties by Mexican gangs.

Black on The Run

Anonymous said...

Don Q said………………………
“The prison industrial complex including our own CCPOA,(prison guards) Politicians like ex governor Gray Davis, who was the prison industrial complex's biggest money grubber,and who after accepting dinero from these self perpetuating pimps pushed through and staunchly supported our infamous 3 strikes =”

Don Q and former convicts,

I am going to tell you about an insidious conspiracy by the CDC and CCPOA. They have been adding a special chemical to the drinking water in California which induces criminal behavior. This chemical can even entice you to commit three crimes, and even make sure you get caught and convicted for each and every crime. So I know most felons are not responsible for any of their criminal behavior. So lets all lobby our politicians for their immediate release.

But I will let you in on a secret; there is a special water filter only available to rich and middle class whites so they do not fall victims to the crime chemical. If you do not believe me it is available on the web site below.

My sympathy to all those who were caught and convicted for each of their three crimes it was another government conspiracy against them.

White is Right

Anonymous said...

Gathering Wind: White Bread and The Rise of Mental Flatulence in America.
In your book stores soon!

Pass the Advil said...

Reading White bread's-Mexhater's comments may cause mental flatulence. I find myself gulping and swallowing whole inane sentences, and failing to savor any essential character or any promise of budding flowers in his style. Often I find myself full, bloated, even suffering psychic indigestion and mental flatulence with no subtle digestive aid in sight. At such times I yearn for for the prose of Mr. S and oldschool13...

The Wanderers said...

Hello muchacho's como estan??
Let me introduce, I'm Jonny Velvet with my cousin' Vin and Vito. Over there on the car we got Johnny Angel, Teen Angel, Vic, Fat Louie and Carmine. Over there we got Bowzer and Nick next ta Big Tony and Little Tony. On my left is Valentino an Big Joey and we are all gonna sing our song to our brown brothers over there on the west coast.. YO, YOU FUCKIN WOP"S READY...
When I'm the type of guy who will never settle down
Where pretty girls are will you know that I'm around
I kiss'em and I love'em 'cause to me they're all the same
I hug'em and I squeeze'em they don't even know my name
They call me the wanderer - yeah -the wanderer
I roam around around around around

Oh, well there's Flo on my left arm and there's Marry on my right
And Jenny's the girl with that I'll be with tonight
And when she asks me which one I love the best
I'll tear open my shirt and show her Rosie on my chest
'Cause I'm the wanderer - yeah -the wanderer
I roam around around around around

Oh, well I roam from town to town
I go through life without a care
And I'm as happy as a clown
And with my two fists of iron but I'm going no way on

Oh yeah, I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place I roam from town to town
And when I find myself fallin' for some girl
I hope right into that car of mine I drive around the world
Yeah I'm a wanderer yeah the wanderer
I roam around around around around
Lettin' go

Oh yeah, I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place I roam from town to town
And when I find myself fallin' for some girl
I hope right into that car of mine drive around the world
'Cause I'm a wanderer yeah the wanderer
I roam around around around around around around
'Cause I'm a wanderer yeah the wanderer
I roam around around around around around around around
'Cause I'm a wanderer I'm a wanderer

Warmest saludos (Im hopin thats how you say it) to Wally an the crew!!!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the news and saw a press conference in Van Nuys about another police shooting involving a cholo with a gun blazing. The homie survived his injuries, I guess the police must have more sympathy than me. I would have put more lead in anyone one who shoots at me. Those news helicopters have some impressive live news coverage.

Does anybody wonder why LAPD can't hire more police.

Chief Gates

Anonymous said...

That movie sounds cool, I'll have to check it out. A lot of people aren't aware but Mexicans/Chicanos have been part of the punk scene in L.A/O.C from day one with bands like The Plugz, Undertakers, The Brat etc. coming out of East Los and sharing stages with bands like Ramones, Germns, Black Flag etc. To this day it's very popular in the Mexican/Latino varrios of So. Cal and I'm sure No. Cal to some extent as well. Gregeory Rodriguez has mentioned this in some of his books, he should do a story on it.
There is some guy supposedly doing a film on the punk gangs of L.A. Most were interacial, mainly white and brown, some had black, i.e Suicidals. A lot of them ended up becoming full on varrio gangs after time.

Is White Is Right and Black On The Run the same person???


Anonymous said...

check out the most wanted section.

approx breakdown:
98% Latino
1% Mooncricket
1% Other

mayate menace indeed...

Anonymous said...

