Tuesday, March 13, 2007

As predicted, the freaks came out and demonstrated to the world how truly screwed we are. The language was bad enough, but the spelling was atrocious. It would be easy to blame the school system, but you can't educate a kid who doesn't even show up. And clearly a lot of the comments were from school dropouts and unfortunately, life dropouts. Apologies to all who had to endure the hate fest but we're back in the saddle and moderating again. Call it censorship if you will. I call it the crap filter. While I believe in free speech, very little of what appeared could be characterized as speech. It was more like Tourrette's syndrome. Glad it's over.


Gava Joe said...

Oh Hell, leave again Wally. This next go-round we'll bring out the Dykes on Bikes from San Fran and engage in a serious discourse. Those fellas got it goin on...

wally with the short pants said...

Welcome back Wallace, I was getting itchy with my finger on the tommy, too many flies around while you was gettin the dough in Zurich.

Now a few words to the wanna be's about talkin tuff:
Why get in a car when you can hop in a boiler? Why tell someone to shut up when you can tell them to close their head? Why threaten to discharge a firearm when you can say, "Dust, pal, or I pump lead!"

This is the language spoken by Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Mike Hammer and the Continental Op. When Cagney, Bogart, Robinson and Raft got in a turf war, this is how they talked.

All coppers leave Wallys blog or I start pumpin lead, and o yea coppers, the Carnales send their felicitations and there is no amatory intent in the message if you follow me.

Anonymous said...

Some of the smut talk flooding into this blog was probably from a united combined source,set to damage this blog, and thus create more reason to censor it..Actually, its very disturbing to see how they're minds are sadly twisted, a discussing true peak into troubled souls..Los Angeles Resident.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Wally, you have a couple of people on here that are really big cry babies. They score a big zero in the catagory of taking a joke or having enough intelligence to add some good comedy to their returned postings. Nevetheless, thanks for giving us bloggers a chance to return and provide some good cheeseme. I still don't have a problem with the idiots that post up all the cacada slinging. But then again, that's me, I'm not a cry baby or feel insulted when someone disrespect me on this type of form. When blogs, IRC, Telnet, and Chat Rooms first started, it was all part of the trade. :)

Marty with the In The Hat Blog said...

Wallace, we think you've been dizzy with a dame, don't deny it, you've never lied to me before, an I don't want'cha ta start now. Where'd the dame and you go? Cause I called Zurich an they said ya had'nt been around. All I know is, that dame must be a darb dish to keep ya from the keyboard for half a week. Lotta north boys visited but we gave them the Broderick they was just Eggs in the coffee Pal. Anyways, lotta elephant ears been snoopin around also, hope'n they Dust out pronto Wally, they give me the ebee jeebee's and I start wishin' for some eel juice, you know ta shake it off but if they don't leave soon I will drop a dime to Louie an the Boys to send some droppers to the big city if ya gets my drift. Well nice havin ya back, nibble one for me and I hope the dame don't nick ya heart Wally, ya always fallen in love like a school kid, but I's love ya dearly..... nuff of this mush dammit, gotta make it out myself to meet a Jane for some Java and some extra-curricular activities. Keep ya nose clean, bump gums with the broads and give my best to DQ an Gava, Adiooos for now.

Marty with the short pants,

PS. By the way Wally, The Lone Cabrone is one of the boys now, he's got a granite chin an a deadly sock. Everyone stay outta the Club House.

Big Betty said...

Gava Joe, you are the perfect gentleman and lest anybody get the wrong idea on the Dykes on Bikes, I want to add by saying that I know a lot of gals in Dykes on Bikes in the Bay area and often I ride my Harley up there, yes they are not good girls at heart, although they have hearts of gold. They are kind without being sugar coated and are sweet but not sappy. These gals believe in being feminine without the fluff. They have very high standards, but they love you even if you sometimes fall short.
They tell the truth and expect you to do the same. These Girls stand up for what they know in there hearts to be right, whether or not there opinion is popular. In knowing them for the past ten years I can tell everyone here that they are independent, wise, loving, forgiving, strong, speak there minds, think, grow, feel, and they are not afraid to be strong. Now nobody put words in my mouth or twist what I am saying, I am not a lesbian, I have been married 3 times and each time have thrown the cheating wimp out the front door with the valise in his hand and a black eye or two. One may not agree with their lifestyle but my point is they are first off human beings and the golden rule is treat others the way you would like to be treated, except of course if they are lying, cheating, norteno hood rats!

sheriff baca said...

don quixote (aka marty, big betty, red and on and on) …….incorrectly said...
While I was in El Paso I read an article in the "EP Times" (good paper, definately left wing!)written by "Jose de la Isla" which If I may paraphrase, says that the hysteria concerning Mexican Immigrants and the supposed "crime wave" they are responsible for is nothing but propaganda and bullshit. The minute men and the other right wing, haters would have us believe the opposite but according to Dr. Ruben Rumbaut, of UC Irvine, and Dr. Walter A. Ewing, of the Immigration Policy Ceter which published the study found that between 1994 and 2000 the rates of incarceration for immigrants was amazingly low.

I Sheriff Lee Baca who have the actual figures for Los Angeles County have repeatedly told everyone that approximately 25% or 1/4 of all prisoners going through the LA county jails are illegal immigrants. The last time I checked fractions and percentages 25% or 1/4is “NOT AMAZINGLY LOW” number. 25% is equal to 25 illegal aliens out of every 100 prisoners in LA county jails.


“On any given day, Los Angeles County jails have about 19,500 inmates, including about 4,500 gang members, said Steve Whitmore, a Sheriff's Department spokesman. He said up to 25% of the inmates in the jail are believed to be foreign nationals.”

ATC said...

Sorry if this has been posted, I just saw it, from LA Weekly...they talked shit about the "top 11" gangs in LA. Then they gave their own, what do yall think?

(In order of badass-ness)
Rollin 60s Crips
Grape Street Crips
Florencia 13
Hoover Street Criminals
18th St Westside
black PStones Bloods
Quarto Flats
PJ Crips
Main street Crips
Mara Salvatrucha

With Bounty Hunters (Bloods) getting an honorable mention.

Well, what do you think? Did LA Weekly get it right?

StillNoScript said...


That list won't be taken seriously in these circles, not without the murderous machine, Canoga Park Alabama St., on it.

Anonymous said...

Now this is the kind of Imfo. above that is what a person wants to read about in a blog concerning Gangs, Crimes, and Politics..I'm sorry I pushed a buttom with one of the Gay crowd..I can take a joke,I just didnt consider all the homosexual poetry "jokes", they sounded pretty Serious to me..But "you" know more about that kind of action, que no?..With Love,Los Angeles Resident..

Anonymous said...

ATC said...
Sorry if this has been posted, I just saw it, from LA Weekly...they talked shit about the "top 11" gangs in LA. Then they gave their own, what do yall think? Well, what do you think? Did LA Weekly get it right?

I think you sound like the young homies in the gangs. Who in the hell cares which gang are ranked in the top ten? We should have a top 500 list and put the presuure on all gangs.

The important thing is that there are too many gangs in Los Angels, which are causing too many problems all over Los Angeles. Just look at our schools in the LAUSD Los Angeles Unified School District. There are too many kids in gangs and too much drugs in every school, there are too many kids who are not getting a proper education because of gangs.

There are too many companies and stores which do want to move to Los Angels and provide much needed jobs. There are many neighborhoods where kids can not safely play outside. To many gangs and they each cause their menace to society.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A recent article I came across.

