Tuesday, December 26, 2006

After consulting with people who know a lot more than I do about the net, the concensus of opinion seems to be that hands-on moderation is the only bulletproof solution to dealing with knuckleheads. So the comments are back up but the catch is I get to approve or reject them before they show up on the blog. That means a lot more work for me but there appears to be no easy digital solution to this problem. There will inevitably be a delay between posting a comment and having it show up in the Comments section because I've got a life. So to those who tried to screw things up, don't even bother. I get to play grand inquisitor so if you act like a jerk, you're just wasting your time.


Anonymous said...

Orale Wally que deaquellas that this section is back, I was kinda missing all the regulares on here.
Like I said before this is a firme place to come and check out the different views that our RAZA has, but towards the end I was not even dropping by this site anymore due to all the mamadas these tweaked out cyber-bangers were putting up. Well lets try to carry on from where we left off. Keep up the good work, hopefully the reg's who were here before all the cagapalos got here will return with there 2 cents worth of chisme and carilla. Ay te miro chamiro.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I do not see where you added the ability to comment on your previous articles such as Sana gets 14 years. Or do we only get to comment this artice about comments lol

Mad Mexican

StillNoScript said...

Wally, glad to see the comments back up. Would you be willing to explain the 'Tony Rafael', 'Wally' monikers? Why are you anonymous?

Are you willing to denounce some of the overtly racist comments made by a commenter named "N"? I noticed you removed several posts but none of his.

I hope you could answer these questions. Thanks.

Norwalquero said...

You said it, Hollenbeck!

I stopped bothering to even read the comments several months ago, as the content had degenerated to the extent it did.

I, too, am nostalgic for the 'old days' when Tijuana Jailer would address his internet classroom...and then stalwart cats such as yourself, Don Q, Gava Joe, Retired Joker, OC Half Breed, Jim and a few others would 'cut it up'.

Anyway, thanks for keeping the news coming, Wally.

By the way, I heard a news blurb on the radio this morning about the federal indictment against Ruben Castro (NightOwl- 18th St), his ruca and several others...for controlling the drug trade in Korea Town, Mid Wilshire, MacArthur Park and Pico-Union. (All this from Supermax)

Any updates on this indictment, Wally??

Al rato.


don quixote said...

Good to see that our Capitan "Wally" has not deserted ship and has righted our ship and course. Prospero Ano Nuevo to all Wallista's everywhere.
On another note I read in the LA TImes where two young gangsters are going to be prosecuted for shooting to death a 14yr old girl and wounding three others in front of a liquor store on So. Harvard St. This trajedy I feel is being compounded by the LA Deputy Dist. Att. Ron Goudy who says "Both are being charged with special circumstances of murder based on race,and to further a gang,which makes them subject to the death penalty".
My question is this, wasn't the deliberate murder of 3 yr old Kaitlyn Avila by a Black P Stone gangster a racially motivated crime and gang related? Why it seems are only Chicano's charged with rascist motivated killings, (and I hope this doesn't start some ignorant rascist litany of blogs here!)
Supposedly this "liquor store" is the tierra of the local Chicano varrio and these two gangsters opened up on a group of blacks who were there wounded 3 and killing the 14 year old girl.
It seems the "Powers that be" should be asking why these youngsters are killing each other over a liquor store location and not shooting hoops or making time at a playground gym or boys and girls club like youngsters should have available to them.
Of course our own Mero Opportunist, "The Wizard of Odd" Najee ALi jumped on the rascist bandwagon and lead a march down to the liquor store in question. And he quotes "The march of over a hundred black people to the liquor store is and act of defiance"
Life in the big city aka "it's a dog eat dog world"
Respect, dq

Anonymous said...

Orale Wally,

Thank you for taking into consideration the fact that there are intellects out there that do have some noteworthy comments to post. This is a great idea, to filter out the childish bs and let the genuine correspondence flow freely. I look forward to it. With respects, JOSE619

Anonymous said...


