Saturday, August 30, 2008

As if we needed any reminder that Mexico is about to achieve critical mass, here comes another story of multiple beheadings. Click on the link for the details.

The Zs carved into the victims is the mark of the Zetas. Look it up if you're not familiar with that group. It's becoming clear that Mexico is a far more dangerous place than Iraq or Afghanistan if you're cop, citizen or a tourist. While the war it the Middle East seems to get the bulk of attention from politicians and the media, the homicide rates, kidnappings and general lawlessness in certain parts of Mexico make our troop presence in the Stans appear like a minor police action.

Unfortunately, the dope wars, violence and all the collateral problems that come with it are not longer confined to south of the border. Hospitals in Texas border towns are compelled to accept the all too frequent gunshot victims driven at high speed from Mexico. When that happens, local Texas cops have to drop what they're doing and create a cordon sanitaire around the hospital to prevent follow-up homicides. As reported in Mexican media, cartel operators will often follow an ambulance bearing their victims to the hospital and finish the job with high velocity lead right there in the operating or recovery rooms. And recently, there was the not well reported incident where rogue Mexican Army soldiers invaded a rival drug house in Phoenix, Arizona. The soldiers, armed with full auto weapons, were preparing an ambush for responding Phoenix coppers but luckily for the cops, the army dudes didn't bring enough ammo. They ran dry shooting up the house.

There have also been two cases of corrupt Mexican Army officers arrested here in the U.S. where they were living in safe houses. I was recently sent some unpublished photos of the aftermath of the big Tijuana shootout between Mexican Federal Police and some cartel shooters. At least two of the cartel guys appeared to have been shot in their vehicles while trying to blast their way out of the perimeter. It's interesting to note that both vehicles wore California license plates. That's a fairly clear indication that the cartels are operating freely on both sides of the fence and probably have allies they can count on to run whatever business needs to be run.

All the indicators are pointing to some troubling times ahead for local and Federal U.S. law enforcement.


Anonymous said...


You are sounding like one of those Minutemen with you baseless claim of mexican drug cartels operating on both sides of the border.

WE all know that mexicans come here to work and are rarely involved in any criminal activity.

Besides mexicans built most of L.A. and California for the lazy gavachos, who only want to exploit victims.

We all know any mexican involved in criminal activity are either victims of the gavachos and the corrupt european immigrants in mexico.

The original mexican indians were all perfect, honest, hard working and never violent. Violence and crime is something the anglo saxon race taught and forced it upon the mexican victims of the gavachos and the republicans

Anonymous said...

I wish our only problems were gangs. We are being kidnapped, tortured and murdered. It doesn't matter anymore that you are in no way involved with drugs or corruption or even in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are now living in a country where there is no "correct" place or "correct" time left in which to escape. I don't see the march as an instant solution, but it will at least be made clear that we are no longer deaf and mute. I would imagine things will get much before getting better and we may never see the results of our fight, but if we can get a better life for our children and future generations, I'd say it's damn worth it.

Anonymous said...

Mexicans rally nationwide against crime as wave of protests follow Mexico's crime spike, and activists plan marches in every state, testing Calderon's presidency...

don quixote said...

Yeah Wally, sad situation in Mexico nowadays, there is no justice or recourse for the ordinary Mexicano in Mexico it seems. Rampant and increasing poverty, and lack of opportunity breed crime, which in Mexico today leads to either corruption and neglect, or overzealous punitive measures by the Mexican Govt. . Either way the ordinary citizen is stuck in the middle of an increasingly deteriorating situation for many Mexican citizens.
And unfortunately the crime and murder which is taking place mainly along the US border and in some of the major cities is being reported by the international news organization as happening everywhere in Mexico, which is not the case. But this “news” is now affectintg all parts of Mexico even if there is no crime there, especially in the tourist areas where business is way off due to not only the Crime headlines but also the poor USA economic conditions and lack of tourism. (BTW, it’s a good time to pick up some nice beach property or even a home in Mexico as prices are way down),

This situation has and will be a further stimulus for increased legal and illegal immigration from Mexico and in turn add to the fuel of anti Mexican, anti immigrant, voices especially now in an election year.
And as always we in the USA have some responsibility for the situation in Mexico as the USA is the main destination for cheap labor and illegal drugs, and guns and ammunition are a big money (going the other way!), business along the border, supplying the increasingly bold drug cartels with automatic weapons and even explosives.

It’s the wild west along the border and some other places in Mexico and it makes me think that as things change they often remain the same, as reflected by the famous writer and commentator Ambrose Bierce who crossed the US border near El Paso Texas during the Mexican Revolution never to be seen from again.
His last written words to his neice were the famous

“To be a Gringo in Mexico – ah, that is euthanasia!”

And also significant and current would be the words of Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz who over a hundred years ago said :

¡Pobre México! ¡Tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de los Estados Unidos!" (Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States!)

Anonymous said...

Mexico may be a deadly place but I still love the all inclusive resorts!! LOL

"Un mas magarita por favor"

Red Dog Six said...

Check this one out.

Anonymous said...

Don Quackers writes...
"Rampant and increasing poverty, and lack of opportunity breed crime, which in Mexico today leads to either corruption and neglect"


I have some bad news for D.Q. Mexico is corrupt today and was corrupt yesterday, and the day before.

Barf in the Hat said...

Jesus Wally, you know,the cops know, and even I know that the cartels are operating with impunity on both sides of the border. The reason they function so seamlessly is because they are completely unscrupulous. Hell if they decap and play games with human heads these guys appear fearless,and project that image to the public.

Federales down Mejico way are impotent because they're totally corrupt. Calderon may put on a John Law scowl, but he's just another dirty,crooked Salinas, et al. He can't help it. His life is surely on the line, and he knows it. He can juggle diplomacy with the Gran Gava Norteno, but what for? The ending to this tragedy aint pretty.

Cops up here are bogged down with jurisdiction and Constitutionalities that have been inflated and bastardized by lawyers with deep pockets and huge pie holes.

Illegal Mexicans are a nice mish-mash of motivated people and those bent on pillage. They pillage the system that we pay into and support without contributing to it.
Unfortunately the motivated ones get cancelled out by the fucking gangsters and criminals bent on pillage. Suffice it to say their "ehtnic charm" is wearing thin.

Whole communitites are going to be swallowed up by the alien invasion. Hell it's already happened. You know the places I speak of, and the decent residents left know them too. Their once valued real estate is in the shitter.

It's too bad because the food is half-assed edible.

R2K said...

I see no reason to visit mexico (or much of south or central america for that matter) any time soon.

Anonymous said...

hey wally did u hear about the hells angel president getting murdered the cops think its by the mongols
i think the war is going to explode