Saturday, January 20, 2007

In answer to a comment, I'm assuming it's going to make national news because I already fielded several emails from the heartland as well as NYC media. The BBC and Swedish Broadcasting has contacted me as well. I can only surmise those people are interested as well and that means International news. That's all I know.


StillNoScript said...

Now the whole world's in the hat.

Well, with leaders like Iran's Prime Minister, Bin Ladin, Halliburton, what have you, we were all pretty much in the hat anyway.

Anonymous said...

And the Mexican street gangs just continue to run wild in the streets of Los Angeles. I wonder who the Mexicans will blame this on? And the Mexicans criticize the Blacks, it is time you look at yourselves. Everyday when I watch or read the news, it just never fails; it is Mexicans who are involved in most of the crime reports. I guess those damn news reporters are to blame for that.

I think a big nuclear bomb, just like the one we dropped in Nagasaki is they only way to clean up the shit hole which is now Los Angeles. (City of gangs)

Lord bless the LAPD officers so they can be safe from these useless street thugs who they face everyday. I think the LAPD officers should all go on strike for two weeks so they will be appreciated and supported for risking their lives everyday on the job in the streets of L.A.

Supporting the Brave Men/Women in Blue

Anonymous said...

mexicans are a majority thats why you see them alot on the news!

sbg said...

Yeah, those LAPDs are just a bunch of heros. Of course they refer to themselves as "warriors" (, which clearly indicates their sincerity when the claim to be on the side of the community and to be "regular" people. I guess the super-human part comes when their special spidey sense kicks in and they do what they "know" is right instead of what's allowed by the law (rampart, oakland riders, etc). Just like Dirty Harry - they're on the side of the taxpayers. Don't those darn gangsters know that they should just accept their lots in life and quietly starve to death rather than rebelling against all the people who were chosen by god to live happy lives? This is America you know - the home of the American dream. That means anybody who's not lazy can be a multi-billionaire and sleep soundly at night with a clear conscience - these gangster people are just not trying hard enough.

don quixote said...

Valganse Dios! I never realized the Mexicans were so evil, they are the cause for all the grief and sorrow the world. This last poster ^^^ has a Mexican Phobia that screams for professional help!
Shit the A Bomb on us and the world press interested!
Archie Bunker/White Knight take a chill pill a lock up your white women quick!
I sympathize with your plight and am dedicating the following story to you so you will know some Mexicans feel your pain.

"A little 6 year old Chicano is in his kitchen observing his Mother making tortillas, on a whim he sticks his hands in the flour and wipes the white substance all over his little face. He then pulls his Mom's apron and says to her "look mom I'm a white man! Mom in anger gives him a slap in the face and says "go see your father!"
The Chicanito goes to his father and says "look Dad I'm a white man"
The old man gives him slap accross the face and tells him "go see your abuelita!"
Obediently the little dude goes to his grandma and says "look grandma I'm a white man"
The old lady yells "malcriado and slaps him across his face, go see your mother!"
Poor punch drunk kid goes to his mom who says "well, what lesson did you learn from this?"
Chicanito replies quickly,
"shit I only been a white man 5 minutes and I hate you Mexicans already!"
My condolences,

StillNoScript said...

Personal accountability no doubt plays a role in this, if not the biggest role. But we have to look at that personal accountability from top to bottom. If we just crack down on the bottom, a major part of what creates gang violence, which I feel is poverty and the street drug market, still goes unfixed, unless we are willing to look into some type of job creation or training, and be just as aggressive going after the people who pump the drugs into this country, no matter how many scandals surface involving LE, Military, Political or legitimate business people (All such scandals have surfaced before).

This is just all good p.r. Little more. I don't see the real causes of gang violence being addressed, INCLUDING personal accountability when I'm certain no parents will be arrested in this crack down. Shit, they'll probably haul in and question more online observers and students like those of us who are regulars at InTheHat than they will the parents of the kids who are doing the shooting.

Identifying the name, placaso, hand sign, etc. of a gang does not address the problem. Graffiti, hand signs, and young men hanging out in groups will go on violence or no violence. Many of these gangs started off as car clubs and tagging crews, which is exactly what many of them would go back to being if the middle class made it's way to urban America and the drug market disappeared.

And, the person in the article posted above makes a good point about how the gangs will compete for the top ten list. Wally will now be like ESPN doing the college power rankings.

"Avenues got hit with raids and lost some numbers, so they're going to drop a slot this week with Toonerville moving up to number 3. Plus, Brady Quinn threw 3 interceptions last week, and Toonerville has a far better run defense than a pass defense.."

StillNoScript said...


Go Saints!

Anonymous said...

LAPD are crminals just the same,except theyre far worse because they do it while hiding behind a badge.

Anonymous said...

You are right stillsnoscript. As usual the "experts" spout the usual cliches about creating jobs, etc. etc., but it does not matter one iota if there were a million jobs flooding those areas. These kids could be making six figures and they'd still bang because it's generational and it's the cool and macho thing to do. It is all about personal accountability. Unless these kids and thugs want to change themselves and their cities, throwing money at them is not going to do squat. If they wanted jobs they could go out and find one. It is time society stopped coddling these gangsters and making excuses for them, about how they just need "love" and "understanding." They are all criminals and thugs and they chose their way of life.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in how people deal with these thugs. As it stands now the gangs and their shot callers from the penal system fear nothing. They truly rule the streets with impunity and the citizens and even police are powerless and afraid to confront them. The only way to fight fire is with fire. I am not saying to become vigilantes but the way these thugs are being coddled nothing will ever change.

Anonymous said...

To SBG and Don Quixote,

You two must be criminals to have such a hatred of the police. Your LAPD police phobia screams that you two need to be incarcerated again. In case you two have not noticed or do not even live in L.A., many of our men in blue are brown. See the stories below because you two estupidos do not realize there many Latinos on the force.
“Suspects fired at police officers on at least 23 occasions in 2006, compared to 16 times in 2005. Officers returned fire in less than half of those assaults in 2006. This shooting was the fifth officer-involved shooting in 14 days of the New Year.”
”The incident occurred around 8:30 PM, just a few minutes after a gang member shot another LAPD officer in Panorama City. Police Officer ERNEST IGNACIO, 40, and his partner had been driving on Sunset Boulevard when they noticed a man driving erratically near Mariposa Avenue. While the car was not apparently stolen, Officer Ignacio noticed the driver was holding a gun.

Officer IGNACIO is a 10-year veteran of LAPD. He and his partner are assigned to the Northeast Vice Unit.”
While Officer ORDONEZ was using his police radio, Robleto turned around, used both hands pushed Officer ORDONEZ down, and ran around the corner. Officer ORDONEZ got up and quickly caught up to the fleeing suspect, and took him to the ground.
On September 24, 2006, shortly after 3:00 p.m., Harbor Area Officers Dana Lovato and JESUS RUIZ responded to the radio call in the 1400 block of West Carson Street.
On September 23, 2006, around 2:45 p.m., Northeast Area Officers HUMBERTO TOVAR and LUIS REYES responded to a report, received from an off-duty LAPD detective

Reggie Bush - 88 yard gain.
Saints are coming on strong just like the men in blue!!!!

Brown in Blue

Anonymous said...

Wally may not be the only cheese eating, rata, snitch cop lover talking about Harbor Gateway.

The Blacks noticed they are getting shot at.

The Latinos do not know they are shooting blacks in Harbor Gateway.

Harbor gateway crime and School statistics. Harbor Gateway has one of Los Angeles counties worst crime rates. And of course the usual poor performing schools that follow.

Hey there are gangs in Harbor City.

Even those guys saving our state know about Harbor Gateway.

Can you believe even rich and politically smart white women know about Harbor Gateway.

Wow my buddy Danny was visiting Harbor Gateway on January 18, 2007. Hi Danny how is it going?

Senior Lead Officer DeLaTorre has left the LAPD department which serves Harbor Gateway,
He is going to Irvine where it is safe and they have nice new cars and don’t shoot cops.

Hey the 204st gangsters said they were “working” for new recreation center in Harbor Gateway. I am going to the other recreation center in Harbor Gateway until 204st gang finishes construction on the new recreation center..

My mama is even upset about Harbor Gateway, don’t upset my mama or else.

A few New York peeps know about Harbor Gateway.

Just in case you are the only one left who does not know where Harbor Gateway is.

The Next Harbor City Resident
(I'm Packing my bags)

Anonymous said...

Ooooppps I made a mistake some Latinos do know they are shooting blacks in Harbor City.

Durante el recorrido se observó a menores de edad jugando en los patios delanteros de sus casas, algunos hombres se acompañaban para tomar cerveza frente a los portones de sus viviendas y varias personas sacando basura y haciendo limpieza. Pero por ningún lado se vio a afro-americanos en las calles. La única que salió de su apartamento fue Cynthia, una señora que tiene 19 años viviendo en el área y compra en la tienda supuestamente vetada para los afro-americanos.
"Los pandilleros son muchachos jóvenes de unos 14 años de edad que han crecido en esta zona. Yo he visto como han ido creciendo estos niños, se meten a las pandillas y después se salen y tienen sus propios hijos. Yo los conozco, he visto varias generaciones de ellos", dijo Cynthia.

A quick translation; We only saw brown kids playing in the yard and a few brown men drinking cerveza. We saw no blacks on the streets. We talked to 19 year resident Cythia. She has seen these neighborhood kids grow up to be gangsters and then have their own gangster kids.

Maybe I’m moving to Harbor Gateway
(Mama don’t let your kids grow up to be cowboys or gangsters)

Anonymous said...

Race and crime...the two are mentioned together way too often, but that's the way it is. That's how it is reported. That's how it is viewed. Politics can seperate the two, but not likley with Hillery and Obama...a (real) white lady and a black man with a muslim sounding name...Middle America is ready for either of the two politicians...but what's that have to do with the urban mess...our melting pot? A city and state level fix...from kids camp to SHU.
Brown in in blue...whatever your flavor is, be the example you should be....I know that is pompus of me. The color I know is green...mixed with my red blood. It's all the same color. Get over it.