Can we get another stipulation? How about only posting in English.

Contrary to popular belief, Spanglish is not the official language of Hell-A.


StillNoScript said...

DQ, yes, the killing of the girl by the P Stones was racially motivated, and as long as there are such laws the killing should be charged as such. But do we really want to descend into a pissing match between racial motivation charges? Am I to understand that this is going to be the next front of the Brown on Black war? Why not focus on ending this senseless bullshit? Nobody is going to win, but racist whites. These guys are playing right into their hand.

StillNoScript said...

Wally, if I may respond to your recent blog about gangs migrating to Spain, which didn't include a comments section.

You make the rather sarcastic assertion in your last sentence that since Spain has a lower poverty level, they shouldn't have a gang problem. But you yourself pointed out that the gangs that are migrating to Spain are AMERICAN gangs. And, we know that these gangs spawned from the American urban center, where there indeed is poverty. So, Spain may not have the poverty of the U.S. while still having the gang problem, but these gangs, and their philosophies, are not spawned from Spain's economic system. They're spawned from OURS. Just my 2.

Anonymous said...

To Don Q,

I do not have much sympathy left for stupid ass gangsters shooting
people in the streets of Los Angeles no matter what their age.

We all know, even if they are given the death penalty they will never be executed in the state of California.

I am not sure if the death penalty is a deterrent but I am damn sure it would eliminate any repeat offenders.

Just recently another innocent 9 year old girl was shot by another group of gang banging pendejos.


This old mexican is damn tired of these pendejos running wild in the streets of LA. I try and tutor a few students but these fuckin gangs are like a parisite on our young kids.

So this old mad mexican has no sympathy left for any gang bangers.
Every day we read the about one of these pendejos.

Mad Mexican

don quixote said...

Again, good to see old familiar names like Norwalquero et al.
And to "old mad mexican" and "still no script" I would just like to say "Amen" I didn't mean to sound like I'm taking sides or sympathizing with knuckleheads who blast away other human beings over a Liquor store location. The fact that a young girl loses her life over such inconsequencial bullshit is a sad commentary on our present situation and speaks for itself.
I am just curious and asking the question about why it seems only Chicano's get tagged for commiting rascist crimes against Blacks. Is this bias some kind of "political ploy" or is it a divide and conquer application of justice?
Somehow we need some leaders to step up to the plate and get serious about stopping the bleeding cause almost everyone in LA is or has been affected by this senseless violence.
And is Najee Ali's march to the Liquor Store a modern day "March on Selma Ala"? If it is we as human's have certainly descended into a sorry state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Its kool to see the commets back up, as you know the riff raff will always find a way in. The only thing we can really do to curb such antics is not to go along for the ride. Truely some of the regs are guilty of this and should take into account thier in put before castrateing others. That said, man i missed this section and like others choose to pass on it for awhile. But lets get too it, wally has the sana bust really done anything to stop taxing and drug distribution in oc.

N:. said...

Welcome back Wally and good thinking about once again allowing comments but with the moderation feature enabled. Hopefully, just the threat of comment moderation will keep the majority of the knuckleheads from even starting a post, much less actually posting and requiring that you waste your time reading their posts. As far as SNS goes. Man, fight your own battles. By the way, how are the mayate protection league meeting in Sacramento? The last I heard (SF Chronicle on the latest gang injunction), Surrenos are moving into Sacramento. That can't bode well for the mayates.

Contender said...

That killing of that 14yr old black girl in the Harbor Gateway/Torrance area was done by 204st gang members. Since that happened, 5.0 have raided their varrio and have been cracking down on them. 2 guys (20 yr old and 18 yr old) were charged today with a hate crime and numerous other crimes in regards to this killing. But this is nothing new to this varrio. Marco Milla aka Downer from 204 shot a car load of blacks a few yrs back. He killed some black man named Reginald Hightower and wounded 4 others. (In Wally's archives, you can find this story)
All because they were black.

