Thursday, December 28, 2006

During a conversation with a curious civilian the other day he wondered if the membership of the Mexican Mafia was going up or down from the 30,000 members he read about. He was asked where he got this insanely inflated number since the actual membership numbers in the hundreds, not thousands or tens of thousands. He said he got it off Wikipedia on the net. A visit to that site confirmed the bogus number of 30,000. In addition there were other errors such as Joe Morgan being one of the "original" members. God knows where hacks get this information and where they get the confidence to blast it to the world. There's an awful lot of good stuff on the net but there seems to be an equal amount of crap.

If we can impose on some of our old friends to bang out a few words on the true birth and original membership of the Mexican Mafia, maybe we can educate some misinformed readers and make this place the repository of correct information. Turning it over to you all for this one.


Anonymous said...

Well fisrt we must go to the very begining of the deal. And start with Buff Flores. We all know that joe morgan is the most reconized bro. Speak his name and any vato worth his mudd will know what and who your speaking of. But the originator was Buff, And we must get the lowdown the real lowdown on the begining of the M, from YA to pinta. If we are to beleive Mundo Mendoza there were many a carnal before jm and after that need mention to truely understand the shit.

Anonymous said...

Rudy "Cheyenne" Cadena was another, later killed at Palm Hall Chino Prison by Nuestra Familia members for trying to make peace in his effort to build a "super gang".. I hope to get the real chisme in Mexican Mafia w/700+ pages by Tony Raphael due in stores 6/07..

Joe Morgan had to be the most notorious though as he'd earlier played ball for the Cincinatti Reds and also the other EME ballplayer Mr.Alfred "sammy" Sosa..

I hope I was able to put some light on this question..GJ

Anonymous said...

A few websites with history of EME, even the FBI has pubished report.

Mad Mexican

Anonymous said...


I believe Wikipedia allows any visitor to contribute his or her own information on any number of subjects. Also, I'm all for omitting all the asinine brain droppings. Best regards...

StillNoScript said...

Wally, at Wikipedia somebody flat out ripped off your blog on Maravilla and their 'tax free' status. I noticed this months ago, tried to delete it (they posted it again), put in the 'discussion' section that it was ripped off from here, and even posted a link to this blog at the bottom of the display page. Probably gone now, too. That Wikipedia is like a bathroom wall anymore. They've at least required memberships to start new pages and to add to important ones like Presidents and what not, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of it? I don't think America was Wiki-ready.

StillNoScript said...

I have to admit, I'm partly to blame for the George W. Bush page at Wiki being locked. I at least thought the picture of him drunk at a wedding in the '70s was informative. Don't know what the fuss was about...

Anonymous said...

Brown Kingdom has some interesting info on old LA gangs. The moderator also offers vatos from said gangs the opportunity to clarify any misinformation. pretty good stuff. But as can be expected , the net bangers are on there as well. The difference between the net bangers there and the ones we had here was that the ones on that site said who they were and their varrios. They also seemed younger. Anywho, on that note I'd like to say that I never posted after this site ceased to give anonymity. And as expected Don Q kept thinking everyone was me. I found it pathetic. okay back to my point...on the other blog...alot of vatos were disrespecting PRIMERA FLATS (Cadena's gang) for letting east coast crips take over their hood. VNE also caught alot of the same flak. My question is, "is there a migration of blacks into the heart of east la ?" most of the gangs you hear about tartgeting blacks aren't deep in east los...i think.

Anonymous said...

not sure if this one has been discussed on the blog:

mexican mafia crackdown in san bernardino

StillNoScript said...

Black gangs like East Coast Crips expanding and setting up shop on traditional barrio turf, like Primera Flats and VNE? Sounds like that racial cleansing is going real well, N.

Anonymous said...

SNS, I was asking if it was true because it what the lil vatos from los are telling each other on a different blog...don't run with it like it was fact...i'm trying to get info, not spread misinformation

also, thats how the netbanging starts

Gava Joe said...