Pass the Advil said...
Reading White bread's-Mexhater's comments may cause mental flatulence

I am also getting tired of white bread's Mexican hating posts. We Mexicans are a proud race and have the same family values as everybody else. We are great parents and role models to our kids. I personally spend a lot of time with my daughter to make sure I give her excellent role models to learn from. We also go to church every Sunday and have family and friends over on the weekends. Below is a picture of me and my friends from church with my daughter, she is the cute little girl in the red dress. So white bread shut your damn mouth you don’t know anything about us.

Proud Papa

Anonymous said...

A quick answer to that paisa, Sureno question.

The SUR stands for BROWN PRIDE, there is no rule that states that only Chicanos can be SURENOS. There are many paisas that have become SURENOS but the SUR has not been hijacked. A paisa that gets into a barrio will hopefully be schooled by them. If the vato has heart and runs by the rules there is no reason why he shouldn't ride in the car. Any ex-paisa that truly represents the SUR will be indistinguishable from any 3rd generation Chicano.


The SUR spreading all over the US and out of the country IS because of LA gangsters relocating. I think that just about every barrio down here has homies in another state by now. With the exception of MS and 18st if you bump into SURENOS out of state they are most likely going to be Chicanos. DQ once said that he had bumped into some youngsters wearing LA caps and sporting blue somewhere in the midwest. He said they were Chicanos not paisas. I have seen the same in my travels. Chicago, Texas, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, n & S Carolina, Georgia, New York, and even in Gavas backyard in Kansas. Some of the vatos I've met have been paisas but most have Chicanos.

Wallista Tribune said...

Thu Feb 1, 2007 3:32pm ET
Massage chairs recalled after fires

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) - Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. said on Wednesday it would recall thousands of massage chairs for free tests and repairs, saying the chairs catch fire.

The maker of Panasonic-brand goods said fires destroyed ninety-two massage chairs in December and January when power cords inside the chairs' motors emitted sparks.

Too many incidents occurred in demo chairs after repeated use by customers, Matsushita Electric Works spokesman Yukio Kinashi said.

The top-end massage chairs manufactured at Matsushita Electric Works, which also makes lighting, fire extinguishers and building products, sell for anywhere between 200,000 yen ($1,645) and 400,000 yen in Japan.

The company is still calculating the cost of recalling a total 268,762 chairs, which were manufactured between June 2005 and January 2007 and shipped both domestically and to other parts of Asia, but the recall will not affect earnings, Kinashi said.

Gava Joe said...

Scuse me there aint no Mexicans in my backyard. There's a snowman next to the lawn jockey though. This is not to say that things wo'nt change.. There may be Mexicans whenever we get a thaw and I can spark the grill.. Til then it's WHITE very fucking WHITE!

don quixote said...

Curious that the bloggers from up north refer to Southsiders as being not strictly Chicanos but Paisas too, and kind of suggest that the Paisa's are a different race or ethnic group.
Maybe the original immigrant in all of our Mexican American families was indeed different in that they were born in Mexico or even in the small towns of Texas and mountain pueblitos of New Mexico, Colorado (which are almost like Mexico in most ways) but I have seen many families in the neighborhoods I have lived in evolve very quickly.
The kids of these Mexicano's quickly become Americanized and by the time these kids are 5 or 6 years old they are speaking almost entirely in English, and by the time they are in Middle School they are called not Ricardo but Richard, not Jose but Joe, not Guillermo but Billy, not Alfredo but Freddy, and on and on.
Most of these youngsters grow up and move out of the varrio to Suburbia like all other immigrant and ethnic groups have done in the past. Some of these kids become business people some become cops or carpenters or real estate salespersons , some become priests and some become gangsters.
Paisa's kids are Chicano's or American's or whatever they want to be called, this story is as old as America (or in the case of the Southwest, "Mexico") itself and this whole fear by people like White Bread that the Mexicans are going to take back "Merica" for Mexico is just the most recent ethnocentric, rascist, paranoid, fantasy, that is also as old as the immigrants story in the USA

The real White Is Right said...

My sympathy to all those who were caught and convicted for each of their three crimes it was another government conspiracy against them.

White is Right

C'mon dude, think up your own name.It's not too hard.Just because you don't have the balls to post under your own name,why do you have to pick some one elses out of the hat(ha,ha).
Seriously though use your own name .
I can get myself into enough shit on here I don't need your help.

Anonymous said...

So white bread shut your damn mouth you don’t know anything about us.

I know your the most wanted:

check out the most wanted section.

approx breakdown:
98% Latino
1% Mooncricket
1% Other

White Bread

StillNoScript said...


