Saturday, February 03, 2007

It looks like nobody except the Governor wants to export CDC inmates to other states. Because of overcrowding and the threat of a Federal takeover of the State prison system, the quick solution seems to be sending inmates out of state to privately owned prisons. The activists like the Prison Law Office don't want it. And neither does the correction officer's union. It's rare when those two bodies find themselves in agreement on anything.

The CO's union, naturally, wants California to build more prisons and hire more COs, something that will naturally swell the ranks of the union and make it even more powerful than it already is. The CO union has a lot of juice in Sacramento and calls a lot of shots that shape policy. The activists don't want it because they claim it's runs counter to the State constitution.

And then, of course, the inmates and their overlords don't like it either because it erodes some of their power. A quote from the LA Times article this morning:

"Many others [inmates] were dissuaded from volunteering [for transer out of state], officials said, by prison gang leaders and rumors that a court-ordered prison cap could force the early release of thousands of convicts.

One of the weird wrinkles is that the owners of these out of state prisons played some CDC inmates a 20 minute commercial on how nice their prisons are. The commercial showed the good food, recreational activities, cable TV and other amenities. The pitch sounds so good, you have to wonder if they'll start selling time shares in the tiers. "It's not just prison, it's a vacation." "Tennessee prisons: more than doing time, it's an adventure." "The cells of New Mexico: a land of enchantment." I think we should put our heads together to come up with some catchy headlines and send them to the Governor.


Anonymous said...

If the inmates need a reward to move on then maybe the state ought to dangle 5-1(5 days in 1 day off) sentence time off for good behavior as well as acceptance for transfer. A lot of inmates can reach for that and the state can justify it if they are minimum security prisoners. A band aid approach but it could satisfy most parties. Oh yeah

StillNoScript said...

Here's one more catchy sales pitch, Wally:

"Release all NON VIOLENT drug offenders, and we wouldn't be in this mess!"

Anonymous said...

The CDC should use these Richard Pryor prison promotional videos instead. These videos are better and funnier.

A quick computer lesson;

To copy the above links into your internet browser window;
Drag you mouse over the desired text (link above) while pressing the left mouse button. After the desired text is highlighted release the left mouse button. Now copy the highlighted text by “clicking the right mouse button” (do not move mouse at this point). To paste the text which was just copied, place the mouse in the desired window now “click” your right mouse again and you will have the option to paste any previously saved text.

The right mouse button has other useful features in many other applications. Try using your right mouse button in other applications you will be surprised with your new found features.

Mr. Mouse

Anonymous said...

"It's not just prison, it's a vacation." LOL

Anonymous said...

Two separate incidents of gang thugs shooting at LAPD in the last two days. I wonder if the cop haters think they could do the job of the cops in L.A. Risking their lives for a public who is quick to criticize all of them as bad cops when they do not have absolutely perfect results. I think the LAPD needs to stay home for two weeks so the people of can see what anarchy would really happen in L.A.


Feb 3, 2007 5:01 pm US/Pacific

Mayor, Police Chief Denounce Officer Involved Shooting

LOS ANGELES Los Angeles police Chief William Bratton and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa vowed to crack down on gang violence and partially blamed a spate of officer-involved shootings on dropouts from the city's beleaguered public school system.

Anthony Dale Lovell, 21, of South Gate critically wounded last night after opening fire on two plain-clothed police officers in South Los Angeles, who returned fire, police said. Lovell, allegedly a member of the South Side Players gang, was being treated for six bullet wounds at California Hospital and was expected to survive.


Feb 1, 2007 10:47 pm US/Pacific

Van Nuys Pursuit Ends In Officer-Involved Shooting
(CBS) VAN NUYS, Calif. Los Angeles police Thursday shot and wounded a man who allegedly opened fire on officers after leading them on a brief car chase, authorities said.

No officers were injured in the shoot-out, which occurred about 9:30 a.m. on Friar Street west of Kester Avenue, Los Angeles Police Department Officer Karen Smith of the media relations office said.

The wounded man, 19-year-old Felipe Sanchez, was taken to a hospital in stable condition and was expected to survive, police said.


Anonymous said...

Inmate resistance to the Governator's idea of exporting inmates reminds me of a Senate Bill sponsored by John Nejedly back in the 1970's.

SB 42 effectively eliminated the old Indeterminate Sentencing Law (also known as the ISL law) and replaced it with the DSL (Determinate Sentencing Law) alternative.

Click on the following link for information on how the DSL law failed - or succeeded - in it's intended goal. Keep in mind that the success or failure of this bill depends on what the measuring stick of success and failure actually is:

In 1975 (between the months of June and December), the California Department of Corrections began to implement SB 42 even though the bill wasn't officially enacted into law until 1976!

The End Result: Over 100 California prison gang members received short parole dates and hit the streets within months, some even sooner. Many received immediate releases dubbed RUAPP's (Release Upon Approval of Parole Plans).

Notable parolees who enjoyed immediate freedom as a direct result of SB 42:

James "Doc" Holiday (BGF)
Ramon "Mundo" Mendoza (EME)
Daniel "Animal" Newton (AB)
Edward "Sailor Boy" Gonzalez (EME)
Ralph "Rafa" Mata (EME)
Steve "Stefano" Guerrero (EME)
Eddie "Crackers" Vindiola (NF)

Over ten BGF, 20+ AB, 40+ EME and 50+ NF members were released to California communities and many more followed in the next few years. This directly coincided with the unprecedented wave of street homicides committed throughout the state which were directly attributed to the prison gangs!

While the intent of SB 42 may have been noble, the effect on society was defastating. The implementation of this bill was not thought out properly.

The prison guard union is a powerful political body in this state and the fact that the inmates likewise are taking a stand will mean that there may be some early releases coming to some inmates.

The manner in which these releases are implemented is important. The difference between SB 42 and any possible early paroles from CDC in 2007 is that SB 42 was mandated to affect inmates accross the board.

Today, it seems that a group of individuals (Parole Board members?) will surely be allowed to exercise wisdom with regard to who they actually parole. We don't want to repeat our mistakes of the past by "infecting" society with gangsters who would immediately wreak havoc in our communities. Instead, as one poster commented, maybe unaffiliated drug users or first time offenders of lesser crimes can be prioritized.

.... and the beat goes on.

Peace ...........

Tijuana Jailer

Anonymous said...

There is no way that any inmate in Califas who is in good standing with his car will accept being transfered. Rumor had it that these prisons were no good and the commercials only proved it. The vatos that came out on them looked, spoke ,and acted like PCs. They had no problem race mixing and even talked good about it, only PECETAS would do something like that. The states plan in case that they have to force transfers is to send all inmates that are subject to deportation first. That might work but only for a short time.

Everything that they are doing is too little too late and pretty much a band aid on a huge wound. The solution is in front of their faces and they choose to ignore it. But only because every politician for the last few decades has ran their campaigns on provoking fear and promising to end crime and gangs. The get tough policies of these ignorant politicians have finally caught up to them. And now they are scrambling to find a way to keep the feds from taking their piggy bank away.

Like SNS said release all non-violent drug offenders.

And review the stupid sentencing laws that have helped put the state in these stupid situation. Alrato.

Anonymous said...

To the Wally reader who said the Mexican Mafia members do not ever use drugs especially heroin.
Because they have some sort of code of honor against doing drugs (or some other stupid explanation)? See link below for news article about “America Me” movie by Edward Olmos which mentions Charles (Charlie Brown) Manriquez, a 53-year-old IV-drug user with "EME" tattooed on his chest.

Below is an interesting news article about gang migration between U.S., Mexico and Central America.

Good article with good gang statistics and history of street gangs.

White Bread (Yes I am a Fed - K. Fed look for me during the Super Bowl)

Jim said...

Bienvenido a su casa TJ.

"Inmate resistance to the idea of exportation" "perhaps" could be coaxed with:

"Leave the crush and rush behind, come to the pine cone garden of Utah"

"Step up, step up to the menthol fresh taste of Nevada"
thanks Kool.

"State of Washington, wherever particular people congregate"
thanks Pall Mall.

"Slow down. Pleasure up. Come to Arizona."

"Colorado...Where a man belongs."

"Choose Oregon...Because You've Come a Long Way, Baby"
thanks Silva Thins.

"New Mexico...Just what the doctor ordered"
thanks L&M.

"Idaho...So much more to enjoy"

StillNoScript said...

Anonymous said...

"Two separate incidents of gang thugs shooting at LAPD in the last two days. I wonder if the cop haters think they could do the job of the cops in L.A. Risking their lives for a public who is quick to criticize all of them as bad cops when they do not have absolutely perfect results. I think the LAPD needs to stay home for two weeks so the people of can see what anarchy would really happen in L.A."

Let them do it. Please. There'll finally be a federal takeover of what may be the most historically corrupted police department in the free world.


CDCR Begins Involuntary Transfer of Inmates Out-of-State


Phase Two of Inmate Transfer Plan In Keeping with Governor’s Executive Order

Sacramento - .With California’s inmate population at crisis levels, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) today announced that it would begin involuntary transfers of inmates to prisons in other states in an expanded effort to temporarily ease severe prison overcrowding.

The effort marks the second phase of an inmate transfer program that began in November, 2006 with the transfer of volunteer inmates. CDCR was extremely active educating inmates about the transfers and conditions at the out-of-state facilities.

“We will continue to seek volunteer inmates who are willing to serve their sentences in other states,” said CDCR Secretary James E. Tilton. “But we also will begin to move inmates involuntarily so that they are no longer sleeping in gymnasiums, dayrooms and other inappropriate areas of the prisons and to delay the possibility of running out of beds for new inmates, which would create a public safety problem in our communities.”

The involuntary transfers are intended to create space for new inmates in California prisons, which are jammed with a historically high number of inmates. Without the transfers, new inmates would be housed in local jails, forcing local law enforcement to increase the number of lower level offenders they must release prematurely.

“We are severely overcrowded and the need for more space is absolutely critical,” said Tilton. “These transfers allow us to improve the safety of inmates and correctional officers while avoiding the potential of being unable to accept new inmates. This decision is being made to protect public safety.”

California’s prison population stands at 174,000 inmates, the highest in its history. Approximately 16,000 inmates are currently in triple bunks in gymnasiums and day rooms, common areas that were not intended for housing.

Inmates identified for involuntary transfers will meet criteria established in Governor Schwarzenegger’s emergency proclamation on overcrowding adopted on Oct. 4, 2006. Under that order, the first priority for involuntary transfers is inmates who face the prospect of deportation by the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency after their release from prison.

Prior to moving inmates with special needs, involuntary transfers will be coordinated with the federal court-appointed Receiver for health care and the plaintiffs and court-appointed Special Master in a class action lawsuit (Coleman v Schwarzenegger) regarding mental health..

The involuntary transfers are expected to begin in approximately 60 to 90 days. Potentially, up to 5,000 inmates could be moved involuntarily to privately operated correctional facilities in Mississippi, Arizona and Oklahoma, depending on CDCR’s need for available beds.

CDCR currently maintains contracts with The GEO Group Inc. of Florida and the Correctional Corporation of America (CCA), headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Contracts with both companies are for three years beginning November 2006, with mutual options for two-year extensions. Each inmate transferred will be housed in a secure, private correctional facility with other inmates from California.

Although both The GEO Group Inc. and CCA operate private institutions, they are required by contract to operate them consistent with all CDCR procedures and California law.

In November, 80 inmates voluntarily transferred to the West Tennessee Detention Facility operated by CCA. Since then, approximately 300 additional volunteers have moved to the Florence Detention Center in Arizona.

Secretary Tilton emphasized that the transfers are a temporary solution to avoid an immediate crisis, while the Legislature considers reforms proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger for long term solutions to prison overcrowding.

Those proposals, introduced in December, offer a comprehensive approach to solving the prison overcrowding crisis. It includes $4.4 billion in bonds to help local governments expand jail capacity to house low level offenders, as well as the construction of community-based custody facilities that would be uniquely equipped to provide rehabilitation programs to help inmates return successfully to their communities.

For more information on CDCR and the inmate overcrowding crisis, visit the CDCR web site at

don quixote said...

Is it just a coincidence that Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Arizona were the first states to accept inmates from Calif.
Tennessee "The Volunteer State", Oklahoma "The Sooner State", and Arizona, "The Grand Canyon State" (aka "Gods waiting room") for the old folks!
Maybe not a coincidence but a devious plan, sending certain inmates to a state where the state motto, gives a clue to what can be acheived or expected.

For the Big Homies who desire control and power New York, "The Empire State",
Instead of the Mero Shotcallers being in Pelican Bay SHU they could be sent to Alaska, "The Last Frontier State"
For the "he she's", sorry gay oriented = North Dakota, "The Peace Garden State"
For the Mayate's, North Carolina, "The Tar Heel State"
All Asians to Alabama,"Yellowhammer State"
AB and other white only cars to Mississippi, "The Magnolia State" definitely not Wyoming, "The Equality State'
PC's and Rat's to Missouri, "The Show Me State" or Maryland,"The Old Line State" (same old line?)
Northerners to Nebraska, "The Cornhusker State" or Minnesota "The North Star State"

And just a question I would have is,who and how was it decided what "Private Prison Corps" got the contract on this scam.
The old saying "follow the money" should be sage advice to all who are interested in this "new age slavery" where humans are bought and sold for profit.

Anonymous said...

StillNoScript said.............
"Let them do it. Please. There'll finally be a federal takeover of what may be the most historically corrupted police department in the free world."

Let’s hire the Tijuana Police Department to take over the world's most corrupt police department of Los Angeles.

Or let the federal government takeover because they have all the answers. I want the same great results they had in Iraq and New Orleans after hurricane Katrina here in Los Angeles. Mayor V. and Chief Bratton you are out of here.

StillNoScript you are definitely a political genius. A web-site just for you -

The Red, White and Blue

Anonymous said...

Americans aren't the only crack heads in the world.

I love Italian shoes, cars and coke.

StillNoScript said...

Anonymous, the last time the LAPD tried to pull a 'let's let the crooks take to the street, and then see if people will support our Nazi style of policing...', the Chief wound up resigning and a huge reshaping took place in the department, resulting in drastic improvements.

So, by all means, I can only dare the LAPD to repeat the process. The LAPD is much improved from the, pretty much, openly racist Daryl Gates days, but it still has a lot of work.

