Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've been alerted that some assbite is trolling the web, leaving idiotic comments and linking back to this site in an effort to discredit me. Be advised it's not working. This person is laboring under the illusion that the rest of the world is as stupid and gullible as he or she is. I urge you to come out of that dark place where you reside, step into the light of day and grow a spine. If you have problems whose only resolution is posting lunacy, you need to cowboy up and face life square on. You'll be amazed at how liberating it can be to stand on your own feet instead of kicking others in the shins and pointing to some other guy and saying, "he did it." Your vessel is empty. You'll never feel good about yourself by sucking others into your void.


gava joe said...

I think I've seen the comments of which you speak. I've never seen any negative words towards ITH, TR, or anyone else who comments on your posts (except of course
Any references I've caught are usually links to your archives, and they always either refer to comments from Don Quixote or Still No Script pointing out some glitch in their tales. When occasionally a valid conversation ensues regarding gangland crime and La eMe your url will arise, and its offered as a source for valid info.
My belief is you've been led astray UNLESS of course you've actually seen the blurbs that "discredit" you or your work? I can only cite my personal witness, and would hope that you'd not rely on second-hand info either. The url I mentioned earlier has some vitriol as regards the 2 mutts I mentioned earlier, but that's the best I can do.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of ass-bites what do you think about all these low-life cholos shooting into a crowd of women and children. Last week a 2yr was shot by some cholos shooting into a crowd at a birthday party.


Sheila Montelongo, 39. a Latina woman, was shot at a party in 1300 block of South Downey Road in East Los Angeles about 12:43 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 16.

Montelongo was attending a birthday party when a Latino man standing on the street began shooting at the crowd, authorities said. Montelongo was struck in the back by gunfire. She was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead, authorities said. Witnesses told deputies the gunman fled on foot on South Downey Road.

Two other people-a Latino man and a Latina woman-were also wounded from gunfire. They were both treated by paramedics and were expected to survive, authorities said.

Anyone with information about the shooting can call Sheriff's homicide detectives at (323) 890-5500. Callers can remain anonymous.

tuts said...


knock it off

(idiomatic, usually imperative) Stop doing something; desist.
Would you two please knock it off with the shouting? I'm trying to sleep.

related terms
cut it out
give it a break
stop your shit
stop that shit

The Georgian President told the Russians to knock it off.

Wally said...

The comments I'm talking about never made it on those other blogs because the person(s) running those blogs had the common sense to realize that it someone out to smut me up. Therefore they were rejected. Whoever is doing this is so stupid that he doesn't even have the smarts to be subtle with his venom. A shotgun where a scalpel would be the correct tool.

WALLY (yeah, it's me)

don quixote said...

Yea! Go Wally, your use of the descriptive word "troll" is right on, and gutless wonder with nothing going on but time could be used also.

Funny seeing GJ/Barf in The Hat pissing backwards here and fitting your description of the school sissy brat perfectly,

"You'll be amazed at how liberating it can be to stand on your own feet instead of kicking others in the shins and pointing to some other guy and saying, "he did it."

Oh that's good Wally, real good.

And as I appreciate your blog and the time you spend getting us Wallista's info and chisme, and as you are the Mero Mero shot caller here, I will do my part to isolate the cretin netbanger. I promise that no matter how personal, petty, repetitious, racist, or just plain ridiculous the posts, I will not respond to the negative, and I hope that other viewers and Wallista's will promise not to respond as well. It isn't that everyone isn't aware of who the troll is, and maybe just ignoring and isolating the knuckle head will be the best punishment,
The troll will not go away he’s too lonely (check out how many posts come from him/her at 3;00 AM), but it may suffice as a kind of corporal punishment, like a swat from the Gym Teacher.

Anonymous said...

This this sounds like an urban myth or bullshit from our multiple personality whack job.

No proof = rumor, chisme, gossip

Anonymous said...

Come and get me dirty copper...

Anonymous said...