The Sur stands for Brown Pride, as they say, 'on paper', but in reality they stand for power, money, and control of drug territory. I'm sorry, but the fact that most victims of violence by Surenos are MEXICAN, and them supposedly being about 'Brown Pride' just doesn't compute.

And, this goes for the North and their supposed Cesar Chavez, UFW connection , too. Sure, maybe 30 years ago. But today, the typical Norteno doesn't even know a single field worker. According to the official website of that PBS documentary on Salinas (again, you'll have to google), some Notenos today are even robbing the farm workers.

I know some Nortenos. Some are pretty cool. You, I'm guessing, are a Sureno. It's a culture that's attractive and easy for anyone who has even a remote connection to it to take a little pride in it. But at the end of the day, it's all bullshit. Money, power ,race issues, corruption (both liberal and conservative), basically a whole fucked up system designed to keep the ownership of this country into the hands that it's already in.

stillnoscript said...

The name game conspiracy continues. I think an alien from the planet of Uranus has invaded Wally's blog and has stolen our identities. And you thought only credit card thieves stole your identity. I wonder where this will all end, maybe we will find out that Wally Fay is really Chief William Bratton or a college student “punking “us all.?

Brown Pride said...

To stillnoscript,

SV VBS is correct when he says The "Sur stands for Brown Pride"
just look at the brown pride web-sites below.

Brown Pride

Anonymous said...

River plan a flood of new ideas
Proposed $2-billion makeover of Los Angeles' blighted concrete waterway calls for a string of parks, housing and offices.,0,2177715.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Yes all you Mexhater's leave on your jet planes...

All my bags are packed
Im ready to go
Im standin here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin
Its early morn
The taxis waitin
Hes blowin his horn
Already Im so lonesome
I could die don't have to die, just leave, LA will continue to grow.

Anonymous said...


I understand what you are saying about the warped way in which we SURENOS sometimes view BROWN PRIDE. When you basically break it down gangs are involved in crime and there is no pride in crime. I think that every gangster knows this. But when you take the crime part out of the equation the SURENO becomes pretty much fanatical about his RAZA, even more so than paisas. We find pride and strength in our Indian blood, many paisas refuse to even acknowledge theirs. Remember the big homies started their thing to protect our people.

Look homie I've done my share of chingaderas and I've put in some time. I went in a few days after my 18th birthday and to tell you the truth I was excited. Even though I was going to be doing a few years and even though I already had a kid out here I felt excited to go do some time. I have never done drugs, shit I have never even smoked, but I was addicted to my barrio. I learned a lot of criminal and prison survival shit in the county but it was in the state that I was really educated. I was lucky to hit a high level yard and do time with lifers. From them I got my first real books. I called these vatos killers with Phds. Those vatos were like professors. They gave me good advise and through those books they helped me see what the world was really like. I never heard any of these vatos tell a youngster that was paroling to keep fucking up. I never heard any of them telling their kids, nieces, or nephews to fuck up. Fucking up is a choice that each individual makes. The more you fuck up the harder it is to stop.With the money that one can make off of dope it becomes very temping to get into the business.

Anonymous said...

White Bread

Ever wonder what happens to people after they die?

Well that case, that probably wasn't your dead Grandmother I saw crawling into your basement window with a half-gnawed human femur clenched in her rotting maw.

....................Settle could've been a large stick. (^:

TijuanaJailer said...

EME Update:
Danny "Black Dan" Barela died on 1/17/07 "in transit" to Victorville
Federal Institution. With an autopsy pending, the cause of death was/is "natural causes".

Update to come.
Since I had nothing "new" to contribute to In The Hat, I have been "away" (literally) for several months conducting "outdoor activities" and have dropped in from time to time to check on In The Hat without commenting. I simply chose to indulge in the endless madness.
Good to see the maturity level back to normal with excellent contributions.
Don "Q", Still-No-Script (I have to believe you've landed a script by now, guy?), and Gava Joe + many others -- old handles and new handles alike -- are perservering and enduring.
It appears that Manuel "Tati" Torres was stomped to death in what is now known to be an EME hit.
In April-2005, "Tati" became the first inmate to be killed in the Florence Supermax facility which further demonstrates the creativity of inmate gangsters in pursuing their prey.
Copy and paste the following link:

Tati had been convicted of racketeering in the second wave of EME indictments in L.A. and Victorio Murillo - his longtime EME "sidekick" - was convicted in the first wave of RICO indictments.

