Friday, January 19, 2007

In reference to comments regarding eating cheese and walking that shadow line in the middle of the boulevard, the fact is I catch it from both sides. Two quick examples. I had a Detective 2 tell me I was figuratively performing an act on a guy from the other side of the street. Too friendly with the opposition, according to him. Then a week later, the older brother of a guy I was talking to pretty much accused me of the same thing. Happens all the time. Occupational hazard. I've learned not to jump to conclusions until all the facts are in. Those who know, do know. Those who don't, will guess. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Eating cheese defenition from the Urban Dictionary

Mr Disgusted

StillNoScript said...

Wally, I liked Nicolas Cage's line in Lord of War better, and I thought that's where you were heading....

"Those who know, don't care. And those who care, don't know."

Even more eerie considering the character was referring to the collapsed Soviet Union.

Contender said...

No one says anything about it but here is some info pulled from the LAPD site. I posted their was a crip gang in the vicinity of 204 boundaries but we are yet to hear any politicians, media, anyone point this out. Here's the link

This is just a small portion of it. Gang war or ethnic cleansing? You decide...

Gateway Neighborhood Recovery Project
In recent years, the area known as the Harbor Gateway in the City of Los Angeles has experienced an increase in racial and violent crimes related to gang rivalry. In February 1996, the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD’s) Harbor Area began a Community Policing project targeting a portion of the Harbor Gateway. The Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment (SARA) problem-solving model was used by officers and community members to identify and solve the problem. The project’s goal was to improve the quality of life in the community. In order to achieve this goal, the following objectives needed to be met: remove the blight from the neighborhood, reduce the fear and incidence of crime, especially gang-related crimes and obtain community involvement. Community involvement was essential in maintaining the project.

The targeted project area encompassed a nine-square-block area. The identified rival gangs were the 204th Street Gang (a Hispanic gang) and the 208th Street Gang (an African-American Crip gang). The violent crimes consisted of assaults, drive-by shootings, and homicides. Other crimes included attempted arson, burglaries, grand theft auto, vandalism, and use and sales of narcotics. The offenders were identified as males ranging from ages 6 to 20 years old.

Due to the criminal activity, residents avoided walking in their neighborhood, even during daylight hours. At night, street lights were inoperable and gang members were out in force. Abandoned homes in the area were targets for repeated arson and vandalism. After gang members had taken over several properties, the neighborhood residents became reclusive. Trees and shrubbery were overgrown, graffiti was prominent, and the streets were dirty and cluttered with abandoned furniture, tires, and trash. Residents were afraid to report crime to the police for fear of retribution. African-American residents were threatened by the Hispanic gangs and told not to frequent certain business establishments. The area’s gangs had marked the streets with their gang affiliations. Gunshots were heard almost nightly. There were no neighborhood watch groups in place, and many residents expressed fear of attending meetings due to the possibility of gang retaliation.

don quixote said...

Orale Wally your game plan is genious,and will insure that your upcomming book will sell millions and go into dozens of printings by a major publisher. Don't waver or be tempted by the promise of celebrity and fame, even after the movie deals are negotiated.
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And finally "Mexican Mafia, The Search for New Galaxy's", directed by Steven Spielberg.
Always keep em guessing, which side is he on? Where could he possibly glean such pertinent and inside info about one of the most secret and powerful organized crime groups? Is he a cop that's high up in the RICO war on crime and privy to the most secret info coming down from on high?
Is he the secret bastard brother of one of the original "Mero Mero's"?
Secrecy and intrigue is the ultimate Hollywood "High Concept" and a sure fire mega bucks marketing ploy that never fails.
Remember the speculation about "Mario Puzo" and his connections to the mob? It helped sell millions of "Godfather" books and led to three major movie productions!
Who was JD Salinger, writer of "Catcher in the Rye" he never said shit to anyone about himself and he still collects millions on book royalties!
Did Shakespeare really write the greatest works of all time or was some dude named Bacon the author?

See what I'm getting at Wally?
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Wally said...

You forgot Jimmy Smits as Darth Cuete in that Spielberg production. Keep 'em coming. You have me laughing. All the best.

Anonymous said...

To Contender and all Basura Pelones,

The link you povided tells me that way back in 1997 the LAPD was telling what a good job was done cleaning up the Harbor Gateway Area. Well the results did not last because now this same area is again the target of multi-agency response. If you read the artice you see they metion the now defunct infamous "CRASH" gang unit.

What I thought was interesting is
"The offenders were identified as males ranging from ages 6 to 20 years old." I did not know gangsters start as early as six years old.

Why does everybody make this a racial issue, there are a hell of lot more latinos terrorized by young latino street gangs than by other races. Just look at areas like East La., Central L.A., Echo Park, Huntinton Park and Cudahay.

We are burglarizing, robbing, shooting and killing ourseleves. My tios and tias in LA. are being harrased and intimidated by young latino low life pelones.

I have family who can not walk outside because of 18th st,
White Fence, Maravilla, Avenues, SV-13 and other fuckin gangs and we are Mexican.

I wish all my famila had enough money to get the fuck out L.A, these pelones are nothing but Basura, Basura, Basura.

Ya me canse de estos pendejos pelones que los maten a todos!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It has benn months since I have wrote. Really good to see some of the regulars posting. TJ? I have intro'ed myself in the past as a retired one third timer with CDC..."X". Wally, your doing good work. Please keep doing what your doing. It works well to block the internet-wanna-be-thugs. Your topics are back to the issues, again. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

seen that movie "walk out" and thought it was firme . I realized LA had alot of cultura that was quite beautiful. I thought about the collective power of all those young inspired chicanos. Then I had to think about the EME and their desire to use movements like that as a front for their organized crime.

Recently, we had some very large marches throughout the southwest end especially in LA. I was very proud of La Raza for how well they carried themselves. When mexican flags were getting them bad publicty, they showed their love for america with american flags the next day. How well they adapted to the media was awesome. It was all peaceful too.

Does anyone think EME had a hand in telling gangmembers to stay away? or did they participate and have a one day truce? Or is M plotting on how to manipulate all those well intentioned people?