12 March 2007
This week in gangs: In shocker, Latino killer is ... part black!

I've had something of a late start, so it's more of a "Last week in gangs." Nonetheless, there's lots to make note of. Most pressing, according to Saturday's L.A. Times, is news that Jonathan Fajardo, accused of killing Cheryl Green in Harbor Gateway because she was black, has black blood himself! Sam Quinones talked to Fajardo's mom, who explains the 204th Street gangmember's heritage:

His mother is Mexican and his father is a Creole whose parents are from Belize. He has three half-sisters and a half-brother who are as dark as his victim, Cheryl Green.

His sister was engaged to a black man with whom Fajardo was on good terms. A cousin is dating a black friend of Green's family.

"He knows he has black blood," said his mother, Luz Andrade, who like other relatives cannot recall Fajardo making racist remarks. "He's had black people around him all his life."

What a relief. Now, is it just me, or is the coverage of 204th Street becoming a bit much? Or at least lacking proper context, despite the fact that 204th Street was included in the city's list of most dangerous gangs. Outlets all over are now poking holes in the list: Here's Michael Krikorian in the LA Weekly quoting cops who were wondering if the list was more politically driven than anything else. He also talked to some people who should know -- gangmembers themselves:

The list does contain some truly dangerous gangs. But it also leaves out very powerful gangs: the Hoover Street Criminals, East Coast Crips, Bounty Hunters, Florencia 13 and Quarto Flats — the old-time Boyle Heights gang with close ties to Mexican cartels.

"It's a bunch of bullshit," said Antony "Set Trip" Johnson, 17, a gang member with the Five Deuce Hoover, a subset of the notorious Hoover Criminals. "We should be on that list. Fuck it. We the most hated gang in Los Angeles."

The L.A. Times also reports that the city's other gang-related top ten list has had some encouraging results. But is that list also politically motivated? When it comes to gangs, asks the Weekly, is the mayor peddling fear? Or just salting someone's game as a best-selling author? Down the 710 in scary Cudahy, challengers to the entreanched political bosses barely lost their bid to reform the small city's government on the Election Day that hardly anyone noticed. Maybe the most useful lesson from recent gang news is this: Bangers, stay off MySpace!

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Thats a helluva handle "set trip" all the good names must have been used up already. By the way, hey Wallyfay "Me da gusto ver que ya regresastes" keep running a tight tira. There was so much bullshit going on during your absence I was ready to pack up the dame and go on the lam.

El Montero

don quixote said...

This person "sheriff lee baca" aka the various "white" oriented handles really likes to take my posts out of context, he must of attended the "Rush Limbaugh" school of meat carving and pharmacy abbuse.
In response to my post which scientifically proves that immigrants are being wrongly accused of being a criminal class, He posts up a supposed fact which is not a fact at all.
He quotes Steve Whitmore of the LA County jail who says that of the 19,500 inmates who are in the system on any given day it is "believed" up to 25% could be illegal aliens.
What kind of proof is that? It is believed! Are they or aren't they?
Even if it was true, 25% of 19,500 inmates = 4,875 illegals! In a county of shit who knows 15 million people? not much in my humble opinion and shows that the El Paso TImes writer is pretty right on in his assesment that the "illegal Alien" problem is a red herring and totally political.
In the interest of fair play I'll repost my chingadera including the quote from "Mark Twain" who makes this guy cringe.

PS and again, I never post up using other handles except "don quixote" or dq. Got it anonomous!

don quixote said...
Back from the hustle, and by the looks of the blog Wally must be not only a possible illigitimate son of "Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany", but probably shares dna with the "Marquis de Sade". Who the hell unleashed "S"? All I see is his philosophical take on "the anus as a whole" fantasies.

While I was in El Paso I read an article in the "EP Times" (good paper, definately left wing!)written by "Jose de la Isla" which If I may paraphrase, says that the hysteria concerning Mexican Immigrants and the supposed "crime wave" they are responsible for is nothing but propaganda and bullshit.
The minute men and the other right wing, haters would have us believe the opposite but according to Dr. Ruben Rumbaut, of UC Irvine, and Dr. Walter A. Ewing, of the Immigration Policy Ceter which published the study found that between 1994 and 2000 the rates of incarceration for immigrants was amazingly low.
In that period when the US undocumented population doubled to 12 million, crime fell in all major categories, when comparing immigrants and the native population it was found that Mexican Immigrants were eight times less likely to be incarcerated than their US counterparts.
THe issue of immigration according to Dr. Ewing is more about soundbites and politics than about data
For more than a century reports like this one have been saying the same thing "levels of criminality among foreign born are lower than native US citizens.
Rumbaut says "there is something in the DNA of American society, this fear that strangers .... undermine the welfare of natives."

De la Isla continues, (hey our old hero Twain!), Mark Twain's wry wit comes to mind:
"There are lies, damn lies, and statistics."
But if the statisics have been telling us the truth all along, public opinion that believes the contrary must fall into the categories of "lies and damn lies."

Then I read the story of the Texas politician who wants to hold back any US citizenship rights to children born in the US to undocumented immigrants.
THis fascist is claiming that the right to citizenship for people born in the US and guaranteed by the US Constitution, was only a nod to the "Black Slaves" freed by President LIncoln and shouldn;t be applicable to US born Mexicans if they have illegal parentage.
Talk about a political opportunist!
And many supposedly good "Christians" are backing this shit up. Didn't St. Joseph and his preganant wife Mary travel as immigrants from persecution ect; and wasn't the baby Jesus born in a manger while on the move to find a better life in Egypt? Short memories on these "Christian people"

A couple of days ago as I was going into a joint for lunch in downtown Juarez I ran into a kid of about 14 at the door, he was all skinny and dirty and looked like he was fucked up on glue or something. He resembled my own grandson who is tall and skinny, I told him to go inside and get something to eat and gave him 200 pesos. He just looked at me cause he couldn't hardly speak being all fucked up, so he just kind of collapsed at the front entrance.
I went inside but could see him outside laying on the sidewalk, the other people and the owner of the restraunt were all concerned about him as well. It wasn't five minutes before a young woman from the Juarez social services showed up and started talking to the kid in a very sympathetic and motherly manner.
I could hear her asking the kid questions about what had happened and it seemed he was kicked out of his house by his father and was homeless on the street.
This lady really impressed me with her sweet demeanor and it wasn't long before the kid followed her down the street to a shelter.
The owner of the cafe told me that the shelter was a nice place with loving and caring staff but that it was way crowded and needed more funds to operate.
As I was driving out of Juarez I noticed that there were collections being taken all over the place for the orphanage and shelters and it struck me as ironic that everyone I saw, no matter how poor or in a hurry stopped and gave whatever they could to the people asking for donations.
If that kid would have been in LA he probably would have starved or been abused and nobody would give a shit about him, especially people who could afford to help.
Mexico with many poor people seems to have a little more humanity than what I usually witness here in the good ol USA, maybe I'm wrong but here it's more a "dog eat dog", "the have's vs the have not's".
Despensa, just some observations from the road.

3:56 PM

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Wally, I got dizzy trying to read and keep up with all those post. Some were very amusing others I had no idea what the hell they were talking about.

DQ have you read all the fighting going on between the Minutemen founder and the board of directors? The directors "took" over and kicked out the founder, something about missing money etc. The interesting part is the new "Head" of the Minutemen is a black man.


