Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The free exchange of opinions and observations is one of the reasons I started this site. I'm especially gratified to see that a number of the comments to the posts come from people who have come up in the neighborhoods and been through the system. For the most part, the comments are informative and provide the sort of insight that can only come from those who have been there and back. I'm grateful to people who can contribute without resorting to profanity and don't throw fat on the fire of north/south, black/brown animosity. Or for that matter, advocating any form or violence or prejudice.

I've noticed a battle going on in the comments that has no place on this site. I'm not a prude and I'll tolerate a certain amount of profanity. Especially if it's clever and used like a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer. What won't happen here is hate.

If you claim a neighborhood and want to put that in your comment, go ahead. But I won't allow challenges and cyberspace mad dogging. Keep the fights off this site. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can do that. Frankly, they're boring and do nothing to further the outside world's understanding of what's what.

Please don't ruin this place for everybody else. If you've got something to say, do it the right way. Speak your mind but don't add to problem. Don't put me in the position of being a censor. There's already enough of that.


Anonymous said...

this is what the regulars would call ceel soldiers and in reality its all just hot wind. now i wanted to congratulate you on your very accurate information that you try to provide!! we all really appreciate your info and will continue to learn. by the way what ever happened to mrs margaret ferrell?? sad such a bright lady got caught up in the scramble, but not much was really mentioned after thethe fan got turned on. anyways thank you for your time and efforts.... hairy dude

StillNoScript said...

Well put.

I agree with you that it's good that gang members do come here to give those of us that aren't from the street some kind of insight to the life. But; insulting one another doesn't give insight. We've seen that; And all we have to do is go to other websites to see more of it.

It started off educational. A couple of guys telling stories about how things work in the pen. Then one of them made a pretty blanketed statement about....the other side...and the shit hit the fan.

I can't tell these guys how to live or how to behave on web blogs; I've never been in their shoes. But they have to realize that web blogs about street politics, like this one...blogged by someone who knows both the gangs and the system, are few and far between on the WWW.

You know what, Wally? I blame YOU; For going this long without an UPDATE!! Lol. I'm joking. Hope to hear from ya soon.

Anonymous said...

This is very informative link. Its the nuestra Familia timeline. This site is an L.A. site with lots of insider info on La Eme, but try this on and see how the NF got started and grown. You will be surprised, educated and more informed for future reference.


Anonymous said...

Very intersting. I can't beleive these Mexican factionas are so strong yet they hate each other with a passion. Here's a timeline from the same pagina in regards to the EME historia. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

You know Wally, I have noticed that not unlike the movie industry, some of these so called "experts" that write about the "prison gangs" start out with some REAL FACTS, but then for the most part they let their imagination take over. I don't want to be picky, but if one is to write about a subject they should at least do some research. ex. "Chyenne" Cadena was in fact killed at Palm Hall Chino in December 1972. He was thrown off the second tier, not the third tier. He was stabbed 57 times, not 70 times. I still see the spelling of Duel being used by these "experts". It is Deuel. I realize that these are minor errors but what else is true and what else is made up. The problem being that there have been so much "crap" written by these "experts" that now when I come out with my libro, which is based upon facts backed up with official reports, interviews backed up by other "turn coats" there will be the "experts" and pror readers of their crap not knowing which one to believe. You have a great insight and can read through the chaft. Wil. E. Coyote

Anonymous said...