Always with the snide hey Script? You cuss the former net-bangers for being "over the top" with their street-wise rhetoric, but since the "unlock" it's been you who've done all the baiting like you're itching for a fight..Dylan (Bob) said "the line it is drawn, the curse it is cast, the first one now will later be last and the time's they-are-a-changin'" His lines to me describe the revolving door this world has become. Gentrification, surging diversity, ethno-blending and divisions. The New Crusades and Muhajadeen with nukes. How minor is your petty sniping? Real fuckin petty. Who cares what color moves from what neighborhood? Voila! What was once a barrio is now a ghetto. Elvis pined over it, but he died on the shitter..Young fellas like you need to lock-step with the rest of the drones and scuffle for that "high ground" instead of wallowing in the muck.Leave the muck to we that wear the boots, and take that Suburu off cruise control..GJ

Anonymous said...

Good to see the comments section back up. I know there's a lot of crap posted but there's also been some very good reads on here.

My computer was down for 4 weeks so I need to catch up on the postings. Just got back from the Salinas Valley and got to see all the XIV and XIII graffiti, crossing outs etc.

Anonymous said...

Orale, this question is directed to anyone up there in the Los area. I was watching Training day otra ves the other night and was wondering, is that Varrio Hillside 13 an established Varrio in Los, or just a Hollywood take? I chopped it up with this dude from Diesyocho I work construction with, but the vato doesn't know. Anyone with info that would be appreciated. Orale Gava Joe, old you to watch my Chargers put it down all the way to the Superbowl town! Tallboy Modelos all around on me. Alratoy con Respeto,


N:. said...


Ditto to the comments of the prior anonymous. Some critical thinking goes a long way in evaluating not only the veracity but also the accuracy of any particular source. In as far as your previous question on the last post, I do not know the names of any specific neighborhoods that are Surreno in Sacramento. The SF Chronicle article speaks for itself in terms of its citations regarding the gang injunction against the Broderick Boys. The link that I posted did not appear to hyperlink in the same manner as did prior posts using Haloscan. If you wish to read the entire article, go to and search for gang injunction in the search field. The first article in the results is the article that I attempted to link to.

George said...

IM from Kern County! Bakersfield. We have a lot of history here and the sad thing that it has to do a lot with prison gangs from George L. Jackson to Gonzalo "Chalo" Hernandez,Rudy "CHY" Cadena and Richard "Richie" Ruiz. I have heard people over and over and even from "Mundo" That Chy and Chalo were cousin. They are not! The family still live here in town. I have told experts this and they dont want to listen! So I will put it out there to you people. I just have two question and I hope that someone can help me with. Chalo! I hear that he is still alive, and if he is? Why has no one try to contact him and get his side of things. Richie Ruiz! Where is he and what has happen to him. I see the pictures of him in "Mundo" CD.

Anonymous said...

funny stuff there!

StillNoScript said...

Black gangs like East Coast Crips expanding and setting up shop on traditional barrio turf, like Primera Flats and VNE? Sounds like that racial cleansing is going real well, N.

11:11 AM

StillNoScript said...

Gava Joe, save it. N has spent the better part of the last year on his soap box screaming to us about how Surenos are taking over the world, one Black at a time. (Because we know the world is ran by Blacks...)

Somebody (not me), posts a rumor here that a Crip gang is moving more toward East Los Angeles, I make a quip referencing it merely to question N's theory about racial cleansing, and now I'm all of a sudden the big instigator at InTheHat.

Uhmm....what's the word I'm looking for?

Oh yeh; Bullshit.

Analyze that with a Dylan verse.

StillNoScript said...

N, I read the article. What I was referring to was you saying in the previous comments section that Nortenos were taking over Northern California, and therefore that Blacks should watch out (Gava Joe, our sanctimonious net banging cop, obviously missed that...). There's nothing in that article that supports your theory that Surenos are 'taking over'. It sais that Surenos are merely in West Sac.

Anonymous said...

COURT TV had a show called "INSIDE : prison gang" Seemed like a good Documentry it was mostly about La Eme. Keep a look out for it.

Anonymous said...