Anonymous said...

also i think the study you quoted the first time don q, said that there was less illegals in jail per capita in the united states, not LA county,, if 10,000 illegals are locked up in the united states of a prison pop of 21million, and 10,000 equals 5% of illegal pop, and 20.9M is like 7% of pop then it means there is less percentage of illegals than non illegals,, again that might not be as good as it sounds because alot of the legals are probably raza anyways,, and those numbers i showed were made up i never actually looked at the study, but it also comes around back to the red herring, because for one prison population or crime is probably one of the smallest factors or issued regarding any population that should be looked at or studied to see how that group is doing,, what i mean is that no one ever quotes how much money illegals contribute to the economy, or how many former illegals went on to become american heros in war, and even as cops or teachers or councelors, for example i saw Arnold talking on c-span when they had that governors convention in D.C. and he was saying that its hard to be in charge,, this quote is aproximately what he said not exactly,," i tried to please my voters by being hard on illegals and stepping up deportation, and now this year the california crop growers tell me they lost like $20M as a direct result of not having enough people to work the field,, so i Arnold Schwartznegger am strongly for a guest worker program with mexico," so who goes around quoting the millions lost by american citizens as a result of not having people do certain things,, and also the average illegal sends home like $200 a month but spends $1000 right back into the local economy,, i know thers downfall to illegals and i myself am a strong union man, but it is obvious that they benefit like 10 times more than they burden, alright ill save some stuff for a future post,, much love alrato
Former Gangster

Anonymous said...

DQ, the study that you posted came out in LA OPINION but was never picked up by any English paper. There have been many other studies done by various well accredited researchers that prove that immigrants are a huge positive to the US economy, and to the US as a whole. But they have also for the most part been left out of the Enlish papers.

The one funny report that did come out recently was the one about the effects of strict immigration eforcement in Colorado. Check it out.


I've posted stories of our Chicano heros before. And I'm proud to be posting this one on SGT. RICARDO PERALTA.

SAN DIEGO — Sgt. Rafael Peralta is dead, but the story of his sacrifice to save fellow Marines will live long in Marine Corps lore.

In the fierce battle for the Iraqi town of Fallujah, Peralta, with gunshot wounds to his head and body, reached out and grabbed a grenade hurled by an insurgent, cradling it to his body to save others from the blast.

The explosion in the back room of a house injured one Marine, but four others managed to scramble to safety.

Peralta, 25, an immigrant from Mexico who enlisted the day he got his green-card work permit, was declared dead en route to a field hospital.

“If he hadn’t done what he did, a lot of us wouldn’t be seeing our families again,” said Lance Cpl. Travis J. Kaemmerer, who witnessed the blast.

Garry Morrison, the father of Lance Cpl. Adam Morrison, had trouble keeping his voice from breaking when he spoke of Peralta.

“He saved the life of my son and every Marine in that room,” Morrison said in a phone call from Seattle. “I just know one thing: God has a special place in heaven for Sgt. Peralta.”

Similar gratitude was expressed by family members of other Marines in Peralta’s unit who were close to the blast. The unit was Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division.

In a modest home in a blue-collar neighborhood here, the Peralta family feels pride but also grief, anger and confusion.

Rafael Peralta was the oldest son: strong, a weightlifter and athlete, head of the family since his father died in a workplace accident three years ago. He loved the Marine Corps.

He joined in 2000 and recently had re-enlisted. While in the Marines, he became a U.S. citizen. The only decorations on his bedroom walls are a copy of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and a picture of his boot camp graduation.

As Peralta waited last month to begin the assault on the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, he wrote a letter to his 14-year-old brother, Ricardo.

The letter arrived the day after several Marines and a Navy chaplain came to the Peralta home to notify the family of his death.

“We are going to destroy insurgents,” Peralta wrote. “Watch the news. . . . Be proud of me, bro. I’m going to do something I always wanted to do.

“You should be proud of being an American. Our father came to this country and became a citizen because it was the right place for our family to be. If anything happens to me, just remember I’ve already lived my life to the fullest.”

Peralta had left his mother, Rosa, with similar words. She said he told her, “I want you to be strong and take care of my brother and sisters because I don’t know if I’ll return.” His mother added, “I’m proud of him, but my heart is sad.”

Rafael Peralta had not been assigned to the Nov. 15 attack on Fallujah. Still, he volunteered.

As a scout, assigned to perimeter security, he could have stayed on the periphery. Instead, he took the lead as his platoon stormed a house in search of heavily armed insurgents known to be hiding in the neighborhood.

The house appeared empty. Then Peralta opened a door to a back room, and three insurgents fired their AK-47s. Marines fired back at near point-blank range with M-16 rifles and automatic weapons.

Hit several times in the chest and once in the head, Peralta went down and appeared dead. Insurgents tossed a “yellow, foreign-made, oval-shaped” grenade toward the Marines.

To the amazement of the other Marines, Peralta, apparently with his last bit of strength, “reached out and pulled the grenade into his body,” said Kaemmerer, a combat correspondent from the 1st Force Service Support Group assigned to the battalion. Peralta’s body absorbed most of the deadly fragments from the blast.

“Most of the Marines in the house were in the immediate area of the grenade,” Kaemmerer said. “Every one of us is grateful and will never forget the second chance at life Sgt. Peralta gave us.”

After the grenade blast, the house caught fire, and Marines repositioned in the street for a second assault. Within minutes, the three insurgents had been killed by Marines and Peralta’s body was recovered.

In the hours after the battle, Marines spoke quietly of Peralta’s heroism.

“You’re still here, don’t forget that,” Lance Cpl. Richard A. Mason told Kaemmerer. “Tell your kids, your grandkids, what Sgt. Peralta did for you and other Marines today.”

Even in their pain, Peralta’s family members are not surprised that he decided to lead from the front.

“My brother was very courageous,” Ricardo Peralta said. “He wasn’t scared of anyone or anything.”


Anonymous said...

The Native American's didnt have Minute Men attitudes when the first European ships arrived here on this Continental American soil..They were here first..They ended up in isolated concentration camp areas, called reservations..(Now, after Many Moons, some are making money in Casino Action)..Mexico, got land they took away from the Native Americans taken from them, by the United States..(Manifest Destiny, didnt include Mexicans)..Now, It doesnt matter how many walls they build, Mexican People are here to stay..With Love, Los Angeles Resident.

your latino sheriff lee baca said...

Don Q again incorrectly states ………………………………
This person "sheriff lee baca" aka the various "white" oriented handles really likes to take my posts out of context, he must of attended the "Rush Limbaugh" school of meat carving and pharmacy abuse. In response to my post which scientifically proves that immigrants are being wrongly accused of being a criminal class, He posts up a supposed fact which is not a fact at all.

To Wally’s Readers

Hello this is your latino Sheriff Lee Baca again. I have repeatedly asked or more ICE (Immigration Control Enforcement) officers to do the federal government’s job of identifying illegal aliens in our jails. I estimate that 40,000 of the 170,000 inmates who come through the county jail each year are in the United States illegally. With additional ICE officers working in county jails this number will probably be higher and those are the facts. Who is going to know these facts better; the Sheriff of LA County or a reporter or a blog reader?


Baca's Plan to Screen Inmates OKd
Los Angeles Times
On a 3-2 vote, board approves the training of jail clerks to identify illegal immigrants and turn them over to U.S.
By Solomon Moore
Times Staff Writer

A controversial plan to train clerks at the Los Angeles County jail to identify inmates who are illegal immigrants and turn them over to immigration officials was approved Tuesday by the county Board of Supervisors.

After hours of intense debate, the board voted 3 to 2 for the plan, the first time a California jailer has agreed to screen inmates for immigration violations.