Anonymous said...

Shit who let the cops in, haha. Tomorrow night I think around 8pm on CNN they are doing on report on "Gang Violence and Racial Hatred" from the gang capitol Los Angeles....... or some shit like that. Check your local listings, I think it's Anderson Cooper doing the report and he's normally pretty good.


StillNoScript said...

Anonymous said...

"You are right stillsnoscript. As usual the "experts" spout the usual cliches about creating jobs, etc. etc., but it does not matter one iota if there were a million jobs flooding those areas. These kids could be making six figures and they'd still bang because it's generational and it's the cool and macho thing to do. It is all about personal accountability. Unless these kids and thugs want to change themselves and their cities, throwing money at them is not going to do squat. If they wanted jobs they could go out and find one. It is time society stopped coddling these gangsters and making excuses for them, about how they just need "love" and "understanding." They are all criminals and thugs and they chose their way of life.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in how people deal with these thugs. As it stands now the gangs and their shot callers from the penal system fear nothing. They truly rule the streets with impunity and the citizens and even police are powerless and afraid to confront them. The only way to fight fire is with fire. I am not saying to become vigilantes but the way these thugs are being coddled nothing will ever change."

2:33 PM

I'm 'right?

Are you sure?

I don't think you read a word of my comment beyond the sentence; "personal accountability no doubt plays a role in this".

And, talk about 'cliches', what about these doozies?

-"The only way to fight fire is with fire."

-"They truly rule the streets with impunity and the citizens and even police are powerless"

-"They are all criminals and thugs and they chose their way of life."

(note- you claim 'ALL')

-It is time society stopped coddling these gangsters and making excuses for them, about how they just need "love" and 'understanding'."

(just what percentage of society would you guess feels this way about gangs? 12? 15, tops? )

-"It is all about personal accountability."

(again, with the 'all'.)

And, finally, this one, which really isn't even a cliche, it's more of an absurd falsehood:

-"but it does not matter one iota if there were a million jobs flooding those areas. These kids could be making six figures and they'd still bang because it's generational".

Okay, at least your other cliches had a grain of truth. But, shit, a 'million' jobs, with the majority of inner city kids making 6 figures in the legitimate world? "Avenues" new uniforms would be suits and they'd be a team on "The Apprentice". Their days of slanging rocks off of Figueroa, taking orders from a prison gang and sniping at innocent Blacks from a roof top would be over.

So, it's interesting you'd make a sweeping indictment of the so called 'hug a thug' crowd by condemning their 'cliches', armed with nothing more than a hail of your own cliches, with little substance to back any of them up. Your mantra is no less extreme than that of the person who believes that sticking flowers in gang members' guns will make them cease, it's just on the other end of the spectrum.

And, for the record, what I said was that personal accountability is a major part of what's causing gang violence, but what you overlooked is where I said that personal accountability from the inner city to the top brass of Law Enforcement, the govt. altogether, and the business world factor into this problem, too. Maybe you did catch this because the rest of your post beyond your agreement with me is pretty much a response to my indictment of the higher ups in our world. Nonetheless, I happened to read your whole post, and went ahead and responded rather you knew you were directing your points at me or you thought there might have been someone else in here with a reputation for at least partly blaming 'the man' for our gang problem...

don quixote said...

Poor "archie bunker,white is rice,brown in blue,etc; etc;.
poor cat is getting delusional when he makes unfounded statements that "don quixote must be a criminal to have such a hatred for the police" Huhh!!
Poor guy sounds like a cop groupie, probably hangs around the station voluntering to clean the toilets or something weird like that.
Maybe a 40 year old wannabe reserve explorer scout cop out in the desert of Yermo Ca.
Hey man quit misquoting me and trying to put words in my mouth you obviously got enough problems to deal with.
"The Mexicans are coming, the Mexicans are coming! Hide the women and lock up the single wide there gonna take over the heartland like they took over California and Texas and Arizona!!"

Poor vato, wait till he reads the paper, (if he can read) and finds out a Mexican AMerican is gonna run for President and may have a good shot at it(Gov Bill Richardson NM, born in So Cal and raised in Mexico City)
"Hells Bells ya'll it's time to drop the big one!!
Hey Archie Bunker, check under your bed there could be a Mexican under there.

StillNoScript said...

Don Q, I do hide the women when the Mexicans are coming...but only because my women usually leave with them.

And, god, as much as I like Bill Richardson, I see a perfect storm of Black and Latino conflict when he and Obama are clawing it out in the primaries.

Jesus Christ, those Republicans already found a way to split Black and Brown Democrats and the fucking campaign season hasn't even started yet. They're good. Oh, they're goooooood.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that Gov. Richardson was Native American.Whatever his race he is the best candidate so far.

Anonymous said...

Don Q said...

Valganse Dios! I never realized the Mexicans were so evil, they are the cause for all the grief and sorrow the world. This last poster ^^^ has a Mexican Phobia that screams for professional help!

Don Q

You have to realize that this is just in response to all the anti-whiteboy comments that you and others make here.There are White people here too, that are going to respond when you touch a nerve.You do the same so don't get your panties all twisted.

White Is Right said...

White Bread said...

You should study your history; many neighborhoods in Los Angeles were pre-dominantly white in recent history 1950-1970. And when those neighborhoods were pre-dominantly white those neighborhoods were not the gang-infested ghettos they are today. Believe it or not much of Los Angeles was a nice middle class neighborhood before the whites had to leave due to the growing violence caused by so many Mexicans moving in. So you can call me a racist if you want but that is a fact not a myth like what you posted. I have to pay higher taxes for crimes committed by illegal Mexicans, visit to county hospitals by illegal Mexicans, school attended by illegal Mexicans. And yes I am angry, that we all have all to pay consequences for the actions of so many wild Mexican gangs in California.

Well put , White Bread.
I , for one agree.

Anonymous said...

The biggest gangs in New York:

wallista tribune said...

politicians promise one of the toughest crackdowns against gangs in city history.
"This is the monster, this is what drives people's fears," said Deputy Chief Charles Beck, who oversees a South Los Angeles district where gang-related crime jumped 24 percent during the year ending in November.
However, the effort has met skepticism in the city that has an estimated 700 gangs with 40,000 members - about four for every police officer.
"It's too big, it's too entrenched, it's too intimately connected with the urban setup here," Malcolm Klein, a gang expert at the University of Southern California, said of the gang problem. "You can reduce it. But the idea you can somehow eliminate it is ridiculous."
FBI Director Robert Mueller has assigned agents to an anti-gang task force in the San Fernando Valley to work alongside police deputized as federal officers.
The officers will be armed with injunctions forbidding gang members from assembling in certain areas, lawsuits aimed at shutting down gang hangouts as nuisances and probation orders barring gang members from returning to their neighborhoods after their release from prison.
In some ways, the approach mirrors a multi-agency Boston campaign in the 1990s, known as the Boston Miracle, that resulted in a dramatic decline in gun violence and murder rates.
"We've seen this movie before," said Mario Corona, a former member of the Pacoima Criminals gang in the San Fernando Valley who now works to rehabilitate gang members.
Esteban Martinez, 41, hears gunshots at night in the San Fernando Valley, where he lives with his wife and four small children.
"Everybody is afraid, but they don't speak (to police) because they are afraid to get into trouble with the gang members," Martinez said. "I'm worried about my family."
Two weeks ago, an officer searching a house in the area for wanted gang members was wounded in the leg when a gang-banger fired through a closed bedroom door.
Alex Sanchez, a former MS-13 member who now runs a gang intervention program, said police moves to identify the worst gangs could instead lead to more crime.
"It's feeding the egos of gang members," Sanchez said. "They're all going to want to be on the top 10."
"Until we get those gangsters into real jobs, we are going to have a lethal ongoing problem, pure and simple," said Jorja Leap, a social welfare professor and gang expert at the University of California, Los Angeles, who advises the mayor. "It will never change."

don quixote said...

Again, White whatever you are, look through my posts and you will see I have never made any anti white people comments that were rascist,I never made anti police statements that were unfounded, (not like your ignorant anti Mexican rascist statements)you continue to demonstate your rascism and Mexican Phobia through you narrow minded and ignorant agenda of misquotes and outright falsehoods.
I personally think you are very funny except for your reactionary propensity for taking someones statements out of context, and then in a shrill Rush Limbaugh like howl repeating these falsehoods to other pinheads who are starving for more rascist diatribe that feeds and satisfies there narrow minded and twisted souls.
By the way I am a native of LA and I know my history very well and the reason the Anglo residents moved out to the suburban areas wasn't due to "Mexicans moving in" but is a natural consequence of following the jobs and a desire for newer and more "upscale homes".
Hey white as rice, you check your history and you may discover that this is a national phenomenon with a long long history that occurs in such diverse areas as Dallas and Houston TX, Atlanta Ga., Chicago, Boston, Denver, or wherever people can afford to move out of the city and into suburbia, Mexicans or no Mexicans. (Hey even Mexicans are moving out to the burbs!)
Newest trend is for upscale Anglos to move back into the heart of the city's and gentrifing urban areas, and in the process uprooting many Mexicans!
What a rascist plot!

Anonymous said...

To Don Q aka (Cop Hater, Old Cholo)

Watch out there is a Mexican under your bed his name is Alberto Gonzalez.

He is usually in Washington DC and he is coming to open your mail, listen to your phone calls and put your crack head in jail. He knows about that kid porn you've been buying.

See Don Q I can also make stupid childish comments just like you.