Funny how things turn out in life. Originally from L.A., both Victorio and Tati took prison guard hostages in the O-Wing Adjustment Center (early-1970's) and, after gaining prison concessions, released the guards and were transferred to Folsom Prison.
Upon their release from CDC, they relocated to Visalia in 1975 where their wives and families became extremely close and the pair handled EME's drug activities in that region for many years.
After the first wave of RICO counts vs. EME, Victorio was released and then executed by EME with Tati in agreement to Victorio's demise.
.... and the beat goes on.

Peace .........

Anonymous said...

Whats up with the Pen1 or Peni skins ? They have been making the news lately.

Wallista Tribune said...

Great Caesar's ghost...I think were gonna die from shock and joy!
Roll out the purple carpet and sound the trumpets there is royalty amoung the hoi polloi...
Great welcome Professor emeritus and our much respected TJ...welcome.

don quixote said...

"Gava Joe says:
Scuse me there ain't no Mexicans in my back yard. There's a snowman next to the lawn jockey though. This is not to say that things won't change.. There may be Mexicans whenever we get a thaw and I can spark the grill...
Till then it's White very fucking White!"

Joe I hope your being facetious cause I get to Kansas once in a while, KC, Dodge City, Topeka. And way back when I did a lot of road trips to Lawrence cause the drugs that the UK gavachos were doing mostly came from the east side of LA supplied by the big fellas and set up by a hooked up Chicano and wounded Viet Nam Vet who spent a lot of recuperation not at Ft. Riley where he was supposed to be, but being a connection for the Carnals and making a shit load of lana in Lawrence. The profit to be made then was triple what it was in Califas.
Anyway I digress, the point being that I see a lot of raza everywhere in Kansas when I'm there. In KC Kansas along the State St corridor the Mexicans are moving out the Mayates like what's happening in So Central LA and Compton, just like in St Louis and Denver.
Mexicans by the way have no aversion to snow as I have seen Mexicans doing all the work at ski areas like Mammoth, Tahoe, and all the resorts in Colorado.
And today I read in the local rag that the head chingon at Swift Co. (one of the worlds largest meat packing corporations) is saying that the recent immigration raids targeting "illegal aliens" in 5 or 6 midwestern states including Kansas, was a scam and a publicity stunt by the Feds and the Bush Admin. According to this spokesman the workers are almost all back to work and if it wasn't for the Mexicans the meat packing industry would be hard pressed for workers cause who the hell else want's to live in Greely Co., Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas (no offense Joe).
It seems all the midwesterners have left thier homes,(like the immigrant Mexicans) and migrated to places like Arizona, Calif, Texas, and Mexico!
Places where the weather is warm and you can get a Mexican nanny,gardener,car wash attendent, someone to walk the poodle, day labor at the "Home Depot" very very reasonable.
And a word to the wise Joe! When you use terms describing Kansas and your backyard as "White, very fucking White"!,be afraid, very afraid, cause someone may be influenced, someone like our own house rascist "White Bread aka White is Right" and he might move right into your varrio and want to hang out with you at all hours when while your trying to BBQ and smoke a leno and drink a brewski. You would be bombarded adnaseum by diatribes on the Mexicans and how fucked up Calif is and how even at the post office instructions are in Spanish!After awhile you would want to move back to the Sunbelt with all the ex Kansas snowbirds!

PS; Before I sign off here GJ I'm just curious about the "lawn jockey" in your yard,I hope that lawn jockey looks like Martin Lawrence and not some vato in a sombrero and serape, cause I wouldn't want to see you get put in the hat, the Mexicans are truly everywhere even in Kansas.
"Only the Shadow Knows!"

Anonymous said...

SVBS said........

"I was lucky to hit a high level yard and do time with lifers. From them I got my first real books. I called these vatos killers with Phds. Those vatos were like professors. They gave me good advise and through those books they helped me see what the world was really like."

Sorry to use you as an example SV BS. But I read what you said I almost fell off my chair. I hope all of Wally's readers read those words carefully an read them a few times.

He says "he was lucky to learn what the real world was like from killers". What kind of skewed view of the world do you think that is going to be?

I was also surprised by his comment about "SUR being about Brown Pride". Well my mother and tia taught me a different Brown Pride.

Well I would rather get my education from UCLA professors and learn to adapt, survive and really thrive in the other "real" world.

Holy Shit Batman

Gava Joe said...