"People who come here illegally and commit crimes need to be prosecuted, do their time and then return to their home country," Sheriff Lee Baca said Monday. Currently, two federal immigration agents stationed at Twin Towers Jail interview as many as 20 convicted foreign-born inmates daily.

About 80% are placed in federal custody for possible deportation or prosecution on federal immigration charges. But federal officials estimate that about 40,000 of the 170,000 inmates who come through the county jail each year are in the United States illegally.

Under the plan, Immigration and Customs Enforcement would train six custodial assistants employed by the county to interview convicted inmates on their immigration status. The clerks would be supervised by federal immigration agents, who would continue to do interviews.

El Sheriff Lee Baca said...

To Wally’s stubborn Readers,

Here is a quote from an interview I did with Interview by Leon Worden the Signal City Editor back on Sunday, November 9, 2003. And these are the cold hard facts.


My own Quote below
“At the same time, even with saying that, my belief is this: In California, we have 40,000 illegal immigrants serving time in California prisons. These are illegals that have come here, committed serious crimes, and they're serving time. Including many murderers. Now, if we look at this from a dollars-and-cents point of view, we say, well listen: It's costing us about $36,000 a year for one of these guys that's here illegally, serving time in state prison. At the same time, back in their own nation, if they're going to serve 60 years on a life sentence with the possibility of parole, it's better for them to pay for the keep of the inmate.

It costs, on a life sentence here in the United States, over the lifetime of the person, it's costing millions of dollars. Well, take that 40,000 that are constantly in California's prisons. We, right there, have a situation of unwarranted millions of dollars of what we must pay for people who shouldn't have been here in the first place. Whose fault is this? The federal government. The federal government should pay for every cost that this county has endured relative to illegal immigrants in our county jails and our state prison system. And we're still getting no straight answer out of Washington.“

Anonymous said...

that was a good story about the situation in colorado,, what was weird to me was that guy from the Center of Immigration Studies was Armenian,, an immigrant, and he is working for an anti immigrant group,, how many armenians didnt start out as farm hands in fresno and the whole central valley, or working in shoe factory jobs,, well i guess since they were here legally it makes it all better, yeah but the whole article makes me think,, "wow how dumb can people be",, get rid of illegal aliens because theyre taking hard working americans', so lets give the jobs to prisoners that earn 60c a day, and when farmers complained that it would still cost them more than the paisas because of the other costs associated, like probably having to pay the guards that watch the prisoners like 80k a year each, not to mention the prisoners health care, or who knows what other insane costs the government can come up with, aside from the fact that just to qualify for the prison workers youd have to spend alot of money to bring your farm up to their super high standards,, and also one thing Krikorian said was that farmers needed to mechanize part of their operation and start paying higher wages to bring in "legal" workers,,lol, this group is anti immigrant anti rich and anti labor all in one,, it seems the only pro going for them is government,, lol,, the farmers and the immigrants are the ones really getting screwed,, the thing about owning a business like i once did and being pro labor is that its very hard to make those two things jive, for example most labor organizations will say that illegals deprive their members of good paying jobs that they had done for decades, the problem is that if business had to pay their wages they would have gone bankrupt by now, so then no one would have a job,,so how can you win,, people always assume that corporations have bottomless pockets, but in fact they are probably in more debt than all the employees combined,,lol, i know thats how it was when i tried to run my own business, and if the farm owners go out of business because they cant afford to stay competitive then supply goes down over night, which of course shoots demand up, along with prices, so not only are the union workers out of work now but they have to pay $5 for a gallon of milk or $4 for a pound of tomato, i know that americans would gladly do all the jobs that illegals do, for the right price of course, people forget that this country pretty much created the modern world we live in, and it wasnt done with people that didnt like getting their hands dirty, alot of it was slave and immigrant labor, but alot of it was white christian men and women getting right there in the dirt with the rest of us, so i think the immigration thing isnt so much a race thing than it is a caste thing, if these lower caste latinos werent getting exploited here they would be getting exploited in their own home country by a high caste latino, and even in this country alot of the ones exploiting illegals are other latinos, basically the rich will exploit the poor regardless of color or nationality, the immigrant issue is really a tough one to try to solve though, i think we had a pretty good balance before so i dont know why they had to go mess it up, their answer is to bring immigrants as guest workers, why not just save the money an give the ones that are here now green cards and create incentives for people to come here legally, because if these people are paying 3gs for a coyote i know they can afford to fill out some paper work, que no, it seems to me that alot of them probably have it better in mexico if they can go around dropping that kind of money every time they get deported,,alright then peeps alrato
former gangster

Anonymous said...

Baca needs to stay out of the massage palors....like the inglewood coppers. But then again, the Maywood coppers get free hookers in las vegas.......

Anonymous said...

Any well educated person knows that the majority of criminals detained across the US are not illegals. The problem here in LA is strictly due to having a large percentage of undocumented illegals re-entering LA County and areas of concentrated Mexican communities. This continued headache is actually a factor in the increase and recuitment of gangs. The gang members love to prey on the new pisas kids. These facts are widely known. The media and politicians just use this stereotype for their own self benefit. If law enforcement agencies would develop a scale of felonies that would require a INS or Homeland Security hold and start deportation proceedings, then you would see a lot of these undocumented illegals stop being so active and think twice about doing that next criminal offense. .....
But then again, like i said before, baca needs to set an ethic example and stop hanging out at the massage palors ...

Anonymous said...

There is going to be such a low turn out on prisoners wanting to work on these farms, the politicians that recommended these ideas are the biggest morons ever. Gives you an insight on how white America and Politicians are so far disconnected with the reality of the poor in general.
I'm actually very happy that this new immigration issue has occurred and developed in these states. It was something that we all would talk about and laugh thinking it would one day really happen. Who is at fault? White racist American trash, neo-conservative right wenniers, the MinuteWomen, and everyone else who vomits all that anti-immigration bullshit. ....but then again, baca needs to stay out of the massage palors. especially away from the hot Latinas ones. LOVE THEM :)

Anonymous said...

"The gang members love to prey on the new pisas kids."

A good point that no one has really made before that I recall. A lot of varrios with use the piasas to sell the drugs and do other things knowing they want to impress the American born gangsters etc.


sheriff "here to stay" baca said...

anonymous said...
If law enforcement agencies would develop a scale of felonies that would require a INS or Homeland Security hold and start deportation proceedings, then you would see a lot of these undocumented illegals stop being so active and think twice about doing that next criminal offense. .....

Not exactly sure what that guy above was trying to say but, many convicted criminals who are here in Los Angeles illegally have been deported several times and just cross the border again. I will give an example from a story which was on NBC news today 3/14/2007.


31 Gang-Related Arrests Target Heroin Dealers

LOS ANGELES -- A 10-month investigation has netted 31 arrests, including leaders and associates of a gang that dealt in heroin in the downtown Los Angeles area, authorities announced Wednesday.

"Our target was the 5th and Hill criminal street gang," said Los Angeles police Capt. Andrew Smith.

"With these arrests, we have cut off the gang's head," Smith said. "Local heroin addicts are finding it much harder to find someone to sell them a balloon."

The investigation, which culminated last month, led to the arrests of a number of the gang's members and associates, including: Pedro Sanchez-Limon, the gang's "presumptive leader"; Alberto "El Morro" Blanco, the gang's transporter; Jamie Chacon Diaz, also known as "Archie," the gang's accountant; and Abel "Barbas" Flores, the gang's enforcer.

Detectives also arrested Lourdes Valdez and Ruth Segura, who allegedly processed and packaged heroin for the gang.

Sanchez-Limon and Diaz had been deported previously but re-entered the United States illegally. Blanco had been twice deported. All four gang leaders have long criminal histories dating back to the 1980s, police said.