Don't get mad when I state facts like;

You should study your history; many neighborhoods in Los Angeles were pre-dominantly white in recent history 1950-1970. And when those neighborhoods were pre-dominantly white those neighborhoods were not the gang-infested ghettos they are today. Believe it or not much of Los Angeles was a nice middle class neighborhood before the whites had to leave due to the growing violence caused by so many Mexicans moving in. So you can call me a racist if you want but that is a fact not a myth like what you posted. I have to pay higher taxes for crimes committed by illegal Mexicans, visit to county hospitals by illegal Mexicans, school attended by illegal Mexicans. And yes I am angry, that we all have all to pay consequences for the actions of so many wild Mexican gangs in California

White Bread

Anonymous said...

To those white people that can't stop crying. Please name those neighborhoods in the 50s that were predominantly white and the scary Mexicans made you cowards leave. Name them, don't just make a statement and try to pass them off as fact. The truth is that the blacks were the people that made you white boys run and hide. Remember the city Compton, the city I live in by the way, it used to be all white. That is until the blacks scared those white people and like a bitch they fled. Same thing in cities like Inglewood, Hawthorne, and to add it to a national level Brooklyn .LOL. Blacks can't help it when white boys leave their cities with out fighting for them. It was the blacks that scared white boys away first so don't try to change history.

I do agree however that us Mexicans are making you run like the cowards that you guys are from your neighborhoods nowadays. But what have you done about it? Cry over the internet? That isn’t going to change shit. The best white boys came up with was the minutemen, and needless to say they didn't do shit but draw attention to themselves.

What is it with white people making up history just to benefit their argument. Like that fairytale they told themselves about immigrants of the past. That those immigrants really tried to assimilate and learn English, bullshit. They, the Italians and Irish, were just as disliked as the Mexicans are today. They had their own communities were only their native language spoken and written in stores. It took generations for them to became assimilated and they changed American culture along the way. How many people you think were eating pizza and getting drunk during St. Patrick’s day before they came? Sure they were legal but they where very disliked. That is why white people isn’t fooling no Mexican when they say that the only reason they bitch about us is because we are illegal. You damn well know legal or not Mexicans would not be welcomed into America by you white boys.

Anonymous said...

An Anonymous Mexican said...
"I do agree however that us Mexicans are making you run like the cowards that you guys are from your neighborhoods nowadays. But what have you done about it?"

What is it with Mexicans always wanting to use guns and violence to resolve an argument? Oh wait that is what the last few post were about, the Mexican gangs shooting each other and sometimes innocent little 9 year old girls. I am beginning to see how brave the Mexican gangs really they kill innocent kids and then claim self defense because the low lifes can not face the consequences.
Please do not blame me for stating the obvious that Los Angeles IS the gang capital of the USA and most of the residents are of Mexican descent legal and illegal.

And it is the Mexicans here crying about your gang problems being the "White Man's" fault because we do not give you jobs, money and blah, blah, blah....

So it is the brown Al Sharptons here who are doing the crying I am NOT to blame for you NOT educating your children and the idiots getting into gangs. I am sure there are more Mexicans victimizing other Mexicans so go right ahead.

White Bread

Wallista Tribune said...

Opinion: Op-Ed
Gregory Rodriguez:
Harbor Gateway's commuter gangs
Most of the Latino gang members don't even live on their 'turf,' but instead visit to hang onto their glory days.
DON'T BE fooled by its name: The 204th Street gang, two of whose members have been arrested in connection with last month's racially motivated slaying of 14-year-old Cheryl Green, is what you could call a commuter gang.

Of its 100 documented members, only about 20 live in the 12-block sliver of the Harbor Gateway district they claim as their own. Neither of the two men who agreed to speak for the gang — 32-year-old Jonathan O'Gorman (yes, his father is Irish) and 22-year-old Noe Torres (no, his father isn't) — live in the neighborhood. On Wednesday, the two men arrived on their "turf" in a work truck with the name of a large air-conditioning company painted on it.
What, you ask, are two grown men who have decent jobs and don't live in the area doing gangbanging? "It's kind of weird, huh?" Torres said. But minutes later, in response to similar questions, O'Gorman grabbed my notebook out of my hand and walked away. "Just because you move out doesn't mean you have to move on," he said, after cooling down and handing back my notes.

For several days last week I skulked around the working-class neighborhood, talking to as many people as I could. What I found is that most residents — of any background — try to keep their heads down, go about their business and get along with their neighbors.

During the day, you'll find mothers pushing strollers and children playing in frontyards. You'll see men fixing or cleaning their cars. Many, like 54-year-old Fausto Lopez, a maintenance man who's only been in this country a year, will tell you they have little idea of what's going on. "It's about the gangs," he said in Spanish.

Even some victims of 204th Street's intimidation told me that they get along with most of their Mexican neighbors. Rochaun Keyes, who has lived on 206th Street for three years and has had her house tagged with the words "nigger killer," makes a distinction between gang members and the rest of her Latino neighbors. She's hoping the police can take care of the problem because, unlike her black neighbor who fled the area out of fear of her safety, she doesn't intend to leave.

The same goes for Melinda Sims, who moved in next to her sister six weeks ago. Sims' front window and her side wall were spray-painted with the words "NK All Day." Her beef, she says, is not with all Mexicans but only the gangbangers who are tagging her house.

The 204th Street gang emerged in the early 1990s when a group of members split from the Tortilla Flats gang, whose boundaries lie in unincorporated county territory to the east. In addition to targeting blacks, 204th's members are still active rivals of T-Flats and Eastside Torrance, another predominantly Latino gang that operates several blocks to the south.

It's hard to overestimate how narrow and parochial gang identities can be. In the wake of incidents such as the Green slaying, we talk collectively about relations between large population groups — Latinos and blacks — or about the racial tensions among neighbors. But, at its core, what we seem to be dealing with is a pathological need on the part of hateful young men (and the women who love them) to define themselves by their enemies.

The LAPD calls 204th Street an "emotional gang." Unlike many bigger gangs, 204th's members are not driven by greed; drug dealing — methamphetamine and marijuana — is relatively minor, and the overall crime rate in the neighborhood is actually not that high. Officer Daniel Robbins, the Harbor Division gang cop who works the area, says that particularly for older members who grew up here and return on weekends to party, the gang is about clinging to "glory days." "This is like a high school football player returning to the stadium on Friday night under the lights," he said. And the alumni don't like what new residents have done to the playing field.

The neighborhood's infusion of blacks, a few of whom are members of gangs in other areas, has effectively cut into 204th's territory. But it's the much larger influx of recent immigrants from Mexico that has really changed the face of the neighborhood. Although they still claim 12 square blocks, 204th members generally don't parade openly south of 206th Street anymore, and they limit their visits to nighttime tagging raids.

Although it's easy for 204th members to identify rival Latino gangbangers — whom they may know from school or juvenile detention — they don't know who the black gangsters are. So their fear and hatred becomes generalized to all blacks, and their street warfare shifts from targeted hits on individuals from rival gangs to indiscriminate acts of violence against members of an entire racial group.

archie bunker said...

One of the springs on my lazy boy shot up my patty like a pistol shot as I sat watching Sabado Gigante on my TV causing me to kick my dog snowball and I'm blaming it on the spanish television. That show has alot of sexy girls practically naked prancing around and dancing it up, I don't understand what they say, but none of the english channels have this. I normally am tinkering in my garage Saturday nights but this show is apalling and degenerate!

Anonymous said...

Don Q. said…………
“By the way I am a native of LA and I know my history very well and the reason the Anglo residents moved out to the suburban areas wasn't due to "Mexicans moving in" but is a natural consequence of following the jobs and a desire for newer and more "upscale homes". “

Thank you for telling me why my relatives and I moved from Los Angeles.
Let me see if I have this correct. I did not want my old Victorian style house with the hardwood oak floors and wide baseboards around the edge of the floors. I also did not like the large detailed oak crown molding around the ceilings. I must not have liked the solid wood trim around the doors and windows either. Tell me Don Q. did I like the built-in shelves with the leaded glass doors in the living room, den and bedroom. I wonder if I really liked having a full basement with that extra storage space.

So I decided to move to the suburbs to my “upscale” house which looks just like every other house in the neighborhood. And tell me Don Q. do I like my new “upscale” house built on the concrete slab without the basement. And does the carpeting look better than the oak hardwood floors. And I do really like the small imitation wood molding around the doors and windows on my new “upscale” home is that right Don Q. Man I am glad you set me straight.

Don Q., can you tell again why I moved to Santa Clarita. It was because of all the jobs in Santa Clarita is that correct? Many commuters and I must be making a mistake driving to downtown Los Angeles to go to work. I see so many cars going from the suburbs towards downtown I wish you would come and direct the traffic because so many of us must be going to the wrong job..

White Bread - Commutes

marty with the short pants said...

Archie, what channel, day and time is this program Sabado Gigante on? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Much is being reported about a black NFL head coach leading a team in the Super Bowl. This ensures a FIRST for blacks: A black head coach WILL win a Super Bowl ..... finally.
Something is definitely wrong in Amerika when a Mexican-American (Tom Flores with the Raiders) wins a Super Bowl -- no, make it TWO Super Bowls -- before a black man!


Officials Concerned after Latest Officer Shooting in LA
KNX radio

LOS ANGELES, CA (AP) -- A police officer was shot Monday in an exchange of gunfire that left a suspect dead, authorities said.

The injured officer was taken to a local hospital following the shooting near MacArthur Park. He was in stable condition after suffering possibly two gunshot wounds to the upper body, said police Chief William Bratton. Authorities believe one bullet hit the officer's police vest and the other hit his right shoulder.

''He's awake, alert, awaiting the arrival of his wife,'' Bratton said at a news conference. ''The officer is in good spirits, stable condition.''
The officer was responding to an ''assault with a deadly weapon call'' at an apartment building when he and other officers were confronted by four black males. A shootout ensued and one of the suspects was killed.

The incident occurred at about 4:55 a.m.