Wally, I know where some of this mis-information comes from, (30,000)it is due to the fact that many street gangs are claiming "13". Some of these yeawoos think that since they are "13" then they most be eMe members. I interviewed an inmate in Texas prison who was a writ-writer for several "Mexikanemi" (eMe)members who said that a conservative estimate on their membership in Texas was 38,000. This was back in 1999. The point to make here is that NO ONE knows the exact count on the membership of eMe. I have saw numerous pages written by inmates that showed many members of the eMe on their "hit list", even so, they only numbered in the low hundreds. The reason I brought out the story of the Texas eMe is that two of the top players were originally in the eMe in Califas. As to whether or not "Chalo" was "Chy's" cousin or not, as far as I am concerned one of the foremost Prison Investigators from San Quentin interviewed "Chy" after his arrest (1972) in Bakersfield parked in front of "Chalo's" house and had a gun in the car, reportedly told the investigator that his (Chy) intentions was to kill "Chalo" for having testified on an eMe member who attacked a Nuestra Family member in prison. He reportedly told the investigator that since "Chalo" was his cousin, he felt obligated to kill him. mv

Norwalquero said...

Jose 619,

'Hillside X3' (as depicted in 'Training Day') is a fictional varrio...just like '21st Street' (as a conglomerate of Chicano and Black gangsters) was in the movie 'Colors'.

That whole 'Hillside X3' scene in Training Day looked, to me, like it may have been filmed up in Diamond Street territory, or somewhere else in Echo Parque. But I could be completely wrong about that one.



Anonymous said...

A recipe for ignoring netbangers,

1. When coming upon a nb post
first thing to do is smile.
2. Move on, move on.
3.Do not anwser.
4. Finally, Move on, move on.

It really works, sure as shit.

On the M thing, is there anyone out there who is one of us{wallymen}who has real first hand info on the vatos mention?

Anonymous said...

Adam Tanner
49 minutes ago

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A major California prison riot involving 800 inmates started when a black and a Hispanic prisoner began fighting, prompting other prisoners to join divided along racial lines, an official said on Sunday.


More than 50 people were treated for injuries suffered in the Saturday riot at the California Institution for Men in Chino east of Los Angeles. Guards battled for four hours to quell the fighting, which began at 9:24 a.m. on Saturday, said Oscar Hidalgo, a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

"They used everything from tear gas, batons, they used wooden and foam projectiles," he said of the guards. "There were so many inmates involved at one time that they had to pull back and regroup."

It was one of the state's largest such uprisings in years.

"We believe initially two individuals were fighting in the yard which were a black and a Hispanic inmate," said Mark Hargrove, a spokesman for the Chino prison. "Everyone kind of drew their racial lines and began fighting between the races."

Inmates in California's prisons often join racially based gangs and shun interaction with those from other races.

Officials brought in reinforcements from other prisons and local police, both to regain control of the prison and assure that no one escaped from the area, which covers 2,500 acres , during the fighting.

One inmate suffered stab wounds and was in serious condition while 27 other inmates were taken to area hospitals for medical treatment, Hidalgo said. Another 24 were treated for minor injuries at the prison and one guard suffered heat exhaustion.

The Chino prison, which first opened in 1941, is divided into four facilities with minimum to medium security with 200 inmates living in each dormitory area. About 95 percent of the inmates are parole violators who have been returned to custody, spokesman Hargrove said.

The prison was under lock-down on Sunday and officials were inspecting the damage, included broken glass in all of the windows in the five units where fighting took place, or about 200 total windows, Hargrove said.

"We're looking at transferring approximately 36 inmates because of unacceptable housing situations," Hidalgo said. "It is one of the largest altercations we've had, no doubt."

The Chino prison offers a number of educational programs seeking to rehabilitate inmates, and just a few weeks ago the facility invited journalists to view their program to train deep-sea divers.

Anonymous said...

q vo how strong is azusa in the prison system . i know they have to be pulling their weight in thei because majority of the vatos are locked up, grewing up in azusa i heard that their was already some shot callers.vatos who came out of the prison system would tell me that azusa had alot of repect. let me know if this is true at this time