Point of note DQ. My lawn jockey is multi-ethnic. He's been "pink" as in Anglo, and yes "brown" as in Chicano. Currently he's looking a lot like Eddie Murphy with the bright eyes and crimson smile.. I bought him at an antique auction several yrs back and have caught flak from the locals about how its a symbol of "Jim Crow" racism and it ought to be hidden in the barn. In order to appease their sensitivities I painted him "Anglo" then you shoulda seen the fur fly! Kansas is no more and no less racist than anywhere else in America.. I knowingly chose this place for the very reasons you allude to in your comment. It's a hard place to live, and generally if you're here it's because you want to be here. If you're a transplant like me, its probable you're "crowd shy" and a borderline hermit like Joe.I recall nearly 25 yrs ago when I came out here the folks mostly looked at me out the side of their heads because I "talked so fast".. It took me years and a substantial amt of that ganja to s-l-o-w down..Now I'm just another 6th generation California transplant with a lawn jockey and a nasty cough..

don quixote said...

Tijuana Jailer! what a pleasure to see your name here again and as always be able to read your always great and informative posts. And who else could give us the real scoop on Tatti's and Black Dans (old veterano from the hole in White Fence I believe),demise and what really went down at Florence.

Funny how a lot of the bloggers think that these OG Carnals are just about gone due to age and expediency, but there are still a lot of them around and when one recalls how long the old LCN shotcallers held power and at what age. Sam "Momo" Giancanna, Joe Bonanno, the Gambino's, even old ass Meyer Lansky into thier 80's, and in comparison the OG Carnals are only in their late 50's to 60's (with a few over 70) it's obvious they'll still be with us for a while yet.
Again, good to hear from you Tijuanero, give us an update on the book "From alter boy to hitman".

PS, I would recommend you wait until Wally's book "The Mexican Mafia" hits the charts before you release your libro cause this Wally is a real pusher and go getter, and why not let him do all the legwork and spend his lana on greasing the publicity wheel.
Wait till the public is screaming for more on the Mero Mero's then you are "Johnny on the spot" with more "chow" to appease the public's appetite for "underworld action".
Keep this on the qt, timing is everything,

Gava Joe said...

Holy Shit Batman -Wisdom is where you find it, and may only become "wisdom" after it's proved its worth.. I too have sat at the feet of men who society banished. Their words always came carefully, never offhanded because they were born of experience and hard knocks.It's rare that an old lifer is going to lie when dispensing a few gems, unless of course he's running a game..

Damn! Look up there. It's a bird it's a plane it's Tijuana Jailer..
Welcome back hombre.

Anonymous said...

Good to see T.J back, the man has some of the best info a long with Wally, the new comers should go back and read his old post!

To anonymous regarding PEN1, they busted about 75 of them recently here in O.C in one of those big gang sweeps the cops like to put on the news. Most of those 75 probably walked. But supposedly they had a hit list of several cops and a prosecuter and the authorties didn't like that to much. One of the raided houses was just down the street from me. I've heard they're running things for the woods in OCJ and with NLR on lock down they're the new white boys to watch for. They've been around since the early to mid 80's punk rockers and skinheads that formed PEN1 that went to gigs and fought just like LADS, SS LADS, Suicidals, LMP etc.

PS. I'm curious what people think of when a white guy or skinhead has white pride tattooed as opposed to white power. Most people automatically have a negative response but I see a lot of the vatos like SVBS states with "Brown Pride".


Anonymous said...

White Bread here,

been sitting in the bath tub for two hours.

Oh, I'm not alone. I've got over one hundred live goldfish in here with me, also.
I'm attempting to teach them our language.

Your are saying: that is pointless. Fish don't have vocal chords.

I'm well aware of that, Wallista's. I was referring to the "international language."

Anonymous said...

The chismosos here of TheTheHat have placed Mayor V. personal life in the news. CBS news in L.A. just ran a news story about marital problems of the mayor. So much for the mayor being potected by the local news media.

Another interesting news story below, you better be careful when dating mexican women.

R.I.P. SnowConeMan

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
He says "he was lucky to learn what the real world was like from killers". What kind of skewed view of the world do you think that is going to be?

It's cool, use me as an example. I know that the mentality that I had at that time is the same that many youngsters have now about their Barrios now. But before you talk shit read carefully and remember I was only 18 years old. I went from high school straight to the joint with a stop at the LA County Jail. I had given up doing school work in 10th grade. So when these vatos put books in my hands I was tripping out. Being that we would get locked down in our cells most of the time I got to read many books. Books on history, politics, economy, and military. Authors like Chompsky, SUN TZU, Acuna, Machiavelli, Zinn, just to name a few. They showed me how important it was to stay on top of everthing. What I learned is not very different from what you would learn at UCLA. I have adapted and survived pretty good so far, so I would say that they gave me some good advise. I make a good living LEGALLY and I am getting ready to put my son through Collage. So you see I was lucky to hit that yard wouldn't you say?