''Too much of this kind of activity occurs in the city of Los Angeles and we need to do something about it,'' said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He said this type of assault was one reason why the city recently announced an unprecedented crackdown on gangs that includes appeals to the federal government for millions of dollars in anti-gang funds. Villaraigosa didn't say whether the suspects involved in the shooting were gang members.

Six officers have been shot at since the new year, and two have been hit, Bratton said.

''This year, this month, we've seen a significant increase,'' Bratton said. ''This is a concern.''

In the same period last year, one officer had been struck by gunfire, police said.

Anonymous said...

Is it not enough that two men with high character are coaching the teams in the Super Bowl? Apparently not for some. Since someone else has brought up the topic... why don't we take it a bit further. It is a shame that we don't have affirmative action in professional sports. We need to ensure that team has the requisite number of Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Orientals, etc. to match the societal cross-section of the city or region that they purportedly represent. Those of traditionally (over the last 40 to 50 years) disenfranchised races should demand reparations from existing players and sports teams for the racist manner in which these organizations are run. Where is Najee Ali when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Today's Reality, Tomorrow's Promise
City Needs to Respond to Downtown's Changing Industrial Landscape
by José Huizar L.A. Councilmember 1/22/2007
The City Planning Department's recent recommendations regarding the zoning of industrial land are of particular concern to the Downtown areas I represent. The recommendations ask to preserve industrially zoned land as a means to preserve jobs and a tax base. I agree we must protect employment and our economy, but our underutilized Downtown industrial area is destined for further decline without significant intervention and investment. The answer is not for the city to enforce zoning that no longer fits industry's needs, but to respond to our changing industrial landscape in a new way.

I envision a vibrant, multi-use Downtown - a unique fusion of residential, commercial, wholesale trade and industrial/neo-industrial uses which will better connect the Arts and Fashion districts with other parts of Downtown and projects such as Grand Avenue, L.A. Live and the revitalization of the Los Angeles River. To achieve this, we must employ a forward-thinking approach to 21st century industry and zoning; take into account why traditional industrial uses are increasingly incompatible with Downtown; seize the opportunity to increase density in one of the only parts of the city requesting it; and create livable Downtown neighborhoods which will invigorate and sustain our economy.

The exodus of industrial businesses out of Downtown is attributable to unsupportive infrastructure, efficiencies created by technology, the cost of modernization and the challenges of competing in an international marketplace. While distribution is still prevalent in Downtown, pressures of practicality and the need for modernization are quickly taking their toll. Most existing industrial buildings have loading docks built for railway trains, not trucks. Semi-trucks regularly block entire streets while attempting multi-point turns to squeeze into antiquated loading docks. Aging warehouses were built for hand-picking orders, not robotic arms scanning bar-coded items. Modernization is simply unfeasible on many parcels, and often doesn't pencil out compared to alternatives outside the city. The idea that allowing residential uses in industrial zones makes industrial land too expensive is a red herring. If the cost of L.A.'s industrial land were to plummet significantly, it would still be many times more expensive than land outside the city that is more plentiful and has fewer restrictions.

Smokestacks are long behind us. Today's neo-industrial uses, such as media, research and development, architecture, design and intellectual industries are on the cutting edge of the nation's job trends. These modern uses are compatible with the booming demand for residential spaces Downtown, and with the adaptive reuse of many existing structures.

MR. ESCARGOT said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..."These kids could be making six figures and they'd still bang because it's generational and it's the cool and macho thing to do. It is all about personal accountability. Unless these kids and thugs want to change themselves and their cities, throwing money at them is not going to do squat. If they wanted jobs they could go out and find one. It is time society stopped coddling these gangsters and making excuses for them, about how they just need "love" and "understanding." They are all criminals and thugs and they chose their way of life.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in how people deal with these thugs. As it stands now the gangs and their shot callers from the penal system fear nothing. They truly rule the streets with impunity and the citizens and even police are powerless and afraid to confront them. The only way to fight fire is with fire. I am not saying to become vigilantes but the way these thugs are being coddled nothing will ever change."

I have to disagree with you. You have to remember that we are talking about KIDS. I believe that the moment that we stop calling a young person a kid is the moment that we have lost hope for him. So the question is when does a kid stop being a kid? Some of you choose to stop calling a 14 or 17 year old a kid simply because they might have started to slide down the wrong path. While at the same time call a young collage student a kid even if that kid is 20 years old? Many complain that our tax money is being wasted on gang programs because they think that these kids can no longer change. Yet they approve when our tax money is spent on building jails and prisons even though this approach is far more expensive than the prevention approach. Many of you might think that a kid loses his innocense at the moment that he joins a gang. But this is not always true. Every kid has his own story and reasons for joining a gang and I believe that the vast majority can be steered away from gangs even after they make the mistake of joining one. Being in a gang is like having an addiction to the most addictive drug. The longer that a person is in a gang the harder it is to get out. That's why gang prevention programs should treat the gang problem the way that drug programs treat the drug problem. Early intervention to help make gangs less atractive and heavy counseling to help steer the chavalitos back in the right path before they get deeper involved. I'm a person who to this day claims a Barrio, so I know how hard it can be to let go. But I also realize that I don't want any of the younger Raza to choose the wrong path. We as a society should not give up on any kid. Anyways I'm sure that I'm not stating anything new here or anything that some of you vatos in the field don't already know. But I had to put my two centavos in here again. Alrato.

don quixote said...

Hey Mr. white bread, I don't know why you moved to Santa Clarita and sold your Victorian in town, You tell me about your sad ass story cause I don't have a clue.
Oh wait a minute! I get it, it's the Mexicans again, well what a tragedy and you have my sympathy for sure.
Uh, on second thought, wasn't it the good ol boy Anglo power structure that destroyed and tore down hundreds of architectural gems and masterpieces of Victorian and Queen Anne style homes during the 50's thru the 70's. And all for what? To build some conscience numbing glass and steel boxes, to build thru these areas freeways to get to some surburban enclave of mind numbing sameness, where when you travel through these ghettos of conformity with the malls and the Pet Smarts and the Olive Garden Restraunts and the TJ Max's, the Office Depots ect; ect; you don't know if your in Santa Clarita ot Tustin or Tucson or Dallas or Phoenix, or any USA suburbia. Yea I sympathize White Rice! Yea it's the Mexicans again it's got to be there fault que no?

StillNoScript said...

Don't forget also that Jim Plunkett (full blooded Mexican), was the first minority qb to win a Super Bowl, and did so twice before Doug Williams became the first Black qb to win one.

Plunkett's feat is rarely recognized by the media.

There was a segment on Inside The NFL on HBO where George Lopez made a beef about it, which was hilarious.

StillNoScript said...

Plunkett's from San Jose, too. And Tom Flores is from Fresno. So don't you Surenos be trying to claim them...


Just joking.

StillNoScript said...

Alright, one more football tid bit for the Walista Tribune..

Raiders hire USC offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin as head coach earlier today, press conference expected tusday. Kiffin is 31 years old.

Anonymous said...

Don Q.....said
"I don't know why you moved to Santa Clarita and sold your Victorian in town, You tell me about your sad ass story cause I don't have a clue."

How much pot or crack have you been smoking? I told why most Anglos moved out of Los Angeles. I am not a racist as you think, I am sure that most adults who immigrate here come to work hard and make better living. I see them working hard all over the southern California area. But the fact is many of their kids become involved in gangs. And as more and more Mexicans moved into Los Angles the crime rate went up, the graffiti went up, academic performance in schools went down, and the value of houses went down. I know it is a hard pill for you to swallow. But anybody who lives in the Los Angeles area knows that gangs are a problem, schools are a problem, and crime is a problem and that the majority of resident of Los Angeles are of Mexican descent.

And you continually writing otherwise can NOT change that simple and obvious fact. If you lived in Los Angels you would know that the mexican-american mayor of Los Angeles has told you about gangs and schools being a big problem in Los Angeles. How many times are you going to deny this simple and obvious fact? And I think Mayor V is doing a hell of a job so far, he is working hard trying to solve many of the problems in Los Angeles. So you see I do not hate all Mexicans, only the stupid and criminal ones who are fucking up Los Angels and other areas of Southern California.

Are you not reading any of Wally’s blogs? Do you read any of the other posts or just worry about what I write?

Good post, I always wonder at what age we can still change and educate a kid who has gone astray.
And at what age do you say we are wasting resources let us concentrate our efforts on a specific age group.

White Bread

Anonymous said...

The Mexican Mafia connection:

La Opinion played big on its front page Saturday a story that says the shadowy Mexican Mafia is behind recent racial gang attacks on African Americans. This angle was screaming to get explored somewhere. The story cites a report by the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center, which relies heavily on the research of Tony Rafael. Meanwhile, less than two days after a supposed "peace treaty" was signed between blacks and Latinos in Harbor Gateway and after FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III himself showed up on South Harvard Boulevard to announce a crackdown on the 204th Street gang, another apparently race-related shooting happened in the area at 2 a.m. on Saturday. Here are some excerpts from La Opinion's story that I've translated:
A resident of 205th Street, where on Dec. 5 Arturo Mercado, 34, was killed, said, on condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals, that the night of the murder a group of African Americans approached a group of Latinos, and after screaming, "Fucking Mexicans!", fired their guns.
In response, he added, Latino gang members from the area fired at a group of African Americans on Harvard, between 206th and 207th.
Charlene Lovett, mother of Cheryl Green, said she had no resentment or hate toward Latinos, despite the murder of her daughter. Instead, she said: "Latinos and African Americans have to unite because we have a lot in common, and once we realize that we can start enjoying each other's cultures."
The story has no local law enforcement sources, though. The paper has started a new War on Gangs section online. Is it just me, or is this shit getting scary?

Hey Wallistas I heard Black Dan (WF/EME)drew his last breath recently, anyone hear any chisme on that?