Who knows, Chief Bratton pulling a stand down stunt like Chief Gates may be just the jolt the department needs via national scrutinity and federal supervision, that can finally result in cleaning out what's left of the racist scum still in the department that are left over from the dark, twisted Daryl Gates era.

Anonymous said...


Well, White Bread (the Red, White and Blue)...if your all done trimming the trees in the front yard I guess you can start on those hedges around back.

White Bread (the Red, White and Blue)...
Cain't do that.

Why not?

White Bread (the Red, White and Blue)...
'Cause every time I cut them hedges, they run around screamin' like a skewered pig.

I see the problem.
Let me clarify a couple of fine points for you. "Hedges" are the green leafy things, and the "dog" is the brown shaggy thing.

White Bread (the Red, White and Blue)...
That'd make sense. I shoulda knowed there's no shrubs got red sap in 'em.

Anonymous said...

White Bread and all your other names you use please stop flooding this blog with your crap and worthless links!

Anonymous said...


White Bread (the Red, White and Blue)...
I got this job sweepin' floors down at the pharmacy on the corner...and man, those guys drop a lot of pills down on the floor...

Well, the other night I was kind of bored, so I picked up some of them pills an' I ate 'em.

...I guess it kind of messed me up. "cause I was havin' a hard time understanding that floating head when it was tellin' me how to shoot lightning bolts out of my finger tips.

StillNoScript said...

White Bread,

Quit posting your Mexican hating posts on our Cholo site. This site is to pay tribute to our heroes and warriors from the EME Mexican pride organization. The EME members have taught us well in your prisons. We read books by Machiavelli, Chomsky and revolutionary theorists and we know what you white people have doing to us. You have incarcerated thousands of us with out just cause. Your police are terrorizing our innocent Mexican gangs and race on the streets. The LAPD kill blacks on the streets and blames it on our innocent SUR gang members. You whites brought your drugs into our inner cites and forced our youth to sell them on the streets to fund our college educations. You have even elected “puppet” Latino city officials in Los Angeles which are under your control and command. The SUR is what will save Los Angeles and our Mexican race from the complete domination and destruction from the white race. We Mexicans are the victims of the white conspiracy we can not get a job and education which will allow us to work our way out of the ghetto because of your continual victimization and exploitation of our Mexican race.

But we know that it is you white bread who is cause of all the Mexican’s social problems such as poverty, lack of education, bad parenting, drug abuse, and lack of jobs. So white bread quit trying to tell us we have any responsibility for any of the problems in Los Angeles you are the evil empire which is white bread and the cause off all which is un-just. Now I am going to sit on my couch and drink a Budweiser and smoke a joint because I am a victim of the evil white bread and can not do anything to help solve the problems of our Mexican raza.

Another Mexican Victim of White Bread

Anonymous said...

Hey Wally is this you?

oh yeah Can CDC/Gov for inmates to move?


Yo Moma likes this White bread said...

" Anonymous said...

White Bread (the Red, White and Blue)...
I got this job sweepin' floors down at the pharmacy on the corner...and man, those guys drop a lot of pills down on the floor..."

This is great.Wally will post this crap, but won't post any of my comments.Thanks Wally! You would think some one in your line of work would be pro Free Speech and Equal Rights and all that, but I guess that doesn't apply to us KKKrackers does it?

Mr. Corruption said...

To the other two of Wally’s reader who have not been in the “pinta” see link below to learn your prison slang. There is even a catchy song “you’re my prison bitch” to enjoy while you learn your prison lingo.

Alrato my Cholos -

LAPD most corrupt cop

Anonymous said...

"White Bread and all your other names you use please stop flooding this blog with your crap and worthless links!"

I agree, this blabber's head files have been corrupted. Could be he was whacked once too many times upside the head with beef jerky briquette's, by a borderline schizophrenic, anal retentive mother a la Joan Crawford. Or it could of been a darker, vulgar, seamy type corporal punishment done with a hardened Slim Jim.

Conchita said...

Just an FYI.
It has been proven that a hardened Slim Jim is harder than a regular tungsten carbide rod, and has greatly improved resistance to bending (almost double conventional tungsten carbide). This new developed grade of treated Slim Jim's are in fact able to survive the bending moments and shocks of drilling without breaking as conventional steel rods. Be careful out there guy's. Deep breaths White Bread.

Slim Jim said...

Anonymous (Gava Joe) said ...........
"I agree, this blabber's head files have been corrupted. Could be he was whacked once too many times upside the head with beef jerky briquette's, by a borderline schizophrenic, anal retentive mother a la Joan Crawford. Or it could of been a darker, vulgar, seamy type corporal punishment done with a hardened Slim Jim."

Gava Joe quit posting and flooding this blog with your constant innuendo about Slim Jims and Beef Jerky. Your jokes about your own worthless “links” are getting as old and dry as your favorite food.

Not So Slim Jim

Anonymous said...

{Another Mexican Victim of White Bread}

Well put, Still No Script. You are now qualified to become an honorary card member of In The Hat.

Now, please raise your right hand and repeat after me: "I bitch (I, bitch), promise not to snitch (promise not to snitch)". You have now taken the official oath of In The Hat membership.

We need white folks like yourself who indeed understand the plight of the oppressed and are willing to Stand Up and be counted in the swelling ranks of the Sureno movement.

Remember, the Revolution will NOT be televised. Beginning this day, we will boycott White Bread and resume our diet of corn tortillas.

The Sureno Movement is Alive !!

El Sureno

Gava Joe said...

Not to sway from the constant underlying topic here anymore, that being race, I want to make some observations re. Wally's post. The thought of the Carnal Mero Homie Poobahs putting their heads together and nixing any migration to other joints by their constituents is comical..What do they think keeping the joints at the point of rupture will gain? Do they think there'll be a massive amnesty? And many of these worn out old shitheads will get booted free? It aint gonna happen. It's probably just another gesture of control they do so dearly love exercising..

I imagine entertainment is rarified in the Ad-Seg. That the Big Homies get a little bored when they are'nt running their feifdoms, goes without saying. I mean how much "book knowledge"
and ancient languages can one convict absorb without the opportunity to actually see the fruition of all that data?

It would be divine retribution if their conduit with the streets were severed; if the soldados wiped their asses with their wilas.Imagine a "revolution" of the gang mentality. That each of these drones (worker bees) were to realize they DO have an intellect of their own, and that the manipulative orders from on high were "dated and obsolete".. It would be super sweet if the whole operation went to shit. Yeah I know, dream on..

These are tricky times my friends. It seems as though most of the truths we held solid have gone into a state of flux. Why is it so beyond belief to imagine that La EME might actually crumble? Usually these transitions need a minor cataclysm to actuate. Your LA seems to be on the verge of major racial uprisings. Maybe the sight of a thousand dead civilians layed out in the Armory and half the City in flames is what it'll take? It's just a goddam shame it has to happen to evoke any real change!!!! You might all need to start investigating your similarities rather the differences that divide your cultures.

Gava Joe said...

Listen up dipshit Anonymous! I do'nt post under any other moniker. If someone mentions slim jims or other tasty beef or venison treats it aint your place to identify me as the perp.. You AND white bread need to take long walks off short piers..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...,1,175138.story?track=rss

Anonymous said...

Angry mob tries to oust Latin Kings from Madrid.

Back in September we told you about how the Latin Kings -- a Latino group some call a street gang, others a cultural organization -- had made progress in gaining acceptance in Spain by registering themselves as a non-profit organization in Barcelona. Now it seems that citizens of at least one neighborhood in Madrid have had enough of the Kings, and took to the streets to try to eliminate them, after a massive confrontation between the two groups which left 7 injured:

Shouting "Latin Kings out!" and "We're going to get them, we're going to kill them", some 600 young people from Alcorcón met up on Avenida Alcalde José Aranda in response to the brawl between Spaniards and Latinos that left 7 hurt, three seriously injured, and another seven arrested [the latter from] the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

According to 20 Minutos, some members of the Spanish group were wearing ski masks and carrying baseball bats, knives and pistols.

This is also supposedly the first incident of Latino-Spanish confrontation, and the media has blown it up really big. What's to come? I'm sure a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment in Spain, unfortunately.

Tortillas de Maize

Mr. Escargot said...

Listen up dipshit Anonymous! I do'nt post under any other moniker. If someone mentions slim Jims or other tasty beef or venison treats it aint your place to identify me as the perp..

Fellow gay caballero's, we don't want to become like the city of Calabasas that banned smoking within the city limits, including if you happen to be just drivig thru on the 101 FWY. I myself enjoy a Slim Jim with a fine Brandy after a hard day at the office. In the holiday season during all the sales events it excells as excellent weaponery, I use it as a people proder to break up pedestrian bottle necks at the base of elevators and escalators.

On the Fence said...

I’ve been reading you vatos dialog and MAN…! There is some crazy shit happening out there, it seems like life in the ghetto is not getting any easier now a days. The spread of inmates to other states could be a real opportunity for someone to get the most out of rehabilitation “jail” and have an opportunity to get on with their lives on the straight and narrow. Although the reality of that happening is pretty slim, attitude is everything, as long as someone has a chip on their shoulder, than nothings going to change.
The system “government” is setup for us to succeed, but as long as we have dangers minds at work, then the glass is always half-empty rather than half-full. Growing up in a this day and age in fatherless homes can give a false sense of manhood where kids think being a man is getting high or drunk and challenging another mans manhood is life. How many success stories are there for someone who is addicted to booze or drugs? We always hear about whose busted or who died in our cities. Ooh yea were posting on In The Hat where we are watching life long hoodlums get busted over and over and spin their lives out of control. I’ll tell you that when the Grim Riper shows up, I don’t think anyone really wants to be locked up or die

Anonymous said...

To On The Fence,

Very good words of wisdom.

Hiding Behind my Fence in LA

Anonymous said...

gee where's S when you need him. I feel the shit building up on this here blog.
Some of the new comers seem to be the one's as usual stirring the shit.

Anyway did anyone catch the Fox 11 news story about the 3 Latina girls getting beat up by a group of 10 blacks several of which were boys. Didn't read any mention on here either of the 10 black kids getting a slap on the hand for kicking the 3 white girls asses. Since that seems to be the subject of the board lately.


StillNoScript said...

OC, what 'subject' would that be? The focus on Black criminal behavior, with an emphasis on justifying the criminal behavior of all other ethnicities?

Kacuuie said...

The majority of the information contained within “The Rise and Fall of the Nuestra Familia” (NF) is pretty much on target. However, as an Officer that has worked in gangs for nearly 16 plus years, specifically investigating into and conducting surveillances against the NF and as a gang investigator, I have to disagree with Mr. Gratton’s actual position as that of "Captain" within the NF. As far as Gratton comparing himself with that of Henry Hill and Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, two of the Sicilian Mob’s Italian hit men’s heaviest back in the day, Gratton is remarkably far from these two Mobsters regarding his involvement in the NF.

I know and with Mr. Gratton knowing he was a made Captain "only by one” of the high ranking Captains in the NF for a short period of time of about 4 to 8 months. He knew that this in itself was going to cause him a “dangerous consequence” as time went on. But for the moment he was protected, protected by the bars and walls of the prison while still incarcerated. Little did he know he was being setup, manipulated and used by this one NF Captain. It also didn’t dawn on him that once he paroled he was going to have to “mind somebody” and that would be NF enforcers on the streets and under the direct authority of this one particular Captain.

Gratton knew how to run drugs and be an enforcer as a “self made” street gang member, but didn’t have a clue what was soon before him. He did listen and was educated about basic NF motives only to an extent and only on the basis of being housed (celled) next to one of the long time and very influential Captains of the NF. This particular Captain’s home town is about 3 and ½ to 4 hours from Gratton’s home town of Modesto .

Gratton was in fact a good listener and therefore followed mandated NF in-house prison orders. He made promises to the NF once he paroled. Particularly regarding the making of the CD "G.U.N." (Generations of United Nortenos, which is described in the book. Gratton is also the voice of introduction on the CD produced in Tracy CA) in which he was ordered to place a portion of the earnings on some of the incarcerated NF member's books (prison accounts) after selling some of the CD's. Specifically to this particular Captain. Mr. Gratton failed tremendously in this “direct instruction” and subsequently, in addition to "turning states evidence" (placed on the witness protection program after talking to the FBI about NF activities) he will forever be a target (to be killed) by the NF for not complying (committing acts of treason) with direct orders.

I don't dispute the fact that Mr. Gratton was a long time Norteno street gang member (in Modesto, CA), but he was never made an “official” Captain let alone a (Category I or II) within the NF.

The copies of old prison photos of NF members in his book were not property of Gratton in addition to the NF constitution by-law articles. Just because an NF recruit is made a member he does not automatically receive the NF 28 constitutions. Gratton was also not aware of noted RICO indictments against the NF until well into the making of this book.

In what appeared to taking a plea bargain deal with the FBI, Gratton was willing to give up one of his head sources “The Captain” Gerald “Cuete” Rubalcaba along with various other NF members. The indictment charges were submitted for insert by law enforcement personnel to place additional hype and interest in the book which is understandable to make sells.

One has to commit ruthless hardcore criminal acts, assaults and even murder for the NF. Then after showing he is “down for the cause”, his name can be submitted for review and if agreed on he can be voted on by the " La Mesa " also known as the "Table". Which during Mr. Gratton's incarcerated time frame consisted of 3 high ranking Generals. At this time if the Generals view his gang activity to be within there utmost caliber of ratings the NF Generals may accept him as a member (Category I-NF Soldier). Gratton was not granted nor voted in as such.

As mentioned earlier, he was “only” appointed verbally by one of the "10" NF Captains; Rubalcaba who coincidently was celled in the same housing pod. Rubalcaba was and still to this day a very "all about me" and greedy convict regarding monies and self recognition. Rubalcaba wanted the majority of the G.U.N. CD proceeds to go on his prison money account. Rubalcaba does have a lot of pull or sympathizers within the NF. However, he is no longer recognized by the NF as holding a high ranking position due to self gratifying acts.

Additionally, Rubalcaba along with a handful of other NF members were transferred to the ADX Maximum Security Prison in Colorado in mid to late last year of 2006. This was due to these individual NF members being found guilty under a RICO indictment (extortion, attempted murders, conspiracy to commit murder, murders and threatening a witness) during a lengthy investigation against the NF. Obviously, Mr. Gratton's motive for this book and promotions is about recognition and money.