Great post by Wil. E. Coyote! Too many so-called "experts" running around for sure. I've read, for example, much EME-related web site info that resembles a fairy tale. It makes me cringe at the blatant inaccuracies.
Basically, you have a handful of guys who can speak knowledgeably and accurately about EME's history. Some of the dropouts have great info and with proper corroboration, they give a unique perspective ("participant observation" - a sociology term). The prison staff and law enforcement specialists (task force members) give another unique perspective. In concert there is a great story to tell by an author who can organize these perspectives.
What I've seen is what Coyote addresses: "experts" who "create" their own bull shit based on the facts they know. I don't have a problem with Chy's stabbing death being misstated from, say 56 stab wounds to 70. In fact, I read an old article myself from the local paper that did mention 70 or 71 stab wounds. If a researcher referred to newspaper articles as part of their info, then that could simply be an error in their research and not an attempt at "creating" new information. Being the stickler for detail (and I believe Mr. Coyote feels the same) I chuckle when I see DVI written "Duel" instead of "Deuel" as well. I also chuckle at accounts that depict Joe Morgan as one of the "founding fathers" of the EME. Not so. Even though Mr. Cocoliso was in the system at that time, he was not recruited until around 1969 and the EME was already more than a decade into it's existence by then. It makes for nice drama (such as in American Me where Joe Morgan, Cheyenne and Mundo are depicted as "growing up together") but these "experts" lose their credibility when they err on important events and grossly misstate so-called "facts" in their attempt to pass them off as EME gospel.
I will be looking forward to your libro, Mr. Coyote, for I know it will contain great facts and information which will touch on the historical portion of the EME. I also know you were there and met many of the players and saw the law enforcement side of these characters. I look forward to Mundo's writings (I've previewed them) as they give the bad guys' perspective and he was there with all the veteranos even if he wasn't a charter member. All the charter members respected this "youngster" (he indeed was a youngster in 1970 at Q) and the fact that he was a "non-user", a "game soldier" and intelligent to boot was an asset that made him invaluable to the likes of Joe Morgan, Huero "Buff", Hondo Lechuga, "Robot" Salas, etc. The important information (not whether or not Sleepy Betancourt used a rod-type shank or a stiletto-type fiero to kill that prison guard at DVI), (not whether Hector Padilla's shoes that precipitated the Shoe War were cordovan or dark brown) is what I seek to corroborate when I check out these type of writings. Mundo's are astonishingly accurate for the most part and I'm sure yours will be similarly open to review and I will bet on the accuracy of your book BEFORE it comes out (smile).
Don't worry, folks will read through the chaff. You should maybe get a hold of some of the old timers from the old SSU (Joe Moody & Company), Bill Hankins (if he still lives) and maybe some of the EME dropouts if you can reach them somehow (Mundo, etc.) and have them preview your book just before publication and ask them to write something for the jacket of the book. These guys will endorse what YOU write and these same guys would NEVER endorse the crap you speak of, Coyote. I'm with you and I'm glad you brought this subject up.


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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

From the preliminary information I have, EME dropout Ramon "Mundo" Mendoza will have his book available on a CD. The raw version was titled: Mexican Mafia: From Altar Boy to Hit Man. Apparently the first 500 copies will be serial numbered and signed by Mundo and they will ONLY be available at a web site that will be published here in the next few months.
I don't have any information about the selling price at this time but it too will be published.
Some of us in the law enforcement community have already read it (raw version) and no one I know could put it down. It's been endorsed by some "heavyweight" old time prison gang experts who added their "endorsements".


Anonymous said...

well make sure to let us know ahead
of time,id like to get a copy,and is his book based on his own life,
or the whole lifestyle in general?
Wasn't AMERICAN ME also a book?
or based partly through a book?
cause i heard it was,and iv'ed
looked for it but haven't found
anything.When i was small i seen
many old prison photos,from family
and family freinds,when i was small
they used to tell me that,that was my uncle(or whom ever else was in there)and his buddies at the UNNIVERSITY,now i think about it
and laugh,but dam,those pictures
where full of some mean lookin
vatos,my favorite one was of my uncle,laying down in the yard,and besides him was a little radio
with an antenna pulled to the side,as if so he can get better reception,with a big mustache and a smile,all tatoo'd dowm,with his
light blue prison botton shirt,
blue denims,and his matching cap,
that looked like GOMER PYLES cap.
I used to look at them pictures when i got older,and wondered,why they where there,the all looked happy,healthy and hanged on to each other like as to show their
cammorotary,posing in the old line up in the back,and the other vatos neiling in front,blue rags and all,
this was in the late 60's,up to the
late 90's the last uncle to be in prison died due to cancer.I wish i knew more about them,i wonder if theres some way to find out their wrap sheet or where they spent their time at,family really didnt speak much about what they did or anything of that sort.
All i knew was that they were at the UNNIVERSITY

Anonymous said...

TijuanaJailer Said ...

TO:Anonymous said...
(well make sure to let us know ahead
of time,id like to get a copy,and is his book based on his own life,
or the whole lifestyle in general?)

The book is based on Mundo's activities as an EME member, a street gang member, the EME activities in and out of prison from his perspective, and the history of the EME. Pretty good stuff for Prison Gang "groupies" like myself.
Touching on another topic: there is a web site that has been quoted here by a previous poster: (http://www.geocities.com/jiggy2000_us/emetimeline.html)which purports to give an EME Timeline. It looks good when one reads the highlighted events but I invite those of you who are intimately familiar with the EME to check it out and let's see who finds the most inaccuracies.
I didn't check it out to be critical so please don't get me wrong. But, in this case, the inaccuracies are so blatant as to invite BIG TIME correction (if they are interested in 'adjusting their sails').
WilECoyote, please chime in when you feel like it. (You've got my back,guy).