Can the police or probation officer come in my wife's house looking for me?
If I'm on probation and there is an active warrant out on me because I have violated probation, can the police and/or probation officer come in my wife's house looking for me? And if so, how often. Let's say she tells them the first time, "he's not here, he doesn't want to get me involved", how often can they or might they come back? Can they go into the house?

Thank you, some of you. I'm not a criminal, I'm a guy that made 1 mistake. I committed a white collare crime and have been paying back $5k a month for 5 years. I'm a 2/3's of the way done but am about to get violated for non payment. I've put the business in the wife's name but can still make money while on the run if they violate me. I planned on continuing paying what I can every month until I get on my feet again. The new ADA has already said unless all the money is paid, he will send me to prison if I get violated. I just wanted to get some opinions (not get critized for my mistake) from some people and weigh my options.

LORRAINE said...

In the hands of the ignorant, the words of the Bible were used to beat plowshares into swords.


Anonymous said...

Damn, he's back. I hadn't checked the site in a few months, kinda gave up on it and low and behold here it is. Good to see Stillnoscript, GavaJoe and Don Q still here. I'm still up in San Jose.
OC Half Breed!

Anonymous said...

85 arrested in Santa Ana gang sweep
Targeting gangs in Santa Ana

Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

Santa Ana Police Sgt. Lorenzo Carrillo, right, listens as fellow officers talk with Armando Martinez on Aug 19, 2008. Martinez, heavily tattooed and known for his past gang affiliations, was stopped as he rode his bicycle on Franklin Street. He was released after questioning.
Email Picture
During the three-day operation, police also pair with church groups in a door-to-door effort to encourage residents to report crime.
By Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 23, 2008
In a three-day sweep of a Santa Ana neighborhood, police arrested 85 people, many of them alleged gang members suspected of violating parole or possessing weapons and drugs, authorities said Friday.

The operation started early Tuesday with dozens of officers saturating a two-square-mile area southwest of the Civic Center, a show of force that was carried out in response to a recent increase in violence in central Santa Ana neighborhoods. There had been three shootings in a 24-hour period last month and an increase in arrests of armed gang members in the area.

* Trying to stem the violence
Photos: Trying to stem the violence
* Police crackdown in Orange County
Video: Police crackdown in Orange...

Police launch gang crackdown in Santa Ana

Police also tried to tackle what they said has been a reluctance to report crime in an area where gangs have taken root. During the operation, police went door to door with church groups to urge residents on some of the most troubled streets to contact police to report crime.

"It's a sweep in the sense of arresting people, but it is also restoring trust and relationships that have been broken," Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido said.

Although police patrols have gone back to their normal levels since the operation ended at 1 a.m. Friday, officials said they hoped the outreach efforts would serve as a long-term solution to curbing the gang problem.


Anonymous said...

White supremacist gets death penalty in murder case
Michael Lamb is sentenced for the 2002 Anaheim murder of a fellow gang member.
By Christine Hanley, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 23, 2008
A white supremacist gang member was sentenced to death Friday for the 2002 murder of one of the organization's founders.

An Orange County jury recommended in June that Michael Lamb, 34, a member of the gang Public Enemy Number One, should die for killing Scott Miller in 2002 in retaliation for giving away some of the gang's secrets.

O.C. murder trial puts supremacist gang in spotlight

A different jury had deadlocked last year.

Lamb and codefendant Jacob Rump, 32, were convicted a year ago in Miller's murder and for trying to kill an undercover police officer tailing them after Miller was found dead in an Anaheim alley with a gunshot wound to the back of his head.

Rump faces life in prison without parole at his Aug. 31 sentencing. Prosecutors also seek the death penalty against codefendant Billy Joe Johnson, 45, who is serving 45 years to life in prison for a 2004 slaying.


Anonymous said...

O.C. murder trial puts supremacist gang in spotlight:,0,5667270.story


Anonymous said...

oc half breed, good story didn't you know some lads?that was pokey from lmp in the story and i remember scottish wasn't he from the league?