Fellow Law Enforcement officials please understand that; yes there is useable information within this book. However, portions within are a bit far stretched regarding Gratton’s personal gang activities with and for the NF.

I end with this thought: One interesting observation that raises a question and something I have pondered is the author “Nina Fuentes”. If you observe her name at the bottom of the book and the style of how her name is printed, it is in similar fashion of gang style writing. Now this may in fact have been intentional, and may not mean much to an individual that is just taking up interest in wanting to read this book. But to Law Enforcement personnel and even in the eyes of educated gang members it is “clearly” indicative that using the name of, “Nina and Fuentes” is quite distinctive in that the first letters is also the “first letters” in Nuestra Familia “NF”.

I am quite savvy in knowing that there are first time authors in the field of authoring/writing books. However, I have extensively researched and have not found a second book nor even a brief biography of authoring by Nina Fuentes. It’s as if the name is fictitious and was used to camouflage the letters “N” and “F” from the name of Nina Fuentes. Furthermore, possibly sending a message out to the NF that, “I Robert Gratton had the last say”. Something to think about!!!


Anonymous said...

Kacuuie .....
Great stuff, even though most of In The Hat's readers are into the So. Cal scene. It's refreshing to read REAL stuff, such as Tijuana Jailer's EME accounts and now your obvious accurate expertise on the recent NF inner workings.
Any other prison gang books that you've read that you could recommend or preview for us?


Anonymous said...

The "subject" I was talking about was "race" in general, nothing more. So I was a bit surprised no one mentioned the stories I brought up above.
Don't worry I'm not putting the blame on one group over the other.


White Bread said...

Anonymous said...
"White Bread and all your other names you use please stop flooding this blog with your crap and worthless links"

Gava Joe said...
"Listen up dipshit Anonymous! I do'nt post under any other moniker."

Believe it or not, I like Gava Joe use my own moniker of "White Bread" when I post here. Why would I be afraid to use my own moniker?
And if you are going to criticize me at least have the balls to sign you own moniker like Gave Joe and Don Q.. I am so sorry you feel all the links that I post are useless but I guess some people are just afraid of expanding their pea sized brains. So to Anonymous (pick a name please) in your honor I will post another useless link to a web-site dedicated to people just like you. -

I am also very sorry if I am not a sympathizer of gangs and criminals but you might be surprised that most average citizens (even most Mexicans living in L.A.) feel the same way. So Mayor Villaraigosa, Chief Bratton, Rocky Delgadillo and Sheriff Baca please continue arresting the low life criminals of Los Angeles.

And here is another useless link about the deportation of illegal immigrants in Los Angeles county jails. It is estimated that almost 1/4 of inmates in L.A. county jail are illegal immigrants.

“Federal officials estimated that about 40,000 of the 170,000 inmates who go through L.A. County jails each year are in the United States illegally, The Times reported.”

I wonder what percentage of kids in juvenile hall are here in the country illegally, who will be moving up to county jail and then state prisons. This is another area in which we can reduce California's over-crowed prisons.

White Bread

norberto fernandez! said...

I am quite savvy in knowing that there are first time authors in the field of authoring/writing books..

What the hell that mean - you block head.

I have extensively researched..
Look kook-uy we speak english only on this blog, extensively can mean a whole lot of things to a whole lottab people, so until you spell out exactly what you mean by "extensively" you aint got any credit, you aint never caught a rabbit, and you aint no friend of mine. When they said you was high classed, Well, that was just a lie.


Kacuuie .....
Great stuff, even though most of In The Hat's readers are into the So. Cal scene. It's refreshing to read REAL stuff, such as Tijuana Jailer's EME accounts and now your obvious accurate expertise on the recent NF inner workings.
Any other prison gang books that you've read that you could recommend or preview for us?



StillNoScript said...

OC, I wasn't accusing you of anything. Just giving my interpretation of what that 'subject' you speak of actually is, as that's all it's pretty much been, within the context of violence between Blacks and Mexicans, Black Criminal Behavior. There are people here who've banged that drum a lot louder than you, and my comment was more directed toward them.

Anonymous said...

norberto fernandez! said...
"Look kook-uy we speak english only on this blog, extensively can mean a whole lot of things to a whole lottab people, so until you spell out exactly what you mean by "extensively" you aint got any credit, you aint never caught a rabbit, and you aint no friend of mine. When they said you was high classed, Well, that was just a lie. "

Dear Mr. Fernandez,

The readers of this blog prefer to read English which it written with at least a modicum of proper grammar and orthography.
So I now say to you Noberto Fernandez;

What the hell do you mean, you block head!!!!

The Professor

Anonymous said...

By Stuart Pfeifer, Times Staff Writer
February 6, 2007,1,1083017.story?coll=la-headlines-california

L.A. County sheriff says criminals face more jail time. Lee Baca says that no longer housing state prisoners will mean male inmates can serve up to 50% of their sentences. Most convicted criminals in Los Angeles County will spend significantly more time in jail under a policy introduced Monday by Sheriff Lee Baca.

Baca said he now has the resources to hold male inmates for at least 50% of their sentences, a significant change from the early-release policy that he implemented more than four years ago to ease jail overcrowding.

L.A. Jailer

Vae Victus (N) said...

One wonders what "resources" Sheriff Caca was able to muster up.. I smell lawsuit if males are forced to serve at least 50% of their sentence while females get early release.

Anonymous said...

EL PASO, Texas (AP) -- A former U.S. Border Patrol agent who was convicted of shooting a drug smuggling suspect and then lying about it was beaten by fellow inmates in prison, his relatives and a congressman said Tuesday.
Ramos is being held at a medium- and low-security federal facility at Yazoo City, Miss.
Ramos' wife, Monica Ramos, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that her husband described being attacked late Saturday, when he "let his guard down." She said the attackers kicked and stomped him for several minutes.
He was able to identify one man in the group, Monica Ramos said.

Gava Joe said...

Stoopid and "returded"?? This is all good stuff you guys. It's amazing what you can create, such wit and wisdom, when you're left to your own devices. This Gratton character and his crime partner Ms. Nina Fuentes are every bit as creative with their overpriced fairy tales, "the Rise and Fall of the Nuestra Familia".. Granted the name Nina F. has got to be a pen name because who would put their true name to such sensational drivvel? The NF initials are certainly a take on the farmeros..Amazon has the book listed at $25.00 w/346 pages. An excerpt from one page of the book had a TYPO in it! I mean come on! Any "bunko artist" knows, "if you're selling bunk, you do'nt show the mark a bunk sample"..Then i'm thinking if that was a random page chose by Amazon, then how many other discrepancies are in the $25.00 book?

Tony Rafael's book Mexican Mafia is due out July 25th and seems to have been pared to 250 pages. I'm sure some poobah in the publishing house decided what each page was worth versus what answers came up on their desktop 8-Ball oracle. If these literary midgets left a goodly supply of submitted photos, along with index and fly pages there's a chance they've left a portion of what Wally submitted in text. You may remember Wally originally stated that he'd turned in 7oo pages! Maybe pages collate different in volume form, who knows? I'm sure there'll be some gems though.. Like when Joe Morgan happened to be at Palm Hall Chino when Olmos was filming a few scenes for American Me at the pinta and Olmos asked whether he could get a visit with Machine Gun Joe and Joe refused to see him! Hah! You see the comedy there? Joe's doin "all day" but he's too busy to see this cabron.. I love it.. It's almost as funny as when "Chemical Ali's" head came off!!! JaJaJaJaJaJa

Jim said...

As you all know, an African long horn cow was charged last month with murder after killing an unwary Lagos - Nigerian bus driver as he relieved himself on the side of the road. Now the Wallista Trbune gets word that charges of mayhem were also added as the cow proceeded to gore several bystanders after killing the man. The word now is that the cow's attorney has filed with the magistrate to use the drunk defense. An ACT magistrate heard from the attorney that the cow, following a bout of heavy drinking, got on the road and started wandering. The magistrate also heard detailed exculpatory evidence that the cow had been drinking for 11 hours before the incident, so it is not surprising that the bovine claimed to have no memory of the alleged assault (or probably anything else that happened that day!). Especially when the amount of alcohol the loghorn consumed is equivalent to about 50 pots of beer!

Noa Nadruka the cow's attorney raised the so-called "drunk’s defense". This means the cow claimed to have been so drunk that he did not know what he was doing when he allegedly assaulted the crowd, and should therefore not be responsible for his actions. This is not as absurd as it seems, because it is based on the established principle of criminal law that all elements (or parts) of a crime have to be proved before a defendant can be found guilty. And one of those elements is "intent".

The law stipulates that in a charge like assault, the prosecution has to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant committed the offence AND intended to commit it. In 1980 the High Court decided that evidence of drunkenness could be used by a defendant to show that they did not have the proper intent – it was therefore open to Nadruka to claim that his client was so affected by alcohol that he did not have the necessary intent. Obviously you must have consumed an enormous amount of alcohol to use this defense.

My personal take and verdict.
Everyone knows that excessive drinking affects their behavior. Getting very drunk and committing a crime is defensible if strict legal principles are applied, which is what the High Court has said – but in the real world, where adults are supposed to take responsibility for their actions, it seems sensible that the law should reflect these basic principles of decent behavior, however I will not be on that jury.

Tribune reporters will be there in Lagos when the trial is expected to start in March. We will keep you posted.

Conchita said...

FYI Guys,
In some cities in Europe and the United States, a person can be videotaped by surveillance cameras hundreds of times a day, and it's safe to say that most of the time no one is actually watching.

But now with the advent of "intelligent video" -- software that raises the alarm if something on camera appears amiss, means Big Brother will soon be able to keep a more constant watch, a prospect that is sure to heighten privacy concerns.

Combining motion detection technology with the learning capabilities of video game software, these new systems can detect people loitering, walking in circles or leaving a package.

New microphone technology can isolate the sound of a gunshot and direct the attached camera to swivel and zoom in on the source. Sensitivity may reach the point where microphones could pick out the word "explosives" spoken in a crowd.

Wallista Tribune said...

L.A. exports gang terror
Bratton to open world summit focusing on links to Central America
Acknowledging that Los Angeles is the epicenter of a global gang crisis, fueling violence from Guatemala to Russia, law enforcement officials from around the world will meet this week to tackle the scourge.

LAPD Chief William Bratton will open a three-day summit today to discuss the migration of gang members from Southern California to their homelands, bringing a culture of violence and terror.

"We are seeing the international gang problem growing by leaps and bounds," said Lt. Gary Nanson, head of the Los Angeles Police Department's Valley gang unit. "They have opened up the door for the local criminal. They are more worldly in their ability to franchise, they can move stolen goods or narcotics or money across boundaries."

The summit will focus on gangs with ties to Central America. Becoming increasingly sophisticated and murderous, these transnational gangs - such as the U.S.-grown Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 - are ravaging poor Central American communities and terrorizing Los Angeles neighborhoods.

The techniques are increasingly similar on both sides of the border.

In El Salvador, officials say, gang members commit half of the country's homicides. But there, gang members have derailed
the city's infrastructure. In December 2005, Salvadoran gangs demanding "taxes" killed a series of bus drivers, shutting down service.
Local police are afraid some of the more brazen tactics Central American gangs use will emerge in Los Angeles.

"Their tactics are a lot more vicious than other gangs, they are more violent and they are everywhere," said Robert Loofle, the FBI agent overseeing Los Angeles' criminal division. "They use intimidation to get what they want, they will commit a vicious homicide to show their power and the force, then easily cross the border.

"We have to clamp down now so they don't evolve into something stronger and more vicious."

Cooperation needed

Key to slowing gang activity is better cooperation among police agencies in all countries - an item officials will focus on this week. All are clamoring for better intelligence.

Now, local law enforcement agencies contact other countries when they are looking for a suspect to be extradited. With increased cooperation, federal and local authorities hope they can eventually share surveillance on gang members and knowledge of their activities.

"Our fear is that they become franchises and unwittingly help other organizations like narco-traffickers as muscle or transporting money," Loofle said.

In areas of the San Fernando Valley, where transnational gangs such as MS 13 and 18th Street have taken root in North Hollywood and Van Nuys in recent years, violent gang crime has soared.

Most troubling, police say, is the rising level of witness intimidation, which criminal organizations use to keep their members out of jail. In the North Hollywood area, the number of intimidation cases rose 85 percent in 2005-06, from 13 to 24.

"The part that scares us is that the percentage of increase of violent gang crime is higher in the Valley than any other regions ... we need to act fast," Nanson said.

Last year the San Fernando Valley saw a 42 percent increase in violent gang crime and citywide, gang crime jumped 14 percent. There has also been a rise in hate crimes among gang members.

New anti-gang effort

The summit comes a day before Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is set to release a sweeping anti-gang effort and follows a high-profile report finding the city's gang prevention piecemeal and ineffective.

Community activists have lobbied for intervention efforts such as lengthening school hours and providing job opportunities. But stopping the spread of gangs - who can call on strong family ties and rooted criminal networks in both countries - will prove tough.

"The idea of eradicating them is erroneous and the way of totally severing the ties is misconceived," said Tom Ward, a University of Southern California expert on Central American gangs. "As long as you have migrants coming back, how are you going to determine which one is a gang member or an ex-gang member?

"Gangs are a reflection of society, they are symptom of sick societies, you address the social problems that bred the gangs and they won't necessarily go away but the problems they cause will be significantly diminished," Ward said.

Federal crackdown

Responding to the surge in gang activity nationally, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2005 launched Operation Community Shield targeting gangs across the U.S.

Under the effort, more than 4,302 street-gang members from 442 gangs were arrested, about one-fourth of those on pending criminal charges.

Over the past decade, as hundreds of gang members have been deported - immigration officials have no official estimate of just how many - and others returned home, a new gang culture emerged in their home country.

"It used to be for kids in the poor neighborhoods ... Now it's kids from well-to-do homes," said Rodrigo Avila, El Salvador's top law enforcement official. "They are forced into it, under pressure."

White Is Right said...

Colors is on On Demand free movies.

Gimmie My Rabbit!

Did you know Dennis Hopper directed that shit?

Whats the story Morrie said...