Anonymous said...

Tijuana Jailer Said ........

RE: The Following Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/jiggy2000_us/emetimeline.html

The timeline begins with a photo of "Original Mexican Mafia Members" and I GUARANTEE one thing: NONE of these members are "Original" EME. From left to right:
Standing: Richard "Richie" Jaramillo from Pomona, Manuel "Rocky" Luna (killed by EME for role in American Me), Adolph "Champ" Reynoso (EME's shot caller in federal prison system), Pedro "Sana" Ojeda (arrested today 6-15-05 on Federal Indictments; see: tomorrow's L.A. and O.C. newspapers), Ronnie Salazar (deceased), and Gilbert "Mongol" Silva (EME dropout).
Kneeling: Evarito "Blanco" Blanco (executed by EME in 1976-77), Refugio "Rufas" Pena (deceased), and two unidentified associates.
Although Sana is 63, he joined EME in the early-1970's and even Champ didn't join until the mid-1960's at San Quentin.
Thus, they need a better photo to introduce this web site. My two cents.


Anonymous said...

(About La EmE members in other states. Outside the Feds and the Southwest, they are realy of no matter.)

You sound like an LE person who thinks his "gangs are bigger and badder than my gangs"; or a con who is thinking along those lines.
Either that or you are from Waikiki or a Hollie boy.

First of all, I am familiar with TJ's assetions and the EME's out of state DIRECT involement in certain criminal activities is not only confirmed but ongoing.

Current investigations are coordinating between prison and outside agencies which prevents specific discussion.

What people should understand is that by being in denial about these groups (EME, Bloods, NF, BGF, AB, 18th Street, Mara Salvatrucha, etc. - note that ALL originated in Caifornia) doesn't magically make it not so. And it certainly doesn't stop their criminal activities and incursion into "foreign turf".

TJ posted something earlier about authorites in L.A. warning the Federal Prison authorities about EME "spreading like a cancer" in their system if allowed to do so.

In fact, their number one CI broke it down in detail and, once again, that "denial" set in. Now look at the feds problems with the gangs!

EME has indeed learned from its mistakes and does not operate with blue bandanas wrapped around their heads and challenging Samoans or Cubans to an arm wrestling contest.

In Hawaii, the EME remains tight with OC groups there including the Yakuza. The predominant drug being sold by the EME to the Hawaiians was ICE and this was on the island of Maui.

The actual Mexican Mafia "made members" keep a low profile because of the cops, not because of the Hawaiian cons.

If I may also answer another poster's question regarding "green lighted" neighborhoods: Currently, and for some time,18th Street does not have a green light. There is a pass on Maravilla too, unless they claim Maraviosos and openly claim not to be surenos.

My thanks to TJ for some in-depth historical stuff. I'm sure your sources are top notch but even they could not be everywhere at all times and I'm sure others in LE have much to add.

"Mundo" would definitely top my list for historical info. I had the priviledge of not only interviewing him myself about 25 years ago but he helped solve murders for us as well.


The Juda said...

In regards to the American Me question. It first started as a book by the same name by Beatrice Winston Griffith. It was published in 1948 by the Houghton Miffin Company of Boston. Miss Griffith was a social worker in East Los and her case load was primarily young Chicano gang members. She wrote the book "For Pamela and all children of tomarrow, with the hope that they will grow up in a world at peace".

Anonymous said...

with regard to the words of doubt about art blajos faith, i know the man well,he lived with us for a short time and i have no doubt about his true love of the Lord. his advice to my sons rings true for us all "dont go through what i went through to get back where you are now" be real. steve

pathmaker said...

The problem here is information. Since when did the EME go public? Or are the people , such as the public supposed to be interested in the under-belly of American Society? The questions are directed to you Administrator, of this site. No offense, but it appears that some people just can't hold it down, when making a choice. In other words, "You can only tell how much you want something by what you do to get it." You can't keep a good warrior down. Remember?

Anonymous said...

You have constantly reminded the eme who their targets are to kill. The people who have turned on them, you resigned death warrant. How could you be so foolish in placing certain names on this web site. Some of these people have families, and those family members live in fear daily. You are putting their families in danger. How could you be so stupid. Some families are just trying to go on with their lives

Elaine said...

i was told that "Ponchi"(Ramon Amado) originally started La EME and not joe morgan.And he wasn't one to brag. any comments?