During the investigation, police seized 10 firearms; $250,000 in cash; 85 pounds of tar heroin -- most of it packaged into 45,000 balloons ready for sale -- with an estimated street sale value of $1.5 million; 3 pounds of methamphetamine, and 5 pounds of cocaine.

The gang was formed in the 1970s from a group of day laborers and transients who began robbing pedestrians near 5th and Hill streets in downtown Los Angeles, police said.

The gang transitioned to heroin sales in the 1980s and has been the major supplier of heroin in Skid Row and the surrounding blocks since then, police said.

wallista tribune said...

Prison's deadliest inmate, hepatitis C, escaping
Public-health workers warn of looming epidemic of ‘silent killer’

March 14, 2007
VACAVILLE, Calif. - The most dangerous thing coming out of prison these days may be something most convicts don’t even know they have: hepatitis C.

Nobody knows how many inmates have the disease; by some estimates, around 40 percent of the 2.2 million in jail and prison are infected, compared with just 2 percent of the general population.

Eventually, when they are released, medical experts predict they will be a crushing burden on the health care system, perhaps killing as many people as AIDS in years to come. At the same time, they will be carriers, spreading the disease.

Hepatitis C can be treated, but many prisons do not test for it. Among the reasons: Budgets are tight, and treatment is expensive. So prison officials close their eyes to the gathering emergency and pass it along to the outside world.

“Right now there’s a golden opportunity to bring solutions to this problem before it hits,” said Dr. John Ward, director of viral hepatitis at the National Center for HIV/AIDS at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

Hepatitis C is already the most common disease of its sort in the United States — a chronic, life-threatening, blood-borne infection. It is most commonly linked to infected needles used for drugs, though prison tattoos and body piercing with non-sterile equipment are also risky.

'Silent killer'-
What makes this virus particularly insidious is that as many as half of the people who have hepatitis C don’t even know they have it. The “silent killer,” already considered epidemic by the World Health Organization, often remains dormant for decades.

Some of the infected are lucky: One in five people who get hepatitis C will clear it out of their system naturally. But without treatment, one in four will suffer liver failure or develop liver cancer. Last year liver cancer was the only one of the top 10 fatal cancers in this country to increase, in large part because of hepatitis C...

No funding for treatment
Usually, though, it comes down to money. Prison officials say that even if they wanted to provide the treatment, it is extremely expensive — about $9,500 per patient per year — and no federal funds have been earmarked to pay for it...

Many of the inmates in Vacaville’s hospice unit — reserved for those given six months or less to live — are dying from hepatitis C-related ailments. Bick said half of the prison’s 3,200 inmates have a history of having been infected with hepatitis C, and at any given time about 40 of those men are receiving the intensive drug treatment to cure it...

Harris, 51, is a former barber serving a life sentence for second-degree murder. In 2003, a doctor at another prison told him he had Hepatitis C; he researched the disease in the prison library and has sought treatment ever since.

“They gave me shots for Hep A and B, got rid of them. I’d like to get rid of the C too,” he said. “I’m entitled to that. But some docs will give you the treatment and others won’t. I keep making appointments. I keep asking.”

The course of treatment can take a year, and involves taking pills twice a day and weekly injections. Side effects are like those associated with chemotherapy — nausea, exhaustion, depression, debilitating aches and pains — and the cure only works about half the time...

...testing every inmate will “jack up costs” for prisons.
“An individual is going to say, ’Hey, you tested me, you said I was positive, and now I want to be treated, and I’m going to sue you if I don’t get treated,”’ he said.

Lawsuits on the rise-
Lawsuits are, indeed, on the rise.

The first significant case came in 1999, when officials at the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in La Grange, Ky., refused to allow inmate Michael Paulley access to free hepatitis C treatment. Paulley, who was serving a 25-year sentence for rape and burglary, sued and won.

But the treatment came late and he died in 2004, the year he would have been eligible for parole. The litigation prompted broader testing and treatment in Kentucky, but Paulley’s physician, Dr. Bennet Cecil, a Louisville, Ky.-based hepatitis C specialist, said prisoners still die “all the time” for untreated hepatitis C.

“I think it’s immoral if a country, a state a society is going to incarcerate somebody and then deny them necessary medical care. I think that’s an outrage,” he said.

Prisons in at least a dozen states — Alabama, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma and Virginia — are being sued over failure to treat hepatitis C...

5-year wait-
“It’s appalling, horrendous, horrifying. Prisoners wait five years just to be evaluated,” she said.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., recently reintroduced legislation that would mandate prison testing and treatment of hepatitis C. Earlier similar proposals in recent years have failed.

“The plain fact is that prisoners do not stay in prison. With more than 90 percent of incarcerated persons returning to their communities, it is clear that when a prisoner is infected, we are all affected,” Lee said.


Anonymous said...

Here is a recent appeal filed 03/08/07 by Richard Aguirre younger brother of Alex "Pee Wee" Aguirre of Avenue gang. It seems these murderous gang members always file appeals to all their convictions. A quickly effectuated death penalty would sure save the state lots of money. I guess plenty of gang members will sing like a bird for a reduced sentence.


Excerpt from Court Record

“Aguirre’s involvement in this murder was testified to by Witness No. 1, one of several witnesses whose names the trial court redacted from the record, and the most significant witness on the issue of appellants’ connection to the offenses. Witness No. 1 had a long criminal record, and was an Avenues member and an associate of the Mexican Mafia, with a longtime relationship with Aguirre’s brother Alex. In 1999 Witness No. 1 was arrested on federal racketeering and drug charges, and faced two potential life sentences. He agreed to plead guilty, and to cooperate with federal and California authorities. The agreement included immunity with respect to offenses he testified to, but not for perjury, and it provided for relocation.”



White Bread

Anonymous said...

So, how is the Mexican immigration policy working for those cerotes that try to sneak in through the southern border of Mexico? Are the Mexicans "racist" and "anti-Cerote xenophobes?"

Anonymous said...

Your so incorrect with the point or on bigger picture I was trying to explain here. You prefer some guy to commit an offense, get bonded out or released on OR to just hit the streets again to commit more crimes?
Tells me how little YOU know of our justice system. I would prefer an asshole to get detained 3-6 months, deported, let him find the $3000-$5000 dollars to jump back over the Mexican Fence.
You, MR BACA, Need to stop hanging out at the massage palor, again

the kansonian mule dispatch said...

White supremacist gang gaining clout
Public Enemy No. 1 working with Aryan Brotherhood, police say

March 5, 2007
BUENA PARK, Calif. - The white supremacist gang Public Enemy No. 1 began two decades ago as a group of teenage punk-rock fans from upper-middle class bedroom communities in Southern California.

Now, the violent gang that deals in drugs, guns and identity theft is gaining clout across the West after forging an alliance with the notorious Aryan Brotherhood, authorities say.

Police say the gang has compiled a “hit list” targeting five officers and a gang prosecutor — a sign of just how brazen Public Enemy has become.

“They make police officers very, very nervous,” said Cpl. Nate Booth, a gang detective with the Buena Park Police Department in Orange County.

Law enforcement officials trace the gang’s rise to shifts in the power structure inside prisons.

The Aryan Brotherhood has long been the dominant white supremacist gang behind bars, with the Nazi Low Riders acting as its foot soldiers on the outside for drug dealing and identity theft.

'We find them everywhere'
In 2000, officials reclassified the Low Riders as a prison-based gang and began sending its members to solitary confinement as soon as they were imprisoned.