First Gava Joe say's Tony Rafael is Italian a couple o' months ago and know he's sayin' "Tony Rafael's book Mexican Mafia is due out July 25th and seems to have been pared to 250 pages." I wanna KNOW just how Gava Joe is privy to all this "carefully guarded info?" What the hell is going on? I see 2+2, but someone is yelling out that the answer is five? Now I can't prove it, but sumptin' mightily suspicious is goin' on here, an' I'm sayin that Gava Joe an' "Wally" are the same poyson. I'm goin' to get to the bottom of this and if 'ol Wally & GJ are shakin' our tumblers they/he have sometin' comin'! SO WHATS THE STORY MORRIE?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cucuy I found your "Nina Fuentes", although she might be a little to expensive for your taste, I know you LE people prefer the cheaper hookers. Maybe you might find "Evelyn Maria Escobar"

El Montero

Gava Joe said...

I do'nt think I ever said Tony Rafael was Italian, but if you dig it up in the archives, OK. As for any other info re. his book, all you have to do is access Amazon ,search "Mexican Mafia" and get a short synopsis of the upcoming book and its number of pages, release date, etc.. It's good you're using your noggin, Morrie, albeit paranoid..

If only my boring life could be transposed to Wally's for only a day: Veronica Lake calls from the kitchen that the Bunn has brewed my robust cup of French Roast while I splash on my Old Spice and strap my K-Bar in its scabbard to my calf. Finally I fit my new Sig-Sauer.45c in the subtle shoulder rig to my muscled torso and feel its heft under my left arm. Then I pull on my Hungarian gabardine suit jacket and we're ready for another day of investigative research to try and sate the endless thirst of all those parched Wallistas.. The life of a sleuth is dangerous and sometimes tedious - but its my life...

Mr. Spy said...

To Conchita,

The NSA has a top secret program of monitoring all cell phone calls and is currently working on advanced software which will be analyzing “key” words in each cell phone conversation and “mark/tag” the calls which have certain words and phrases. The mark/tagged conversations can then be further analyzed by a human person. This software is the important/significant feature the NSA has been lacking in years past, because it has possessed the ability to receive any phone call but did not have a viable method of analyzing all the phone calls it can monitor. Another interesting development is new laws being effected which will allow other law enforcement agencies have access to these phone conversations?

And the advent of very high resolution digital cameras is another feature which will be used in the future to spy on us. Digital Cameras are being provided free of charge to the LAPD in the garment district of L.A. to prevent the sale of counterfeit merchandise. If you go to the garment district you will see cameras mounted on many street corners which can see people selling pirate CD and DVD on the street. These cameras are being monitored by the people paid by private industry far from the actual location. And they just call local police to go make arrests. This has been very effective in preventing the sale of pirated CD AND DVDs in the garment district.

There are also several active research projects which are trying to develop technologies to retrieve information stored in the human brain. This will be the new frontier in crime fighting and spying, A "brain wave sensor" will be able retrieve the data stored in your brain and their will be no denying what you have seen and done. So just like the old science fiction movies where it used to be fiction to fly to the moon and do genetic cloning. The reading of the brain will be here in the very near future. So to all you criminals be afraid, be very afraid.

Mr. Spy

StillNoScript said...

To Wally, or anyone else,

Could you brush me up on how EME operated before this so called 'edict' that took place in the early '90s, where EME started to collect taxes?

Did EME just tax certain people? Did they tax at all? Did their primary source of cash flow come from something else? Did they sell drugs themselves and mainly rely on that income?

Also, I understand that some So Cal varrios didn't claim Sur13 before this edict? Who were they, and why didn't they? Also, who did, and why did they do so if it wasn't demanded of them, yet?

I know this blog has gone over these things at full length, but I'm just a little confused on these two particular aspects.

Any feedback appreciated.

Anonymous said...

If you are a member of any of the "gangs" (Barrios) listed below or you know anybody from them gangs (Barrios) put on your Chuck T's or Nikes and get the fuck out of Dodge cause there coming after you!!
Top targets

Here are the areas where the gangs targeted by Los Angeles city officials operate:

1. Canoga Park Alabama

2. Avenues

3. Mara Salvatrucha

4. La Mirada Locos

5. 18th Street Westside

6. Black P-Stones

7. Rollin' 30s

Rollin' 40s

8. Rollin' 60s

9. Grape Street Crips

10. 204th Street

El Montero

Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone is uniting to keep this Mexican plague from taking over Our Country.

"(Reuters) - An elite group of Native American trackers that use skills handed down from the ancestral hunt is being tapped to play a larger role in securing the United States' borders.

Little known outside law enforcement circles, the Shadow Wolves have hunted drug and human traffickers on a lonely stretch of the Arizona-Mexico border southwest of Tucson since the 1970s.

In an age of unmanned aerial surveillance drones, video cameras and electronic sensors on the borders, the 14-member unit uses age-old 'sign cutting' techniques to follow foot, horse and vehicle trails for miles across the cactus-studded wastes of the Tohono O'odham nation for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

'These skills go back generations, but with all the high-technologies they are still producing fantastic results,' Alonzo Pena, the ICE special agent in Arizona, said Thursday."

Wonder Bread

Anonymous said...

we crossed the intersection of Alum Rock and Jackson, the sound of Brenton Wood and the sight of chrome spokes spinning let us know we were approaching the strip.

Whether it be a holler from a street corner, getting a number, or showing off your ride, cruising is at the heart of San Jose culture. Even if some styles along with some attitudes have changed, the tradition of cruising and lowriding remain the same despite SJPD and city policies trying to stop the scene.

In a lot of ways, the lowrider movement was born in San Jose. International publications like Lowrider Magazine, and cruising music like the Eastside Story volumes both originate from SJ.

On an average summer night in San Jo', you can find lifted lowriders, blinged out SUV's and primer spotted buckets hittin' the strip. The rides come like waves. Sometimes you'll be ahead of the mob of cars, and you have to wait for it. Other times you'll pass in the wrong direction. Sometimes it's so thick you can't get out of it. Sometimes you just got to slow down and create it.

Cruising is all about socializing -- pulling over and kickin' it, or slowing down to rap to the car next to you. The strip is full of questions -- "Where's the party?" or "Wa's up?" or just requests, "Show me your ..." And you have to have skills in traffic, knowing how to plan ahead of the lights, keeping a steady pace with the car next to you and looking out for cops.

These days, it's not just a Chicano thing anymore; the scene is as diverse as the city. Take Cinco De Mayo for instance, traditionally a Mexican holiday, yet Blacks, Asians and Whites can be found dippin' up and down Santa Clara and King. And it's not just the drivers, the rides have changed too.

From Tru Spokes to Dubs, the game is high tech now. Back in the day, all you needed was some shiny hubcaps on your Buick Regal and you were cool. Now fools got spree wells, booming audio TV's and advanced hydraulic set-ups that make the cars pop-lock to a new beat.

When I talk to uncles and older cousins about the cruising scene back in the day, I hear stories of the El Camino, La Raza Park, and the Studio West. Some spots still remain even after decades, like First and Santa Clara St. and King Road. Back then, SJPD would be around just to keep the peace.

Don't get me wrong, homies still got hassled back in those days, but finding a parking lot along the strip and kickin' it all night was cool. Now, with San Jose trying to maintain its image as an orderly city, it's just a matter of time for cops to come flashing their lights, making threats and herding cars into the street like cattle.

Cops have turned the cruising scene into a game of cat and mouse. Take the checkpoint on First and Santa Clara for instance, which is essentially a bunch of cops standing in the middle of the street, profiling the cars stopped at the red light. If you're a carload of homeboys or flossin' too hard, you're most likely going to get pulled.

Even with the increased police activity, homies have found ways to keep cruisin' alive. We take cutty streets to avoid detours and police road blocks -- intended to lead people off of the strip and on to the freeway -- turning a simple trip from the east side to downtown into a mission.

Despite police threats and the city's policies, cruising is not just senseless traffic. When it comes down to it, SJ cruising is all about community building. ItÕs when the people of San Jo' come out and claim the streets. These are our neighborhoods.

Cruising even has brought families together. Fathers and sons working together on their rides have deep roots in the lowrider culture. When I get together with my family I trip off the photo albums of old cars and the stories they tell.

As a kid, I can remember going to the Taco Bell on King and Story on a Friday night with my dad. As we drove up Virginia to make a left onto King, the Pink elephant parking lot would be filled with people and mini trucks with beds that danced. All I heard was the sound of high energy and oldies in the air. As we passed under the 280 freeway, I begged my dad to let me honk the horn.

Now as I watch my younger cousins coming of age, anticipating their time of hitting the strip, it reminds me of how I was when I was a youngster. Giving up the Schwinn to get a license is like a rite of passage for young homies in San Jo.

Seeing them lets me know that despite the city's efforts, the tradition of cruising and lowriding in San Jo will live on.

Anonymous said...

Antonio's gang plan: Phase one
Czar for LAPD programs, Most Wanted list sought
The LAPD also is expected to detail its plan for dealing with the 204th Street Gang, which has been blamed for a number of high-profile homicides in the Harbor-Gateway area.



Anonymous said...

By Walter Moore, Chief Economist and Legal Analyst,L.A. Policy Institute

Council Member Janice Hahn keeps claiming that gangs cost the city $2 billion per year, and, therefore, that our taxes should be raised for yet another anti-gang program.

But have you ever heard her explain exactly how she came up with the $2 billion? Has she ever identified a published study, so you, the idiot taxpayer, can review the methodology and see if you agree with it?

Of course not. So just trust her, would you?

Or, if you would like to know where the $2 billion figure comes from, you can read about it at

In the meantime, the next time someone utters that $2 billion figure in your presence, remember these two little words: PROVE IT!

Anonymous said...

The 2Billion is probably what AV is PAYING the gangs to drive everyone out of CA! The drug cartels are more important to the pockets of the crooks in city hall.

And after all, isn't the plan of the Mexican mafia to take over CA and extend their operations northward????

How much $$$ does it cost to DEPORT 40,000 gangbangers???? Or better yet, how much $$$ does it cost to euphanize them????

Anonymous said...

I smell a weasel said……………………..

El Montero said..........
"Hey Cucuy I found your "Nina Fuentes", although she might be a little to expensive for your taste, I know you LE people prefer the cheaper hookers. Maybe you might find "Evelyn Maria Escobar"

To Smelly Weasel and La Montero,

I also smell something, I smell a pair of CONVICTS. I am going to guess you have been a guest of many of California’s finest penal institutions. With a paranoid statement like “IF YOUR GOING TO TRY AND PUT ONE OVER US DONT GET OVER THE TOP” and "I know you LE people prefer the cheaper hookers" I can tell you are constantly looking over you shoulder for the “BIG BAD WOLF” in blue. Don’t answer the door I think it is the police with a search warrant. Be very careful, the police in conjunction with the FBI are closely monitoring all internet web sites frequented by former convicts and logging all IP addresses from these web-sites.

So Kacuuie please tell us more stories about the low life gang criminals you arrested. I like those stories very much.

LAPD - most corrupt cop

Anonymous said...

Feb 7, 2007 5:03 am US/Pacific

Teenage Girl Fatally Shot In Glassell Park
LOS ANGELES A 16-year-old girl was shot to death while walking with a male companion in the Glassell Park area of Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Melissa Paul of Highland Park suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Police have described the shooting as gang-related. It happened outside 3222 Verdugo Road at 7:30 p.m., according to a statement released by the Los Angeles Police Department.

When police arrived at the crime scene, they found two males who attempted to help the victim.

A Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance rushed Paul to a hospital, but she was pronounced dead just after 10 p.m., according to a police statement. - another of White Bread's useless links


To the idiot who once said the Mexican gang members were brave Aztec warriors. Well in the never ending cycle of Mexican gangs (Aztec Warriors) shooting kids and girls, here is the latest news about another young girl killed by gangs in Los Angeles.

I wonder how many times this has to happen before we start the mass deportations of the criminals which have invaded the U.S. About 25% of the criminals in Los Angeles county jails are here illegally. So I am glad the Mayor is putting gangs in the news so people will finally wake up and notice the problems our non-existent border security has cost this country.

We need to spend the Iraq war money right here to eliminate the Los Angeles Mexican gang insurgents.

I would like to know who raises all these kids who have NO morals, compassion and common sense.

White Bread

mr. escargot said...

Hello weight watchers and fine dinning enthusiast's, this is the latest from Sofia, the Capitol of my beloved Bulgaria, sent to me by my cousin who is mafia member of Bulgaria's largest gang. His gang have managed to bribe officials with money, women, trips, and threats. Especially threats. So now city officials vote like gang want to, no problem ha ha ha. Well my lovelies until I get it new news, I whish you gangsters in LA all lotta luck againsted the LAPD and FBI. Like Gava joe (great guy), I also packedd when I go on streets, I carry my one shot Darringer so nobody messed against me..big american ganster now. Let me know how I can get into EME please. Chow.

Porno films on Sofia late night bus stops
Feb 08 12:59 PM US/Eastern
SOFIA, Bulgaria, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A city-run bus company is showing dirty movies on monitors at bus stops to help commuters in the Bulgarian capital while away the wait after midnight.

During the day, a bus timetable is on the monitors, the Serbian news agency FoNet reported Thursday.

An official at the transportation company in Sofia said the company wanted to entertain passengers as they wait for buses. Erotic movies are being shown only late at night when there is little chance children are on the streets, he said.

Some Sofia residents praised the new service while others said it brings shame on the city.

Some Bulgarians complained security in Sofia has been reduced as police officers prefer to watch pornographic films instead of chasing criminals, the report said.

Anonymous said...

"How much $$$ does it cost to euphanize them????"

--Words every Orkin man loves to hear..

Anonymous said...

Hey LAPD's most corrupted lop, dont get so fuckin big headed, I once got set up and put away by a member of the EMPD who told me at the time of arrest that "Stephen King aint got shit on me I'll write a police report that will make his head spin" Then he planted a gun on me and not only did he take the stand and lie under oath, but that SOB was scratching his chin with his middle finger and I will still swear to this day that he was flipping me off. So that corrupt cop and every other corrupt mfer walking a beat will piss on you. You are probably still wet behind the ears you little green horn, por favor quit claiming to be LA's most corrupt you aint shit! Even Rafael Perez thinks your a punk so rest your neck! If your so fkn corrupt get my IP address from the FBI and come find me.

El Montero

Anonymous said...





On The Fence said...