Anonymous said...

Heres a report for the bilingual members of this blog, hey white bread get an interpreter.

Advierten que ‘La Eme’ da órdenes de atacar.
La añeja rivalidad entre pandilleros en prisión se refleja también en la calle, dice el Southern Poverty Law Center.
Jorge Morales Almada
20 de enero de 2007
Los ataques a la comunidad afroamericana por parte de pandilleros latinos han sido ordenados por la Mafia Mexicana, conocida como "La Eme" o "La M", advierte un reporte del Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), un organismo encargado de mantener bajo la lupa a los grupos entre los que hay rivalidad en el país.
Dado a conocer hace menos de una semana, el llamado Reporte de Inteligencia del SPLC revela que la vieja rivalidad en las prisiones entre la Mafia Mexicana y la Black Guerrilla se ha intensificado, al grado de que los líderes pandilleros latinos han dado luz verde para aterrorizar a los afroamericanos.
En el área de Harbor Gateway, cuna de la pandilla de la calle 204, se ha registrado el más reciente ejemplo de la guerra entre las pandillas latinas y afroamericanas, cuando el pasado 5 de diciembre fue asesinado un hombre latino, al parecer por pandilleros afroamericanos, y en respuesta, 10 días después, fueron baleados cuatro jóvenes afroamericanos, ataque en el que murió la adolescente Cheryl Greene.
Un residente de la calle 205, donde mataron ese 5 de diciembre a Arturo Mercado, de 34 años, dijo, a condición del anonimato para evitar represalias, que la noche del asesinato un grupo de afroamericanos se acercó a otro de latinos y tras gritar "¡pinches mexicanos!", dispararon con sus pistolas.
En respuesta, agregó, los pandilleros latinos de la zona dispararon contra un grupo de afroamericanos en la calle Harvard, entre la calles 206 y 207, en esa misma zona de Harbor Gateway, donde las autoridades anunciaron el jueves pasado que arremeterán contra los pandilleros que ahí pululan.
En dicho operativo en el que colaborarán la Oficina Federal de Investigaciones (FBI) y la Oficina Federal contra el Narcotráfico (DEA).
El reporte del SPL asegura que la decisión de la Mafia Mexicana es una especie de fatwah o decreto pandilleril que da autorización a los pandilleros latinos para demostrar su "valentía y lealtad" como miembro del grupo, al aterrorizar, incluso matar, a cualquier afroamericano que sea visto en las inmediaciones del vecindario.
Patrick Tolbert, un afroamericano residente de la calle 207 de Harbor Gateway, quien dice haberse retirado de las pandillas, señaló que han sido advertidos por los pandilleros latinos de no cruzar la calle 206, una frontera imaginaria que ha sido llamada la "línea prohibida".
Comentó el joven que ni él ni sus amigos afroamericanos se atreven a ir a la zona donde opera la pandilla de la calle 204.
"Nos han dicho que no vayamos para allá", dijo apuntando hacia la calle 204. "Sólo por el color de nuestra piel".
Para el abogado Anthony Willoughby, experto en violencia pandilleril, la violencia carcelaria es un síntoma de la guerra declarada entre las pandillas de latinos y afroamericanos.
Coincidió con el reporte del SPLC, respecto a que a la Mafia Mexicana está detrás de los ataques a la comunidad afroamericana.
La Mafia Mexicana es una organización criminal que funciona desde el sistema carcelario del estado y controla a la mayoría de las pandillas callejeras en el sur del estado de California, desde Bakersfield hasta la frontera con México, señala el SPLC.
A principios de este año se registró una pelea campal en la cárcel de Chino, en el condado de Riverside, en la que según las autoridades participaron 800 reos.
En esa cárcel conviven miembros de pandillas como la Mafia Mexicana, la Black Guerrilla Family y la Hermandad Aria o Aryan Brotherhood, también conocida como AB o The Brand.
Para el teniente Mark Hargrove, portavoz de esa prisión estatal, no hay información fidedigna de que detrás de los disturbios haya estado involucrada "La Eme".
Sin embargo, el mes pasado se dio a conocer que en esa misma cárcel fueron detectados mensajes ocultos en los anos de algunos prisioneros que iban a ser trasladados a otras cárceles.
Los mensajes, que habían sido enviados por la llamada Hermandad Aria, indicaban un cambio de relación con la Mafia Mexicana, de la que han sido rivales, y de una guerra potencial con los Crips, pandilleros afroamericanos.
Activistas afroamericanos y las autoridades policiacas han asegurado que recientes ataques en contra de afroamericanos han sido motivados por la intolerancia racial.
Por ello, el alcalde de Los Ángeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, aseguró el jueves que irán con todo contra las pandillas del área.
Y el procurador de la ciudad, Rocky Delgadillo, insistió por su lado en que buscará una orden de restricción (injunction) de un juez para evitar que los pandilleros se reúnan en la zona.
De acuerdo con el activista Najee Alí, director del Islamic Project HOPE, los pandilleros de la zona llegaron a una tregua para terminar con la violencia en esa área.
Pero las autoridades han rechazado dicho acuerdo: "Nosotros no negociamos con pandilleros delincuentes", dijo Delgadillo.
El reporte del SPLC cita declaraciones de un agente policiaco antipandillas de Pomona en un juicio llevado a cabo en 2003.
"Ellos [los pandilleros latinos] generalmente no quieren a los afroamericanos", declaró por su parte el oficial Marcus Pérez. "Si un afroamericano entra a sus vecindarios, están dispuestos a ser heridos o asesinados".
Charlene Lovett, madre de Cheryl Green, aseguró no tener resentimiento ni odio contra los latinos, a pesar del asesinato de su hija.
En cambio, dijo: "Como latinos y afroamericanos tenemos que unirnos porque tenemos mucho en común, y una vez que nos demos cuenta de ello podremos disfrutar de nuestras culturas".

Anonymous said...

White bread No Mexican gang memeber blames the white man for anything. They are a warrior society and take the highs and the lows. The bottom line is that they will win and your grandchildren will be speaking Spanish some day.

archie bunker said...

Advierten que ‘La Eme’ da órdenes de atacar.
La añeja rivalidad entre pandilleros en prisión se refleja también en la calle, dice el Southern Poverty Law Center.
Jorge Morales Almada
20 de enero de 2007
Los ataques a la comunidad afroamericana por parte de pandilleros latinos han sido ordenados por la Mafia Mexicana, conocida como "La Eme" o "La M", advierte un reporte del Southern Poverty Law Center..........

Aawww...crying out loud...mother of pearl...I can't read this, ..........cause its not in ENGLISH??? Can't we have a little courtesy here boys...Jeez, I'm getting a headache already.

marty with the short pants said...

Just heard over my car radio (KNX) and I am typing it as fast as I can while I drive...
LA Law Enforcement Probe where Gang Members Get their Guns
-LA County law enforcement plan to pursue ways to go after gun owners who knowingly or willingly give or sell their weapons to people who can't legally buy a gun.
-Sheriff Lee Baca says data collected by the agency on guns' origins suggest federal and local officials need to significantly improve the tracking of weapons that change hands.
-Baca yesterday announced the overall results of a task force charged with tracking down the origins of nearly 900 weapons confiscated in Compton last year.
-Baca says the survey of guns seized shows ''the idea of checking people's background who are the purchasers is not enough.''
-Task force chief Lieutenant Paul Pietrantoni says officials need to call on many registered gun owners to make sure they still have their weapons in their possession and haven't sold them Yikes!

wallista tribune said...

My fellow gay caballero's, do you know where your daughters are?
Tha LAWEEKLY sheds a unique insite into today's mexican-american youth party culture from a female perspective...

It’s a crisp December 1 night, and the mostly Latino teens crowding this small house on Poplar Street in El Sereno — a working-class Eastside neighborhood yet to feel the effects of gentrification — are dedicated followers of the underground flier-party scene, a scene in which the Vicious Ladies have gained considerable notoriety in a short time. It is a world where prestige is earned by throwing the best party and bringing in the biggest crowd. It is a world where puberty, drugs, alcohol and EVEN GANG POLITICS are joined at the hip... MUCH MORE AT

don quixote said...

Just a little info about Presidential Candidate Gov Bill Richardson D NM who is a proud Mexican American and is proof that not all of Mexican American descent are gangsters or criminals as some narrow minded rascist would have you believe.

Born in Pasadena Ca 1947
Raised in Mexico City, barrio of San Francisco.
Father half Spanish and half New England blue blood,representative for Citi Bank in Mexico since 1929.
Mother from state of Oaxaca.
Richardson attended Tufts University in Massachusetts where he was an outstanding baseball player (four year letterman who still holds records there), and was offered contracts with several major league teams including the LA Dodgers, KC Royals, and the Mexican National Team.
Two term Congressman from Northern New Mexico, President of the Hispanic Congressional Ass.
Secretary of Energy during Clinton Administration.
US Ambassador to the United Nations.
Well known and respected diplomat who has been sent as a troubleshooter to nations all over the globe.
Two term Gov of New Mexico.

A great role model for our youngsters and proof that the Mexican influence and close association between the USA and Mexico is a benefit to all.
Adelante Bill!

Anonymous said...

Off-Duty Officer Attacked by Dog
Los Angeles: An off-duty LAPD officer shot and missed a dog which was advancing toward him in a threatening manner.

On January 18, 2007, at about 5:30 A.M., the off-duty officer was walking to his car after work in the 1900 block of 2nd Street. The officer was confronted by an aggressive dog. He pulled out his duty weapon and fired one round in the direction of the dog. The bullet missed the dog, the dog then lunged at the officer, clamping on to an unopened bag of beef jerky from the officers waist belt and ran away.

The officer is Felipe Pardo, 9 years with the Department, assigned to Hollenbeck Area.