StillNoScript said...

First off, welcome back, T.J. We really thought you'd been scooped up by the feds and were helping them build a case to throw us all into Camp Gitmo, in an effort by the government to ban any talk of gangs that isn't based on the premise of them being nothing more than criminals and terrorists. :)

Brown Pride, thanks but no thanks. Although I disagree with SVBS on Sureno gang members truly being about Brown Pride, I get where's he's going with it and do believe there's a grain of truth in what he's saying. I just believe that whatever ethnic pride gangs may have founded themselves has since been completely corrupted by the thirst for power and money. This goes for all of them. Sur, Norte, Crips, Bloods, The Bush Administration, The Teamsters, any powerful group willing to bend or break the law to gain power and willing to get rid of anyone in it's way, by any means necessary.

And, since we're throwing in links to photos of gang members (in what I'm guessing is to make a condescending 'I told you so' sort of point..), allow me to post this link, for HISTORICAL purposes, not to prove anyone right or wrong.; It should be known that this site seems to be put together by gang members themselves. So, you know what to expect in that regards. However, I noticed some interesting photos there ranging back to the early '70s. We all have our feeling on gangs, but these photos, rather you like them or not, truly represent a chapter of Los Angeles history. There are a lot of photos of a Clanton member named 'Dragon', ranging from his early teens in the early '70s to his forties. Just his look in every picture tells it's own story of where gangs were 30 years ago up to where they are now. Found it to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

R2K (a New Yorker) gave this compliment to TijuanaJailer on his blog.

At 5:17 AM, Booya said...
There's a a lot of action that goes on in the comments section. I'm not sure that everyone who logs on takes the time to read all the comments. Some are just too good to leave there. I picked this one to run as a post because it's important and it's the absolute straight deal. You're not going to hear anything more authentic than this. It's from regular commenter TIJUANAJAILER. This is the gospel. Everything between quote marks is his. Enjoy and be edified.

"Before people get their feathers ruffled any further it is important to understand that the EME, AB, BGF and NF (California's AXIS of EVIL) does not care about ethnic pride. From Day One, EME began exploiting fellow Chicanos. According to one former EME member's description: "they are an Equal Opportunity Exploiter". End of story. The NF formed out of their being abused by EME and they evolved into a criminal cartel with NO regard (I repeat NO regard) for their people, be they campesinos or northern California gang members. If anyone is being "punked" (as many posters are fond of saying), it is the north AND south gang members by these two groups. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
The AB started out as biker "types" and white racist, black-hating warriors. They too evolved into gangsters who could care less about white supremacy and more about the green almighty dollar. The BGF, led originally by James "Doc" Holliday has long since surrendered its
anti-establishment ideology for good old capitalist living. I doubt that the proceeds from their meth labs go back to furthering the "Black Cause".
There are two historical components to the EME-AB alliance and the NF-BGF alliance. There is the racial component and the power component. In prison, it was well known that the blacks and whites were "natural" enemies. Due to the color of their skin, this "natural" racial divide would always separate these groups.
When the EME emerged, they were into power and control and they didn't care who you were nor what color your skin was. Domination, exploitation and terrorizing (there's that dreaded word again) the main population was what they were about. Their power struggle was one that was fresh from the CYA, county jail facilities and wherever Chicanos and Blacks were housed together. The fact that they shared similar social plights on the outside was not a relevant factor on the inside. They never thought about the fact that they indeed shared common dilemnas.
So understand this: EME and southern gang members never really hated blacks because of the color of their skin but more because of the numerical threat they represented. It was about power. Those of you who have done time for many years (especially those of you who were "state raised") will attest to the fact that a handful of Chicanos could confront a large group of blacks and send them "running" like a stampede of cattle by just blinking their eyes.
Then you had your "cream of the crop". The BGF and hard core radicals. They actually respected and admired EME members. In fact, when George Jackson, Hugo "Yogi" Pinell & company decided to take over the San Quentin Adjustment Center, who was there fighting alongside them: Luis "Bala" Talamantez and Louie "Rock On Lou" Lopez, two fierce EME enforcers. In an unholy alliance, they "teamed up" to execute three (3) prison guards and left a stack of injured guards in a cell presumably dead. Read the following link for some interesting stuff:
There is a strange bond (sealed in blood) that unites the EME and the BGF. Their old timers could probably swap some very interesting war stories.
Their unique power struggle was joined by two other groups with axes to grind. The AB loved the fact that the EME's power struggle with BGF (mostly in the CDC's lock-up units) dove tailed perfectly with their "racial" struggle against the black militants. They became EME's natural allies in this battle. Then the NF entered the scene. Their agenda was to resist EME's exploitation of "farmers" and oppressed raza and the flag they initially flew was the flag of ridding oppressed people from the tyranny of La EME. Of course, they found a natural ally in the BGF. Once the NF found themselves effectively separated from EME members, their agenda changed to organized criminal endeavors and this North-South thing became a way of keeping the proverbial pot stirred for the purpose of maintaining control over nortenos (NF) and surenos (EME). And life became a "beautiful" thing for these groups.
There was no real "love" between EME and AB, just a common "business goal". There was no real "love" between NF and BGF, just a self-serving and common "business goal". The prison administration played a major role in "divide and conquer" (as the convicts liked to say) but it was really "divide and control".
Had the prison administration not succeeded in separating these groups there is absolutely no doubt that EME and AB would have run the Yards today and life in prison (if you think it is a horrible experience today) would have been sheer misery.
For all the posters (farm workers specifically) who become offended at the "farmero" label, you should not. First off, Northern Farmers (NF) was a derisive term which originated in late-1970 at San Quentin. EME and NF had a prearranged "cease fire" at that time. A then future EME member by the name of Ramon "Mundo" Mendoza (aka: Machine Gun Mundo) from VNE in Boyle Heights (East L.A.) began referring to them by this term. This wasn't a secret thing as he actually addressed NF members to their faces on the upper yard. It was Mundo's hope that they would get angry enough to break the truce since he could not "fire the first shot" and get the EME upset.
The NF put up with Mundo's abuse and he later would be responsible for the killing of (5) NF members and (2) BGF members both in and out of prison before he defected.
Through the years, EME and its allies have succeeded in getting under the skin of Northern Cal gang members by referring to them as "country yokels", farmers, fruit pickers, etc. Now you know that this is not a literal insult but a continuation of the derisive and disrespectful behavior directed at what EME has always and will always consider an inferior breed of Chicanos. Although we all know this is not true, this is their attitude guys.
With no axe to grind, I hope this enlightens some who maybe needed to see some of this in some organized perspective.