Spending most my life living in a Lowrider Paradise, even though the topic of discussion is not cruzing or lowriding I thought I would chime in. Growing up in the barrio in grade school I remember the question was are you a Surfer or Lowrider, a pretty basic question to a simple answer according to your skin color, so automatically answered Lowrider so I would follow what the Lowriders/brown skins do. I could not afford a car and did not have a job to buy my own cloth, so the easyst way to represent my skin color was through cloths. After summer ended I would start requesting my mom to buy me the blue collar working mans attire, pretty much the same cloth my dad would wear but only he would come home from work dirty and I would come home from school clean.

Later we advanced to pedal bikes and then motorized mini-bikes, life was great! There was not too much else to care about in this world. I was expanding my horizons and at the same time always keeping my eye on the older vatos who were joining street gangs and wearing club jackets. I was very anxious to be like “them”. These guys were my role models

Smoking weed getting high, drinking and still in my teens was the cool thing to do, and its another step in my life closer to being a “Lowrider” We would ride our bikes to the blvd on cruz night, and stare at the shinny rides, metal flakes and candy apple colors, and if the car had hydraulics they were just way too firme, the choice of rims were Supremes, Cragers, or Shelby’s with 5x20 Voltswagon tires and later Spoke Wheels. After we seen enough we would ride back the our homes in the barrio and crash out for he night

Later we would hookup with the older dudes in our neghioborhood and jump into there rides and hit the Blvd with them, bumping jams like East Bay Grease, Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, WAR, Slide from Slave or Chase Me from Cunfunction or traditional hard core oldies like I’m Your Puppet, It’s A Shame, by the Spinners, Mary Wells or some other firme rollas, seemed like life could not get any better

Expanding into the big world as a young adult in my teens was not easy, doing small time in juve with dudes hitting me up about where I was from and throwing me gang signs was pretty trippy. On my first day at high school there was a stabbing and after that it was ON between the rival Mexican dudes and their Homeboys. The next step into manhood was quitting school and getting a job and Lowriding in my own carucha but the Lowriding world was just too big for a little homeboy like me, scrapping street fights, run in with the law, my coordination off balance my system was whacked out on drugs. I could always hold my own and would back my homeboys if the fight was one-sided. Sometimes I got beat without homeboys backing me, and I started asking myself what was this all about. Don’t all Lowrider think the same, what’s going on? Anger and frustration was building up in me like a time-bomb ready to explode. The streets and thug life was taking its toll on me.

Later ready to do a drive by and suddenly in my minds eye I looked ahead and saw the consequences for not just myself but for my family, I’m bringing this all-on by-myself and why does my family have to pay for my actions I quickly changed my intentions

I then went through a metamorphous and then channeled my thoughts and ambitions to blend into mainstream America. I told myself why do I have to be locked up with illegal or first generation Americans when I’m third generation American, this is crazy. I need to move forward not backward. I have a better opportunity than them, go for it Alabrava! Like a big Mexican. Let’s just say I’m living ok now and loving it.

Villarosa and Delgadillo, hey man go for it. This mess will still be here long after your term expires. At least your doing something about it, but don’t ask me for tax money

I know you vatos got writing skills and typing on a computer means you ought to be doing pretty good yourselves. I just had some extra time on my hands like ghost writer DQ would say “tu-sabes”.


Anonymous said...

To El Montero,

I know exactly what you mean about those corrupt cops. Let me tell you my story. I have been a drug dealer and gang member most of my adult life but I was very careful to NEVER be in possession of any of the drugs or drug profits. I had my mother and grandmother go to Mexico to pickup the drugs and drive them across the border. I made sure they did not know what they were really transporting across the border. When the “package” was at my grandmother’s house I had my 10 year old niece and 12 year old nephew put the drugs into little baggies for retail sale. I then had them deliver the drugs to the other little kids I had working the streets. I then had my mother collect the money in sealed envelopes from the kids selling the drugs in the barrio. I even kept the money in bank accounts under my mother and grandmothers name. I made sure I never was in direct contact with any incriminating evidence. I was doing really well until a dirty corrupt cop told my grandmother what I was really doing. Well that dirty cop convinced my grandmother to say she was sick and could not go to Mexico to pickup some drugs. I had to go to Mexico with my mother, on the way back we got busted at the border crossing. My mother was ready to say the drugs were hers but a dirty cop planted drugs under my seat and even had me touch the bag so my fingerprints were on the bag. In court that dirty cop testified against me even though my mother was ready to go to jail for me. My mother is old anyway, and does not mind being indoors. So I know exactly what you mean about those corrupt cops doing some really dirty tricks against hard working people like us. Mi Respecto to another good homie like me.

El Ratero

Anonymous said...

White Bread,
What are you going to do once those 25% of the illegals in jail are deported and you still have 75-80% of the Mexican gangs members left who were born here and have family who have been here for 80 plus years, not to mention the black gangs, Asian gangs, Armenian, Russian etc. Who says that those 25% are gang members?


StillNoScript said...

Canoga Park-Alabama on the TOP of the list!

What did I say?

This has nothing to do with public safety. This is all about targeting areas for redevelopment and cleaning out the so called undesirables.

And, of course, they throw some heavies like Avenues and Grape St. in there, too, just for good measure, so that they have that to point to whenever an opponent of the list points out the obvious agenda of gentrification in the entire concept.

Why would they be so obvious about it? That's what gets me. My god, those West valley developers must have really put up some cash. They don't want to waste any time.

Officer Krupke said...

Media Availability with Mayor and Chief

Monthly media availability with Mayor Villaraigosa and
Police Chief William Bratton

February 8, 2007

2:30 PM

Community Room

Mission Police Station

11121 N. Sepulveda Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 91345

Mayor Villaraigosa

Chief Bratton

Councilman Weiss

Councilman Cardenas

City Attorney Delgadillo

District Attorney Cooley

Mayor and chief will announce the City's gang initiative and goal for the police department in 2007.

Among announcements will be Most Wanted gang members and Top Targeted Gangs.

Media parking - limited space will be reserved at the curb, immediately in front of the police station for TV news trucks so they can cable into the community room, if desired. Light refreshments will be served.

Anonymous said...

El Ratero...
I got me a job last month at the city zoo. My job was to feed them polar bears, but they told me I was fired today.

El Ratero...
I don't know what their problem is. Them bears seemed to like them penguins way better than smelly buckets od dead fish.

Vae Victus (N) said...

The winners have been announced! The ballots have been counted and the Top 10 (11) Best Gangs of LA County have been determined!!!

Topping the list is 18th Street Westside. Coming in second to win the silver is 204th Street and taking the Bronze are the Avenues.

Thanks to the LA City Clowncil and all those invovled in helping to increase the street cred of these gangs. If your clique was left out of the awards this year... don't worry... the Top 10 (11) List shows exactly what your members need to do to get some street cred for your clique. Instead of killing those of your own race, randomly kill a few members of another race (remember - only civilians count and don't waste time with killing Asians or Whites because you get no props for that). Just think, next year, you could be like the Cinderella of this year's list (204th Street). A small gang that has more street cred than CPA, MS-13 and every single black gang in the city!

In another shocking development F13, did not make the list. Our old friend oldschool F13 needs to round up the "youngresters" and have them put in some work if the Malditos want to make the list of the Top 10 (11) Best Gangs next year.

Vae Victus (N) said...

18th Street Westside is the gold medal winner followed by 204th Street and then the Avenues. Here is the link to the press release:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if 204th St. would have even been on that list or the cops radar had it not been for the shooting of the 14yr. old black girl. I think them making the list is all politics.


Vae Victus (N) said...

In retrospect... the Times "listing" was by geographical area and the press release was in alphabetical order (but numbered as well)... Perhaps the LAPD doesn't want to give a "ranking: outside of being in the Top 10 (11). I still give the gold to 18th Street.

Anonymous said...

San Jose is wack city, no way in hell did lowrider start in this small town. How does this picture look, you see a couple of inferior Chicanos with Pancho Villa, E. Zapata and Aztec tattoo’s but are acting and dressing like Tintos/Terrones. I live in this little town for about 4 years in its nothing like Whittier Boulevard cruising. Story and King is nothing but pure paisas, Santa Clara is full of cops everywhere. San Jo is a nice clean town, no graffiti, its one of the Nations safest cities. The Surenos up here are nothing but paisas, not real Surenos by my standards, nothing like So. Cal and Nortenos are wannabes bloods who would be an easy pray in the Varrios of So. Cal.

The show represents the first time the museum has broken free of the tradition of focusing on mainstream American and European cars and recognized a different ethnic tradition. "I've lived through the Porsches, the Ferraris, the gorgeous cars," said Nancy Fister, the museum's assistant director and an expert in folklore, not cars, "but where are the important stories, where's the real culture?"
She said that there had been some resistance to the show from traditionalists but that over all the response had been positive. "Most people feel it's about time we did something like this," Ms. Fister said, adding that the show had been drawing about 2,000 people each day on the weekends, compared with an average of about 500 previously.
The show is also confronting some negative stereotypes. While some of the more renowned lowrider artists have had brushes with the law, lowrider clubs and shops are frequently family-oriented and consciously seek to wean Chicano youths from the world of gangs.
"I'm a bald-headed dude in a lowrider, so I get stopped by the cops," said Albert DeAlba, a second-generation customizer and club member. "But if you come to one of our picnics you'll see we're the opposite of the gangbangers. We bring our kids and we can mix with each other. It's like a code of honor. We show respect. When our fathers started doing this, they just wanted to be different and to be proud."
And now that the lowriders have for the most part left the streets, they have taken on a new form. "We use them to tell a story," said Robert Luna, whose elaborate 1939 Chevy, called "Maldito," is featured in the show. "They are very personal to us. This, you know, is what we are."
"Maldito" is a sort of Sistine of automobiles, with extensive air-brushed murals and iconography that touch on personal and cultural history. There are jail bars, representing brushes with the law, lots of women, mostly unclothed, and an image of Mr. Luna with his brother, George. Other lowriders frequently incorporate Catholic imagery as well as icons from Aztec mythology in dramatic tableaux.
One common theme is known as "Smile Now Cry Later," presented in the show notably on a converted lowrider bicycle, a fatalistic symbol of how good times have inevitability been followed by violence or other troubles for many Chicanos in Los Angeles.
The lowrider grew out of a sense of struggle at a troubled time. There is some dispute about whether they surfaced first in Los Angeles or New Mexico, which has a thriving lowrider culture, but there is no doubt that the cars were developed by people defiantly confronting racial oppression. (Blacks also developed a parallel lowrider culture in Los Angeles and other cities.)
Ms. Fister said that many Chicanos returned to Los Angeles from World War II, some highly decorated, but were not permitted to use most public swimming pools. In addition, many remembered what had been referred to here as the Zoot Suit riots of the 1940's, in which sailors would go into Chicano neighborhoods and provoke fights, with the police perceived either as useless bystanders or as lending a hand with their own forms of intimidation.
So the Chicanos took junked cars and made them their own, not with money but craftsmanship. "They took junk and created art," said Ms. Baca. "The boulevards were not nice places to be, but once the lowriders started cruising them they became something else."
Ms. Sandoval said that "on a broader level, I'm not sure Mexican-American culture has really been accepted even now in Los Angeles." Latinos outnumber all other ethnic groups here, including whites. "We're still seen in a negative light," she added. "This show is just a step in changing that."
But Ms. Baca said she was skeptical.
"I feel this is more co-optation than recognition," she said. "You lose some of the cultural milieu just by bringing lowriders into a place like a museum. Los Angeles is a city where it's been impossible to get it to identify with its roots. It's a body that hates its feet. That's what the show is saying to me."

StillNoScript said...


N, OC, can either of you answer these questions?

StillNoScript said...

To Wally, or anyone else,

Could you brush me up on how EME operated before this so called 'edict' that took place in the early '90s, where EME started to collect taxes?

Did EME just tax certain people? Did they tax at all? Did their primary source of cash flow come from something else? Did they sell drugs themselves and mainly rely on that income?

Also, I understand that some So Cal varrios didn't claim Sur13 before this edict? Who were they, and why didn't they? Also, who did, and why did they do so if it wasn't demanded of them, yet?

I know this blog has gone over these things at full length, but I'm just a little confused on these two particular aspects.

Any feedback appreciated.

The one who knows said...

San Jose is wack city, no way in hell did lowrider start in this small town. How does this picture look, you see a couple of inferior Chicanos with Pancho Villa, E. Zapata and Aztec tattoo’s but are acting and dressing like Tintos/Terrones. I live in this little town for about 4 years in its nothing like Whittier Boulevard cruising. Story and King is nothing but pure paisas, Santa Clara is full of cops everywhere. San Jo is a nice clean town, no graffiti, its one of the Nations safest cities.

You don't know shit fool.That's why you post Anonymous.You don't see any piasas cruising Story and King.It's all Homeboys.Norteno homeboys.The scraps aren't even out there.You probably stayed locked up in your moms apartment the whole time you where there.

Anonymous said...

Kacuuie said,
Hey (orale) El Montero, LOL Honestly, that was good brother. Yeah I was quite aware of Nina a while back ago, and again I really have to give you yours on that. I know you posted it for a good joke and for my benefit. But no, didn't and not going there nor to the cheapys.
LAPD-most corrupt cop: Kind of sounds like a couple of "Cell Warriors" huh? El Ratero; come on now, "nothing hard working about that"! It's called "Selfish", "Selfish",
"Selfish", it's all about you and don't care who you hurt or used. "NO DENIAL THERE". My gosh Mom and Grandma, please???

LAPD-most corrupt cop: May I interject? And I believe you won't mind and more than likely you'll agree!!! Stating "you convicts"... Maybe-just maybe a short stay inmate, but "convict" {NOPE}. Because you see; a "CONVICT" has "RESPECT" and don't talk or respond in such a matter. These 2 probably have a quote to each other and it may have went something like this, "My feet are getting tired". Which means what? You got it, there's no where else to run. Remember what LAPD MCC said, they're monitoring you and you all may want to "shut down", "delete" and "saddle up".