Hollenbeck Detectives are conducting the investigation. For further information, please contact Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget also that Jim Plunkett (full blooded Mexican), was the first minority qb to win a Super Bowl, and did so twice before Doug Williams became the first Black qb to win one.

Was he born a Plunkett? or did he try to sell out? why don't all these mexicans who accomplish shit go by mexican surnames? everytime la raza starts bragging about some shit a famous mexican did the mofo's have white names. Even the baddest gangsters in Mexico are white e.g. (Rhon) one exception is our attorney general who doesn't seem to get embraced by la raza.

don quixote said...

Regarding the LAPD officer who was attacked by the vicious dog, missed the canine with his cuete and then was saved when the mutt went for his beef jerky!
We Wallista's know all about these lethal weapons, "beef jerky" and the more ominous and dangerous cousin "slim jims", aka "slim shady" and "fat boy"
(first tested succesfully 1942 at Trinity Site, in New Mexico where one of the inventors "Robert Oppenheimer" stated upon view of the destruction,"we have opened Pandora's Box on humanity")
Bless the LAPD and thier foresight in providing modern useful weapons to thier officers for protection.
We all are aware that LA is where every prototype is first put into use.
One of these days the ACLU types will understand the dangerous jobs these officers have and allow them to be able to use the much more lethal "Slim Jim" for use and protection against these dangerous criminals and dogs.
PS I heard that the unfortunate attack dog that was lured to his demise with the beef jerky weapon was located under the 4th street bridge near the LA River.
Breaking news is that the entire area is under quarantine until the radioactive carcass is removed to the Wipp nuclear storage facility 2000 ft underground in an abandoned salt mine.

Anonymous said...

Jim Plunkett's background gave him every excuse for failure.

He refused to take any.

Despite his Irish surname, Plunkett is 90% Mexican-American. Both his parents, William and Carmella, were blind, having met at a school for the sightless in New Mexico. They moved to San Jose, where William Plunkett worked at a Post Office news stand to provide his wife and three children with a meager but honorable living, although for awhile they subsisted on welfare. But they were not bitter. "My folks were poor and uneducated," Plunkett later observed, "but they accepted life for what it gave them."

As a high school senior Plunkett lead his team to an undefeated season and was named to the North squad in California's Shrine Game. North's roster, however, was so stocked so with quarterbacks, Plunkett was moved to defensive end. Even at a new position he proved impressive.

That the fall he entered Stanford. But a serious potential problem had developed. During the summer Plunkett had felt a bump on the left side of his neck. It turned out to be a tumor in his thyroid. An operation that September removed it. The growth proved benign, but the incident weakened him and when he returned to the gridiron his performance suffered. Stanford head coach John Ralston had three other quarterbacks plus a keen memory of Plunkett's fine performance at defensive end in the Shrine Game, wanted Plunkett to consider a switch to that position.

Plunkett promised to think about it. But after he did, he tersely informed Ralston: "I am a quarterback."

Yes, he was. And to regain his now eroded skills, he threw 500 to 1,000 passes per day. Nonetheless, in Plunkett's sophomore year Ralston redshirted him. The next year, however, he was ready. In his first varsity game Plunkett completed ten of thirteen pass attempts for a total of 277 yards and four TDs. In the next two years he threw thirty-four touchdowns and gained 4,829 yards in the air.

After Plunkett's class graduated without him in 1970 (he had fallen behind a year) he became eligible to turn pro. Despite his success on the gridiron, his financial situation had not appreciably improved from his poverty stricken childhood. His father had passed away, and even with his scholarship Plunkett needed to take a series of construction jobs to make ends meet. A pro bonus would come in very handy, and might even provide Jim with the means to finally buy his mother a home of her own.

The proposition was very tempting, but Plunkett resisted it—not only out of loyalty to his school, his team, and his coach—but also out of concern for his heritage and the Chicano youngsters he tutored and urged to stay in school.

"Coach [John] Ralston, all our coaches, and my teammates have been building something at Stanford for the past couple of years," Plunkett explained, "If I were to leave now, I would always have the feeling that I would let them down before our goals were reached. Besides, we are always telling kids today not to drop out, to finish school, to set targets and to work toward them. What would they think if I were to drop out now for professional football?"

Plunkett remained at Stanford, guiding the Indians to an 8-3 season and the Pacific Eight championship. He was magnificent (Washington State coach Jim Sweeney called him "the best college football player I have ever seen"), but not only was there no guarantee of a Heisman Trophy there was some very spirited debate whether he was even the best quarterback in the college game.

Nineteen Seventy was dubbed the "Year of the Quarterback." Joe Theismann, Kenny Anderson, Dan Pastorini, and Lyn Dickey all enjoyed outstanding seasons. Theismann of unbeaten Notre Dame eventually finished second to Plunkett in Heisman balloting (2,299 to 1,401), but in the early going Mississippi's Archie Manning was Plunkett's primary competition. Not only was Manning playing faultlessly, but a Manning-mania engulfed the South, where a ballad titled "The Ballad of Archie Who" -- enjoyed a real, if nonetheless, brief rage.

Manning's chances dimmed when he suffered serious injury. Typically Plunkett graciously wired his former rival: "Sorry to hear about your broken arm [sic]. It's a shame you couldn't end your career the way you always played—brilliantly."

Aside from his quarterbacking excellence, there was something that set Plunkett apart from his peers. He remained exceptionally devoted to his family and often returned home to San Jose. That his fellow students didn't, puzzled him. "I don't understand why they don't go home more," Plunkett said, "Even if I just go inside the house and tell my mother I'm going to sack out, she at least knows I'm there--and she's happy."

And he had time to think about football and the nerve to express his thoughts. "There are some aspects of the game I don't like," he admitted, "It can become so routinized that you lose interest and sometimes the pressure on the athlete, particularly in college, can be too much. But all the benefits I received have helped me tremendously. For that, I'm grateful to the sport."

His totals for that Heisman-winning season were 191 completions in 358 attempts for 2,715 yards. He threw for 18 touchdowns and ran for additional 183 yards and three more TDs. UCLA coach Tommy Prothro said: "Plunkett is the best drop-back passer I've seen in college football. He has real strength and good speed. If you go all out to blitz him, he'll eat you alive."

Aside from the Heisman, he captured the Maxwell Award and was named player of the year by United Press International, The Sporting News, and Sport Magazine. The American College Football Coaches Association designated him as their Offensive Player of the Year.

Oregon State coach Jerry Frei gave him the most succinct and genuinely sincere compliment, however. "I'm just happy to see him graduate," Frei sighed with relief.

Plunkett got the news of his Heisman at close hand. He was in New York City to appear on Chris Schenkel's television show. He knew the award would mean a lot to the Mexican-American kids who already looked upon him as hero. "Yes, they can take pride in the fact that someone of their race has won it," said Plunkett, "I think it will help the Mexican-American community."

Yet, he did not generally emphasize his origins. "Jim doesn't want sympathy, that his family didn't have it, or was on welfare," explained Stanford's sports information director Bob Murphy, "But he realizes now that it's going to stay with him and that he'll have to accept it."

At that year's award dinner, artist Tommy McDonald presented a portrait of Plunkett to the young Stanford star. "I wish," said McDonald to Plunkett, "I could give my eyes to your mother for a few hours so she could be here to see this."

But his season was not over. Plunkett's Heisman-winning season powered Stanford to their first Rose Bowl in nearly two decades. There, they faced Woody Hayes' powerhouse Ohio State squad, tabbed by the pundits as a ten-point favorite.

It's no wonder Plunkett was once more an underdog. Some said that year's Ohio State roster was one of the strongest in all college football history. Plunkett faced six Ohio State All-Americans--fullback John Brockington, tight end Jan White, middle guard Jim Stillwagon, and defensive backs Jack Tatum, Tim Anderson, and Mike Sensibaugh. But as Plunkett once observed: "I kind of like the role of an underdog. I don't know if that has anything to do with my past, but it's something that seems to make me strive for higher goals."

Nonetheless, Plunkett triumphed again, leading Stanford to a startling 27-13 victory. Before an energizing crowd of 103,838 fans Plunkett completed twenty of thirty pass attempts for 265 yards in the air and added another 49 yards on the ground for good measure. Not surprisingly, he was named Player of the Game. Eight days later he led the North squad to a Hula Bowl win. Again, he gained Player of the Game honors.

Plunkett displayed the same grit during the ups and downs of his pro career. The then-Boston patriots chose him first in the January 1971 NFL draft, but he seemed bitten by the jinx that sometimes afflicts Heisman winners. With the Patriots Plunkett suffered from numerous shoulder problems and had to undergo surgery. The Patriots let him go to the 49ers in 1975 for a number of draft choices. The draft choices did well for the Pats, but Plunkett struggled for San Francisco and was released.

He caught with on Oakland, serving as a backup to his old rival for Heisman honors, Dan Pastorini, during the 1980 season. When Pastorini was injured, Plunkett stepped into the breach and rallied a team of castoffs much like himself to a second place AFC West finish. In the postseason Plunkett led the Raiders past Houston, Cleveland, and San Diego to face the highly-favored Eagles in Super Bowl XV. Once again, the underdog had his day as the Raiders upset Philadelphia 27-10. "It was the spirit of the redeemed," the editors of The Football Encyclopedia inelegantly wrote of these unlikely champions, "of those who had come back from the garbage pile to smell the roses." And Plunkett's role did not go unnoticed as he earned Super Bowl MVP honors.

In November 1991 Stanford retired Plunkett's old number sixteen. Although twelve Stanford players had been inducted into the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame, his was only the second Stanford number to be retired, the first being the legendary Ernie Nevers' number one.

Jim Plunkett great man and great rolemodel for all kids. So please to all the haters do some homework before you disrespect. Alrato.

don quixote said...