There you have. Lots to think about and consider. Many thanks to TJ JAILER. Keep 'em coming.

Now You Looky Here said...

Today we must all be aware that protocol takes precedence over procedure in the gateway shootings. However you say what does this mean… in relation to the tabulation whereby we must once again realize that the great eMe fiction story is now being rehearsed before our very eyes, indicating that only an American writer or Joe Morgan can receive…the award for fiction, unlike Solzinitski whose fiction does not hold water. This in itself is an edifice of the great glory that has gone beyond, and the intuitive feeling of the American people, based on the assumption that the intelligence not only as Mencken once said, “He who underestimates the American pubic – public, will not go broke.” This is merely a small indication of this vast throng gathered here to once again behold and to perceive that which has gone behind and to that which might go forward into the future…we’ve got to hurdle these obstacles. This is the MAIN deterrent upon which we have gathered our strength and all the others who say, “What the hell did that get?” – WE DON’T KNOW. And you sit there bewildered, and Homeland Security who went further said “It is not the lack of communication but fear of communication.” THAT’S WHAT THE GODDAMN THING IS that we fear – communication. Oh but we have no paranoia, and Former Vice President Al Gore has attained, and has created for himself serenity, and it is only the insanity that has kept him alive in his paranoia. Yes I will buy Wally's book but only for the sake of mankind that we put this behind us but in front of the horse so we may see were we are being taken.

Bay Luv said...

This is from Silicon Valley DeBud
Good Site Script...

I Am My Rooster”
East Palo Alto Film Maker David Cruz on His Documentary on Bay Area Rooster Fighting
Story and Videos by David Cruz
Photo by Donna Choi

Recently, I made a short film called “The Death of a Rooster Fighter” exposing the Bay Area rooster fighting scene. As a youngster growing up in East Palo Alto, I would see my uncles and neighbors training their roosters and involved in an underground economy that initially attracted me to this subject. So little is known about rooster fighting, and even less about the lives of the people who live to raise roosters. The video we made followed the story of a 19-year-old young man in East Palo Alto named Marco who continues the sport as it was passed down in each generation of his ancestry.