Well....I believe I just made my point. The statement: "It's always a set up" 2 con/oooops "lay overs" need to be more creative. And "Corrupt" I'm reading your mind, I know you're thinking that they wished they would of come up with the title first "IF I DID IT".
And Corrupt...I will shortly, but as of right now I'm well....I'm in another town and let's just say "35mm" and a 'lil busy for a minute, but I will be checking and getting back to ya ASAP! i.e. book'um Danny "O". The back burner will stay warm!!! OK? Listo!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
El Ratero...
I got me a job last month at the city zoo. My job was to feed them polar bears, but they told me I was fired today.

El Ratero...
I don't know what their problem is. Them bears seemed to like them penguins way better than smelly buckets od dead fish.

Anonymous; your stories really suck I recommend you take a creative writing class before posting any more of your stupid-ass stories. I know you want to join the mix, but please get some writing skills, then join in the fun of Wally's blog. I suggest you go to the archives and read some of N14 posts to OldSkollF13(florencia crack head), that was some pretty creative and hilarious writing. That N14 had some skills and knew how to make us laugh.

Waiting for some creativity !!!

StillNoScript said...

Anonymous said...

"San Jose is wack city, no way in hell did lowrider start in this small town. How does this picture look, you see a couple of inferior Chicanos with Pancho Villa, E. Zapata and Aztec tattoo’s but are acting and dressing like Tintos/Terrones."

What does this observation have to do with lowriding?

Anonymous said...

SNS, Why Bite ??? The vato is obviously trying to get a rise out of you. He's probably never even been to Whittier...Anyhow, last night on cnn or fox news (got to hear both sides) the LA gang problem was mentioned, the gang czar was mentioned as a solution to the rising amount of drive-bys (what happened to the no drive-bys edict). The interesting part though was the announcement of an FBI's most wanted list for Gangmembers...hadn't heard that before except for a suggestion the FBI get involved here on the blog...i guess we heard it first on wally's blog, que-no?

On The Fence said...

Wally, I’ve been reading that your latest book due in July was cut down from 700 pages to 250, will there be a part two follow-up, will part one leave us salivating for more???

Anonyms, to El Ratero, that was some funny stuff man!!!

I got a joke for (Salad Bowel) Salinas, why do Mexicans drive low riders? Because its easier to pick lettuce that way, ha-ha, I could just see it now, a bunch of hente in low-rider cars driving four door cars and station-wagons with all doors open driving though the fields picking lettuce, that’s pretty crazy man

The low-riding scene was very big in SJ area I could remember guys from LA would drive all the way over there to be part of the cruzing scene. I could remember the streets and parking lots being flooded with hente. One thing that was very big in SJ was the hydraulics scene, although I believe LA is the capital of low-riding SJ was is next in line

I read and study respected “custom” car painters & builders and some of the most famous are from rule areas of northern califas, you’ve got your props too man…

Anonymous said...

Feb 8, 2007 4:57 pm US/Pacific

Police Nab Teen In Gang-Related Murder Of Girl, 16
LOS ANGELES A teenage boy was in custody in connection with the gang-related shooting death of a 16-year-old girl in the Glassell Park area, police announced Thursday.

The 16-year-old was arrested Wednesday night by the Crime Apprehension Team and homicide detectives from the Northeast Division at his residence in the 2600 block of Roseview Avenue, also in the Glassell Park area, said Officer Martha Garcia.

The suspect's name was not released because he is a juvenile.

The shooting occurred in the 3200 block of Verdugo Road at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police arrived to find two young men attempting to aid the victim, Melissa Paul of Highland Park, who lay on the sidewalk with a single gunshot wound to the chest.


A quick arrest was made in the latest gang shooting of another young girl in Los Angeles. And for all the talk of racially motivated shootings and Mexican Mafia being behind many shootings, I will bet the majority of shootings are just about wild and crazy kids with guns on the streets of Los Angeles. If you put a gun in the hands of a teenage boy only bad things are going to happen. What 16 year old has the maturity to make an instant decision when carrying a gun? And if you throw drugs and alcohol into the mix one can only imagine what will happen.

Who do we blame for this latest shooting? Are we going to blame this on abject poverty and lack of jobs? I don’t think this kid would be looking for a job yet. Do we blame our government for this type of murder by a young kid?

I would really like to know if this kid always walked around with a gun. What type of parents does this kid have? Who gave him his early education and upbringing?

White Bread

Jim said...

Latino leaders outraged over gov.'s comments. Arnold's remarks about illegal immigration and the unwillingness of Mexicans to assimilate draw angry responses.
Latinos lob a few words at governor
Leaders label remarks on immigration, heard on tapes, as offensive.
Times February 9, 2007,0,751114.story?page=2&coll=la-home-headlines

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's off-the-cuff comments in recently released audio recordings about illegal immigration and the unwillingness of Mexicans to assimilate into American society have drawn angry responses this week from Latino community and political leaders...

"I made an effort," the Austrian-born Schwarzenegger told aides last April in conversations that touched on assimilation. "But the Mexicans don't make that effort."

We don't need no stinking effort. At least the first generation. Has it not always played out this way with new immigrants...All's well that ends well, thank you Mr. shakespeare...and it will.

Anonymous said...

I'm no expert but I do know that some gangs start or started with out claiming SUR 13, but as we all know once you hit county or State that could raise a problem so over time a lot of them add the 13. A lot of those tagger crews that turn into gangs start that way. The Armenian gangs do claim SUR 13 and are under the Sureno flag. Different Fillipino gangs have 13 but they are not under the Sureno flag, they ride with the Asians, although years ago I believe it was different.

As for taxes, I won't even pretend to know the answer but I do hear that varrios in kind of "grey" areas like Santa Maria and surronding areas are being looked at by EME. I'm sure eventually if it's not already happening EME would be smart to start looking at what some people would call the paisas SUR varrios in places like King City, Salinas, Santa Cruz and further up north.
There's some varrios even in So. Cal that don't really sell many drugs.

On a different not maybe someone out there can answer a question for me. I keep hearing about these skinheads/white guys in OCJ that everyone calls the Kamarades, heard it from a couple Sureno's and woods. Story is they don't answer to the AB car i.e PENI, NLR or whoever has the keys in OCJ. I hear AB/PEN1 isn't happy about that and there's some friction.

Everyone including the sureno's say they're cool guys, cause no problems, but don't fuck around either.


JIM said...

This article by Lowrider Magazine does not settle the question but is interesting.

"Lowriding has always had a distinct Mexican flavor, hotter than hot rods and lower than customs. Throughout many Mexican-American neighborhoods, called barrios, from East Los Angeles to El Paso, Texas, cruisers have been dropping Chevrolets to a sidewalk-scraping stance since the late 1930s..."

The Roots of Lowriding.
When the lights go up at today's huge lowrider shows, hundreds of cars gleaming with triple-dipped chrome and gold plating, elaborate candy and metalflake paint jobs, rolling on custom-spoked wire rims featuring the finest spinners money can buy, fans throughout Aztlan (Chicano slang for the American Southwest) and all America, to Japan and Europe, gasp with appreciation and envy. As lowriding has taken the world by storm, it has also taken the mainstream automotive industry by surprise--no one seems to know where the world's number one auto trend came from. Some automotive enthusiasts like to write the sport off as the new cruiser on the block, eyeing hoppers and their high performance hydraulics somewhat suspiciously.

Other custom car historians dig a little deeper, tapping out a few lines about the late '70s, the television show Chico and the Man, and the first few issues of Low Rider Magazine evidence enough that lowriders have enjoyed at least a decade or two on the streets. But, lowriding's roots reach far deeper into history than that, the result of two very different traditions, California car culture and Mexican cultura coming together in Southern California. Lowriding has always had a distinct Mexican flavor, hotter than hot rods and lower than customs.

Throughout many Mexican-American neighborhoods, called barrios, from East Los Angeles to El Paso, Texas, cruisers have been dropping Chevrolets to a sidewalk-scraping stance since the late 1930s. It was part of the "zoot suit" fashion, a trend popular among teenagers from every culture. Mexican-American zooters, cool from slicked back hair to highly polished shoes, called themselves pachucos. They cruised beautifully restored, older Chevys, decked out in their oversized zoot suits for a night on the town. Often just the back of the Chevy was temporarily lowered, using sandbags hidden in the trunk beneath strategically placed planks of wood, or permanently dropped all around, the springs shortened by cutting the top few coils or heated until they collapsed to a proper cruising height. They cruised through the streets, honoring a custom that may have been practiced since the heyday of the Aztlan Empire.

The paseo, still honored today in many small Mexican towns, is a tradition where young, unmarried villagers walking around the village's central plaza, young women in one direction, men in the other, blushing and making eye contact. According to legend, the cruise is merely an automotive extension of this ancient tradition, practiced in Southern California long before it was ever a part of the United States.

After World War II, America's economy was booming. Southern California' the '30s its comparatively strong economy during the Great Depression had attracted immigrants from the dust bowls of the Central United States and Northern Mexico--was ready to roll. Prior to the war, most "customizers" were interested in speed, not looks, making inexpensive modifications under the hood while removing heavy, "useless" extras like the fenders and roof. Early custom and lowriding (although the word would not come into use until the 1960s) enthusiasts, however, in particular the pachucos, were more interested in looks, class and style.

It was all on a Depression-era budget, but the seeds were being sown for modern custom trends. After World War II, the hard-driving economy fueled a new generation of automotive enthusiasts, these early styles began branching out, racers, now called hot rods, joined by lakesters, street rods, roadsters, customs, cruisers and finally, lowriders, each new style owing a debt to the cars that came before it.

By the late 1950s and early '60s, what we would now consider lowriders were finally hitting Whittier Boulevard in great numbers. Such fine rides wouldn't appear overnight, however. California car culture and Mexican-American cultura would both develop and grow, each enriching the larger American culture with every passing decade.

Pachucismo: Lowriding's Well-Dressed Roots California, along with Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, as well as parts of Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming, were part of Mexico until the 1830s, when Mexico ceded the huge territory to the U.S. Many Mexican-American and Spanish families remained on their ancestral lands, continuing to speak Spanish and retain a distinctly Mexican cultura. Later, from about 1910 to the mid '20s, a wave of new Mexican immigrants--approximately 10-percent of the Mexican population--fled the bloody Mexican Revolution and settled in many major urban centers of the Southwest, in particular, El Paso, Texas, and East Los Angeles. They came, like so many others to this nation of immigrants, seeking stability, peace, and a better life for their children. It was difficult, as it was for refugees from Eastern Europe or Ireland, but many managed to carve out a decent life for themselves in the land of opportunity.

Professor Ruben Mendoza points out that one of their means of surviving in the U.S. might be the basis of modern day car clubs. "After the Revolution, Mexicans were brought over to the United States to work in the mines, railroads and farms; many of these new workers were exploited, and without any type of job security or insurance, an illness or other calamity could destroy their lives. Many of these immigrants formed 'mutual aid societies,' or social clubs, where they would meet and socialize on a regular basis. The purpose of the group, however, was survival.

They would all contribute money, and if any of them got sick or in trouble, that could be used to help the ailing member out. That same type of organization. Within a single generation, the English-speaking children of these first immigrants were feeling more a part of American life. Part of the American dream of the '30s and '40s was owning a car, and when the family finally saved enough for that ride, it became almost a member of the family. Most of the cars cruising the barrios were second hand, and Chevrolets, less expensive and easier to repair, as well as more stylish compared to practical Fords, became the cars of choice.

The desire to be different was no less apparent in Mexican-American communities than anywhere else in the country, and they, too, customized their cars to look unique. Rather than the fast looking "California rake," these young pachucos would drop the back of the car for a sleek, mean look that turned everyone's head. "They were family cars, but we used to fix them up," remembers former pachuco and United Farm Workers co-founder Cesar Chavez. "We fixed up several. The one that we had for the longest period of time was a '40 Chevy. In those days you went the opposite [of the hot rodders]--low in the back. We lowered the rear springs, had fender skirts, two side pipes. It was mostly cosmetic stuff in those days. You had to have two spotlights and two antennas, and a big red stop light in the back.

Hubcaps, oh, they used to steal hubcaps. The ones that we had, had just one bar across, and big wide whitewalls. When we got out of the car, we had a screwdriver to take off the hubcaps and lock them in the trunk. When we got back we would put them back on." There were plenty of modifications for specific Chevys becoming popular in the barrios. The "alligator hood" looked great on models with hoods hinged down the center, like the '39 Chevy. Originally, the hood would open up like wings, but this was converted to open from the front, like an alligator's mouth.

For pachucos still customizing Fords, the bumper soon became a problem. Original Ford bumpers had a dip in the center that scraped the ground after the coils were cut or, by those with tougher bottoms, removed. The owner would either flip the bumper, remove it entirely, or switch it. "The most popular to switch was the '37 DeSoto bumper with the five narrow ribs that matched the grille and chrome horn covers on the front fenders," reminisces lowrider historian David Holland. "The '37 DeSoto was a stupid looking car, but it sure had bad bumpers. Also, the '41 Ford bumpers were popular." still exists today in disenfranchised communities, as neighborhood groups, gangs and car clubs."

Lowrider style has changed a great deal over the past 50 years--although you still have to take extra care of a car sporting a nice set of rims--but, as Cesar Chavez pointed out, Chicano cruisers have always customized their cars very differently from the speedier sets. "Lowriders do happen to alter a car in a way that makes it almost the precise opposite of a style long favored by Anglo car customizers," noted Calvin Trillin in the New Yorker. "The California rake, which has a jacked up rear instead of a lowered one, outlandishly wide tires instead of tires that seem much too small for the car, and a souped up motor instead of one that has been filely ignored." The "East L.A. rake" was part of a new style that was developing.

These cars not only looked clean, but they were also a way of showing defiance against the mainstream culture. The young pachucos cruising these beauties on Whittier Boulevard, the main strip in East Los Angeles, or on Boulevards throughout the Southwest, had also developed their own style of clothing and hair, which was stirring things up a bit. The zoot suit craze had been spreading across the country throughout the late '30s, popularized by movie stars like Clark Gable. Blacks in Harlem, New York, popularized the look, an enormously oversized jacket over baggy pants with pegged legs. Young Mexican-Americans called them drapes, and often dropped the fancy fedora altogether. There was some concern on the part of the mainstream about the refusal of these young people to assimilate.

Older, more conservative Mexican-Americans also worried about their children's new look. "I started wearing zoot suits when it became and issue," Cesar Chavez explained. "The Chicano community was divided about the dress. Some people just wouldn't wear them, because they thought everybody who did was no good. The girls also wore their trapos, even though people would say, 'you're no good.' You see, the people that wore them eran los mas pobres, guys like us who were migrant farm workers."