Beautiful Blog SV VBS, Jim Plunkett has always been and still is a class guy and and inspirational character to all.
His only problem (if you can call it that) is that he's always been so humble and self demeaning that he , unlike others, never blew his own horn, and was never a "legend in his own mind" great Mexican American and example to all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…………………….
“White bread No Mexican gang member blames the white man for anything. They are a warrior society and take the highs and the lows”

Thanks for that information I did not know that the spokesman for all of the Mexican gangs would respond here. I think you forgot to advise all your gang members about the above two issues. I have provided you a few links to where your “warrior society” has shot or killed innocent and unarmed young girls and women. I see your brave “warriors” shoot and kill innocent girls. There are many other examples of your “warriors” shooting women and kids but I got tired of reading about all your attacks on innocent victims.

The murder of 14-year-old Cheryl Greene in Harbor Gateway. Was she another armed warrior?

The shooting of 9-year-old Charupha Wongwisetsiri last Wednesday night in Angeleno Heights.

The victim was walking his bicycle southbound on Foothill Boulevard near Terra Bella. I guess a 15 year old walking is bike should be shot by your warriors?

On November 27, 2006, at about 7:00 P.M., the two boys, were riding their bicycles in the 12700 block of Van Nuys Boulevard. I guess unarmed bicycle riders are on the “warriors” hit list.

Three of the boys were struck. A 12-year-old was hit in the groin and flown to Children's Hospital for treatment. A 14 year old was struck in the legs, and a 16 year old was grazed in the stomach. All three are expected to survive their wounds.

A 19-year-old female was shot and killed while standing in front of her residence near 147th Street and Vermont Avenue.

Sunday night two men were shot to death, and a pregnant woman was shot and injured, while they sat in their car in North Hollywood. Wow you “warriors” shoot pregnant women.

White Bread

Anonymous said...

I asked if he was born a plunkett...which isnt answered in the can assume the ten percent irish is on his pops side...anyhow, i wasn't hating i was asking a question about him. But what I said was true...alot of mexicans who raza look up to have non spanish last names eg Quinn, Brando, Valens etc for Plunkett...I paid dues and help kids and worked to go to college just like a million other mofo's. that he was blessed with athletic talent is great, that he gave back is cool but a million mofo's do it everyday...some without talent even.
just say you like football

Anonymous said...

i thought the lapd and lasd called themseves warriors?? check the lapd website if you dont beleive. <---- for cops gone bad! worse stats than the gangbangers.

Gava Joe said...

Anonymous mentioned offhandedly:

They are a warrior society and take the highs and the lows”

Judging from the instances above the "warrior society" has morphed into the "knucklehead society"..

Or they always been there..

mr. escargot said...

Weightwatchers, a hearty welcome. This is the sad news from back home. My brother just email it.

Gangsters at war?
13:00 Tue 23 Jan 2007 - Enrico Vass Staff reporter, Sofia Centinnel.

THE most common theme in the public domain in Bulgaria this week was speculation about a possible gangster war.

The most recent incidents prompted the right-wing opposition from the United Democratic Forces (UtDF) to demand the resignation of the Interior Minister Georgi Petkanov in a special declaration motioned in Parliament.

A day after the murder of Evgeni Stefanov, Zhenyata, last week, a fight among members of several organize criminal groups broke out in the Escape discotheque in the centre of Sofia.

In the small hours of Friday the heads of four groups, allegedly involved in drug trafficking and other criminal activities and their bodyguards started a fight with fists and knives, which grew into a shoot-out.

According to the police who arrived at the scene, in the club were present the gangs of Dimitrii Minev, the Russian, registered in the police for racketeering, fraud, forging of documents, with a suspended sentence; Anton Miltenov, the Beak, registered for drug dealing, kidnapping, assault, robbery, with a suspended sentence for theft; Krassimir Marinov, the Big Marghin - a former leader of the SIC group, registered for numerous crimes and Konstantin Dimitrov, Samokovetsa, registered for racketeering and allegedly one of the major smugglers in Bulgaria.

The police arrested more than 50 people and questioned them.

Several people were hospitalised in the Pirogov emergency hospital with stab wounds and bruises.

According to initial reports, no one was injured in the shooting. Later, however, it emerged that one of the bodyguards of Dimitrov was in the intensive care unit of Pirogov with shot wounds in the pelvis and the spinal cord.

During the inspection of the club, the police found 12 9-mm spent cartridges from an automatic pistol.

No one, however, admitted to firing a handgun.

The police found on the persons of several of the arrested knives and knuckle-dusters.

According to the police, the conflict started after Minev and his group stood in front of the people sitting in the VIP booths.

...Well tonight I reload my derringer as my mother in-law she vist tonight...again. I have given her nickname of "la tortuga", those who speak the language of "love" will know immediately that it mean the turtle in english, because she walk slow and hunchback like. Wally, you keep the boys ahappy for me untill tomorrow when I write agin with lattest mafia crime news from Bulgaria. Chow.

Gava Joe said...

I got the party whistles all lined up. I got an early shower, nuked the dog and walked me a coupla Hungry Man chicken dinners..

The new Sanyo works fine, Honey..
Yup I'm all set for another State of the Union address from the Prez.
Yes, I locked up the shotguns.. And NO I wo'nt buckshoot the TV like I did the old Sony..

I plan to blow a fresh whistle whenever the Lame Duck squawks..

Anonymous said...

Will the crack heads quit posting stupid shit like...............

“White bread No Mexican gang member blames the white man for anything. They are a warrior society and take the highs and the lows”

"For cops gone bad! worse stats than the gang-bangers"

Ths gangs of Los Angeles are a bunch of low lifes who fuck up life for me and my famila. You are making the rest of our raza look as estupio as you. Please do not post stupid shit like that anymore.
In the words of Roberto Duran no mas, no mas!!!

Wally's readers must be old timers talking about Plunkeett, think more recently about a big Munoz from the Bengals, and another big Castillo who is still in the NFL and not a wheelchair.

Mas Locuras

StillNoScript said...

The reason Plunkett was brought up is because the discussion turned to the topic of two Black head coaches being in the Super Bowl this year. Plunk was the first minority qb to win a SB, and Tom Flores, until two weeks from now, is the only minority head coach to have ever won one.

Mas Locuras, I agree and disagree on gangs taking the highs with the lows, and where to define a scumbag.

Agreed, gangs do not take the good with the bad. I made a point about that on another thread in response to someone telling us about some SGV homies going after all Blacks due to an inability to identify the ones that attacked their homies. Resorting to attacking innocents for payback is not exactly taking the 'good with the bad'. As I said earlier, I think in a time where more gangsters did take the highs with the lows, those SGV homies would have let the shit go before going after innocents, especially being that nobody died. A dude just got jumped.

However, you seem to take less umbrage at police officers who break the law than you do gang members.

The law is put forth for a reason. An average citizen who feels they're above it is what we know of as a criminal. But when someone in government, including police, put themselves above it, it defeats the whole purpose of a democracy. Same would go for the military.

God bless those in uniform who serve and do so legally. For those that don't? Like I said a year ago, Oliver North should have been in the same cell, for life, as Tookie Williams, albeit I don't believe in the death penalty.

I'm all for busting the scumbags. ALL of them. Not just the poor minorites. Aren't you? Are you just as outraged at the fact that somewhere up high in the system there has to be people looking the other way as drugs sneak right by them, as part of some type of carrots and sticks agreement with a foreign ally? This happened before. Do you think it stopped there? If so, you have no room to ever call anyone else naive.

White Is Right said...

Anonymous said...
White bread No Mexican gang memeber blames the white man for anything. They are a warrior society and take the highs and the lows. The bottom line is that they will win and your grandchildren will be speaking Spanish some day.


Don't forget the Vikingsor the SS.Mexicans aren't the only warrior society.

Anonymous said...

Mayor V goes to Washington D.C. where did Mr. Rogers go?

Please help we have to many guns in L.A. Do you think we might to many guns in L.A.??

With Kids Dead, L.A. Vows Gang Crackdown. A new form of population control?

What were the previous Mayors and thye city council doing all those years before gang estimates reached 40,000 members. Get the new island ready to isolate all the thugs. What movies did I see this same idea before?

Mr Gilligan

Anonymous said...

Danny is also talking about Harbor Gateway and La Eme connection.

Holy cow Batman, those L.A. cholos are going wild.


With street violence on the rise, the City Council agrees to ask voters to OK a levy on parcels to pay for intervention and prevention programs.
LATIMES January 24, 2007
Desperate to stem the rise of gang violence in Los Angeles, the City Council agreed Tuesday to draft a ballot measure that would impose a parcel tax to raise $50 million or more annually for intervention and prevention programs.

However, council members said it was unlikely the proposal would go onto the ballot until next year, skipping the municipal election in May.

Also Tuesday, City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo released his plan for reducing gangs, which includes a call for school uniforms to be required for all Los Angeles Unified School District students, legal action to shut down the headquarters of the 10 worst gangs, and expanding his assignment of prosecutors to every police station and to neighborhoods around gang-plagued schools. MORE,0,485173.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Anonymous said...

Damn those Irish Priest must have been busy down in Mexico with all these Irish surnames Quinn, Plunkett, Fox (yes the former pres).
Viva San Patricio Brigade!!


don quixote said...

Very telling, one sided, and inflammatory article in the LA Times today.
Erin Audrey Kaplan, columnist for the Times, writes a very slanted and pro black, anti Mexican American piece about the Harbor Gateway 204th situation.
It seems the Mexicans are now the new Klu Klux Klan and oppressors of the black race.
Paraphrasing Kaplan, "The Harbor Gateway situation is reminescent of the "Old South" and the "Sundown Laws" (get out of town before sundown boy),of segregated America and South Africa.
Kaplan continues, "The Hispanics have been quoted as saying Blacks are dirty and ghettoized, they come into the neighborhood and mess things up".
Then Kaplan shows her naivete and one sided view of things when she states, "Meanwhile the Blacks response to the Harbor Gateway matter has been less about anger or even indignation than about acceptance and conciliation".