The crackdown hurt the gang’s ability to interact with the Aryan Brotherhood, which turned to Public Enemy, authorities say. The alliance was cemented in 2005 when Donald Reed “Popeye” Mazza, an alleged leader of Public Enemy, was inducted into the Aryan Brotherhood.

The pact has increased Public Enemy’s wealth and recruiting power, said Steve Slaten, a special agent for the California Department of Corrections.

In the past three years, its ranks have doubled to at least 400, but authorities suspect there could be hundreds of other members operating under the radar. They said heavy recruiting is taking place throughout California and Arizona, and members have been picked up by police in Nevada and Idaho.

“They move around. We find them everywhere,” said Lowell Smith of the Orange County Probation Department.

The gang traces its roots to the punk rock subculture in Long Beach in the 1980s. It soon shifted its base to nearby Orange County and in the 1990s began recruiting what police call “bored latchkey kids” — white teenagers from upper-middle class neighborhoods.

Public Enemy is now involved in identity theft. Booth said the gang has gone from swiping personal information from mailboxes and trash to stealing entire credit profiles with the help of girlfriends and wives who take jobs at banks, mortgage companies and even state motor vehicle departments.

Money from those operations is used to fuel its methamphetamine business, he said.

Two months ago, police agencies in Orange County arrested 67 suspected members after learning about the hit list against officers in Anaheim, Buena Park and Costa Mesa. Those arrested in the raid were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of illegal weapons and identity theft, among other things. Police have not released their names or further details because the investigation is continuing.

Booth recalled another case in which a member of the gang fired dozens of rounds at police from a car driven by his girlfriend during a high-speed freeway pursuit. After being arrested, the man was taken to an emergency room, where he grabbed a scalpel and tried to slash a deputy before cutting himself, Booth said.

Authorities worry that Public Enemy is using stolen credit information to learn the home addresses of police and their families. Some officers have gone to court to have addresses removed from those records, Booth said.

Gang's influence crosses state lines. The gang Public Enemy No.1 began in Long Beach in the 1980's, before moving to Orange County. In the past few years, authorities have seen recruiting and found gang members outside the county:
From Calif. to Nevada, to Idaho. From Long Beach to Orange, to Riverside, San Diego, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, L.A., San Bernardino, Ventura, Sacramento, Redding, and Shasta.


Ad Astra Per Aspera.

the kansonian mule dispatch said...

Calif. Cops Pinch ‘Needle Nazis’ Gang
Group Mixes Ideology and Crime
Escalating violence between black and Latino gangs in Southern California has generated national headlines of late, but for local law enforcement the main attraction in Disney-country has been the “Needle Nazis.”

In recent months, authorities have launched a crackdown against the little-known gang “Public Enemy Number 1,” which also goes by the name PENI. Members of the gang have been dubbed “Needle Nazis” because of their heavy drug use and white supremacist ideology. Until now, the gang has operated mostly in Orange County, but recently it has been growing and spreading to neighboring states.

The gang constitutes a rare “hybrid between a skinhead gang, a street gang and a prison gang,” according to a new report by the Anti-Defamation League. While members of the small group subscribe to the racist ideology of such larger hate organizations as the Aryan Brotherhood and the Nazi Low Riders, their primary activity is criminal — drug dealing, identity theft and murder.

Authorities took action against the gang after chancing upon a “hit list” last November that included several law enforcem ent officials and an Orange County prosecutor. Last month, about 300 police officers from local and federal agencies conducted a massive sweep in Southern California that resulted in the arrest of 67 PENI members on a variety of charges.

“The hit list took the group to a new level,” said Melissa Carr, director of special projects for the ADL’s Orange County/Long Beach regional office, which spent more than a year working on the report with the help of law enforcement authorities. “They are a cause for concern because of their ideology, because of their ability to recruit and because we know they’re on the move toward the Pacific Northwest and Arizona.”

Clay Eperson, a lieutenant with the Costa Mesa police department and a founding member of a state task force on skinhead groups, confirmed that the list provided “motivation” for the crackdown.

The gang was born in the 1980s as part of the punk rock underground California scene, taking its name from the British band Rudimentary Peni. While some members initially wanted to focus on white supremacist ideology, others favored criminal activities and eventually won control of the group. Several of the gang’s key leaders are behind bars.

“They claim they have ideological motivations, but their actions are essentially mercenary and self-serving,” Eperson told the Forward. “They are a threat, but they actually rarely act against minorities.” The ADL noted in its report that the group had worked with Latino gangs.

One area of concern for authorities is the ability of PENI to recruit in California’s sprawling penitentiary system. The Aryan Brotherhood and the Nazi Low Riders are both classified as “prison gangs” by the state’s department of corrections, and, as a result, their members are imprisoned in so-called secure housing units. PENI, however, is considered a “disruptive gang” whose arrested members commingle with the general prison population. As a result, the ADL and law enforcement sources said, PENI members have been tapped by the two larger gangs to join their drug trafficking and other criminal enterprises inside and outside the prison system.

The ADL estimates that PENI’s membership doubled between 2003 and 2005 to about 400. Most of the members are active in Orange County’s main cities, including Anaheim, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach, as well as the Inland Empire areas of Riverside and San Bernardino. The ADL said that the gang also has a smaller presence in Northern California and has begun recruiting in Arizona, near the state’s Lake Havasu and Bullhead City areas.

“This is a bona fide criminal operation,” said Brian Levin, associate professor of criminal justice and director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University. “What is significant is that they have become more established than the Aryan Brotherhood and become their strategic affiliates.”

While acknowledging PENI’s growth, Eperson, the police officer, said that the gang’s loose hierarchy and heavy drug use made it “easier to control.”

“I would hate to see a more efficient group take the stage,” he said. “We’re pretty good at neutralizing them.”


Ad astra per aspera

don quixote said...

Good post ups all and I especially give a thumbs up to SV VBS who gave the story of soldado Peralta.
Not to diminish the heroism and true lealidad of this soldado, but this sacrifice is almost typical of the Mexican soldier. There are many stories like Peralta's about raza who give up thier lives for thier camarada's without a thought or concern for thier own safety.
Even in the workplace you will see these Mexicans working there ass's off for shit wages and all the while concerned about the result of thier labor and how it reflects on the quality of the final product.
These haters and narrow minded bigots whose motivation is based on fear and ethnocentrism are an old story in the immigrant struggle.
And I will stand by the article produced by De La Isla who brings some needed light to a dark and evil conspiracy to paint hard working immigrants with a broad brush.
By the way SHeriff Baca how many of the immigrants in the slammer are there for petty bullshit crimes like traffic warrants, drunk, or fighting with each other in some neighborhood cantina?

Hey OC It's hard to believe that the "Minute Men" are now headed by a Black Man, who evidently has "house nigger" DNA from back in the Southern Plantation Days!
Reminds me of the raza's own "Token Mexican" that discarded cigar butt of a vendido, US Attorney General "Alberto Gonzales".
You know this dude is gonna take the fall for his "ai cuidado mi Patron!" attitude when the smoke clears.

Anonymous said...

The mystery continues, last week Wally gave us a “clue” about a high profile case in which the suspect had a brother who is a cop and sister who is an attorney. And now the mystery man is described as roofer by LACityBeat. The mystery roofer was mentioned by name in an old story by LA Weekly but now the long story has been condensed and makes no mention of the mystery roofer. Luckily I kept the long version of the story and have the mystery roofer's name.

So why did Wally, LACityBeat and LA weekly hide his name. The mystery roofer was supposedly working next door to Anthony Prudhomme(murder victin)and they had talked and drank a couple of beers together.