Patricia Alcala, who allowed the PBS documentary Low and Slow cover her daughter's lowrider quincianera, had a similar experience. "Back in the '40s, we couldn't wear tight skirts, dangly earrings, or speak Spanish. If you did, you were labeled 'bad.' " But, like so many young cruisers of their generation, Chavez and Alcala continued to wear the pachuco fashion and speak Spanish, at least when their teachers weren't around. The car, the clothes and the language were all badges of pride for a generation caught between cultures, struggling to find their own identity.

What frightened many Southern Californians, however, was not just the pachucos' rough and ready reputation. It was their ability to move through traditionally Anglo areas with ease. "Being strangers to an urban environment, the first generation tended to respect the boundaries of the Mexican communities," writes historian Carey McWilliams of the pachucos' first lows. "But, the second generation was lured far beyond these boundaries into the downtown shopping districts, to the beaches and, above all, to the glamour of Hollywood. It was this generation of Mexicans, the pachuco generation, that first came to the general notice and attention of the Anglo-American population."

The attention that the pachucos got, with their cars, clothes and street slang, called calo, was notorious. "We went to the movies--we were just waiting outside--and the guy wouldn't let us in with a pass," said Cesar Chavez. "The cops came and then stood us against a wall and searched us. They ripped our pants--can you imagine? In those days the one that I had was a sharkskin suit and it cost me $45, a lot of money in those days--we're talking about 1942 or '43." Cesar wasn't the only one. "I was just hanging out [on the corner of 5th Avenue and Glendale Avenue] with my homeboys in a zoot suit, when a city of Glendale placa [police car] drove up and called me over," Noni Maldonado told "El Danny" in an article for Barrio Breakthrough Magazine. "Our zoot suits, to us, were firme trajes, to go to dances and hang out with the pleve. We weren't into gangs or pachuco fighting. We just automatically got stereotyped because of our clothes and our hair style, but that was us!"

Anonymous said...

A story below about an Irvine cop who ejaculated on as stripper from a club named Captain Cream.
You cannot make this stuff up.

An Irvine cop ejaculates on a motorist but escapes criminal liability
Thursday, February 8, 2007 - 3:00 pm

No one disputes that an on-duty Irvine police officer got an erection and ejaculated on a motorist during an early-morning traffic stop in Laguna Beach. The female driver reported it, DNA testing confirmed it and officer David Alex Park finally admitted it.

When the case went to trial, however, defense attorney Al Stokke argued that Park wasn’t responsible for making sticky all over the woman’s sweater. He insisted that she made the married patrolman make the mess—after all, she was on her way home from work as a dancer at Captain Cream Cabaret.

Juicy Story

Auzzie said...

I was fast approaching my use-by-date in the bank robbing business during the 1990s, but the lure of easy money and that euphoric feeling of impregnability was an enticing factor that resulted in my sussing out a couple of banks in the Brisbane CBD.

The NAB bank job on Eagle Street was not a one-outer. I had to crew up, but unfortunately most of the crews I’d worked with were either dead or in prison. The only guy who was still out and about was “the Pom”, a stand-up bloke, with ice water running through his veins.

The Pom’s breeding came straight from the pages of a criminal Debrett’s. His uncle, Freddy Foreman, was the brother-in-law of Buster Edwards, who held up the Glasgow to London mail train with Ronnie Biggs during the 1960s.

We’d been mates since the early 1980s, but there was a catch. The little Pom had retired years ago. I rang him anyway, just on spec.

The Pom trusted my judgment. When I told him the Eagle Street job was a walk-up start he put his retirement on hold. We teamed up for that last big score - every bank robber’s dream - that pot of gold at the end of criminality’s rainbow.

The plan was simple. We would hit the bank just before peak-hour and take it over. I was the “collector” or the “money man” whose job was to jump the counter and scoop all the notes from the cashiers’ drawers. If there was enough time to take the vault then that would go too.

The Pom, who acted as “crowd controller” inside the bank, had an ear-piece connected to a scanner on his belt - our early warning device tuned into the police wavelength.

We had a pre-arranged signal. At the first hint of trouble we would leave immediately with the money already jammed into the bag I was carrying. If the alarm was raised the police would lose valuable time getting to a bank in the heart of the city in peak hour traffic, giving us valuable time to make our escape.

Our getaway tactic was equally simple. We adopted the chameleon deception of blending into our surroundings. Decked out like cleaners or mechanics in boiler-suits enabled us to walk the city streets without attracting undue attention. And suits and ties underneath would enable us to blend in and disappear among the Brisbane office workers cascading onto the streets at knock-off time.

At just on 4.30pm we hit the bank. The Pom took over crowd control near the entrance as I hurdled the counter. Shocked surprise was evident on the faces of staff and customers alike.

I ordered everyone to the floor and began quickly and methodically emptying all the cash drawers. I had finished emptying the last teller’s cage when I glanced at the Pom - no signal. I still had time.

I went to the vault and ordered a teller to open it.

He was a young guy, early to mid-20s, tall and lanky and wearing a short-sleeved shirt. He began fumbling with the keys, and looked at me as he tried to get the keys to work. Then he did a strange thing: he smiled, then giggled - and continued giggling as he fumbled with the keys.

He was wasting valuable time, but instinct told me he was going into shock. Stressful situations create unpredictable reactions. The complexity of bank robbery is being able to manage those situations without resorting to violence in the heat of the moment.

A female teller lay on the floor near the vault.

“He can’t open it,” she said.

“Can you?” I asked. It was more a question than a demand.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

I threw her the keys, and the male teller crumpled to the floor like a wet dish rag, his nerves gone. The female teller calmly opened each drawer and stuffed the notes into my bag. She was methodical, quick, and calm.

I glanced at the Pom. Still no warning signal. We had been in the bank over three minutes - an incredible amount of time for a bank robbery. And the alarm still hadn’t gone up.

My preoccupation was shattered by the female teller.

“That’s all the money from the vault sir,” she said, cramming the notes from the last drawer into my bag. She remained calm and waited for me to order her back onto the floor.

“Thanks,” I mumbled as I headed towards the Pom.

You have to respect courage, and that female teller had it with a capital C. She had the heart of an elephant. Her employers probably wouldn’t appreciate her emptying the vault for me, but as a victim she took control of the situation from her side of the fence.

The Pom and I peeled off our balaclavas as we walked briskly from the bank to a city church where there was a lavatory. As we neared the church, sirens screamed through the streets. The alarm had gone up.

Inside the lavatory we peeled off our boiler-suits. We had pulled off the last big score. Bundles of cash piled into the carry bag attested to that.

The Pom was first dressed and grabbed some money out of the bag before he opened the door. Then he froze. I continued dressing and crammed my boiler-suit into the bag.

Then I noticed the Pom, who was looking at me strangely. He then handed me the pistol to put in the bag.

“I don’t think we’ll be needing this,” he said.

“Okay, I’ll be ready in a minute,” I replied, stuffing the 9mm Glock into the bag.

“I don’t think you understand, Bern,” the Pom said quietly. “I think we’re pinched, mate.”

“Bullshit!” I said, pushing past the Pom and opening the door.

It’s a strange feeling looking down the barrel of a police issue .38 calibre revolver -and there were over two dozen barrels pointing at the lavatory door, each looking like a gigantic cannon.

It has to be the same feeling customers and staff endure when they look down the barrel of a bank robber’s gun. As they say, what goes around comes around. We were cornered like rats in a trap.

As the best plans of mice and men went up in smoke that sunny afternoon in Brisbane one question kept niggling in my brain. How? How did we come unstuck? How could such a perfectly planned bank robbery dissolve into disaster?

The answer was simple: never rob a bank on Police Remembrance Day!

While the Pom and I were chasing our pot of gold at the end of criminality’s rainbow, the cream of Queensland’s police force were attending Police Remembrance Day marches two streets away. When the alarm went up they literally fell out of the sky. And of course we were pinched.

I got double digits for that little episode, and the Pom got six years. They were prison sentences that underscored the futility of a bank robbing career.

If there is a moral to this story for any aspiring bank robbers who think they can beat the odds, then all I can say is: expect the unexpected. Be prepared to do jail, because prison is one occupational hazard that goes hand-in-hand with bank robbery.

And finally, never rob a bank on Police Remembrance Day.

Anonymous said...

El Montero said ………………………………..
"Stephen King aint got shit on me I'll write a police report that will make his head spin" Then he planted a gun on me and not only did he take the stand and lie under oath, but that SOB was….”


Montero do you really think we are going to believe that line "Stephen King aint got shit on me”,
That is a line from the movie Training Day” with Denzel Washington, come up with something original not a line from a movie. So read your own posts about Wally’s readers not just falling off a turnip truck.

King Kong ain’t got shit on me, you just live here I run the shit here.

Mr. King Kong – is lol

Anonymous said...

National Geographic goes inside the Aryan Brotherhood
Posted Jan 30th 2007 1:32PM by Adam Finley
Filed under: Cable, Documentary

The Aryan Brotherhood is a network of white power groups that began in the California prison system and is now spread throughout several other state prisons. The group consists of men who are trained to kill efficiently and mercilessly and control the drug trade. On March 4 at 8:00pm, Explorer: Aryan Brotherhood will go inside these prisons to give a first-hand look at how the group operates, and also delve into efforts by law enforcement to stop the Brotherhood, which boasts at least one former member who claims to have killed twenty-two of his fellow inmates.

Anonymous said...

Another useless link and post by Wally’s most hated poster, yes it’s me White Bread.

I think gang members must yell the loudest about their rights being violated when they almost kill someone and then intimidate the witnesses to their crime. Like Don King says "Only in America".

The following is a link to case in the California court of appeals.

White Bread

don quixote said...

Just a little secret inside info for all interested Wallista's concerning the World's top news story, the mysterious death of Anna Nicole SMith.
As we all know by now the autopsy on SMith's body revealed no intact pills or other drugs in her stomach. This rules out suicide or any drug related cause of death. More details will supposedly become public in the months to come?
Ms Smith was embroiled in a years long legal battle to keep her millions in inheritance willed to her by her late elderly husband.
In the last year her adult son Danny died in a mysterious fashion that was supposedly drug related,his body is still missing and not given a burial at this date. No autopsy results were made public.
Anna Nicole SMith's new born child "Danieelynn" is in line to receive the millions of dollars in inheritence, but the self proclaimed father of the child, "Howard Stern" (a much described Svengali and controll freak with the late SMith) is being contested and SMith's ex boyfriend is waiting for the DNA results which are AWOL at this time.
New claimants for Daddyhood are Zsa Zsa Gabors Husband Count Dracula (who says he's had sexual relationship with Anna N Smith for ten years even though he's 90 yrs old), The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The Bolivian Navy, ET,
and late claimer "Wally Fay" a very mysterious and nebulous figure who is the author of an upcoming book titled "The Mexican Mafia". Fay (a nom de plume) is rumored to either be the illegitmate son of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, or the product of a love trist between actors "Joan Crawford" and the major cad "Zacharry Scott" during filming of the classic Film Noir movie "Mildred Pierce".
New evidence is rumored in connection with the deaths of ANna Nicole SMith and her son Danny.
It has been learned that hundreds of plastic wrappers of a so called food product called "Slim Jims" have been found in a nuclear waste dump in New Mexico and traced back to both Howard K Stern and this new claimant Wally Fay.
Even more curious is the report that both Stern and Fay are major stockholders of the Slim Jim food and weapons development Co.
Only time and DNA tests will determine which of the claimants to Anna Nicole Smith's fortune (thru paternal rights to the child)will hit the jackpot but the conclusive cause of the deaths of Smith and her late son Danny may never be determined.

Anonymous said...


*Dear Mexican: How do Mexicans get such ridiculous nicknames from seemingly normal names? For instance, José becomes Chepe, Eduardo is Lalo, Gabriel becomes Gabi, and Guillermo devolves into Memo.

—It’s Marcela, Not Chela

*I want to know why Mexicans have such incongruous nicknames. Granted, there are some English nicknames that seem like a stretch of logic — Jack for John and Peg for Margaret — but there are none so incompatible as Pepe for José, Pancho for Francisco, or Chucho (or Chuy) for Jesus.

—La China Curiosa Who’s Really Korean

Dear Wabette and Chinita: The definitive study on this quirk is Viola Waterhouse’s “Mexican Spanish Nicknames,” included in the 1981 anthology Linguistics Across Continents: Studies in Honor of Richard S. Pittman. Unfortunately, the ethnolinguist devotes most of her article to including as many seemingly wacky Mexican apodos as possible (some of the better ones mentioned are Goyo for Gregorio, Licha for Alicia, Nacho for Ignacio and Cuco for Refugio), instead of theorizing why Mexican Spanish is prone to such a mangled morphology. Waterhouse does identify one phenomenon that factors into many of the name changes: palatalization, when speakers pronounce nonpalatal consonants as palatals — for example, the transformation of “s” into a “ch” sound when Salvador becomes Chava. Other phonetic laws not mentioned by Waterhouse that influence Mexican Spanish nicknames include apocope (the dropping of a word’s last letters or syllables — Caro for Carolina), aphaeresis (when a word loses syllables or letters at its beginning — Mando for Armando) and syncopation, when a word contracts by shedding sounds — that’s how Roberto becomes Beto.

But the question remains: Why the dropping of sounds and letters in Mexican Spanish nicknames? This Mexican’s take: Most nicknames derived from proper nombres are shortened versions of the original. Mexicans advance this process by employing the abovementioned tricks. Such trends occur in languages that are evolving into newer, bolder tongues. So enjoy your pussy Billys from William and Cathys from Catherine, gabachos: Mexicans will take the linguistic wonder that creates Lencho from Lorenzo any day.

*Do Mexicans see us Filipinos as chinos or as hybrid Latinos? After all, we have Spanish surnames, we’re brown and Catholic, we have quinceañeras (just several years after your chicas), and we started that grape strike Mexicans get credit for.