From behind the camera, I was able to show a young Chicano rooster fighter speak about his love of God, this sport and his animals. At one point, when asked to respond to critics who say rooster fighting is cruelty to animals, Marco said that he cared deeply for his rooster. He went on to say, “I am my rooster.” There was also a unity that was fostered between Marco and his dad as a result of their passionate participation in caring for the roosters, something empowering for our community where fathers are often missing. Beyond the story of Marco the film tried to speak to the concept of freedom of culture, and the reasons why the activities people of color involve themselves in are criminalized such as sideshows or graffiti.

As I sat editing this film, I connected the life of a fighting rooster to the life of many young Chicanos growing up in the Bay Area. Our people who are in ghettos or cages and treated in ways that only foster anger and despair, leaving us with nothing more than respect to defend or kill for. As the director, just the framing of the film became an issue. Audiences bring so much to the table when the words “rooster fighting” are uttered, that just figuring out how to present the film was important to me. My main concern was the representation of the sport in a wholesome way and how it affected our main character Marco. I wanted to stay clear of reproducing stereotypes such as “Machismo”(or male sexism) or violence in the Chicano community. The problem that faced me as a filmmaker was not making a gangster film. Our film followed our young character Marco loading his gun, gambling, drinking beer and of course training and actually fighting one of his roosters. But when I started showing the film, my critics blasted the rooster fighting scene and the very concept of a rooster fighting and dying, regardless of the much deeper story we were telling about the life of a rooster fighter.

The film screened at the 29th Annual Ethnic Studies Film Festival at UC Berkeley, along with a question and answer session with me and the crew. Hands shot up, from an audience mainly attacking the fact that a rooster was killed in the film, highlighting the animal brutality that they felt was unnecessary. I stood there wondering what questions I would have received if the rooster fight was not included, maybe audiences would have seen Marco for who he is and not what he kills.

Bay Luv said...

Rooster cont...

The real question that should have been raised however is why Latinos are not present in the media? Why aren't there films that deal with different elements of our culture? What would push generations of young men in the Bay Area to involve themselves in an activity such as rooster fighting that could take their lives?

I recognize the negative images already set out there about Mexican-Americans, and my intentions were not to reinforce those, however it was to put the spotlight on an alienated part of our culture that regardless of its violence or illegal activity must be given a time to speak. As a film-maker, I could finally present East Palo Alto to the world, and the conditions my people face. Who else could tell a story about rooster fighting, other than Marco himself?

If nothing else, I believe any story told by a member of my community, holds a great value and the more violent it is, the more we should look to America and the rooster fight it puts us in.

Bay Luv said...

Rooster cont...

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Anonymous said...

LAPD News Release
Friday, February 2, 2007

Gang Drive-By Shooting in Valley

“Los Angeles: A day time drive-by shooting claimed the life of a 17-year-old in North Hills on Wednesday, January 31, 2007. Detectives are looking for two Hispanic teens, but have little to go on.

The shooting occurred around 12:45 PM, when two teens drove up to Daniel Martinez, a Van Nuys resident, in the 15500 block of Nordoff Street. After some kind of a verbal exchange, one teen fired from the car, striking Martinez. More bullets struck a nearby apartment building. The suspects sped away in the car.

Responding police officers found Martinez lying on the sidewalk, shot in the chest. He died a short time later at a local hospital. Detectives believe the shooting is gang related.”

And the killing by the young and crazy gang members continues, just another day in Gotham City.
Robin; get the bat-mobile we have lots of criminals to apprehend.


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why did my comments not get posted?

White IS Right said...

Anonymous said...
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why did my comments not get posted?


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I said the media is as much to blame for the sureno wave as anyone. They glamorize gang life to these impressionable paisa kids who then all wish to become LA gangmembers. I also said that one way to stop the sureno spread is buy adopting a paisa and making him wear red. Is that so bad?

Anonymous said...

hey sounds good to me , but Wally's a sureno sympathyser so he doesn't like to post anything having to do with red or nortenos unless it sheds some bad light on them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wonder about that. I'm guessing that by Chicanos fighting with blacks, the eme can ensure sympathy and support from the whole community. Blacks are the perfect enemy if you wish to find an enemy to unite raza. Maybe its less about a powerplay because EME already has the power and has had it for a long time now. MAYBE ITS ABOUT UNITING THE MEXICANS AGAINST A COMMON ENEMY TO CONSOLIDATE THEIR POWER NOT ONLY OVER LA BUT THE MEXICAN COMMUNITY ACCROSS THE US. I wonder why Eme lets wally draw so much heat to the fact a race war is going on...unless they want it to be known by everyone that they are the answer to mayate menace.