The man Ms Prudhomme believes killed her son is not your typical gangbanger, either. The man – we’ll call him “the shooter” – worked as a roofer and lived with his middle-class parents in one of those small, well-kept homes. His brother is in internal affairs at LAPD and his sister is a civil attorney. It is believed that after the murders he continued to live with his parents on Yosemite Street and then went to stay in the guesthouse behind his sister’s large hillside home. It’s empty now and the whole place is for sale.

Dick Tracy
Loves french bread and is working on the mystery

Big Betty said...

The Kansonion Mule Dispatch? Hey Joe what gives? Lol
Anyway here are two clippings I want to post. The first opend my eyes to the KKK in our backyard, and the second one is the ADL's take on Joe's rag (lol, but clever).

Letters to the Editor
The Los Angeles Times February 28, 2007

To the Editor:

Garrow misses the point when he criticizes the Anti-Defamation League's recent report on the Ku Klux Klan. The report did not claim that the Klan had regained the level of violence it exhibited during Reconstruction or its size in the 1920s. Rather, the report highlighted a recent trend: an increased level of Klan activity stemming mainly from an attempt to exploit anti-immigration sentiment.

Garrow criticizes the ADL report for mentioning the Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a group he depicts as small and insignificant. The Empire Knights is a new, rapidly expanding group that has been active in holding anti-immigration rallies. Other new Klan groups have formed, and a number of existing groups have increased in size or activity levels. It is this trend that the ADL regards as troubling, more than the actual numbers.

The increase in anti-immigration sentiment is clearly giving new energy to white supremacist groups that hope to exploit such sentiments.


Murray Levin
Pacific Southwest Region

ADL Report Documents Growing Threat Of California-Based Extremist Gang

Orange County, CA, January 17, 2007 … As an Orange County jury reached a guilty verdict in the criminal trial involving an associate of a California-based racist hate gang known as Public Enemy Number 1, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today issued a new report detailing the potential threat posed by the group's growing ranks and criminal activities.

Convicted of identity theft in the Orange County court was James Paul "Mylo" Allen, was identified by prison officials as an active participant in Public Enemy Number 1 (PENI), a racist hate group whose expanding ranks pose increasing problems for California law enforcement and the public. The mixed verdict found Allen guilty on four charges of identity theft, but the jury hung on other charges.

Allen, who has a large swastika tattooed on his stomach, was arrested on May 18, 2005. In the past five weeks alone, an additional 67 members of PENI have been arrested in southern California on charges including conspiracy to commit murder, possession of illegal weapons, narcotics violations, probation violations, forgery and identity theft.

"Public Enemy Number 1 has positioned itself as a white power criminal organization capable of operating both on the streets and in the prison yards as foot soldiers for older, more established white supremacist prison gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood and Nazi Low Riders," said Kevin O'Grady, Interim Director of ADL's Orange County Regional Office. "The group embraces a white supremacist ideology while engaging in a range of criminal activities commonly associated with street gangs."

Public Enemy Number 1: California's Growing Racist Gang, describes the organization as an unusual hybrid of a racist skinhead gang, a violent white street gang and a prison gang. The group has grown substantially in recent years, according to ADL, with members engaging in a wide variety of criminal activities ranging from illegal drug trading, to identity theft and counterfeiting. The report examines the group's origins, current makeup, criminal activities and growing influence in the prison and on the streets.

Several disturbing trends set PENI apart from more traditional white supremacist hate groups:

PENI has a strong presence in the state's prison system and has developed a close association with the Aryan Brotherhood, one of the most notorious racist prison gangs, who use its members as middlemen for its criminal enterprises.
PENI has grown steadily over the past five years. It has a documented membership of at least 350 members, but its total membership may be much larger. The growth threatens to pose problems not only in southern California – where the group has expanded from Long Beach to Orange County and farther north – but in nearby states such as Arizona, where offshoots have begun to appear near Lake Havasu and Bullhead City.
The organization's leaders have been convicted of violent crimes, including murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault. Law enforcement authorities believe PENI members may have been behind several unsolved murders in California. An alleged PENI "hit list" contained the names of an Orange County prosecutor and five police officers in several different departments
Though not official members, female associates play an important role in facilitating the gang's illegal activities, both in prison and on the streets. Female associates have been convicted of crimes ranging from witness tampering to drug charges.
PENI is heavily involved in the illegal drug trade, especially in the sale of methamphetamines. Many members are also users, and are often referred to as "Needle Nazis." White collar criminal activity, including computer fraud, counterfeiting and identify theft, is also common.
Members tend to be heavily tattooed. Common tattoos include the PENI name and common racist imagery, such as the swastika and other neo-Nazi and white supremacist symbols, Viking imagery and Odinic symbols. Some of their tattoos include acronyms for the group, including Pen1, Peni Death Squad, PDS and Pen9.

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.

StillNoScript said...

"The interesting part is the new "Head" of the Minutemen is a black man."



"Go Back to Mexico!"

"Fuck you. Go Back to Africa!"

"No, fuck you, you go back to ..."

StillNoScript said...

Found a pic of the original chapter of the Minutemen.


Anonymous said...

This might be a couple of days old. News Clip of Tejas EME gang leader Robert "Beaver" Perez executed.



Anonymous said...

O.k O.k it was "Beamer" not "Beaver" I know this mistake is going to go over like a fart in church.


Anonymous said...

Sheriff B maybe you should take a closer look at the study that DQ brought to our attention. It's a very good one that pretty much kills all of that rightwing bullshit that is preached in the so called "Liberal Media". I hope that everyone checks it out.


What they write about the Paradox of Assimilation is a real eye opener. For instance.
* Immigrants, especially those from Latin America, have lower rates of adult and infant mortality and give birth to fewer underweight babies than natives despite higher poverty rates and greater barriers to health care. But their health status-and that of their children worsens the longer they live in the United States and with increasing acculturation.

* The children and grandchildren of many immigrants as well-as many immigrants themselves the longer they live in the United States- become subject to economic and social forces, such as higher rates of family disintegration and drug and alcohol addiction, that increase the likelihood of criminal behavior among other natives.

*The risk of incarceration is higher not only for the children of immigrants, but for immigrants themselves the longer they reside in the United States. However, even immigrants who had resided in the United States for 16+ years were far less likely to be incarcerated than their native-born counterparts.

A very good study that I really don't recall ever being mentioned outside of the Spanish language media. I hope that all will take the time and check it out.

Anonymous said...

don quixote said...
Good post ups all and I especially give a thumbs up to SV VBS who gave the story of soldado Peralta.
Not to diminish the heroism and true lealidad of this soldado, but this sacrifice is almost typical of the Mexican soldier. There are many stories like Peralta's about raza who give up thier lives for thier camarada's without a thought or concern for thier own safety.

Don Q.,
Are you NOW commending our Mexican soldiers last week you were criticizing me for being a typical Tex-Mex who was in the military.

Then when I got of the military I typically became an LA cop beating up on my jente. What gives pendejo, make up your mind old fool. I think you are typical pendejo who always cries because you wet your pantalones as a kid.


Texas Hangman said...

?GuatWhat? .....
This might be a couple of days old. News Clip of Tejas EME gang leader Robert "Beaver" Perez executed.


Texas is doing it right, the state of Texas will have no problems with Robert Perez conducting gang business from prison. And Texas is NOT wasting taxpayer dollars on this low life anymore.

Viva Texas

Anonymous said...