More bullshit from Ms. Beverly Hills as she finishes with a flurry of her own prejudice and example of "Mexicans, the invisible people", Blacks as innocent yet noble victims.
Ms. Kaplan, "It's understandable that the news media and various leaders, black and otherwise, (Mexicans?)would want to downplay or counter the starkly racial elements of this latest troubled story about Blacks and Brown.
They don't want to aggravate an escalating conflict, or they simply resist the idea that Blacks are the victims here.
Lost in all the posturing, however is the ancient but still urgent cause of Black peoples right not just to live where they want, but to have someplace to call home."

Oh yea! The Mexican American victims like the hard working family man shot in 204th by Mayates and all the other anti Mexican crime and murder against Mexican Americans by Blacks doesn't count I guess.
Yea Mexican = The invisible people

Anonymous said...

Mas Locuras....Wally's readers must be old timers talking about Plunkeett, think more recently about a big Munoz from the Bengals, and another big Castillo who is still in the NFL and not a wheelchair.

Talk about estupidos. Munoz played at around the same time as Plunkett and he has long since retired. Castillo isn't Mexican, he's Dominican. Mas Locuras you most run around with that minuteman crowd, cause you seem to be one of those self hating Mexicanos. Then again you're probably not even Mexican. Which ever it is don't act like you are superior to other people and get your facts straight before you post something.

And to the mofo, Antonio Rudolfo Oaxaca Quinn, and Richard Steven Valenzuela were two great Mexicanos. The fact that they had to modify their names in order to be treated fairly in their era should not cloud your judgement. Thanks to them and many others, things are better for us. but I see what you are saying. There are people like Mas Locuras who still hate on their own.Alrato.

don quixote said...

SV VBS, right on again, pendejadas posted by anon who is upset cause some Mexicans have names like Quinn (which is his actual birth name, his father was Irish and fought in the Mexican Revolution for the Villista's) or Plunkett, or Richardson, ect; is absurd.
Many people of Mexican descent have non hispano surnames. Who gives a shit! There have been many visitors to Mexico who left there mark and names. Mexicans aren't a pure race and never have been, to be a Mexican is a cultural heritage not a genetic one.
In Baja Calif there are it seems thousands of Mexicanos with the surname Davis, originally an English pirate who was marooned or abandoned in Baja Calif. a couple of hundred years ago and his offspring carry on his surname.
This a common theme in Mexico and the US where being Mexican has nothing to do with any race or genetics but culture.
By the way, many Mexican Americans have attained greatness in the history of the USA and just because they lived years back we should never forget these figures.
Pancho Gonzales, Tennis great who learned on the courts of Belvedere Park in ELA. Fernando Valenzuela from Navajoa, Sonora, Gene Brito All Pro Football player for the Redskins and Rams Lincoln Hts.
Manuel Ortiz lightweight champ for 10 years from El Centro, and on and on and on, never forget these Mexicans, it's part of our history.dq

mayor sam said...

The City Clowncil is preparing yet another ballot measure to raise taxes.

The Clowncil will try to pit renters against homeowners to achieve the two-thirds vote needed for a tax hike, by calling for the tax hike to apply ONLY to real property owners. The Clowncil vote to draft the measure was 13-0. Not one Clowncil Member stood up for you, the taxpayer. Not one.

As you will recall from my previous posts, which you presumably print and pin to your bulletin board, renters comprise just under 66% of the population. At least, they did last time anyone did the computation. By now, however, they may constitute more than 66%, the magic threshold for a tax hike. (Click here to see my beautiful pie charts in my report to Clowncil Member Perry explaining why Measure H failed.)

As you will also recall from my previous posts, I saw this tax cut coming the moment I heard "Marshall Plan."

And just so we're clear: we don't need a tax hike; we don't need new programs; we need more police; we have more than enough money to hire plenty of police; and we had plenty of money long before the City illegally imposed the trash tax (by calling it a "fee"), ostensibly to hire more police.

The City, by the way, already has "23 scattered anti-gang programs it currently funds to the tune of $82 million a year." Did you get that? Each year, another $82 million disappears into these programs, yet we have a gang problem. So why in God's name would the "solution" be to pour another $50 million per year into these programs? Answer: because the City Clowncil's solution to EVERYTHING is always, "raise taxes, spend more." That way, they can give more of YOUR money to the people who REALLY get them elected: special interests that donate to their campaign funds.

Apparently the Clowncil is too chicken to put the tax hike on the May ballot, and is aiming for the next election thereafter. So gangs are a huge crisis, and we supposedly can't afford to stop them without a tax, but we'll wait a year or so to see about the necessary tax hike. Classic Clowncil.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they had to modify their names in order to be treated fairly in their era should not cloud your judgement.

It doesn't and they had to do what they had to do so things can be better. The greatest benefit however, was to themselves.
Mexicanos didn't get treated better because Ritchie Valens sung a rola, Anthony Quinn starring in a movie, or Jim Plunkett QB'ing the superbowl. They might have given some little vatos a dream, but the little vatos must have thought they would have to anglocize themselves to achieve it. What helped us most was Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, and the civil rights movement initially. Whats helping us now is the large numbers we have. Those organized protests last year woke politicians up to our voting power. Our numbers is whats getting us ahead right now and what will probably have the most to do with Raza moving up in this country.

Shit the NFL, NBA ETC ETC is full of blacks and has that improved their lot?...yes if your an athlete...if your al sharpton or jesse jackson...its the same ole shit you been doing for decades with no progress.

Anonymous said...

I wanna be like Mike..........................................................................................................................ISON ............that is

Anonymous said...

who's the jackass that said these people (Quinn etc.) had to change their names? Do a little research, last time I checked FOX wasn't a Spanish surname but a IRISH one and the guy who just served as Mexico's president was named Vincent Fox!!! My uncle i.e tio last name was CAMPBELL and he was a proud Mexican American, born in the state of Sonora Mexico and stayed their till his mom my grandmother)and his step dad came to the States. Campbell is a Scottish name but he never once did he fail to say he was Mexican!

Oh yea and the one guy white whatever it is...., interesting how he's come to the black man's side so quickly against the brown. I'm not sure if I buy into his b.s or not.

He states that L.A was a nice area till the Mexican's moved in. Funny thing is the WHITE FLIGHT to the Valley and O.C didn't start when the Mexican's moved in it started when the blacks moved in. Most of these area's he speaks of were white, then black now latino! Compton, majority white till the late 60's!!

Love the
OC HALF BREED!! i.e Proud Chicano & Wood, ha. ha!

don quixote said...

Yea OC Half Breed, The only Mexicans I can recall with a name change to benefit thier careers were Richie Valens (who was just a kid and pressured into it by the "man with the cigar" and Vickie Carr (Carranza) and neither of them ever denied thier Mexican Heritage.
Another little known "Mexican American" who was one of the greatest athletes that ever lived and who grew up in poverty in San Diego, son of a gavacho, Mother from Tijuana, Ted Williams! He was one tough motherfucker and never relied on his heritage for a career move yet never denied his Mexican heritage when asked.

When I was a kid of 17 I lived in Vegas for a while (on the run from the Parole Agent!) and worked in a famous market, Jewish Deli, Jewish Bakery, a real meeting place for all the high rollers right on the strip.The night manager was a good guy named Bernie Rosen. After a couple months we became kind of friends and one night while stamping prices on cans and smoking a little grifa, he admits to me that his real name was Hector Ramos and he was from the old Wilmas varrio in LA. He tells me "fuck the only way to get ahead in this town is to be Jewish and rub elbow's with the people who have juice. Great Chicano Actor! lol,

Anonymous said...

Shit I forgot about Ted Williams, I myself just found about him a year or so ago watching a interview he did. Very, very few people know that about one of the greatest baseball players of all time.
Let's not forget Linda Ronstad (not sure on the spelling of that one). I saw her do her Marirachi group opening for Bill Clinton before he became the Prez. She's another one who had a bit of a name change.


Anonymous said...

Since we are talking about artists who are Latinos don’t forget Raquel Welch. And my favorite television cop, tele-novela actor, and now a "real" cop Erik Estrada. (lol)

And one who changed his name to a Spanish sur-name. Don Francisco (born. December 28, 1940 in Talca, Chile) is the artistic name of Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, a Chilean television host of Sabado Gigante. He was born into a Chilean-German Jewish family; his parents had fled to Chile escaping from Nazi persecution.

Mad Mexican

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot about Charlie Sheen and his brother Amilio Estevez their mom was Mexican.


Anonymous said...

Mad Mexican we were talking about Mexicans not others (Latinos). Raquel Welch is okay but Puerto Rican Erick Estrada should be mentioned at another time along with Chilean Don Francisco. I personaly feel that allowing ourselves to be labeled Latino/Hispanic delutes from our Razas accomplishments and hurts us in the long run. Like I have said before xenophobes like white bread believe that all bad is Mexican and any good done by us is attributed to (Latino/Hispanic) OTHERS. Alrato.

don quixote said...

Yea OC,Ted Williams is still the last ballplayer to hit over 400 and don't forget how his career was interupted a couple of times when he went to war (bomber pilot)for the USA.
Yea too many Mexicans sponging off the system, fucking pinheads making statements like that really piss's me off.
And as far as Linda Ronstadt, she did not change her name, Ronstadt is an old old Mexican family name (German in origin), around the Tucson Arizona area.
Same thing around San Antonio Texas where many Chicano's sport the name Zimmerle, and in Northern NM where you'll find many Chicano's with the name Cohn, Fergusson, Berry.
And I think you may have hit the nail on the head calling out White is Right as a Mayate in Sheeps clothing.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Santana!!! 'Nuff said...

Anonymous said...

Sup with them gavachos PENI ??
They have been making national news lately.


Anonymous said...

How bout Peni?? The are getting hammered by LE