But the interesting thing about this latest development is, right before Thanksgiving, a Mexican man that was a family man and a chef at the "Depot" restaraunt in Old Town Torrance, was shot dead when he was standing in his front yard talking to some friends. No gang ties but he was killed on 204st. Now police reports (who were very reluctant to link the two) and reports printed in the Daily Breeze say that this girl and that guy's killings were/are related. Revenge? Innocent Mexican Man killed, innocent black girl killed. Police have been mum on the suspects in the shooting suspects in the man's killings but now they are back peddling and trying to quell a situation down in an area that has been predominatly nice. Strangely enough, Torrance is nothing new to this type of violence. Tortilla Flats, 204 st and ES Torrance have all had thier fair share of hate crimes or hate based bigotry coming out of thier neighborhoods. It's a sad situation to say the least.

StillNoScript said...

N, what do Surenos moving to Sacramento have to do with Blacks in Sacramento?

Anonymous said...

Hey mayates are scared of surenos here in sacramento

N:. said...


SUR13 is not down with the mayate. Everybody here that knows anything, even the smallest bit of information from reading the papers, knows that this is the truth. Thus far, I have been correct in my predictions regarding an increase in brown-on-black violent crime in Southern California. This trend will spread to the north as Southern California gang members keep pushing northward and taking territory from the Nortenos.

On a different note, did anybody else read the story about the prison gang leaders telling their membership not to volunteer for the interstate relocation because it would effect the balance of power in the pen?

StillNoScript said...

anonymous, what incidents in Sac have you seen or heard of which would determine Blacks in Sacramento are afraid of Surenos?

N, what specific territories have Surenos taken over from Nortenos? Neighborhood wise?

StillNoScript said...

Wally, I'm going to post your name on this comment, because it's yours. And, it's not to criticize you, it's to commend you for it.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

If you accept the definition of a gang as two or more indivduals who conspire to commit crimes for the benefit of a group, then KEN LAY, ANDY FASTOW and the rest of their crimies at ENRON qualify as gangsters. Yeah, I know, a posting about ENRON looks like it may be far afield from the main topic of INTHEHAT, but in reality, it's not. LAY and his scumbag homies probably robbed more money in a week than every gang in LA combined does in a year. While it made me feel good to see LAY cuffed up and doing the perp walk for the cameras, it would have made me feel even better if a couple of bluesuits cut loose on him with MAGLITE flashlights.

And did you notice all that polish and sophistication blow away the second LAY faced the cameras? He started squealing like a 12-year-old-girl at a Britney concert. FASTOW did it and LAY didn't know what was going on and he was just this innocent CEO who was betrayed by his homie. Sounds like any other neighborhood rata trying to lay off blame on somebody else. You can put them in suits and give them a gold pen instead of a GLOCK, but a criminal is still a criminal. MR. LAY, meet DIABLO your new cellmate. You'll be his bitch for the next fifteen years. And don't bother calling for the stafa because they're going to a union meeting.

- Wally

Well put. ^^^

George said...

I for one is really happy to see the comment section up and running! There are some great people with great info and thoughts that are not afraid to put it out there! Cyber banging is just like being a window warrior, Till that door opens is when you see the real man.

N:. said...


Here is the link for the article:


Here is the quote:

"The primary victims of Norteños, many residents said, were teenagers who were recruited or attacked for being Sureños -- even if they weren't. West Sacramento has some Sureños, but they are not subject to the injunction."

I am not sure if West Sacramento is considerd Sacramento proper, but Surenos in Sacramento... It doesn't bode well for the Nortenos or the Northern California blacks.

bigchino said...

Nice to see the comment section is decent again. Good work Wally. Waiting for the book.

StillNoScript said...

N, you talked about a trend of Brown on Black violence taking place in Northern California as Surenos 'keep taking over' Norteno territories. The word 'keep' would imply that Norteno neighborhoods have already been taken over by Surenos. Which ones? What specific neighborhoods North of Fresno (still Bulldog territory, btw, not Sur.) have gone from Norte to Sur?