Why do rich white kids from orange county dress like cholos?What are these spoiled little bastards mad about? Mommy and daddy not paying enough attention to them?I see it all the time they were khakis white tshirts long socks dickies shirts.Either they want to act black ie: wigger or brown ie : cholo. Confused little mensos.

flinging it out there said...

Obama Describes Edwards As 'Kind Of Cute'...

fuzzy math said...

Gonzales in trouble as tide turns against Team Texas; Bush 'not happy' about firings...

Alberto Gonzales, is under increased pressure to resign and has resorted to the defence of a hapless executive, unaware of what was going on in his own office. “I was not involved in seeing any memos, was not involved in any discussions about what was going on,” he explained at a press conference on Tuesday.
Contrary to popular belief Mr. Gonzales (Speedy) is not Mexican.
Yeah, viva "team Texas".


fuzzy names said...

fuzzy math (aka Don Q.)said...
Alberto Gonzales, is under increased pressure to resign and has resorted to the defence of a hapless executive, unaware of what was going on in his own office. “I was not involved in seeing any memos, was not involved in any discussions about what was going on,” he explained at a press conference on Tuesday. Contrary to popular belief Mr. Gonzales (Speedy) is not Mexican.
Yeah, viva "team Texas".

PS and again, I never post up using other handles except "don quixote" or dq. Got it anonomous!

Don Q. (aka fuzzy names) I also heard Alberto Gonzales was also responsible for Manifest Destiny.

Fuzzy Names

Anonymous said...

3 more alleged Aryan Brotherhood members on trial in California
The Associated Press
Article Launched: 03/14/2007 05:04:22 PM PDT

SANTA ANA, Calif.- A federal jury trial began Wednesday for three alleged members of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang charged with racketeering and murder in the deaths of two black inmates.
The U.S. District Court trial is the latest in a series of coordinated federal prosecutions in Orange County and Los Angeles aimed at dismantling the leadership of the violent white supremacist gang.

Prosecutors allege that defendants Wayne Bridgewater, Henry Michael Houston and Ronald Boyd Slocum helped plot the August 1997 slayings of black inmates Frank Joyner and Abdul Salaam in the federal prison in Lewisburg, Pa. They are seeking the death penalty for Bridgewater and Houston.

Slocum, who was not in prison at the time, is accused of helping carry out the alleged plot by relaying secret messages between gang members in letters and phone calls.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Terri Flynn said the two inmates were killed after Bridgewater and another brotherhood member, Al Benton, got an invisible-ink message ordering a gang war with the D.C. Blacks, a black prison gang. The message read "War with D.C. Blacks."

Defense attorney Steven White said prosecutors misinterpreted that message, which was meant as a warning about a gang war brewing in other federal prisons and not as an order to kill.

Four other Brotherhood leaders were sentenced to life in prison in without parole last year for their role in the murders of the D.C. Blacks members. Two other men were convicted in January of plotting at least six murders from behind bars and will be sentenced in May.

El Montero

Anonymous said...

And I thought "USC" stood for "University of Southern Chicanos" Well whatever, GO TROJANS!!!

Facebook group lands USC football player in hot water
Trojan football players create and join 'racist' Facebook group as a 'joke.'
Elizabeth Geli
Posted: 3/8/07
An inside joke on the USC football team went awry when a Facebook group sparked outrage among students.

The racist Facebook group was created by a USC football player and showed a graphic of a black baby in handcuffs. An athletic department source said the group was a joke and had no serious purpose.

Junior linebacker Clay Matthews created the group, "White Nation," which featured a graphic with the caption, "arrest black babies before they become criminals."

Teammates David Buehler, Brian Cushing, Dan Deckas and Dallas Sartz joined the group.

"This group is not for the faint of heart," read the group's description. "All members are athletes of Caucasion (sic) descent. DISCLAIMER: In no way are the following memebers (sic) intolerant of others, we are just doing our duty of protecting the Arian (sic) brotherhood."

An athletic department source who wished to remain anonymous said the group was a joke and had no serious purpose.

The "joke" began when a black football player nicknamed some of his teammates "White Nation," the source said.

Stefanie Gopaul, a freshman majoring in psychology, discovered the group through her Facebook friendship with Sartz and Cushing and sent private messages to both, expressing her concern.

"Dallas Sartz said that White Nation is a joke on the team and that he's not like that," Gopaul said. "I was still really upset about it."

Gopaul created the Facebook group, " Clay Matthews (USC football player) expresses anti-black sentiment," and invited all of her Facebook friends to join.

"I honestly thought (Sartz and Cushing) were taking me as a joke," Gopaul said. "I posted the group so that they would know that (the White Nation group) is inappropriate."

The group received a strong response, at one time having as many as 90 members, and students expressed their outrage on the group message board and in personal messages to Gopaul.

"I received some very upset comments," Gopaul said. "A high school student wrote to me and said he wanted to go to 'SC next year and that he was glad I created the group and that it made him look at the school differently."

Football player Sedrick Ellis sent Gopaul a message explaining that "White Nation" is an inside joke on the team and that Matthews is not racist.

"My goal was that the picture and group be taken down," Gopaul said. "Even though you have this inside joke, it shouldn't be brought to Facebook because people will see it who aren't in on it."

Gopaul said she then received a message from Matthews.

"At first, Clay Matthews sounded a bit upset with me, and understandably so," Gopaul said. "But he was very nice in his second letter once I explained my intentions and actions to him."

Matthews said that another person posted the picture, and he was unsure of how to delete the group, Gopaul said.

He also wrote a formal apology to the members of "Clay Matthews (USC football player) expresses anti-black sentiment."

"He told us that he immediately went online to explain it and apologize, and to say this is not indicative of his or the team's attitude," said Tim Tessalone, director of sports information.

"We talked to him about how something done without serious intent could be perceived in a negative light and he agreed; he felt badly for his poor judgment, and he quickly moved to correct it."

A source from the athletic department said Matthew's apology said he was sorry, and that the group was not serious and had no racist intent. He also said his roommate and best friend are black and said that it was poor judgment on his part to create the group.

"As the creator of a group, it's your responsibility to watch what is posted on there," Gopaul said. "I feel like he's at least a lot more aware of what is and isn't OK."

Gopaul agreed to delete her group within two days of Matthew's apology on Feb. 14.

"I really do believe that it was a joke," Gopaul said. "Racial tension is already here at 'SC, and a lot of people were upset that he wasn't punished. I was never out to punish him, but a lot of students who saw the group wanted that."

Dinah Manning, a former member of the "Clay Matthews" group and a junior majoring in philosophy, said football players should be mindful of their status as public figures.

"The football players are ambassadors of our university," Manning said. "It is offensive that they could blindly espouse hateful language and demeaning images. If it was meant to be a joke, it was careless and in bad taste."

When Matthews left the "White Nation" Facebook group, he gave up his ability to delete the group; an administrator must manually remove each member to delete the group.

Matthew James Hodgson, a senior from Occidental College, now runs the group and said he plans on using the group to educate people about the ignorance of racism.

"(My friends and I joined) because we did not agree with the white supremacist sentiment of the group," Hodgson said. "We wanted to make the other people feel uncomfortable. I assumed control of the group with the intention to continue this process and make it known that this kind of group is unacceptable."

The membership includes three Occidental students and five other members from regional or high school networks nationwide. No USC students remain in the group.

"I didn't expect Facebook to have the impact it had," Gopaul said. "I honestly just wanted people at USC to see the (White Nation) group. … I knew if I used Facebook, people would at least see it."

Buehler, Cushing, Deckas, Ellis, Matthews and Sartz all declined to comment for this article.
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