—Fabulous Little Island Person

Dear FLIP: Gracias for allowing the Mexican to set the historical record straight. American history classes teach kiddies that César Chávez and his United Farm Workers brought justice to farm workers through boycotts and strikes in California’s Central Valley during the 1960s. What the history books rarely mention is that Chávez and his Mexican followers first earned national prominence by joining an already existing grape huelga started by Filipino laborers. And what the history books never mention is that many of those pioneer Filipinos joined the UFW but eventually left due to perceived discrimination at the hands of the union’s Mexican-majority leadership and members. One of those Filipinos, former UFW vice-president Philip Vera Cruz, described in his 1992 memoir how the union became “very ethnocentric. When [UFW Mexican members] called out ‘Viva la Raza’ or ‘Viva César Chávez,’ they didn’t realize that all these ‘Vivas’ did not include the Filipinos. As a matter of fact, they didn’t include anyone but themselves... Terms like that, you see, are not inclusive but divisive.” On that note, FLIP: yep, Filipinos are nothing more to Mexicans than chinos with tans.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon, first of all the policias watch movies too, and I wouldnt put it past a crooked cop to steal a line from a cop movie or any where else, but this incident happened in about 1984, and that was way before DW's "King Kong aint got shit on me" line, and you know what? Who gives a fuck if you dont believe me, you aint shit anyhow!

El Montero

Greek Geek said...

Wally, please don't think bad about me. I have to confess that for the first time the other day, I was a bad samaritan. This lady was on the side of the road, south on the 405. Her car was broken down. She was waving for help and the devil in me came out, I pulled over and acted like I was going to help her. I told her to wait in the car and once she got all comfortable and was sitting behind her dashboard smiling. I gave her the brain then drove off. Oh, how it made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Stephen King ain't got shit on El Montero. Montero writes better fiction than Stephen King.

Don't worry Montero ain't nobody beleive your tele-novelas. But you have a good imagination.

Sr. Puro Cuento

Anonymous said...



StillNoScript said...

Anna Nicole Smith's estate should sue Bill O'Reilly and Fox News for 15 million dollars, and for O'Reilly's sex toy collection for good measure. Bill reported on the day of her death that she died of a drug overdose. Oops.

Anonymous said...

To Hollenbeck Resident,

Yes I have heard a lot about the wave brutality from the Big Hazard gang to anybody who lives in the Ramona Gardens area and is not a gang member. These pendejos have been robbing, burglarizing and intimidating everybody in the area for years. They sell drugs around these projects like the own the damn place and no one does anything. Big Hazard gang needs to be all killed so we can live in peace and not in fear for our lives. We are tired of these pendejos fucking up our lives around Ramona Gardens. La Policia tiene que matar esta basura de la pandilla Big Hazard. Por favor maten a todos los pandilleros.

Pedro del Este de Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Q~vo to everyone, I've been away for a bit but I'm happy to see that shit is still jumping off in here. It does seem like there is more LE in here than before. Maybe they're tiered of being on the sidelines and want us ex~convicts, old cholos, and over all fuckups to know that they are here and representing. Everyone can tell who they (LE) are by what they say. I trip out on their posts. It's always the same shit about how they along with their superhuman abilities and gadgets will finally succeed in locking up all of societies unwanted. It's just crazy how these fuckers are always advocating fascists policies and thoughts.

White Bread you once asked a question about a kid killing another kid with a gun. It seems that you go out of your way to look up these types of things especially if it involves RAZA. Why do you do it? Are you trying to prove something? We know about the problems in our communities and are trying to make things better. I know that people like you don't believe that and that's okay. But before you keep adding anymore links to your posts that give the impression all crime is committed by RAZA. Do us a favor and look for any shooting committed by any young Mexican that is worse than the one that happened at Columbine. Then come up with answers to explain the reasons behind such madness. When you are able to do that you would have answered your own question and maybe, just maybe you will start seeing things in a different way.

Gava Joe said...

SNS aptly critiques Bill O'Reilly:

"Bill reported on the day of her death that Anna Nicole Smith died of a drug overdose. Oops."

What did she die of O noted critic? Was it the dread infected hangnail? Or maybe it was dry skin from too much chlorine in the resort's pool? Maybe it was expiration due to a cumulative amt. of drugs in her system, a kind of overdose? Who cares? She was a bimbo..

All this sniping you guys are doing over trivial bullshit is boring, man.. Hollenbeck poses the only pertinent question in a lot of comments here.

Could it be that LE is getting heavy-handed due to all the national focus on gangs and the violence on the streets of LA? If that's the case then the results bear careful observation. The view from out here in the Peanut Gallery is that folk's probably need to stay indoors until the war's over.. The killings of innocents is getting so numerous that a person needs a program to keep track.. What a shame..

What's the chance that the govt. could temporarily suspend the Bill of Rights and systematically execute EME's shot callers with extreme predjudice? One hollow-point round per cell in Pelican Bay, then may as well do the same w/NF - one hollow point round per cell in CDX Florence.. The only job then is to watch who ascends to the coveted thrones of the organizations and execute them as well. Make the hierarchy so undesireable a position that no one cares to participate any longer?

Lop off the head of the snake, and continue to lop as it grows new heads.. It wo'nt cure the drug problem but it would put a stick in the spokes. Award 20,000 scholarships to kids who stay in school and keep focus instead of paying the salaries of 20,000 new cops. Make the scholarships contingent on the graduate's return to the community for 5 yrs. to "hang shingles" and start new business. Take back your streets one block at a time.

I know it's all a "pipe dream". But it might serve to keep you occupied until the Big One hits and dire catastrophe makes you all neighbors again..

Anonymous said...

SVBS said….
”Everyone can tell who they (LE) are by what they say. I trip out on their posts. It's always the same shit about how they along with their superhuman abilities and gadgets will finally succeed in locking up all of societies unwanted. It's just crazy how these fuckers are always advocating fascists’ policies and thoughts.”

You can also tell who the convicts, old cholos, and over all fuckups are because;
1) They think everybody who posts anything against gangs and criminals is automatically a cop.
2) They have a paranoia that cops are here to find them and arrest them again.
3) They blame gangs and criminal behavior on everybody else but themselves.
4) They are so sure their ghetto/barrio mentality which they teach and support so much can not be a reason gangs continue to exist and grow for generations.

SVBS is right the convicts, old cholos, and over all fuckups say they same shit over and over again.

I must be a Cop, Hura, Pig, Snitch. Rat , etc, etc

don quixote said...

Hey Joe! (isn't that a Hendrix rola?) You been smoking that Kansas paranoid yesca way to much man. Maybe the cowboy old west mentality of Dodge City has permeated your psyche in an insidious and non cognizant manner of thinking. Like the people we have known who when faced with complex issues like Iraq or Vietnam,issues of defeat and confusion, people who make statements like "if it was me I'd just drop the A bomb on them and nuke them all!"
When things get complex and not so simple to fix then the old "nuke em all" philosophy raises it's ugly head.
The Big SHot Callers who are locked up are just a small part of a very complex social phenomena that will take patience and intelligence and lot's of money to get a handle on.
If the Big Homies are liquidated there will always be more cream rising to the top to replace them.
On the other hand if the Raza is given other avenues of opportunity to advance and enjoy the fruits of the American lifestyle and dreams, then there will be no voluteers to head an organization that is a dead end street.
And I personally would never give any govt carte blanche to rub out anyone. Temporarily suspend the "Bill of Rights"? shit with that! Govt has way too much power as it is. That's whats happening now in LA and that heavy handed police green light they evidently have been given will fail also.

Indentify the problem, have the will to correct it even if it takes billions and years of work. It'll be cheaper and more democratic in the long haul.

don quixote said...

Dispatch, Feb. 6, 2007: Profiling Murder

"My best friend was murdered in cold blood," begins an e-mail sent Monday to the Homicide Report. "I know the public is quick to assume it was gang-related, but my friend was not a gang member. He never did nothing evil in his life. He was always at home or at work...I just want the public to know that on saturday morning in south Los Angeles I lost not only a friend but a brother."

The case in question is second on this week's list, that of Enrique Ramos, who was killed for no other reason but that he happened to be a young Latino man in a risky neighborhood. The suspect may be a teenager. "It appeared he could barely hold the assault rifle up," said Sheriff's Lt. Dan Rosenberg. There is more than one such random killing on this week's list, reflecting a common homicide circumstance: Young men killed not because they are gang members, but because they looked like they could be. Just being minority males in neighborhoods where gangs are active is enough to make them targets.

The word "profiling" is used in reference to police scrutiny of minority men, but the same term might be applied to such gang killings. They are, in essence, profiling murders, where suspects make assumptions based on gender and skin color -- and nothing else."

Sad Sad situation!!
The above is from "The Homicide Report" which is a list of homicide victims reported to the LA County Coroners office each week.
The Times is correct in the attempt to "personalize" these victims and to give some background on not only the crime and scene but about the victims themselves.
This "profiling" and killing of people and especially youngsters is an especially chilling situation.
Last week on Verdugo Rd a 15 year old girl was shot to death by gangsters even though she said she was not a gangmember.
In the So Los killing of Enrique Ramos, just the image of a straight up youngster (Ramos) trying to do the right thing but living in a war zone and being shot like a dog for nothing but fitting a profile, and the killer so young and small that he could hardly hold up his "assault rifle"!!!
We got to stop this horrible shit now, and I recommend reading the LA Times Homicide Report cause it's full of tragic innocent victims and thier stories.

Anonymous said...

SBVS said to me ………….
“White Bread you once asked a question about a kid killing another kid with a gun. It seems that you go out of your way to look up these types of things especially if it involves RAZA. Why do you do it? Are you trying to prove something? We know about the problems in our communities and are trying to make things better. I know that people like you don't believe that and that's okay. But before you keep adding anymore links to your posts that give the impression all crime is committed by RAZA.”

Well, I do not go out of my way to look up the killings of kids by Latino gang members it is in the local news almost everyday. Although I did post some examples of gang members killing young girls for the benefit of the idiot who said Mexican gang members were like Aztec Warriors.

I do not make the news I just read it like everyone else. I wish what you said about people working to make things better in your communities were true. But the sad fact is the problems of Los Angeles (gangs and crimes) has only been spreading to other areas as the people of Los Angeles move to other areas and take the gang problems with them. You see it many outlying areas of Los Angeles such as Lancaster, Bakersfield etc. I’m sure any of Wally’s readers knows how gangs have moved from Los Angeles to many other parts of the country as well.

Below is another link which details all the homicides in Los Angeles County, it is not my fault that so many of the homicides are committed by Latino gang members. When is any Latino here going to start taking responsibility for the actions of their own children? The government can not raise your kids. And just spending billions of dollars is not going to make anybody a good parent and role model for their own children. So many people here already are screaming about police brutality just because the police say they are going to get tough on gangs. What would you be screaming if the government came to your house and told you how to raise your kids so they won’t be in gangs? I wish the government could say which person is qualified to be a good parent and how many kids you can have. I also wish the government would go door to door and remove all the guns from the hands of the fucked up kids who are from a dysfunctional family.

But I know I am expecting too much for parents to take responsibility for their children actions and learn to raise their kids and keep them in school.

Another useless link by White Bread (but wait D.Q. also mentioned the useless link)

White Bread

Gava Joe said...

Don Q did'nt like my suggestion that govt. suspend the Bill of Rights? OK, then re-activate the CIA's super-covert ops and let them do it.. You know DQ, your answer to the PROBLEM has always and forever been to throw more funding down the hole and when it happens that same funding seems to get syphoned off long before it reaches the targets.. Granted I threw out a preposterous solution. It was tongue in cheek. The fact that you or anyone else here even considered that our bastion of human rights and democratic virtue could concieve, let alone perpetrate such a "left field" action is what's really uncanny. Stranger things have happened though.

On a related note: What would be the possibility that each set of parents of these kids that are killed without any rhyme or reason would condone my Final Solution? I think it's pretty good, and if things continue, the killing continues, then eventually there WILL be a concensus that "maybe Gava Joe had it right after all"..

As regards your contention that I've been burning bad rope-a-dope, well in that arena I can only respond, "if only carnal, if only"...

Anonymous said...

Otro website para los old cholos and ex-convicts who wanna read about EME in Texas and other misc. felons and killers.

Tex Mex

don quixote said...

Hey GJ not only is it conceivable that our Gov't could or would consider the assasination or torture of human's, it's been a fairly common practice by these gov't stooges, who are typically right wing,true believers in protecting the ruling class's.
It's an easy thing to pull on most of the brain dead, especially if the intended victims happen to be "OTW" (other than white).
Just begin the process of "demonization" and appealing to peoples rascist or prejudiced inclinations, spread rumors of these "greasers, sand niggers, chinks, coons, and other OTM's raping or attacking white women, or torturing American Patriots, or trying to usurp the English language and being prone to vicious gangs, salivating over white females and our tax dollars!
When a Gov't can convince the populace that it's dealing with a race or group of people that "don't put the same value on human life that we do" then it becomes easy to convince people that it's OK to just deal with them "with any means necessary, and with extreme prejudice"
This never works for long though and usually ends up being at the very least, counterproductive or like the case of the German People who fell for this tactic and listened to the Nazis, being almost destroyed due to the revenge of their former victims.
Again I would suggest that in the case of our gang problems we need to invest lot's of money, be smart,and not surrender to reactionary or quick fix methods that have not worked in the past.


White Is Right said...

DQ said...

Just begin the process of "demonization" and appealing to peoples rascist or prejudiced inclinations, spread rumors of these "greasers, sand niggers, chinks, coons, and other OTM's raping or attacking white women, or torturing American Patriots, or trying to usurp the English language and being prone to vicious gangs, salivating over white females and our tax dollars!
When a Gov't can convince the populace that it's dealing with a race or group of people that "don't put the same value on human life that we do" then it becomes easy to convince people that it's OK to just deal with them "with any means necessary, and with extreme prejudice"

Hey DQ.If you are so unhappy with the way these Crakers are running the country pack it up and move south.See fortunatly for you and the jiggaboos you can pack up and move to Mexico or Africa.
Us Americans are stuck here with you guy's invading and until those walls go up it will remain that way.

Anonymous said...

Instead of giving an educated explenation for your answer you say things I would expect from a 14 year old suburban computer geek.Truth is Mexicans have been part of American society more than you give us credit for.If it wasnt for us you would not have no Jhon Waynes or Clint Eastwoods, the heros of you "good" Americans grandparents and parents.He have fought an every American war, but no one wants to give credit where credit is do. Soy that Young Vato from Paramount.

Anonymous said...

That He is supposed to be a We.Dispensas.