Anonymous said...

Score one for the police, Manuel Gallegos shot dead.

" The man killed in a gun battle with Santa Ana police at a strip mall is believed to have wounded two Long Beach officers last week."


Gallegos had been previously deported back to Mexico, but since we have no border security Gallegos was back for many years,
doing more crimes her in USA. I was sure this guy was going back to Mexico to hide as so many others before him.

Well I can hardly wait for people here to criticize the police for not arresting him and giving him a fair trail. I am sure his family will be suing the police for a wrongful death, as Don King says "Only In America"

Mad Mexican

Anonymous said...

Greetings Ya'll!! Here's hoping your Christmas' were good, and thanks for reopening the books, Wally.. You put up some good posts during the drought. The one re. Pete Ojeda was gratifying. Anytime the profiteers take a hit I'm onboard. The sad fact is that when one of these old shithooks buys a new bit it serves to instill more reverence on the streets, not to mention that much-maligned of late word, "respect"..

Calis' prisons are rupturing at their seams, and these "carnals" provide incentive to increase the input with their insidious organization. Actually the human values are so distorted within La Eme that we're more prone to call it a "DISorganization. Those of us who have the luxury of being flip in Eme's regard by virtue of the distance we celibrate from LA can do that. I'm knowing plenty of you ca'nt, and that it's presence is in your midst so you must act safe, be safe..

That's my wish for you in 07, my friends.. Rest easy, word is the Governator is going to solve the prison dilemna, because he still has ONE good leg to stand on..

Gava Joe

don quixote said...

Good post Old Mad Mexican, and the old saying "he died with his boots on" is very true in "Gallegos" case. I read the article and to me it seemed "Gallegos" had a real hard on for the Placa as he was involved in a lawsuit against the Jura a couple of years back, then when the Long Beach Jura's pulled him over he got out guns blazing and those Cop's are lucky to be alive as they both took multiple hits and couldn't even return fire.
It also sounded like the SA Police gave the LB Jura's a kiss cause when they spotted Gallegos in SA they notified the LB Jura's of his whereabouts instead of making the bust themselves. Chalk one up for the Santa ANa PD as a deposit in the "favor bank".
Also read in the LA Times that the little 9 yr old girl, who was shot in the crossfire when a squad of hitters in a car drew down on some vatos from Temple St. who were also strapped and returned fire, she died in the hospital yesterday. The two vato's arrested for 187 are probably going to walk cause any Lawyer worth his salt will plead a "self defense" accidental kill on this one. Very sad story as the little girls Mother brought her to LA from Thailand to give her a better life and she takes a bullet while watching TV inside her home. Seems life is cheap in LA, que triste!

Anonymous said...

regarding the article about prison gangs ordering its members to not go to other states...I'd have to believe that story is one sided because the SUR can afford to lose alot of people and still be very deep. If they were organized better, the M would order a large contingent of soldiers to go, thus breaking new ground. If a wayward sureno ends up there alone, its alot harder to get the gang established than say 20 busloads of surenos arriving to do the job. This could be their opportunity to break new ground in Kentucky and or support the Old M in Arizona against the New M. The M should force expendables to go and colonize them pintas. Doing so will help weed out the weak and provide a training ground for young soldados who wish to learn about taking over prisons instead of just joining vatos who already run the show. It could be a very good move for EME to send troops (surenos)and a general (M captian) elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Score two for the police, down in Orange County this week.

"1 dead in Fullerton police shooting today Officers discovered men in car with guns early this morning"

I wonder if they were going to or coming from a drive-by. I guess they got to high or drunk and passed out, I'm glad a civilian with a van full of kids did not roll up on these two pendejos.


Old Mad Mexican

Anonymous said...

anonymous, what incidents in Sac have you seen or heard of which would determine Blacks in Sacramento are afraid of Surenos?

I only speak of incidents that i have seen or been around. What i seen is they try to act all friendly talking all that Hey vato noise or Hey homie.

Anonymous said...